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[8/17, 3:52 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

*πŸ’˜ d best way 2 love is to love and to be loved by sake of Allah*πŸ’˜

  πŸ“ *Episode* 136--140


Kallon kallo, Abdool da kawu Mansur suka shiga yiwa juna alaman tambaya k'arara a fuskar su, Mansur yayi k'arfi halin cewa "Baba kunsan juna ne?" Kasa magana Baba yayi sai nunashi da yake da yatsa baki na rawa..+

"Alhamdulillah! Mashaa Allah" shine kalmar da Ard'o ya fad'a tare da k'arasawa fitowa daga zauren ya tunkaro inda suke.
"Dak'yar Baba ya iya bud'e baki yace " Malam Umar ina Asma'u tah, ina 'yata? Ina buk'atar ganinta ina take Malam Umar" duk cikin firgici yake maganar.

Jin abinda Baba yake fad'i yasa Abdool zuwa gabanshi da sauri ya rik'e hannuwansa "Baba Aunty Asma'u kace fa? Yasan inda take ne? Yimin magana Baba" kai kawai yake juyawa ya k'asa cewa tak.

Cikin nutsuwa Ard'o ya kama hannun malam Abubakar sannan ya kalli su Abdool dake tsaye hankali a tashe "kuzo muje daga ciki wannan maganar bata tsaye bace" ba musu suka shiga ciki kamar yadda yace.

Da sauri Alhaji Sada ya taso yana bawa Alhaji Abubakar hannu don su gaisa, shima hannun ya bashi suka gaisa, saidai ganin yanayin yadda suka shigo abin ya bawa kowa mamaki Allah dai yasa lafia.

Zama sukayi bayan an gaisa a fizge abinci aka gabatar musu, amma ba Wanda yayi sha'awar yaci, Malam Abubakar ne ya sake kallon Ard'o cikin rauni "Malam Umar kayimin bayani Ina 'yata ina mijinta Abdulrahim?" Malam Garba jin an ambaci Asma'u da Abdulrahim yasa ya k'ara kallon Baba da kyau tabbas shine bazai manta fuskar ba.

Shima Alhaji Sada cikin son k'arin bayani dan yasan lokacin da abin ya faru da irin Neman da Baba yayi tayi yasa ya kalli Ard'o, su kam su Isma'il basu San komai ba shiru sukayi suna saurare.

Nisawa Ard'o yayi "tabbas bansan ya kake da Abdulmajeed ba, amma zuwanka nan yayimin dad'i ba kad'an ba, kazo lokacin muke matuk'ar son ganinka" nan ya shiga basu labarin abinda ya faru komai bai boyeba har cutar war Hari gareta zuwa Rasuwar su da halin da Ramlah ta shiga zuwa neman sa da yayi tayi sannan yace "ko cikin satin ga natahi Argungu don kawai na nemawa Ramlatuna dangin mahaifiyarta suzo ayi aurenta dasu amma ban dace ba ashe zaka iskoni har gida" ya k'arasawa maganar idonsa jajir don tunawa da mutuwar 'ya'yan NASA.

Baba kam kuka yake sai hawaye wani nabin wani duk taurin zuciya irin nashi Ashe iyakarsa da Asma'u kenan ba rabon ya kara ganinta balle ya nemi yafiyarta, haka Abdool da Mansur, Alhaji Sada sai jinjina lamarin yake yi shida malam Garba, su Isma'il ma jikinsu sanyi qlau, Abdool yayi k'arfin halin magana.

"Yanzu Baba kana nufin Ramlah 'yar  Aunty Asma'u ce?" Cikin ransa kuwa girmama al'amarin ubangiji yayi "Dama asje dan wata gaskiya ta bayyana Allah ya k'addaresa da zuwa Yabo service kuma ya had'ashi da Ramlah ya kinsa mishi k'aunar ta, ashe soyayyar su ta jini da hanta ne, dole yaso jinin Aunty Asma'u dan tayi mishi komai a rayuwa.." Maganar Ard'o ce ta katsesa.

"Tabbas Abdulmajeed Ramlatu jinin jikin Asma'u CE, kuma jikar Malam Abubakar CE, saidai kai bansan ya kake da Malam Abubakar amma jikina na gayamin kaima jinin Asma'u ne?"


Kawu Mansur ne yace "tabbas Allah yayi gaskiya shine keyi a inda yaso kuma Wanda yaso, dani da Aunty Asma'u da Aunty Ameena duka abu d'ayane uwa d'aya uba d'aya".

" ikon Allah kaddai shine Abdool d'in da Asma'u ke yawan fad'a kai kuma Mansur ko? Lallai Allah mai girma ne, Ashe ma kai Yayan Ramlatu ne, kaga aikin rashin sani"(Wanda yafi dare duhu).

Sai lokacin Baba ya samu magana Wanda tsananin danasani yake k'ara rufeshi lallai idan baka godewa Allah ka godewa azabarsa, ko yaushe zai daina Dana sanin wannan kuskure dayayi? "Yanzu Shikenan nida Asma'u ta tahi ba tare data yafeni ba".

Dafashi Ard'o yayi " ka dena fad'ar haka Malam Abubakar, Asma'u bata tab'a rik'eka a rai ba kullum Kanta take d'ora wa laifi, ba safiyar da bata Neman tafiyar ka, har ranar mutuwarta maganar kenan ka yafeta" jinjina kai yayi.

"Asma'u na yafeki tun dad'ewa nifa ki yafeni, naso na had'u dake koda sau d'aya na rok'eki, Allah yayi musu rahama baki d'aya Allah ya Albarkaci abinda kuka bari" nan kowa ansa da Ameen anan aka sake kwararo musu Addu'ar Neman gafara da rahama, kowa jinjina lamarin yake, da k'ara girmama girman Ubangijin talikai (Allah mai girma buwaya).

Nan suke tambayan Ramlah, Ard'o zasu ganta bada dad'ewa ba....

Abdool kuwa zame jiki yayi ya kira Maminsa dan yanzu network a kilgori har d'akin ka, bayan ta daga ne sun gaisa yace.

"Mami yau naga wani bak'on Al'amari".

"Meya faru Abdool?"

"Hmm Mami zakiyi farinciki da abinda naji yau, nasan har tukuici zaki bani".

"Oh nikam meye wannan fad'amin mana".

"Mami maganar tafi k'arfin a fad'eta gani yafi, ki shigo mota yanzu ki ganema idonki".

"To ai bansan gurin ba matsalar".

"ki taho yabo daga kin iso kimin waya zanzo na d'auke ki"

"OK" kawai tace dan ta k'agu taga meye wannan da baya fad'uwa, shima da sauri ya koma saboda jin an fara Hudubar juma'a....

Delu ce ta gifto ta masallaci ta fito da gida gurin d'akko kayanta, dai2 lokacin taji mai shela na fad'in "madallah aure ya dauru an d'aura Auren *Abdulmajeed Auwal da Ramlah Abdulrahim* kan Sadaki naira dubu 50k, lakadan ba ajalan ba fatar Allah ya d'aure ya basu hak'uri" tanajin haka cikin farinciki ta kwasa da gudu sai gidan Gwaggo Shatu tana haki tana fad'in.

"Laure Ashe dama dan binni ne mijinki, shine kika k'i hid'imana" Ramlah cikin tsananin kad'uwa ta kalleta dan son tabbatar da maganar daga bakinta take fitowa.

Gwaggo Shatu ce ta dafata tare da girgiza mata kai alaman gaske ne, da yake ita tasan komai, sauke idonta kasa tayi tama rasa gane yanayin da take ciki, jinta take kamar ba ita ba kuma kamar mafarki takeyi.

Gwaggo Shatu ce ta mik'ar da ita tsaye tare da Kama hannunta janta zuwa d'akin ta, wani hadd'ad'en material ne milk color anyi mishi ado da fulawowi coffee color, lallausa dashi sai k'amshi ke tashi Ard'o ne ya dinka mata, Cikin sa Shatu ta shirya ta tare yi mata kwalliya mai kyau irin ta 'yan binni, mayafi coffee da shoes coffee suma wow Masha Allah zanso Ku hango Laure a kwalliyar dama gata mai kyau ba Irina ba
A can masallaci ana maga d'aurin Aure, Abdool yaji vibration din k'aramar wayarsa dake cikin aljihu, sallat ya zare jikinsa ya fice, Maminsa ce ke kiransa ta iso yabo, hakan yasa bai tsaya ba yaja mota zuwa d'auko ta.

Jauro kuwa Wanda kamar an aiko sa yau ya halarci sallar juma'a Wanda salla sai tayi masa suger yakeyi, cikin kaftan kamar mutumin arziki, bayan an gama salla yaji ana sanar war za'a d'aura aure har zai tafi kuma sai ya tsaya, abinda kunnensa ya jiyo masa ne yasashi dask'arewa nan wai Laurensa aka aurawa wani, ihu yayi iyakar k'arfin sa Wanda ya janyo hankalin jama'a cikin d'aga murya yace.


"Kan ubanga waiisa ya Armi Laure bayan ni, kai liman maza warware armen nan dan bai d'auru, ni kad'ai ne mijin da zai Armi Laure, dan tawa ce nid'ai" sai sambatu yake, mutane kuwa sai kallonsa suke, 'yan gari kam basuyi mamaki dan sun san waye Jauro.

A hankali Ard'o ya tako zuwa inda yake, "Lamiru" Ard'o ya kirashi da asalin sunan shi, kallon shi yayi tare da ansawa dan duk iskancin Jauro yana shakkar Ard'o, duk zuwa gidansa da yakeyi sai tabbatar bayanan.

"Na tab'a alk'awarin baka Ramlatuna koda da rana guda ta?"

Girgiza kai yayi tare da cewa "Aa" murmushi Ard'o yayi.

"Madallah, to ni adda hakk'in armar da Ramlatu ga Wanda nikaso kuma Lokacin da nisso, kuma gashi nayi, dan haka kama gabanka kuma kar in sakejin ka taka gidana" babu gardama ya juya tare da ficewa daga masallacin tare da k'udure haduwarsa da Iya Hari ba kyau.

Duk Wanda ke cikin masallacin abinda Ardo yayi ya burgeshi, dama sun san shi kad'ai ne maganin Jauro da d'iyar wani daban ce da Allah kad'ai yasa yadda zasu k'arke.

Bayan komai ya lafa ne aka dunguma zuwa masauki saidai koda aka duba Abdool babu shi, haka suka koma Wanda zuwansu yayi daidai da isowar Gwaggo Shatu da Ramlah da Ard'o yace suzo bayan D'aurin Aure, tun da Baba ya ganta zuciyarsa ta bashi itace Ramlah dan ga yanayin Asma'u a tartare da ita duk kuwa da basa kama, tafiyar su tsayuwa duk iri d'aya haka yanayin jikinsu saidai ita tafi Asma'u tsayi tun yanzu da take yarinya kuwa.

Itama tana ganinsu saida k'irjinta ya harba, ciki suka shiga gaba d'aya.

"Malam Abubakar ga Ramlah nan" kallon yayi tare da cewa "zonan 'yata" ba musu taje ta tsugunna a gabanshi Kanta k'asa.

"Ba shakka wannan 'yar Asma'u nah ce, wannan jinina ce"cikin firgici ta d'ago ta kalleshi jin ya ambaci sunan umminta, saidai me kama taga yanayi da Umminta duk da foto kawai ta Santa amma tabbas suna kuma ga abinda taji yana fad'i.

Kallon tambaya tabi Ard'o dashi " tabbas Ramlatuna duk Wanda ya dogara ga Allah to zai Isar masa, kuma akai hak'uri akan tabbas zai wuce akai ga nasara, lokacin da muke tunanin da yanke tsammanin ganin dangin mahaifiyarki sai gasu Allah ya kawo mana har gida".

Sannan yaci gaba, "kinga ikon Allah ko, wannan shine kakanki mahifin Asma'u" ya nuna Malam Abubakar, "wannan kawun kine, k'anin Asma'u" ya nuna Mansur, "wad'annan dangin mahaifin Abdoolmajeed ne"  ya nuna su Alhaji.

"Kuma wani abin jin dad'i Abdoolmajeed yayanki ne na jini Ramlatuna d'an Innarki Ameena ne" hawaye kawai ke fita daga idonta tsabar farinciki tama k'asa magana......
Tunda ya d'auko ta take tambayan sa ya gayamata menene hak'uri kawai yake bata tare da cewa ta kwantar da hankalin ta Alkhairi ne, kuma yanzu zata gani, hakan tasa taja bakinta tayi shiru taga inda zai kaita, daidai k'ofar shagon yayi parking tun kafin ya kashe motar ta fito.

