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Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022


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For those interested in working in Canada, or anyone looking for a job opportunity in
Canada, you will find him searching and asking for a Canadian CV to apply for a job. This
the question often recurs in the minds of many individuals, graduates, and job seekers in
Canada and how to accept their application for a job.
Write a Resume/CV in the Canadian format so that you have more chances of winning
a job when you start applying to work in Canada. There are some points that a job seeker
in Canada should not ignore when writing a CV, because they may be crucial in
determining whether or not to accept a job.
Important points, such as the skills, qualifications, and knowledge that the person has
acquired, must be specified to convince the reader of the Resume/CV to get the job. This is
one of the most important points in the CV.
Any job seeker who wants to know how to write his CV? What are the things that should
be added to the CV? What are the elements you deserve when writing the CV in the
Canadian way?

The very important thing about writing a CV/Resume is to win a job
application in Canada

First: There is a difference between Canada and other countries in writing the CV, or
there are some criteria that Canada follows when applying for a job. There are some job
applicants who find their CV on several pages documenting their professional details,
qualifications, skills, etc…. while in Canada the matter is different as your CV/Resume
should be at most two pages if the applicant has experience It is very long and he wants to
list it to the recruiter, the employer, or the company to which he applied for a job, but it is
preferable that it be on one page and mention the most important features that
distinguish you and the knowledge and skill you can inject into your new job.

Second: Your CV should be simple and easy to understand. It means avoiding the many
colors and things that would hinder the recruiter from understanding your personality. I
mean, whatever the CV was simple and spoiled with things that distinguish you from
others whenever your chance of getting a job increases.

Third: The CV must be in a normal way, that is, you write your full name, full address,
phone number, and the method of contacting you. This is the norm in the CV in a very
simple way. At the bottom of the article, you will find a link to an example of a Canadian-style CV or Resume.

Fourth: You must write the very important need, which is the name of the job you want
or prefer, in a clearer phrase, the profession in which you are a professional and wellversed in it.

Examples: software programmer, manager, senior administration,

Fifth: Writing the summary qualifications is one of the most important elements that
make up your CV. It can be written in 8 sentences or lines in which you express your
experience, the work, and the degrees you obtained, meaning the most important things
that you have acquired and make you distinguished.


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* For years of experience

If you are a recent graduate: write in your CV about the skills you have.
If you have many years of experience here, you should mention them in chronological order
from the first job you started or training with mentioning the period you spent in that
work, I mean since when did you start, where did you end, and the name of the jobs you
worked on, and here we refer to an important point, which is you have to write all the
actions In the past, I mean, for example, if you are a programmer, you write that you have
built software and developed a program, etc. …. You should carefully check your writing,
each here according to its field, that is, write only everything about your specialization.
Note: If a job requires 2 to 4 years of experience, and the applicant has 6, 7, or more years
of experience, in this case, write the number of years of experience required in that job,
and the number does not increase. This will not decrease your experience, on the
contrary, it will indicate that you understand what is required exactly.

* For skills

Another important element in the CV that should be focused on, is because the employer,
company or recruiter wants to know what skills you have to benefit your position in the

* For educational level

Write where you studied, the institute, university, or institution, and where it is located,
with a mention of who and for how long you studied, what is the specialization of study,
the certificates or degrees you obtained, in addition to the qualifications you possess.
The same information for the person if he obtained additional professional training or did
not enter the university, but he has skills and skills that you can add to the CV.
Information and other important elements in the Canadian-style CV/Resume
Do not put more qualifications than required.
Do not add more skills than what is required in the proposed job description, that is, do
not try to show the employer things that he did not ask for within the requirements of the
proposed work in order to give the impression that he is committed to what is required
only.. and this in itself is an advantage of the high quality that you have.

* Job title check

I mean, are you the applicant that the employer is looking for or not, your qualifications
must match what is required of the job title.
* CV/Resume length
Why shouldn’t a resume be too long? Because it becomes boring and takes more time to
read it except the employer, the recruiter or the company, here you have to deal well
in simplifying the presentation of yourself in the CV from one page and in the most cases
2 pages, because the more simple and focused on the important points in you, the closer
your candidacy to win the job will be to you.

*Cover letter

Here, sending the CV/Resume via e-mail or the application form must be in a
professional manner. It is not reasonable to send a CV without writing any expressive
words or greetings to the addressee. With a focus on the format, it should be only in PDF.
Canadian CV/Resume example
I hope that you have benefited from a lot of information about how to write a Canadian
drawing, share it with your friends and on social media platforms so that you can help
everyone who is looking for work in Canada and does not know how to start.


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