Cikin shagon tasa Kanta saboda yadda taji k'irjinta na bugawa, bayan kawai take kallo tana tsugunne gaban Babanta ta bata baya, Sam bata kula da wad'anda ke Cikin shagon ba, Kanta tayi gadan gadan.

"Asma'u nah!"......

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[8/18, 5:45 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*


(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

_A sanadin *HAD'UWATA DAKE* nayi tunanin *WATAN WATA RANA* ni *ABDULMAJID* zan ciri tuta, saidai ina tsoron na shiga musiba kamar yadda *A DALILIN PRE-WEEDING PICS* wasu suka shiga matsala (my next novel inshaa Allah)_
*ina kike k'awata ta kaina, 'yar mutan Niger Raheenat mohmodou, Allah ya barmu tare ya kuma raya mana Nana khady😘*
_Momyn zee, Aysha D na fahimci kuna k'aunar sakwatanci to kuyi cooling zan koya muku😝, wallah kuna k'aunar Abdulmajeed nima ina yinku😘_

     πŸ“ *Episode* 141--145

Kallon kallo suka shiga yiwa juna cikin mamaki, "lallai Allah mai girma na, tabbas badan nasan Ummina mutuwa tayi ba, ba Wanda ya isa yace wannan matar ba itace ba wanga irin kama ta b'aci" Ramlah take fad'a a zuciyarta.

Itama Ameena fad'i take a ranta" wannan ba Asma'u bane, amma behaviors d'in Asma'u kaf irin nata amma basa kama wacece wannan" Baba ne ya bata ansa kamar yasan me take sak'awa "Ameena 'yarki ta, d'iyar Asma'u ce, jininta ce".

Jan Ramlah tayi zuwa gaban Baba " Baba ina Asma'u nah idan wannan 'yarta ce?"

K'wallar da ta taru idonsa ce ta zubo, kafin tace wani Abu Ard'o yace " 'yata Ameena saidai mu d'auki hak'uri" muryan sace ta ganar da ita da mutane a gurin "Kamar ya Baba?" Ta tambaya cikin son jin meke faruwa.

Nan fa labari ya dawo sabo, koda aka gama gayamata hawaye sun gama wanke mata fuska, "Allah sarki Asma'u ashe ba rabon mu sake had'uwa Allah ya had'a fuskokin mu a Aljannah don rahamarsa" Ameen suka ansa daga ta shiga gaida iyaye dake gurin sannan su Hakeem suka gaida ita.

"Zo nan 'yata Ramlah zo kiji domin uwa wanda kika rasa, daga yau baki ba maraicin uwa da yardar Allah"  tare da ware mata hannayenta, cikin nutsuwa taje gareta tare dayin lup a jikinta wata sansanyar ni'ima na ratsata wacce bata tab'a tsinta a Cikin rayuwarta ba, lallai uwa rahama ce, dangin uwa ma rahama ne (duk Wanda yayi nasarar rayuwa da uwarsa ya godewa Allah)

Duk Wanda ke Cikin shagon sunyi matuk'ar bashi tausayi musamman yadda Ramlah ke sauke heart, Abdool dake tsaye bakin k'ofa ya rungume hannayensa a k'irji sai kallon su yakeyi, wani farinciki yakeji burin Maminsa ya cika kullum maganar ta kenan K'anwarta Ameena, yau gata ga d'iyar Ameena, gyaran murya yayi tare da Wanda yasa hankalin mutanen ya dawo kansa karaf idonsa ya had'e dana Ramlah wacce ta d'ago, dama shi ita yake kallo tayi kyau abinta kamar ba Laure ba, inji 'yan garin.

Kallonsa take bata ko kiftawa tsawon sati biyu rabon ta dashi, har ta d'auka sun rabu kenan, Ashe yayanta ne, Ashe shine mijin da Ard'o ya zaba mata, oh yau ina zata saka kanta don murna gata ga dangin mahaifiyarta, ga d'an binni mai glass a matsayin Yayanta kuma mijinta......

Ard'o yace "shigo ciki koni Abdulmajeed, kayi tsaye ga kulkin kohwa"

Murmushi ya sakar mata Wanda yasa tayi saurin sunne Kanta k'asa, shigowa yayi ya zauna kusa ga Alhaji Sada.

"Tau Alhamdulillah mashaa Allah dukkan yabo da godiya su tabbata ga Allah, daya nuna muna wagga rana mai cike da Albarka da farinciki, Abdulmajeed bakada buk'atar ince zan baka Amanar Ramlatuna, k'aunarka ta kuma matarka nasan zaka aza bisa inda nittsaya (zaka d'ora inda na tsaya).

Sannan yaci gaba da cewa " haka kema 'yata Ameena su duka d'iyanki na Allah ya baki ikon rik'o, Ramlatuna" ya fad'a yana dubanta jiki a sanyaye tace "na'am Baffa".

"Ke d'iyata ta gari mai hak'uri, karki canza daga halinki na kwarai da nissanki kici gaba dashi, gida zakina ba daji ba inda 'yan uwanki na, zakina don Allah Ramtuna kici gaba a yadda nissanki Allah ya arbarkace ku gaba d'aya" tuni idanunta suka kawo k'walla duk son da take na had'uwa da dangin ummin nata, gata kuma gaban su a yau amma kuma sai taji batason rabuwa da mahaifarta batasan rabuwa da Baffanta mai k'aunarta, shi kanshi Ard'o daurewa kawai yakeyi amma yasan zaiyi kewar Ramlatunsa...


Mami CE ta share mata hawayen da zuka zubo mata tare da bubbuga mata baya.

Suma Malam Garba da Alhaji nasiha sukayi musu da sanya musu Albarka, anan Ard'o yace zasu iya wucewa, Mami ce tace a kaisu inda iya Hari suyi mata godiya sannan tayi sallama da Ramlah, shikam Ard'o yama manta da wata Hari dan baiyi niyyan sakota a ciki, kai ya jinjina lallai karamcin dangin Asma'u yawane dashi duk da sunji kalar cutar war da Hari tayi ma Asma'u da Ramlah amma duk da haka godiya zasuyi mata..

"Aishatu kikai su inda innarku" Shatu da itama farinciki da ganin yau Ramlah ta had'u da dangin umminta, dama ta dad'e tama mata fatan Alkhairi a rayuwarta ga Alkhairin yazo kuwa, "to Baffa" sannan ta wuce gaba sukabi bayan ta...

Su Iya Hari da ke zaune zugum kamar masu zaman makoki, tunda sukaji karar mota suka leka, dawowa sukayi suna jiran shigowar Ard'o, saidai babu shi babu labarin shi, kamar an aiki bawa garinsu, tuni suka shaka wai ya wulak'antasu(ji hauka ita da akaba kud'i tayi abinci batayi ba) suna zaune sai zaginsa suke shida Ramlah ko salla sunk'i tashi suyi, yo dama sai anga dama akeyi, sallamar Shatu ce ta katse su.

Ganin Ramlah bayanta yasa Lanti mik'ewa da sauri da niyyan zuwa ta cafkota, ita kuma Iya Hari tana shirin bud'e baki ta fara cin mutunci, sai suka ga ta shigo, a firgice iya Hari ta mik'e tsaye tare da zaro k'ananun idonta, itama Lanti tsayawa tayi cak, kamar photo, murmushi Mami ta sakar musu tuni tsoro ya lullub'esu dan sun d'auka Asma'u ce.

Shatu ce taje ta d'auko tabarma ta shimfida mata, zama tayi sannan tace "ina wuni Iya mun sameku lafia" sai nan Iya Hari ta motsa tabbas kama sai yanzu da taji muryarta tafi ta Asma'u girma, jiki a sab'ule ta ansa itama Lanti haka ta jayo kafafu tazo ta Zauna.

"Nasan ba zaki ganeni ba, sunana Ameena ni yayar Asma'u ce kuma mahaifiyar Abdulmajeed mijin 'yata Ramlah" wani irin kwarjini tayi musu cikin rawar murya tace "Toto madallah" taja baki ta tsuke.

Shatu ce tayi musu cikakaken bayani sun girgiza ainun dajin wannan sabon Al'amari, amma maimakon suyi nadama sai b'acin ciki ne ya rufesu saidai ba damar su nuna dan suna tsoron matar danko shigarta abin dubawa ce.

"Iya dama naso ne da d'iyata tayi muku bankwana sannan kuma nayi godiya da rik'on da akayi mata, mungode Allah yayi Albarka".

Wani irin gunguru gum taji kanta yayi " kodai batasan irin rik'on tayi mata bane ita da Uwarta" ta fad'a a ranta, a fili kuma murmushi yak'e ta k'irk'iro Wanda Sam bai mata kyau ba dan bata saba yi ba.

"Aa babu komi d'iyagga, tau Laure a tahi aita Arme Allah ya Baku zama lahiya" Ameen" tace itama Lanti sanya Albarka tayi, nan Mami ta tashi ta debo kud'i cikin jakarta ta raba musu, sannan ta dunk'ule wasu masu yawa taba Shatu, nan kuwa su Lanti sai hararan Shatu ake, har waje suka rakasu koda suka fito harsu Baba sun fiffito sun tsaya a bakin mota suna jiran su, gaisawa sukayi dasu Iya Hari, sai wani d'ari d'ari sukeyi, ba Wanda ya nuna musu komai a fuska.

Hakan yasa suka d'auka basu sani ba suka d'an saki jiki, hadda yi musu gaisuwan rasuwar munafurci, shikam Abdool kallon su kawai yana jinjina kai lallai mutum ba kyau, nan k'awayen Ramlah suka iso rungume ta sukayi suna kuka itama kukan take, kud'i Mami ta raba musu suma suka wuce Delu ce kawai ta tsaya tana ta kuka, sun rungume juna ita da Ramlah dama itace k'awar ta ainihi sauran duk copy ne.

Ard'o ya rabasu tare da basu hak'uri, Cikin jikinsa ta shige tana Mara yan kuka, shi kansa ya sakata mota tare da rarrashinta "keko dai Ramlatun Baffa ai nace miki idan Mijin naki ya tashi tafiya zan biyoshi inga Mazaunin Ku, ko bakiso in taho na"?

Kai ta girgiza alaman tanaso "Yawwa share hawayen kije kinga ke kawai ake jira" da wayo ya samu tayi shiru Mami kam mamaki wannan soyayya kawai takeyi, Abdool kuwa kallon yadda take kukan take Cikin shagwaba shi dariya abin yake bashi shine zaija motar sai kawu Mansur gaba, ita da Baba da Mami ne baya, kwantar da ita Mami tayi kan cinyarta, tana rarrashinta sannan yaja suka wuce, dama su Alhaji tuni suka wuce.....

Wasai Ard'o kejin ransa yau ya sauk'e wani nauyi a kansa, saidai zaiyi kewar Ramlatunsa, godiya yayi Malam Garba sannan ya shiga gida.

"Tau Hari kega yadda Allah ka ikonai ko, Yau dai keda dangin Asma'u dakikai mata gori kullum akansu kuma ke tabbatar da suna sonta, inama tana raye taga wagga rana...."

Cikin harara ta katsesa "yo Malam mi a sabo nanga (meye sabo anan) dan Mayu sun d'auki d'iyarsu daga sun taimaka mana ma, kuma in kudd'i wane irina a bangani".

Murmushi yayi tare da cewa " baki tab'a ganewa Hari, Allah ya ganar dake" sannan ya wuce abinsu, nan kuwa suka zauna sai fad'a suke ita da Lanti kamar su ari baki (kuwwa baya ga yak'i) itakam Shatu zamewa tayi tai gida abinta tana nema musu shiriyar Allah dan ta fahimci sunyi nisa har yau basu san Annabi ya faku ba(rayuwa shirin Allah inji k'awata swerry)...

A Argungu zabon zaman makoki akayi kowa yazo ganin Ramlah sai yayi hawaye, shikam Abdool ganin abin yayi yawa yasa ya zame ya dawowar sa yabo sai waya yayi ma Mami cewar ya koma, kwanansu biyu har birnin lafia sunje inda dangin Baba, sunyi farinciki da ganin Ramlah da akayi imma iya baki ne can musu, a kwanakin Mami ta  musu bukin Ι—in visa sukabi flight sai Kd dan tabar su Husna inda Nanny su Saboda school, Inna kuwa ji tayi kamar a barmata Ramlah saidai ba dama hakan, saukinta ma yanzu matar kawu Mansur nanan tana debe Mata kewa, dan ya dawo yayi aure har da 'ya.

A yau ne mutanen yabo suka shiryama Abdool walimar girmama sunyi k'ok'ari Sosai to ai Abdool d'inne na mutane kowa nashi, sun bashi kyaututukka sosai haka ya baro Yabo cike da kewar garin dan adan zamansa ya saba dasu, suma dai basu so tafiyar sa saidai ta Riga ta zama dole.

Saida ya biya ta Kilgori ya d'auki Ard'o sannan suka biya Sokoto suka sallami Alhaji Sada, tare da d'aukar Hakeem suka nisa hanya.........


Safe trip

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[8/19, 10:15 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

    πŸ“ *Episode* 146--150

Ramlah  data rud'e da ganin Argungu ta d'auka k'arshen kallo kenan, ashe kallo na gaba, balle ta taga jirgi ai gigicewa tayi, saida Mami ta rik'e ta a kafad'arta aiko ta k'ank'ameta, Aa ashe da sauran rigima da jirgi ya tashi, kuwwa tasa saida Mami ta rufe mata baki, tare da boye mata fuska a cinyarta, nan tayi baccin tsoro(tsoron k'arya ne Ramlatun Baffa aida bakiyi bacci ba).+

Suna sauka driver yazo ya d'auke su, nan fa kallo ya samu ga Ramlah ido, baki, hanci duk abu d'aya sukeyi taga garin Gwamna ashe na Argungu wasa ne, lokacin da suka isa gida, nan ma wani sabon kallo ganin furanni ko'ina sai kalolin k'amshi suke fitar wa, ita dai Mami sai dariya take mata, ganin Abin bana k'are bana yasa Mami taja hannunta tana fad'in "Ramlah muje ki huta ai idan kallo zakiyi har ki gaji tunda kinzo kenan" kunya taji ta kamata tayi d'an Smiling.

Su Abj da Husna ne suka fito a guje suna fad'in "oyoyo Mami" dama ta kira Naninsu ta gaya mata dawowar ta, jin tsayuwar mota yasa suka fito, turus suka tsaya suna kallon Ramlah.

"Mami wannan wacece?" Cewar Husna.

Janyota zuwa jikinta tayi tare da fad'in "sannu sarkin surutu  bako sannu da hanya sai tambaya ko? To Aunty Ramlah ce, itama kamar Aunty Nihal auntynku CE" Ajb zaiyi magana tace.

"Enough kids Ku bari mu huta mana, Mrs Ask" itakam Ramlah kallon take gwanin sha'awa, sun had'e cikin k'ananan kaya sunyi kyau 'yan birni dasu, rik'e mata hannu da Husna tayi tana murmushi "Aunty Ramlah muje" itama murmushi tayi mata, ciki suka shiga Ajb na rik'e da hannun Mami..

Da murna Inna Kande ta tarbesu, nan suka naje Parlour su Husna sai surutu suke ma Ramlah, abinci Inna kande ta gabatar musu bayan sunci sukayi hamdala, d'akin Nihal Mami ta bud'e ma Ramlah sannan ta nuna mata yadda zatayi amfani da komai, wanka tayi tare da d'auro alwala, gefen wardrobe d'inda Mami ta nuna mata na kayanta ta bud'e daga sama har kasa cike da suturu, wata atamfa ta d'auko a aje gefen gado, gaban mirror taje tayi Shafa, tare da fesa turare powder kawai ta shafa sai lip gloss, kayan ta saka, juyi tayi gaban mdubin tare da sakin murmushi har da rufe fuska da tafin hannunta "nita shin? Yau Ramlah nita a birni cikin daula, ba bugu ba b'aci sai lelena akai" ita kad'ai ke sambatu murmushi ta sake yi.

"Allah na gode maka" dadduma ta shimfida tayi sallah sannan ta fita parlour, da kallon sha'awa Mami ta bita itama da alama yanzu ta fito "iyye 'yar gidan Mami har kin fito, ba zakiyi bacci ki huta ba?"

Murmushi kawai tayi dan batasan tayi magana ayi mata dariya, zama tayi k'asa, tace "Mami ina wuni".

" lafia lau 'yata, ya gajia? "

"Uhm" ta kawai tace.

"Ki saki jikin ki kinji Ramlah nan ma gidane kamar inda Baffa, ni mamanki ce ga k'annin ki".

"Yawwa Mami kikace Aunty Ramlah itama Auntyn muce to ita take ne bamu ganta ba sai yanzu?"

"Oh Abduljabbar rigima, ba gata kun ganta yanzu, Bari dai ina Aunty Asma'u da nake nuna muku fotonta?"

A tare da Husna sukace "an ganta Mami?" Kai ta jinjina "eh kuma wannan 'yarta ce kunga kenan itama Auntyn Ku CE ko?"

"Eh Mami" suka fad'a tare.


Gata sosai Ramlah ta sameta gurin Mami gasu Husna suma suna nan nan da ita, gari aka zaga da ita Tasha kallo kamar idanu su cire, tun tana d'ari d'ari harta sake dasu, haka zatayi ta biyema su Husna, suyita wasansu da hira, maganar ta dad'i take musu suyita kwaikwayonta suka cewa ta koya musu, Mami dad'i takeyi a ranta ganin yadda ta saki jiki dasu, haka take tasata gaba suyi fira kamar k'awarta, dama haka take da 'ya'yanta tana jansu a jiki(sai mun ja yaranmu a jiki mun kusantosu damu muke gane damuwarsu harma mu samar musu mafita, yin watsi dasu ko d'aure musu fuska shike kaisu ga fad'awa a halaka, Allah ya shirya mu dasu baki d'aya).


4:00pm cikin Kd tayi musu Hakeem suka fara saukewa sannan suka k'araso gida, tarba sosai suka samu gurin Mami, dan tun safe suke kitchen ita yaran dama idai tana gida ita ke shiga da kanta kuma tare da yaranta saboda su koya, Ramlah da yake akwai kaifin baseera ga tambaya tuni ta fara gane makamar aiki irin na birnin, dama ta iya na k'auye tunda ita keyima Hari.

Baffa yaji dad'in yadda yaga Ramlatun sa ta saki jiki, tana mak'ale dashi sai firan birni take mishi dama Ramlah badai surutu ba.

Abdool kam tun da sukayi lunch yayi sallah ya kwanta so ko gaisawa sosai basuyi ba.

Baffa ne zaune da Mami suke fira, k'aramar jakarsa ya d'auko ya fito da takardu da ya mik'awa Mami "Ameena wanga takardu ne da suka shahi gadon Ramlah danaku na wajen Asma'u, sauran takardun haihuwar Ramlatu na, gasunan kuyi mata abinda ya dace dasu, ayi mata komai na d'aki irin naku na nan idan zasuyi, kuma don Allah kada Ramlatuna tazo garemu nan kusa, ni zan ringa zuwa da kaina ina ganinta".

Takardun ta duba kud'i ne masu d'an dama " to Baffa ban katse maka hanzari ba, amma ni ana tunanin tariyar Ramlah ba yanzu ba, karatu nakeso tayi".

Sannan taci gaba "idan akayi la'akari da k'arancin shekarunta, duka shekara 14 tayi karanta da Aure, to ana tunanin in siya mata shares da kud'in ta kamar yadda nayi ma su Nihal, ni zan d'auki nauyin karatun ta, sa'an Nihal ce to ina  tunanin kaita school d'in su Nihal amma ya kake gani."

Murmushi yayi yasan karatu shine babban burin Ramlah duk kuwa da Hari ta tauye ta yasan hakan zai sakata farinciki, amma kuma ai Aure ya wuce komai "hakan nan na Ameena amma baki tunanin in ankai haka an tauye shi Abdulmajeed"?

Tasan Abdool na buk'atar Aure, dan tun yana 18year yake fama da ciwon Mara, Wanda ke nuni dashi mai k'arfin sha'awa ne, to amma ai ita Ramlah za'a cutar ita, abinda ba zataso ga Nihal ba, so duk d'aya da Ramlah gunta, mema ta sani da Aure as 14 kuma tashin k'auye tana buk'atar wayewar kai da ilimi "Baba bana tunanin akwai matsala amma zamuyi magana".

" to ai dan dai kuna nan binni ne amma ai warin Ramlatu ta isa zama d'akin miji".

Murmushi tayi "haka akeyi a k'auyuka shiyasa zakiga anata samun  matsala da wasu yaran akan Auren wuri, aje haihuwa aita had'uwa da yoyon fitsari da wasu ciwuka k'arshe mijin yaji bazai iya ba yayi saki, a maida yarinya bazawara ga kuma ciwo ga yara da k'ananun shekaru" jinjina kai yai alaman gamsuwa d'anshi kanshi ansha kawo mishi irin wad'annan cases a can Kilgori, nan dai sukaci gaba da tattauna wa ya bata goyon baya 100%.

Washe gari ya koma kice da tsaraba, hadda nasu Hari, Mami ta kira Abdool sun tattauna game da karatun Ramlah, dama shima tunanin sa kenan, toshi me zaiyi da ita a hakan ko k'irjin kirki babu, ai bayama tunanin tasan me Aure ke nufi, k'aunarta yakeyi amma badan wani Abu nata ba.

Sun yanke idan anyi Hutu tunda third term ake sai akaita JSS 3 tare da Nihal tunda tana saurin d'aukar Abu, kuma zai cigaba dayi mata lesson kafin shima ya fara aiki.

Zai fita yaci karo da ita ta shigo tsayawa tayi tare da cewa "ina wuni" hararar wasa yayi mata "um baxan ansa ba, bayan kin manta dani da karatun mu kin manta d'an binni mai glass".


Dariya ya bata a yanayin yadda yai maganar kaba baki tayi tare da cewa " Laa Ya Abdool baka barin sunan ga ko?" Tana turo baki.

Shima dariya yai "to ai ke kika sakamin INA"?

" um tona d'ebe maka".

"To 'yar k'anwata Ramlatun Baffa, ya maganan karatun mu?"

"Yawwa Yaya Abdool muci gaba".

" Allah kinaso in sakaki makaranta" gira ta d'aga mishi tana murmushi.

"Lalalala! Yarinyar nan........."

_kuyi hak'uri ban Zauna bana yau, kuma yau kiwar typing ya kamani_

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[8/20, 11:17 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

'''Abdulmajid fans, naga kuna k'aunar sakwatanci da yawa fa😜 to Ku kwantar da mind d'inku Ramlatun Baffa tace zata koya maku😝 love u guys bohot bohotπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜˜'''

     πŸ“ *Episode* 151--155

"Lalalala! Yarinyar nan ni kike d'aga wa gira?" Tare da zare ido hadda kama baki, sunne kai tayi Rana dariya k'asa-k'asa.

"Yo ai e a nuhina" dariya yayi tare da lak'ace mata hanci "basakkwata kawai".

Turo baki gaba tayi " kaima ai" murmushi yayi yana feeling special "ai zaki koyamun"  corridor yabi tare da fad'in "jirani ina zuwa".

Dawowa yayi da wata k'aramar leda mai kyau bata yayi " sako ne daga Zainab tace tayaki murnar Aure" cikin zumud'i tace "LA Aunty Zainab tana ina?" Harara yai mata "sai yanzu kika tunata, tana gidansu".

Rungume ledar tayi tana dariya " Yaya ka had'ani da ita ta waya inyi godiya" tau" yace tare da cewa "jeki nuna wa Maminki" da sauri tayi ciki tana murmushi, binta yayi da kallo tare da shafa sumar Kansa, yana murmushi, sannan ya wuce d'akin sa.

Cikin farinciki ta shiga nunawa Mami gift d'in ta "iyye kai madallah kinga ko 'yar cas da ita zatayi miki kyau, kin gode, taji jeki aje a kayanki" da yake Mami tasan da labarin Zainab d'in, gaban madubi ta tsaya tana gwadawa tayi kyau a wuyanta gwanin sha'awa, sai juyi take tana dariya ita kad'ai, dama Ramlah da kwalliya (Ramlatu hankali).
Da dare bayan sunyi dinner suna zaune parlour suna kallo tasa TV a gaba, duk wani attention d'inta ya tattara ya koma can, gani take kamar mutanen fitowa zasuyi saboda girman Tv gashi kuma ta zauna daf da ita, su husna kam rabi ne kallo rabi Assignment Mami kuwa nakan computer tana aiki, Abdool ya shigo har gaida Mami su Husna suka gaidashi, Ramlah kam batasan ma ya shigo ba.

Daf da ita yaje ya saka waiwaya mata hannun sa gaban idon ta "La Ya Abdool yaushe kazo?"

"Ina kuwa zaki sani duka imaninki na a watching, kinga ki dena zama kusa da TV haka kada ya bata miki ido".

Dariya Mami tayi " Ai Ramlah tawa ne da kallo" Tab'e baki yayi "aiko daga yau zata daina dan gobe zamu fara lesson ya zube mata text book da lesson book da sauran instrument a gaban ta.

" hada tadai rage amma ba maganar dainawa, kaima dai ka fad'a ne" Mami ta fad'a.

Itakam Ramlah ganin littafin birjik gabanta haka ta manta da maganan kallo sai tab'a littafan take tana murmushi, yadda takesan karatu aiki daina kallon zata iyayi....


Kullum da safe da marece suke lesson wata rana ma hadda su Husna akeyi idan basuje gurin lesson d'insu ba, islamiyya kuma da rana sukeyi anan ta unguwarsu mai had'e da tahfiz, uniform hijab har k'asa.

Garden suke shigewa suyi lesson d'in, idan aka gama ta koya masa sakwatanci, in yanayi taita dariya bai iya amma ya daga anan wai ya iya, musamman inya karemata bayan, sai yace "ke hwahinta" waita gane yake nufi aiko dariya takeyi harda rik'e ciki, shiko kallo yake bin ta dashi komai tayi burgeshi takeyi shidai yana k'aunar Ramlah, amma ai dole ya sota kodon k'aunar da Aunty Asma'u ta nuna masa.

Zuwa yanzu kam ta fahimci abubuwa da yawa, dama gata da saurin gane Abu, har turanci tana ji saidai bata iya mayar da kowanne, math ma haka take tsargesa tsab.

A General hospital ta Kaduna Abdool ya nemi aiki, dama Neman ma'aikata suke so nan take suka bashi upper, Hakeem ma anan ya nema shima dai sun dauk'eshi so ana tare har yanzu, kullum suka had'u zai ta tsokanar sa ina 'yar renonsa, banza yake yi masa wata kuma yake "kaji dashi aini naji dad'i tunda inada 'yar reno, kaifa ba wadda ta taya" dariya yakeyi "tab na daik'i rayawa aini matata Unique ce".

Tab'e baki yake "munji zamu gani".

Tuni aka kammala ginan asibitin an zuba komai na amfanin asibitin saidai yace saiya k'ara samu experience tukun zai bud'e ta.

Ranar da akayi Hutu Nihal ta dawo, tana ganin Ramlah nanfa murna ta k'aru dama Mami tayi mata waya gurin malaninsu ta gayamata komai, nan da nan suka sarke kamar dama sun San juna parrot ta had'u da parrot dan kowacce ba baya ba, musamman Nihal ga barkwanci kamar Yusuf, nan ta shiga bata labarin makaranta,

Ramlah sai murmushi take tana imaging irin gata a school a class ana damawa da ita a hostel suna shagalinsu, oh ji take Kamar ace gobe za'a koma duk ta matsu ta ganta da uniform a school, kamar yadda take ganin yara da safe idan sunje kaisu Husna, kaga yara da uniform kala2 kowa tsaf dashi zaije makaranta shi yake burgeta ba kamar k'auyensu ba da sai can suke zuwa kuma sai rana ta fito muraratan wani ma sai yayi sati baije ba, kuma ba wani kwakwaran dalili.

Yanzu Abdool ya rage zama gida tun safe idan ya fita sai shida yake dawowa wani sa'in kuma inyai fitar marece sai 10 yake dawowa shiyasa basu cika had'uwa ba, lesson kuma ya dawo end of week.

Yanzu girkin gida sukeyi sun hutar da Inna kande da Mami, komai sun iya dama ita Nihal ta iya tun can, Ramlah ma yanzu anyi expert........

Hutu ne ya kusa k'are wa hakan yasa Mami taje school din tasu Nihal ta nema nata sukace a kawota ayi mata interview, sun yaba da kwazonta JSS 3 suka sakata kamar yadda Mami ta buk'ata aji d'aya da Nihal, uniform da house wears suka bata nan ma house d'aya aka ajesu, provision sosai Mami tayi musu, komai nasu a had'e, shima Abdool ya dad'a musu, Husna ganin tulin kayan da aka jibgo musu yasa tace itama a had'a da ita a kaisu tare, dariya sukai mata Mami kuwa tace "kwantar da hankalinki baby na 'yar k'anwata aike naki lokacin damasu zakiyi a komai ko school taki ta daban ce".

Dariya ta ringayi tare dayi musu gwalo, dariyar kawai sukayi dan sun San baho ne Mami ta maida ita, satin da aka koma Ramlah ta matsa a kaisu haka aka tattara aka kaisu bayan Mami ta sanbad'a musu kashe din kada su fad'i Ramlah matar Aure ce, musamman ma Nihal dan ta Santa da mugun surutu.

Ita Ramlah har ga Allah mantawa take da Auren sai sha'anin gabanta takeyi, tau 'yan boarding dai an isa ko wace wainar za'a toya a can oho!πŸ€”


Yauma kamar kullum Mami ta fito zataje office, sai ganin motar Abdool tayi alaman bai fita ba, mamaki ya kamata dan a tunanin ta ya fita tun dazu dan dama bai cika tsayawa ya karya ba, ciki ta koma, can kan bed na hango shi yanata  murk'ususu, cikin gid'imewa ta isa garesa " menene Abdool?"

Cikin muryan wahala yace "Mami cikina marata, Mami ciwo sukemin kamar su balle" tallabe kansa tayi ta d'ora akan cinyarta tana Shafa masa kan cikin tausaya wa tace "ka kuwa sha maganinka Abdool?"

Kaiya d'aga mata alaman eh, cike da tausayinsa tace "kuma har yanzu bai daina ba?" Nan ma da kai ya ansa mata.

Daga shi take son yi "Mami bazan iya tashi ba, d'an samo ruwan zafi ki dannamin gurin" cikin hanzari ta debo a flask tare da k'aramin towel sannu a hankali ta shiga Danna mishi, tun yana 'yar k'ara yana lumshe ido har ya rufesu ruf sai saukar numfashi Mami taji alaman ya samu bacci.

Gefe ta zauna tare da tallabe kumatunta ganin yadda d'anta keshan wahala, kuma tasan maganin abin amma ta zuba mishi ido, to amma meye mafita har ga Allah idan ta bashi Ramlah yanzu ta cutar da ita, dan tayi  k'ank'anta a wannan sabgar, kuma hakan na nufin barin boarding kuma a shekarunta aka had'a mata karatu da Aure an cutar da ita, idan kuma aka cireta itama cutar wa ce "meye mafita" ta fad'a a fili.

Ta dad'e tana sak'awa da warware wa kafin wani tunani yazo mata murmushi tayi ganin ta samo mafita.

Sai 2 ya farka, jikin ya saki gaba d'aya, ciwon ya rage sai kad'an ya rage, kusa dashi tazo dan tana d'akin dawowar su Abj ne ya fitar da ita ta sallamesu suka wuce lesson tayi sallah sannan ta dawo, office ma anata kiranta sai excuse ta basu.

"Abdool ka tashi? Sannu ya k'arfin jikin?"

Murmushi yayi yana k'arajin k'aunar mahaifiyarsa a ransa "da sauk'i Mami kina nan baki fita ba?"

"Bazan iya fita ba Abdool kana wannan halin" mik'ewa yayi tare da rungume ta "love u so much Mamina" itama peck tayi mishi a kumatu tare da Shafa sumarsa "bari inyi wanka Mami".

Fresh up yayi yai sallah, tea mai kauri ta kawo mishi tare da farfesun hanta, kad'an yaci sannan yasha tea tare da shan magani.

Zama yayi kusa da ita " Abdool" ta kirashi, d'ago wa yayi "na'am Mami"

"Ya labarin Zainab?"

Jim yayi danshi harga Allah ya manta da wata Zainab "tana nan Mami wani Abu ne"?

" batayi aure ba?"

"Eh gaskiya banji ba".

"In har bakada wata wacce kakeso bayan Ramlah, to kaje ka nemi Auren Zainab".

A firgice yace " Mami Neman Auren Zainab kikace fah?"

"Hakane Abdool kuwa kai kanka kasan dalili na nayin hakan, bazan iya baka Ramlah a yanzu ba, haka bazan iya ci gaba da  ganin ka a wannan halin ba, kuma banyi dan rashin Adalci wa Ramlah ba, nasan ko ita taji zata fahimceni, dakai a matsayin ta ita kuma a matsayin ka, iya abinda zanyi kenan" jinjina kai yayi Cikin gamsuwa da zancenta.

Saidai ta ina zai fara tambayan da yayi ma Kansa kenan...

Sallamar Hakeem ce ta katsesa yayi ta kiran wayo yin sa shiru, ya biyo yaji lafia......

_wata sabuwa_ 😳

*wai ina labarin Zainab*

[8/21, 10:58 AM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

      πŸ“ *Episode* 156--160

Gaisawa sukayi da Mami tana tambayan iyayensa sannan ta wuce, kusa dashi ya zauna "wai ya haka ne yau ba'a ganka ba, ba'a kuma jika ba, menene inata kiran wayoyinka a kashe" yamutsa fuska yayi.+

"Hmm ka Bari kawai ciwon ne ya zagayo, na yau is too pain, maganin ma kamar bansha ba, na jigata fa, sai yanzu nake tashi, ga Mami ko fita batayi ba yau".

Cikin tausayawa ya da kulawa yace " ayya sannu to ya jikin yanzu?"

"Not bad! da sauk'i" ya fad'a ya lumshe ido,

"Haka zakayi ta zama Abdool bayan kasan maganin matsalar ka? Fisabilillah?"

"Maganar da muke yi da Mami kenan, wai in nemi Auren Zainab".

Murmushin jin dad'i yayi " best way, kai gaskiya Mami tayi tunani mai kyau"

Girgiza kai yayi "ba zaku gane bane, nifa ba mata biyu a tsarina, ni Ramlah is OK for me".

Dafasa yayi " common my friend, sau nawa muke tsarama kanmu rayuwa, kuma ba shine tsarin Allah ba, kuma ita Ramlah koda baka ita akayi yanzu I believe ba abinda zaka iya mata cos kana sonta kuma tausayinta kakeji, as her age, so as an advice kayi amfani da wannan damar ka Samar ma kanka lafia, and then in ma son Zainab ne bakayi saika nemo wacce kakeso ba dole sai ita ba, mu'allin shahid d'in dai kayi aure".

Tabbas gaskiya ya fad'i Ramlah is too young so bazai so ta cutu ba, and shi k'aunar ta yake so yanason ci gabanta ilimi shine gishirin rayuwa sai dashi ne zatasan yadda zata Zauna dashi ma, anan yayi na'am da shawarar abokin nashi, shi baya ma tunanin matsala daga Zainab dan yasan tana matuk'ar k'aunar sa, kuma tana son Ramlarsa so shi kad'ai ya isa yasa ya koyi sonta ko kad'an ne, nan dai sukaci gaba da tattaunawa.

B'angaren Zainab kuwa tun ranar da Dr Majeed ya gayamata Auren sa take k'ok'arin yakiceshi a ranta, saidai abun ya faskara kullum iyo take cikin sabuwar k'aunarsa, shawarar Momyn ta tabi, duk lokacin da abin ya dameta sai ta dangana shi da Qur'anil Kareem, sosai takejin sauk'i a ranta, hakan yasa ta fara kula wani d'an uwanta dake bacin sonta, amma badan tana jin sonsa ba, danso d'aya ne tak kuma Dr Majeed takema shi, dan shidai take gani a matsayin namiji, amma kuma hakan bai hanata kula Waleed dan tana yak'inin tunda yana k'aunarta zai kula da ita, ba dole ka rayu da abinda kakeso ba kaidai kawai kaso mai sonka, shiyasa take kula Waleed.

Yauma zaune take dawowar ta kenan daga hospital ko uniform bata cire ba, taji k'arar wayarta, "Dr Majeed" ta fad'a tana zare ido, dan rabon tun ranar da sukayi wayar nan, shine last, 5 months kenan a tunanin ta yama manta da ita, ita kuma tak'i kiransa ne saboda batasan abin da tayar mata da hankali shiyasa ta nisanceshi gaba d'aya.

Duk da Murmushin farinciki da take yi, dan har ga Allah taji sanyi a ranta, amma sai ta samu Kanta da k'in d'agawa.

Shi kuma tunanin bata kusa da wayar ne yasa ya k'ara kira nan ma sai nada daf da tsinkewa ta d'aga, sallamrsa ce cikin muryan nan tasa mai sakata suman dad'i, jin tayi kafin ta ansa tana cin magani kamar a gabansa take, tambayan mutanen gida yayi da kuma ita da bayan rabuwa.


"Lfy" ta ansa a tak'aice, sam bai kawo komai ba yace.

"Zainab Inaso ki bani aron hankalin ki magana mai muhimmanci zamu tattauna".

" inaji" ta fad'a in short.

"OK magana ce ta Aure in har kin aminta inaso mu kulla dangantaka ta aure".

" Aure" ta maimaita a ranta "anya Dr Majeed ne kau" amma a fili yi tayi kamar ba zata ansa har saida yace "kinaji na kuwa".

"Eh naji me kace, saidai sorry to say bana burin hakan".

Mamaki ne ya kashe shi wai Zainab ce kuwa mai k'aunar nan tasa ya fad'a a ransa.

" meyasa kikace haka Zainab? "

"Nothing bana dai ra'ayine so sai anjima" kitt yaji ta katse wayar, sororo ya bi wayar da kallo yana Mamakin Zainab ce kuma to amma ai muryanta ne, dogon tsaki yaja.

"Aikin wofi, har ma kin isa".

Ita kuma tayi hakane saboda ta kwatar wa Kanta 'yanci in har gaske yake zai bibiyeta.

Lokacin da ya gayama Hakeem dariya yayi " tokai ka d'auka sauk'i ne dashi dole ta kwaci 'yancinta a hannunka tukun" siririn tsaki yaja, tare da tab'e baki.

"Dama dai son karya ne take min, ta samu wani ne".

Danne dariya Hakeem yayi "haba Malam ai saurin fushi ba naka bane, Aure fa kake nema, ka yarda dani nasan tana sonka kai kanka kasan da hakan son da take maka yafi gaban yaudara, just be patient itama mace ce so dole ta ja aji irin nasu musamman ma idan ka duba yadda kayi auren ka ka kyaleta".

" aiko sai tayi tayi can mata" dakyar Hakeem ya lallasheshi yace yaji, wasa wasa Zainab sai garashi take dan yanzu yana kiranta kullum yana lallashinta ko don cika Umarnin Mami da Samar wa kansa lafia, har saida Hakeem ya saka baki sannan ta sassauto, shiya bata labarin yadda Aurensa ya kasance da yadda suke da Ramlah, da kuma makarantar da aka maida ita "to kinga ko abin a tausaya masa ne, kodon lalurarsa sannan yana sonki Zainab ki kwantar da hankalin ki, ko nacin  da yake miki ya isheki shaida".

Nan take tausayinsa da sabuwar k'aunar sa suka mamayeta, nan ta gaya masa ta Amince suzo su sami Dadynta, ita da Kanta ta gayama Momyn ta yadda sukayi tace" ke gani ko Zainab na gayamiki ai idan rabonki ne zaizo har inda kike, dama hak'uri ne kawai idan ba'a saba, jinjina kai tayi Cikin farinciki.

Mami suka gama yadda sukayi kuma cikin satin sukaje Sokoto, Babanta ya karb'esu cikin karamci, da yake yasan Alhaji Sada, nan take yace su turo magabatansu, tare da Hakeem sukaje inda Alhaji sukayi mishi bayani, har Kilgori suke inda Baffa shima sukayi mishi bayani, yayi na'am kuma yace dashi za'aje Neman Auren.

Daga nan suka wuce Argungu Baba yace tunda yana da Baban sa Mansur yaje masa, ita kuma inna tace kishi take taya Ramlah, nan dai sukayi wasan kaka da jika.

Sunje an tsaida rana  wata uku masu zuwa aka saka sunyi komai na al'ada da Ard'o akayi komai, haka sukaci gaba da soyayyar su da Zainab duk dashi ba wani jinta ransa yake ba, adai rashin uwa yayi Uwar d'aki ne.

Zainab kuma ta dage da kula dashi da nuna mishi salon soyayya dan tasha alwashin saita koyamasa sonta saita samu gurbi a zuciyarsa ko baikai ba kamar na Ramlah ba (fatar Alkhairi Zainab).

B'angaren 'yan boarding kuwa ranar da aka kaisu Ramlah taga students birjik da irin uniform d'inta, dad'i kamar yayi killing d'inta, bale data ganta a class, gata kan desk ga malamai na shigowa suna yi musu lesson, duka attention nata yana gunsu, 'yan aji kuwa sai zuwa suke suna mata welcome tare da tambayan sunanta suma suna gaya mata nasu.

Ana tashi suka d'auki kayansu zuwa hostel, nan sai murna take tsarin ya burgeshi ga gado up and down, suna sallah suka huta tace ma Nihal.

"Nifa yau tuwon milk zanyi insha miyar Milo" ganin tulin madarar da aka jibgo musu, dariya Nihal tayi "aiko kiyi abinki nidai abincina zanci"

Nan ta kwaba madara kamar tuwo ta dama Milo tana dibar madaran tana tsoma Cikin Milo, tana ci tana daga k'afa sama Nihal kam sai dariya take mata, suna cikin hakane sukaji an buga CSTA.

Maida abincin Nihal tayi "Ramlah ki kwanta an buga kwanciyar rana" shekeke ta kalleta "haka nan mutum baijin bacci ya kwanta, tab kidai kwanta ke, in kinaji".

Jin alaman senior zasu shigo yasa Nihal kwantawa ita kam sai k'ara daga kafa take tana dariya, " kutuma kit! Ke dan Ubanki me kikeyi baki kwanta ba" wata daga Cikin su ta fad'a.

"Nidai ba Ubana, yo mutum bayajin bacci, na dole zaiyi ne?"

"Ke!! Wa kike zagi d'an kazar ubanki" wata ya fad'a tare da gara bulala zata watsa mata.

Da Sauri Nihal ta tashi "yi hak'uri Senior Zulfa, new comer ce yau tazo".

" me ai irinsu nake nema dama, naga alaman Kanta na rawa tashi muje, filin daga dan k'aniyarki yau zakisan kin shigo boarding "
"Me, meye shi d'in? wallah ba inda zani....."

    *WO Ramlatun Baffa 'yan boarding*🀣

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[9/3, 9:37 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

*_Alhamdulillah bini'imatihi tatimmusalihat, may wishes 2 all as d witness of seeing eid~el Mubarak bil khair indeed, takabbalallahu minna wa minkum.ina taya daukacin musulmin duniya barka da sallah, Allah ya maimaita mana shekaru masu albarka Amen, eid Jamil 2 allπŸ™‹πŸΎπŸ™‹πŸΎ_*

_And I need ur wishes cos 2morrow is my day, I mean is my birthday, so I need ur concern, hope I will get it!_

*Sallah gift just for u my fans*πŸŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

       πŸ“ *Episode* 161--165

Da sauri Nihal ta sakko daga gadon, duk'awa tayi gaban wata daga cikinsu wacce tunda sukazo gun ko tak batace ba, sai wani kallo da takebin Ramlah dashi wanda ni kaina basan ma'anarsa ba.

"Pls senior Safara'u kuyi hak'uri wallahi bak'uwa ce batasan komai ba akan harkar school" tasan shirun Safara'u ba alkhairi bane dan duk a cikinsu tafi kowa k'eta.

Mugun kallo ta watsa mata "go back to ur bed stupid! Ko sai na had'a dake ne?" Ta fad'a cikin tsawa.

Sannan ta k'ara cewa "me kuke jira ne Zulha a kaita mana idan ba zata da kafanta ba" tare dayi gaba.

Jiki a sab'ule Nihal ta koma kan bed tare da kwantawa tasan halinsu sarai idan ma kana begging nasu kamar zugasu kakeyi, kuma shi yafi komai sauk'i su had'a da ita, gata tsoron a tab'a mata lafiyarta, sam basuda imani shiyasa daga an dawo Hutu suke dawowa basa k'ara ko kwana d'aya(tau anyi missing cin amana).

Ramlah sai kallonsu take d'aya bayan d'aya ko a jikinta wai an tsikari kakkaura, unexpected taji an figxota da k'arfin tsiya, kaman ta kife, haka Zulfa ta fara janta kiiii! A k'asa, turjewa ta farayi amma da yake Zulfa namijin gaske ce, cikin k'arfi taci gaba da janta, a haka suka fice daga room d'in.

Wani corridor sukabi saiga fili ya bayyana tsakanin room zuwa room, already Safara'u na gurin damin buloline gabanta, fuskarta murtuk'e ba rahama a ciki, tsakiyar filin Zulfa ta jefa Ramlah, mik'ewa tayi tare da kakkab'e jikinta tana binsu da kallon renin hankali..


Nihal tana ganin sun fice ne, ta d'ora hannu aka dan tasan yau k'ashin Ramlah ya bushe tunda ta shiga hannun wad'annan hatsabiban miyagu ba da kowa shakkarsu yake, wani tunanine yazo mata da sauri ta sakko a gadon tare da ficewa zuwa room d'in metrum d'insu..

"Wato kega fitsararriya ba, tabas yau zakisan kinzo boarding yau zamu sauke miki kome ke kanki" kallo sauran tayi tare da zabar zabgegiyar bulala, nan fa kowacce ta zabi tata, suka rufa Kanta da duka ta ko'ina.

Ramlah akwai taurin rai kuma idan bugune ai Inda sabo ta saba, saidai fa wannan dukan ya girmi na Iya Hari, amma taurin rai da kafiya irin na Fulani, ya hanata ko motsawa balle kuma ayi tunanin tayi kuka kota basu hak'uri, hakan ya k'ara tunzirasu su ci gaba da jibgarta kamar Allah ya aikosu gareta.

Da gudu ta isa dak'in metrum d'in "Inna Yashe ga can su Senior Zulfa sun rufa da duka akan 'yar uwata da aka kawo yau, kawai saboda tak'i ta kwanta CST".

Mik'ewa tayi tsaye tana salati "Oh ni yashe! Ba an dawo ba, wad'annan ja'iran yara bazasu tab'a barina na huta ba, ke mutahi kahin su la'anta 'yar mutane" a tare suka fita Nihal ta koma d'aki ita kuma ta nufi filin daga.

"Lahaulah wala kuwwati, me nake gani haka? Ke Sanfara kasheta zakuyi eye? Walle ku rabu da 'yar mutane ko 'yanzu in hadaku da firansafal" duk tana k'ok'arin janye Ramlah take wannan maganar, saidai ko kallo bata ishesu ba balle tayi tunanin suji magananta.

Ramlah ta bugu iya buguwa amma saboda taurin rai da kafiya tak'i basu hak'uri kuma tak'i kuka duk kuwa da tanajin bugu har ranta, hakan ya k'ara tunzurasu suketa gibgarta a dole saita basu hak'uri.

Inna yashe kuwa gurin ansar Ramlah aka tsala mata bulala, nan fa ta shiga tsine musu hadda kukanta, gyale ta Zara tana tafe tana bala'i "shegu bak'ak'en d'iya yau iya shegen naku harni bai bari ba, idan na gayama ita firansafal ai sai Ku had'a har ita" a haka ta isa gidan Mama picy tana banbami, nan ta shiga zayyana mata hadda k'ara gishiri, nan take ran picy ya b'aci labour master da sagen ta kira nan suka hadu suka nufi hostel d'in a motarta.


"Don't ever touch her again useless girls" a tare suka tsaya cak da dukan da suke mata jiyo muryan principal d'insu, a razane suke kallonta tare da sauran mutanen da suke tare dan basuyi tunanin inna yashe zataje ba.

Itama Ramlah jin muryan matan da kuma tsayawar dukan da ake mata dataji ne ya sakata d'agowa da rinannun idanuwanta da suka yi jajir tsabar azaba ta taji.

"U should meet me at assembly ground right now, and announce it 2 all" ta fad'a tare da mik'awa Ramlah hannu alaman tazo.

"Come here dear" da sauri ta isa gareta, rungumeta tayi sannan suka juya gaba d'aya suka nufi mota.

Su Safara'u jiki a mace sukayi announcement d'in sannan suka shirya in house where dake lokacin pref ma ya kusa.

Principal umarni taba labour master akan a kira sauran malamai sannan ta wuce da Ramlah gidanta, ruwa masu zafi tasa maid d'in ta ta tafasa, Inna yashe ta gasama Ramlah jikinta Wanda yayi rud'u-rud'u da zanen bulali ga wani jawur da tayi abinka da fara, rub aka shafe mata jiki dashi sannan aka bata magani tasha, daganan suka nufo assembly ground d'in.

Students da teachers gaba d'aya sun hallara an shiga layi as always, da yake ma farkon dawowane wasu basu dawo ba, fuska murtuk picy ta hau saman gurin tare da Ramlah da inna yashe, addu'a akayi as usual sannan akayi taken k'asa kana picy ta fara jawabin mak'asudin taron na gaggawa.

"Na samu abinda banyi tunani ba a wannan makarantar tawa, wato seniority abin ya bani mamaki da tsoro, kamar yadda kowa ya Sani wannan makarantar private ce, ba government ba, kud'i mai tsoka iyayenku ke biya su kawoku nan dan Ku samu ingantaccen ilimi, da kuma rayuwar 'yanci amma abin takaici Ashe akwai wasu 'yan iska wad'anda sam ba karatune gabansu sai tsabagen k'eta da cin amana, I shock in dis school ace ana irin wannan abun, tanx god dan ba yau aka fara ba amma Allah ya tona mana su yau."

Taci gaba cikin murtuk'e fuska har iya yau "to ba zamu lamunci wannan sakarcin ba ya zama wajibi ayiwa tukkar hanci gudun abinda zaije ya dawo, kuma ya zama darasi ga duk mai niyyan aikata irin abinda sukayi" nan ta kira sunayensu jiki a sanyaye suka hau gaban Assembly duk jiki a Mace, nan aka umurci sajen yayi musu 30 lashes and then labour master ya yanka musu field mai girma gashi schools tayi haki ko'ina, tare da anshe musu prefect ship nasu da tabbacin duk wacce ta k'ara kwantanta hakan to za'ayi withdrew nata ne kawai kuma ba dawowa ko waye ubanta ko, sannan taja kunnen junior akan hakan bazai zama dalilin su raina senior nasu ba, su basu respect a matsayinsu na na gaba dasu, duk wacce aka kawo da laifin raina senior tofa zata fuskanci hukunci.

Da haka taro ya watse junior sai murna suke sun samu freedom, yayin da Senior suka shanye jinin jikinsu.

K'ara kiran Ramlah ta bata hak'uri akan abinda ya faru tare da bata tabbacin hakan bazai sake faruwa ba, a mtsayinta na new comer kada ta tsorata tace ba zata dawo ba, daganan suka wuce class don gudanar da pref, tun daga ranar komai ya dawo normal ba wani seniority a school d'in tuni su Safara'u suka shiga taitayinsu suka kama Kansu.

Sannu a hankali Ramlah ta fahimci boarding da rayuwar boarding, ta saba da ita a yadda take, bata wani sha wahala dan duk k'uncin rayuwar boarding tafi ta gidan iya Hari saidai tana kewar baffa da mami da uwa uba d'an binni mai gilashi, kullum suna tare da Nihal ita kad'aice k'awarta, ba Momy ba Darling duk da dinbin masu son k'ulla alaka da ita da takeda.


B'angaren Zainab kuwa ta Dage gurin Neman fili a zuciyar Dr kuma da alama tayi nasara, don Zee mutum CE mai kulawa da nuna damuwarta akan Abu, tun Abdool bayajin komai game da ita har yanzu yakai yana jinta a ranshi soyayya tsabtatacciya suke gudanarwa kowanne na kaf kafa da d'an uwansa.

Lokacin da ta gayama Waleed ya shiga tashin hankali dan harga Allah yana k'aunar Zainab, saidai dole ya hak'ura don yanason farincikinta, fatan Alkhairi yayi mata, itama tayi masa fatan dacewa da mafi alkhairi.


*End of month*
Tsaf su Mami suka shirya zuwa visiting d'insu Ramlah cike da provision kaman ba'a zo musu last month da irinsa ba (ni kuma nace koya zasuyi dashi oho) Abdool ne ke driving cike da nishad'i zaije yaga Ramlatunsa, su Husna sai zumud'i suke zasuga Aunty's.

Tun gate Ramlah ta tsinkayo aiko da gudu ta kwasa taje garesu, Nihal sai k'urarta ta hanga itama nan ta bita da nata gudun.

Tasa isa jikin Abdool ta fad'a tare da sakin...........

_Fatan Alkhairi masoya barkanmu da Sallah, barka sake saduwa_πŸ™‹πŸΎ

πŸ’„ Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[9/5, 11:49 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

'''😱 Wallahi i'm so speechless, bansan da wane word zanyi amfani na gode maku ba friends, kun nunan k'auna sosai, kunyi min k'ara nagode da birthday wishes naku, Allah yabar zumunci da k'auna AmeenπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’‹'''

     πŸ“ *Episode* 166--170

Tare da sakin kuka "subhanallah Ramlah kuka again menene kuma ko an k'ara dukanki ne?" shiru tayi tare da lafewa, yayi dai2 da isowar Nihal da murnan ta, ta rungume Mami "uhm ba'a mata komai bafa kawai dai tana murnan ganinku ne, kunsan munyi missing naku".

Dungure mata kai Mami tayi "tau parrot munji, aifa yanzu zaki fara surutun naki" sannan ta Shafa kan Ramlah "dota haka zaki dinga mana ko, aiko saimu daina zuwa tunda tayar maki da hankali muke, sai a ringa aiko maku Sale driver kawai".

" Aa Mami na daina baran k'ara ba, kinji Mamina?" Ta rungumeta, su Husna sai dariya suke mata, Abdool kuwa kallonta kawai yake yana murmushi, a haka suka k'arasa Filin visiting d'in.

Wani babban carpet suka shimfid'a aka zazzauna, abinci aka gabatar nan sukayi lunch gaba d'aya, sai nishad'i su Ramlah keyi, ji suke kaman a gida ake, daga nan aka shiga fira, sunata basu labarin School wahalarta da dad'inta, nan suka gangaro firar gida Mami ke gayamusu Auren da Abdool zaiyi.

Duk da k'aranci shekaru irin na Ramlah saida Abinda ya daketa a zuciya, amma dake tanada wayo saita waske, murmushi tayi tare da d'an tsalle.

"Allah Mami, waye matar?" Nihal kam kwab'e fuska tayi tare da turo baki, Abdool kam ji yayi ba dad'i duk sai yaji wani iri.

"Auntynki ce fa Zainab".

"Lah! Aunty Zainab? Wlh nayi murna sosai Yaya, pls d'an kira mana ita mu gaisa Yaya"

Shidai baice komai ba sai kallonta yake, Nihal sai jifanta da harara take irin ta bata Haushin nan (oh su Nihal akwai aiki kenan) Mami kam sai murmushi take ba kad'an ba Ramlah ta burgeta, saidai dama tasa hakane zai kasance dan tasan ai yarinya ce da wuya ta damu tunda ko ma'anar auren bata sani ba.

"Kaji Yaya" ta k'ara fad'a hakan yasa dole ya kira mata ita, aiko da murna suka gaisa, hadda su Nihal duk sun gaisa ta tare da tambayansu karatu.

Zainab ta yadda da Ramlah yarinyace sosai kamar yadda Abdool ke fad'a, ko a jikinta bata nuna ta damu ba hadda kiranta da Aunty, nan take ta sak'a a ranta zatayi zama mai kyau da Ramlah zata rik'eta kamar su Amal k'anninta, zata roki Allah ya yaye mata azabar kishi da takeda.

Anan suka wunin musu tun safe sai marece suka wuce, suka barsu da kewa, haka suka kwashi kayansu nik'i-nik'i sai hostel, Nihal kam tun tana mata fushi ganin bata kulata yasa ta ware sukaci gaba da sha'anin gabansu...
Kwanaki sunja wata ya wuce tuni su Ramlah sun zana jarabawarsu anyi Hutu, an dawo gida cike da farinciki, sai kuma hada hadar biki da aka shiga basu can basu nan Nihal ma tuni anyi giving up, dan ta fahimci Aunty Zainab akwai kirki tuni suka saba da ita kullum suna mak'ale a waya, tuni sukayi sabo har ma da Amal kanwarta kusan sa'arsu ce, Baffa kamar yadda ya alkawaranta yazo ganin Ramlah ranar kuwa kamar ta koma cikinsa tana nanik'e dashi har dare bacci ne kawai ya rabasu, kashe gari ya koma da kukanta da komai na kar ya tafi, haka Mami ta cikasa da tsaraba, itama Ramlah ta bada tata akaiwa iya Hari da gwagwaninta da Aminiyarta Deluwa.


Komai aka saka masa lokaci to za'a yazo kamar wucewar iska, a yau dubban jama'a suka shedi d'aurin Auren Abdulmajid Auwal Sada da Zainab Salis Madaki, taro yayi taro can na hango Ango da abokansa su Hakeem k'irjin biki, su Ismael da sauran su, gefe d'aya su Alhaji Sada na hango su Baba, Ard'o ma ansha rawani, su kawu Mansur, su Dady Ayuba, Sani, salis, Rabi'u, Dadyn Hakeem, duk ba'a barsu a baya uban amarya ma baki har kunne tsabar farinciki taro dai mashaa Allah sai fatan Alkhairi.

Cikin gida na garzaya, ya cika ya batse dak'ar na zak'ulo Amarya subhanallah zanso Ku hasko Zee tayi kyau like take away, ni kaina sai daga baya na ganeta sanye take cikin wani Arnen code lace Red and golden, head, shoes, purse duk golden ne, anyi mata d'auri irin na Amare fuskar tasha make-up sosai irin na amare, sai k'amshi take zubawa kamar anyi barin perfume a jikinta.

Ido ta k'ara warewa dan ganin 'yan biki dakyau can na hango su Ramlah ansha ankon wani material black and silver su uku da Nihal da Amal, ware ido nayi nace su kuma wad'annan yaushe gari? Harara ta balla min "naki wasane ai tun ranar da aka fara even muka bayyana" ah lallai kunsha gari na fad'a tare da k'ara wa kafata iska, Uwar Amarya sai nan da nan ake da bak'i zuciyarta fal farincki ayau sun sauke wani nauyi d'aya rataya a kansu, sosai ta yaba da Ramlah don tun zuwansu yarinyar ta kwanta mata arai duk Wanda aka nunama ita a matsayin abokiyar zaman Zainab saiya yaba don dagani yariyar batada matsala ita kam batamaso ana nunata, sai sunne kai take tanajin kunya dan harga Allah mantawa take da auren.

Zuwa karshe 4:00p suka nufi giginya hotel inda aka gudanar da mother's day, last even nasu sai dare aka tashi inda su Ramlah suka rak'ashe kamar ba gobe, su Abdool kam basusan ma anyi ba, dan ana gama d'aurin aure suka d'auki hanya don gudanar da tasu walimar da Hakeem ya shirya musu.

Washe gari da saffafe motocin d'aukar Amarya suka sola hanya, bayan tasha nasiha sosai daga iyayenta, sai kukan rabuwa take da gida duk soyayyarta da Abdool.

2:00pm a Kd tayi musu gidan Mami suka sauka bayan sunci susha an dank'a amanarta ga surukar tata, daganan Mimi da k'awayenta sukayi musu jagora zuwa gidanta dake unguwar malali Wanda Abdool ya kama dan yace gidan sa na cikin asibitinsa ba yanzu zasu tare ba sai ya an tashi bude hospital din gaba d'aya.

Gidane matsakaici mai kyau dashi, sosai danginta suka yaba, har kuryar d'aki kan gadonta sannan suka barta da k'awayenta suka koma gidan Mami inda sukayi masauki.

Haka k'awayenta suka sakata gaba da tsokana yaudai gata ga Dr tsami yakar, shiru tayi musu tanata murmushi Allah dai tasan farincikinta a yau, yau gata gidan Aure kuma da masoyin rayuwar ta Dr Majeed......


πŸ’„ Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[9/8, 12:01 AM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


Small quoteπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

     πŸ“ *Episode* 171--175

Haka sukayita nanayensu a cikin gidan, daga gidan Mami aka kawo musu abinci zuwa k'arfe 4:00pm suka gudanar da waleemar da su Ramlah suka shirya, wacce sai 6:00pm aka tashi, wata malama ce tayi lecture inda tayi tsokaci akan zaman Aure, Ramlah hawaye har gemu kamar itace amaryar duk da k'arancin shekarunta ta fahimci abubuwan da akayi bayani akai dan Ramlah akwai wayo kamar ba 'yar fari ba, bayan an tashi dasu akayi gyaran gidan tsaf aka gyare ko'ina nan take gida ya d'auki sheki da k'amshi, gida suka koma suka kawo musu dinner sannan sukayi musu sallama, kowa sai yaba hankalinsu da k'ok'arinsu yake.

9:00pm sukaji tsayuwar motocin angwaye, amarsu k'ara jan lafaya akayi aka rufe ruf, sai murmushi take Wanda da gani ba tambaya na farinciki ne, suma dai k'awayenta kimtsawa sukayi tare da kama baki.

A parlour ya tsaya da abokansa su biyar ne harshi, sanye yake da danyen boyal dan ubansu milk colour riga da wando harda babbar riga ya d'ora bak'ar hula, glass nasa as usual sai watch na azurfa cover ne bak'ake a k'afansa, wow Dr Majeed ya Had'u over kamar a sure a gudu, ciki ya shiga tare da cewa su fito parlour su gaisa da abokansa.

Babbar k'awarta ce ta rik'ota suka fito, nan akayi gaishe-gaishe da barkwanci irin Wanda ake as an al'ada daga nan suka siya baki tare da sallamar 'yan matan Amarya dan sammako zasuyi gobe, 'yar nasiha sukayi daganan taro ya tashi da addu'ar rufewa, nan k'awayenta sukayi mata sallama dan da wuya su samu shigowa gobe, sannan abokan ango suka saukesu gidan Mami.

Rakiyarsu yayi koda ya dawo bata parlon murmushi tare da danna kansa cikin bedroom, can k'arshen gado ya hango k'udundune ga sautin kukanta na fita a hankali, tsayawa yayi tare da zuba mata ido, "kukan me kenan" ya fad'a a ransa, d'an tab'e baki yayi "au na munafunci irin na Amare ba" da sauri ta dago ta kallesa da jajayen idonta, karaf idonsu ya had'u, sam baisan maganan a fili yayi ba, saurin waske wa yayi ta hanyar sakar mata murmushi, tare da kanne ido d'aya, cikin sauri ta sauke idonta tana ci gaba da kukanta.

Takowa yayi zuwa inda take, tare da zauna wa dab da ita, hannunta ya kama "Zainab" ya fad'a cikin muryan nan tasa mai sakata ladabi, bata d'ago ta kallesa ba amma ta tsaida kukanta, k'ara kiranta yayi a karo na biyu wannan karon ma bata ansa ba saidai ta d'ago idonta, cikin salo yasa yatsarsa akan fuskarta ya lakuto hawayenta cikin iyawa ya lashe hawayen, k'uri tayi tana kallonsa, dan yazo mata da sabon salo Wanda batasan dashi ba, da haka ya shanye hawayen tsaf, sannan ya ciro handcar ya goge mata fuskarta tsaf itadai da kallo kawai take binsa anya ko Dr Majeed ne, Wanda har yau daya zamo mijinta bai tab'a furta mata kalmar I love u ba "Hmm nashi salon soyayyar kenan" ta fad'a a ranta.

Batayi aune ba tana sak'ar zuci taji ya zame mata mayafi da d'ankwali nan k'ananun kitsonta ya zubo baya, kan sai fitar da sinadarin k'amshi yake, hannunsa d'aya ya tura a cikin gashin yana shafawa d'aya na rik'e da hannunta yana shafa lallen da aka rangad'a mata, kansa na kan kafad'arta idonsa a lumshe yana shako daddad'an kamshinta, cikin muryan maye yace.

"Wa yayi maki wannan abubuwan?"
Itama duk ya saukar mata da kasala, "gurin salon ne" ta fad'a cikin rawan murya.

Murmushi mai sauti yayi tare da mik'ewa itama mik'ar da ita yayi sannan ya ja hannunta zuwa toilet alwala ya umurceta tayi ba musu tayi shima anan yayi sannan suka fito darduma babba ta shimfid'a musu sannan ya jasu nafila, addu'a sosai yayi musu sannan yace.

"Zainab ayau kin zama sirrina nima na zama sirrinki, mun zama one, nasan kina k'aunata nima ina k'aunarki" d'agowa tayi ta kallesa.

Kanne mata ido yayi "yes I love u are u surprise?" Batace komai ba sai ido datake binsa "ina k'aunarki da gaske, so inaso mu gina aurenmu akan k'auna da hak'uri su kad'ai idan muka rik'e sun ishemu saboda suna nufin abubuwa da dama a cikin aure fatar kin gane?"

Girgiza kai tayi "na gane kuma inshaa Allah zan kiyaye".

"gud gal" ya fad'a tare da mik'ewa ya fita tare da dawowa da tire mai girma, kaza ce k'atuwa sai fresh milk da exotic ga cup da flates, gabanda ya diresu sannan ya janyota jikinsa ya fara bata a hankali tare dayi mata rad'a a kunne Wanda ni Meryerm Abdool bansan me yake gayamata ba.

Murmushi naga tanayi daganan ta fara bashi itama cikin kunya, a haka suka ciyar da juna, cikin ransa yana sak'awa "inama tare da Ramlatunsa ne, hmmm ko yaushe zai gansu haka da ita?" har cikin ransa yanason Zainab koba komai tanada hak'uri da kirki kuma yayi alk'awarin zama da ita tsakani da Allah tunda harta kasance mallakinsa.


A ranar dai an gwangwaje amarci tsami yakar Dr Majeed an angonce.
( _Sorry Ramlah team 😜_ )


*washe gari.....*
12:00pm su Ramlah ne, suke fitowa daga room d'insu wanda tashinsu kenan, tun da sukayi asuba suka koma saboda tsabar gajia duk da ba al'adarsu bane, ko yanzu ma yunwa ce ta kwakwulosu ko kayan bacci bata cire ba ta fito dan samun abin tab'awa tana fitowa Abdool na shigowa gidan da sallama idonta ya sauka a kansa sanye da yadi baki anyi mishi aiki da farin zare, sai sheki yake alaman ya angonce, kallo d'aya tayi masa ta kauda Kanta tare da ansa sallamarsa wayancewa tayi tare da gaidashi tana tambayan Aunty Zainab tun kafin ya ansa ta shige kitchen sai wayam ya gani, dai2 fitowar Nihal itama gaidashi tayi amsawa yayi "waiku sai yanzu kuka tashi kuke nufi" eh wlh Yaya duk gajia ce".

Tab'e baki yayi "gajia ko lalaci" tare da shigewa d'akin Mami, turo baki tayi "haba dai ai idan ba,a yaba ba bai kamata a tsine ba, kan kujera ta fad'a.

Minti kad'an Ramlah ta fito rik'e da plate d'in indomie " oh so much heart u Sisto thanks " harara ta dalla mata "no more thanks baby shige ki had'o mana tea kawai" mik'ewa tayi tare da cewa "done maa!" Smiling tayi "kyaji dashi tare da shigewa room d'insu.

A gurguje sukayi break tare da fresh up, yauma akon atampha sukayi brown and milk mai ratsin black anyi musu gown, koda suka fito parlour Mamace sai matar uncle Mansur da Abdool da kuma su Husna " Ahh Morning Mami" suka fad'a a tare "morning daughters, an samu tashi"

"Eh wlh Mami gashi har mun shirya, am Mami naga gidan saiku kaddai duk sun tafi"
"Naku wasa ba kunacan kuna bacci ba, kila ma sun wuce zamfara yanzu"
Zaro ido Ramlah tayi "nafaji kamar maganar Amal tana cewa sukam zasu wuce, duk a mafarki da d'auki zancen Ashe gaske"
"To lallai ai su sunji k'amshin gida"

"Allah ya kiyaye hanya zamuyi mata waya da wayan Yaya" cewar Nihal

"Oh Aunty Sarat barka da safiya ya gajia" um sai yanzu kuka ganta amma ai gwara ma ke matar uncle kin samu nikam ko oho" murmushi kawai tayi tare da ansawa da yake bamai son surutu bace.

"Lalala! Kai Yaya kaifa muka fara gaidawa duk gidannan".

" tab wannan gaisuwar anayi ana guduwa kitchen bana sonta"
"Uhmm to Morning Yaya Abdool ya Aunty Zee?"

"Kokefa lafia qlau, Zainab kuma tanacan tana jiranku"

"OK ai yanzu can zamuje"
"Yawwa naji Mami tace wai zakubi matar uncle Argungu kuyi hutu?"

Cikin murna sukace a tare "eh Yaya"
"Hmm kuna sane da one week ya rage a resuming school ba"
"Eh ai sati kawai zamuyi sai mu dawo mu koma kawai".

" to ba inda zaku" ya fad'a yana tsuke fuska "pls Yaya munyi missing Inna sosai" Ramlah ta fad'a, da muryan shagwab'a, ita ma Nihal begin nasa tayi.

Mami dake kallonsu tana murmushi bakinta ta sako "kaiko ka barsu suje mana, tunda driver zai kaisu kuma shizai koma ya d'akko su" duk da ta fahimci tafiyar Ramlah ce bayaso dan ko school yaso tayi day.

"Kunyi sa'a Mami ta saka baki"
"Yeeep! Mungode Mami" suka fad'a suna rungumeta, nansu Husna suka saka rikicin suma zasu, dak'ar Mami ta shawo Kansu akan zasuje da ita, kwashesu yayi har Matar Mansur ya kaisu gidansa.

Tun daga parlour suke zuba mata kira "Aunty Zee"

"Um nayi fushi Aunty Ramlah" dake haka take kiranta.

"Kema Nihal juya kawai banaso, matar uncle sannu da zuwa shigo mana, twins d'in Mami kuma banaso" ta fad'a tana musu hararan wasa.

"Sowie Aunty Zee pls wlh bacin gajia ce ya sacemu, pls apology" suka fad'a tare sukan su Husna sai dariya suke.

Juyamusu baya tayi, gaban ta suka shige tare dayin kneel down hadda kama kunnuwa, dariya ma suka bata aiko darawa tayi.

Suma dariyar gaba d'aya sannan suka k'arasa ciki, nan sukaci gaba da firansu kaman wasu k'awaye, tare sukayi girki rana da yake an kawo musu break da gidan Mami sanin suna can yasa bata aika musu na rana ba, sai 6:00pm Sukabar gidan cikin nishad'i dak'ar Zainab ta barsu suka tafi.

Koda Abdool ya dawo sun wuce dan tunda ya ajesu ya wuce gurin abokansa sai after magrib ya shigo, daya isko sun wuce sai jinini yake akan meyasa basu kirasa ya kaisu ba.

Abune ya tokare mata wuya dan tasan duk akan  Ramlah ne yake fad'an da sauri ta nemi tsarin ubangiji akan wannan zazzafan kishin nata, bata Bari ya fahimci komai ba ta shiga rarrashinsa cikin salonta tuni ta shawo kan
Washe gari su Ramlah suka Lula Argungu, cike da gargadi da dokokin oga Abdool.

Satin d'ayan da sukayi Argungu ba k'aramin enjoying sukayi ba, ga kakkaninsu sai nan nan suke dasu, sun zaga gari sosai sunga abubuwan tarihi birjik (dama duk Wanda yasan Argungu yasan garin tarihine musamman game da kamin kifi 😜 )
Har besse sunje da birnin lafia, sannan driver yazo ya kwashesu cike da kewarsu suka barsu suka Lula Kd.

Shirye-shiyen konawa school suka shiga.........

_ayi shiri lafia 'yan boarding kaddai a manta da kwaki da k'anzo_ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

"Meryerm Abdool"

[9/9, 3:14 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

'''Nafeesa Nuhu(Sadnaf) here is ur page for ur support, thanks much momyn Affan, Allah ya raya Affan& Ikram kan tafarkin musulunci ameen #Ana mugun tare#🀝'''

*Manzon Allah S.A.W yace "idan kayi imani da Allah da ranar karshe to kasowa d'an uwanka abinda kake sowa kanka" ingantaccen hadisi ne. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»*

   πŸ“ *Episode* 176-180

Babban mall Abdool ya kaisu sukayi provision, tare da Zainab sukaje itace ke tayasu d'ibar kayan, siyayya sosai, gidan Mami suka wuce direct da ita akayi gyaran kayan tsaf, sannan ta shiga K'ara musu haske game da rayuwar boarding dayake itama ita tayi, sosai sukaji dad'in bayaninta dan sun k'aru dashi, nan ta wuni sai bayan isha suka Abdool yazo d'aukarta nan wata firar ta ballewa.+

"Um kasan me ya Abdool? Nifa inaga journalist zan zama dan gaskiya akwai ni da tambaya" cewar Ramlah.

Murmushi yayi "kema kin gane da kanki kenan, aini har tsoro tambayan ki nake kada na kasa ansawa, musamman lokacin da nike d'an binni mai glass".

Dariya aka kwashe da ita har ita sannan tayi mishi hararan wasa tare da turo baki "badai zaka daina ba ko yaya?"

"Kyalesa Aunty Ramlah sai munyi maganinsa d'an binni mai glass kawai dashi, kinga rabuda shi ki koyamin filatanci kinji" Zainab ta fad'a tana k'unshe dariya.

"Kai Aunty Zee da wayo kema kin k'ara fad'a ba" Nihal ta fad'a itama dariyar ce take k'asa-k'asa.

"Ba ruwana daku gaba d'aya ai duk na harbo jirginku" mik'ewa tayi da niyyan shigewa d'akin Mami da yake ita bata parlon, da sauri Abdool ya rigo hannunta yana fad'in "haba Ramlah love Ramlatun baffa wasa muke fa."

Abu ne ya tsayama Zee a mak'ogoro dak'ar ta had'iye da addu'a tare da murmushin yake "Eh Aunty Ramlah wasa muke fa".

Kwace hannunta tayi ba tare data juyo ba " naki nayi d'in " dai2 da fitowar Mami tana dariya itama "kai kun fa dami dota da tsokana banaso fa" janta tayi zuwa seat tana Shafa mata kai, su kuma sai rike dariya suke ganin yadda ta kumburo baki wai ita a dole fushi tane, Abdool sai kallonta yake cikin K'auna shikam komai tayi burgeshi takeyi "Ahhhh ina sonki 'yar K'anwata" ya fad'a a ransa..

Zainab na ankare dashi tuni abin ya motsa (oh wannan kishin Zee anya kuwa, um barin yi shiru kada Zee team suji).

Agogo Mami ta kalla har tara ta gota "kai Ku tashi Ku tafi haka nan mungode" dariya Abdool yayi "Mami abin harda kora"? " eh dai Ku tafi dai, Ku kuma kuje Ku kwanta kunsan gobe sammako zakuyi tunda in schools days ne".

Zainab da ta matsu su tafi kada ta k'asa controlling Kanta har a fahimta inda Ramlah taje tana murmushi tare da jan kumatunta "haba Aunty Ramlah saki fuskar mana daga yaune fa" had'i dayi mata chakulkuli aiko batasan lokacin da ta saki dariya ba.

Nan sukayi musu sallama har mota su Ramlah suka rakasu, nan sukace sai sunzo gobe rakiya da yake sune zasu kaisu, saida safe sukayi kana suka koma ciki, su Husna suka kai d'aki wad'anda bacci yayi gaba dasu a parlour...

Washe gari tun da sassafe su Zainab suka zo, anyi sa'a suma sun kintsa tsaf nan suka sallami Mami, suka wuce su Husna suka fara ajewa a school sannan suka Lula *F.G.C* su Ramlah hadda hawaye sai shagwab'a take zubuwa Abdool yana biye mata, Zainab dai d'aurewa kawai take amma kam abin tsikarta kawai yake.


Dak'ar ta barsu suka wuce, cike da missing nasu, dan zamansu sun saba sosai kamar kada su tafi sukeji musammam Abdool zai nisanta da mintin zuciyarsa.
( _Asha karatu lafia 'yan makaranta_ 🀣 )


Abdool ne zaune cikin office yana rubuce-rubuce, turo k'ofa akayi da sallama ya shigo, ansa sallamar yayi ba tare daya d'ago ba "kaga mijin mata biyu fa, mijin Ramlatu angon Zainabu" Hakeem ya fad'a cike da tsokana.

Malalacin smiling yayi masa "kaji dashi dai imma da gatse ka fad'a haka abin yake dai, point of correct angon Ramlah zakace don itace uwargida kuma amaryar gaban goshi".

Dariya Hakeem ya kece da ita " ahaf ai kuwa saita gaban goshi shisa naga an rangad'a mata rival, kai yaron nan ko kunya bakaji k'arami dakai sai fitina har biyu gamu ko d'aya bamu ije ba".

"Kanka akeji kuma, nidai nasan menakeyi, hmm wani abun ma sai kaji an fara kirana Dady".

" Hhhhhhh, cool man muma fa muna hanya kuma ni matata da 2 zata fara".

"Ka tsaya wasa dai harna kai Ramlah gida itama ta aje nata, oh imma ka jinkirta ai sai na baka 'yata"

Harara ya banka mai "cuti amma kai baka sona wlh, saina zauna harka bani 'yar da ba'a haifa ba ma".

Dariya ya sheke da ita "naka wasa, kadaici gaba da ruwan ido kaga"hmmmm ba zaka gane ba amma I will give u much surprise, um ni kaga yaushe tafiyarka?"

"OK till u give it!, kaga ma file d'in wurina nakeso na hahhad'a nayi submitting nasu, ina ga dai zuwa upper week zan wuce" India aka turashi course na one year.

"OK but da Zainab zaka wuce ko?"

"Umm gaskiya saidai naje naga yanayin gurin in yaso daga baya saita biyo jirgi in naga akwai damar tazo saboda tsaro" ya k'ara sa fad'a yana dariya.

"Kaifa ka gama lalacewa fa yaron nan".

" lalalalah mutum da iyalinsa ana kira masa lalata" ya fad'a yana bud'e bakin tsokana.

"Kaji d'an tsari"
A cikin satin ya kammala komai, sallama yajema su Ramlah da yake time d'in suna school, aiko yaga kukan shagwab'a wai ita zata bishi can, tayi karatun a can shiko sai biyemata yake tabbas zaiyi missing nata sosai ya sani, Zainab ta tausaya musu dan tasan irin son da yake mata, baya iya boyesa ko kad'an ita kuma dole taso abinda yakeso tun balle Ramlah da takeji har ranta, saidai kasan zuciyarta sai zafi yake amma kuma tana Neman tsarin Allah da wannan kishin dan bata fatan cutar da Ramlah koda da fatar bakine, dak'ar suka rabu bayan ya cikasu da provision da pocket money.

Watan 2 a India ya turowa Zainab visa ta iskoshi, saboda tsaro inji shi, amma kuma kasan Ransa Ramlah yake missing sosai dan ko ganinta kad'ai ba k'aramin nutsuwa yake saukar masa ba.

Suna wasa time 2 time a wayar Mami in kuma suna school ta hanyar malamansu duk k'arshen wata yakan turo musu kud'i duk da Mami ta hanashi amma ganin yake ai nauyinta na kansa kuma dole ya sauke, zamansu a India zamane mai cike da nuna kulawa da tsantsan soyayya, kowa tattalin dan uwansa yake musamman Zainab har tausayi take bashi Sam bata gazawa da lalurarsa kullum cikin hidimarsa take.

B'angaren su Ramlah sun maida hankali sosai akan karatu, duk abinda ya shige mata duhu zata tambaya hakan yasa ta zama zakaran gwajin dafi malamai da dalibai kowa sonta yake....

Suna SS1 aka kawo wata new comer class d'in su, 'yan class sukayi ruu kowa son magana yakeyi da ita ganin ta mai kyau ga class, amma banda Ramlah da Nihal sai sha'anin gabansu sukeyi, tsab ta kalle class d'in da mutanen ciki ganin kowa na welcome nata amma banda su yasa hankali ya koma garesu, gaban seat d'insu taje tare k'are musu kallo tayi tare da sakin malalacin murmushi.


"Hi" ta fad'a Nihal tago tare da cewa "hello" Ramlah kam kallon d'aya tayi mata ta maida kanta gun text book d'inta, smiling ta k'arayi tare da mik'awa Nihal hannu.

"I'm Sadeeya M Bashir, buh u can call me Sadee M bash"

Itama hannu ta bata "I'm Aisha Yusuf Besse, Nihal by family name"

"Wow nice 2 meet u" sannan ta juya gurin Ramlah ta mik'a mata hannu tare da gayamata sunanta kamar yadda ta gayama Nihal tana murmushi.

Itama murmushi tayi mata "Ramlah Abdulrahim modibbo by name".

"wow i like ur style, may I have a seat here?"

Kallon Nihal Ramlah tayi sannan tace "why not" ta fad'a tare da nuna mata seat...

Tun daga ranar suka zama k'awaye irin sosai d'innan akayi sa'a kuma itama House d'insu aka ajeta room d'insu d'aya, nan suka koma su uku komai tare sukeyi.

Sadee irin marasa jin nannan irin bata yadda d'innan ba, classy girl ce ta sosai ga rawar kai kaman me, saidai fa itama akwai kai shiyasa zamansu yayi kyau, a class kuwa ji yake dasu suke d'aukar 1,2,3 position, zamansu da sadee sun k'ara wayewa idonsu ya bud'e sosai musamman Ramlah.

Sun koyi saka k'ananun kaya a gurin ta, haka tazo dasu trolley guda haka ta shiga basu tana koya masu yadda zasu saka, nan fa suka shiga nuna Kala ko'ina suka wuce 3stars kakeji, har Senior burgewa sukeyi.

Har Mami tasan Sadee haka iyayenta har sun kulla zumunci suma, su Abdool ma daga India suna shan labarinta.

Yanzu su Ramlah anyi mastering gurin swag haka idan suka dawo Hutu a gida ma sun daina saka atampha ko less English wears kawai, mini skirt, top, tight, pencil, body hug, bomber short iri-irensu dai.

Haka idan zasu koma Hutu zasu shiga boutique su sissiya tare da M bash suke zuwa dake itama anan Kd take, Mami dai ta zuba musu ido ganin iya gidane kawai basa fita dasu.

B'angaren su Abdool kuwa tunda suka tafi basu zo ba, dan ba damar d'agawa nan da can amma har cikin ransa yana missing gida yana missing Ramlah sosai, abun haushin ma an k'ara musu rabin shekara abun ya bata masa rai saidai ba yadda ya iya dole ya jure.

Su Ramlah an zama sun zama cikakun 'yan mata sosai musamman ita dama gata kamar kajin Agric, komai na cikar mace ya cika gareta, 8 shape d'in nan ya fito sosai, dukiyarsu ta Fulani ma sun cika barakallah, duk namiji lafiyayye ya kalleta sai yaji wani Abu a ransa........

_to friends ya kamata fa mu waiwayi Iya Hari, muji wace wainar suke toyawa 😜🀣_

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[9/10, 4:14 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

'''Allah mad'aukakin sarki tsarkakakke ne kuma baya karb'a sai Abu tsarkakakkeπŸ‘ŒπŸ»'''

Muyi k'ok'ari mu tsarkake tsakaninmu dashi.πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

*Namecy ur a d most grateful ever meet ur d best namecy, ur ur ur hmmm am speechless dear, may Allah bless be wit u always namecy _Maryam Y Zango_ here is ur page.πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹*


  πŸ“ *Episode* 181--185

Iya Hari tun ranar da aka d'aura ma Ramlah Aure aka kuma ga 'yan uwanta tasan lallai Ramlah tayi mata nisa, kuma tayi mata fintinkau saidai tsinka, musamman ganin irin dukiyarda ke garesu, amma saboda bak'ar zuciya irin tata da sharrin shed'an(Allah yayi mana tsari da kaidinsa) suka had'u suka yi mata b'akar hud'uba na yadda zatayi ta maida Ramlah baya taya zata maida ita k'auye taci gaba da musguna mata.

Duk masifa da bala'in Hari da d'ibar albarka irin tata bata zuwa gurin boka ko malamin tsibbu saidai tayi addabeka ka gwammace inama baka Santa ba a rayuwa, amma a yanzu ta fara tunanin zuwa inda boka domin ya lalata auren Ramlah sannan ya saka mata bak'in jini a idon dangin mahaifiyar tata su korota inda take daga nan taci gaba da musguna mata bayan tasa an rufe bakin Ard'o, wannan kullum shine tunanin amma ina zata samu kudin zuwa shine matsalar dan kudi sam baya zama ga Hari saboda shegen kwalama da kwad'ayin tsiya, ga Ard'o yanzu zama k'ankamo injita, dama can halinsa ne (Inji fa).

Tunda aka wuce da Ramlah Ard'o bai k'ara maganarta a gidan ba, ko tanaso ta tambaya ba dama duk zuwanda yake Kaduna da zuwan da Abdool keyi gurinsa bai taba gayamata, saidai taga kayan tsaraba kawai ko tambaya tayi ina, cewa kawai yake ba damuwarta bace.

Ganin zaman kad'aici ya isheta ita kad'ai a gida yasa ta d'auko Hinde d'iyar Lanti dan tayata zama da taimaka mata, amma kuma sai hakan bata samu dan Hinde gantalliyar yarinya ce, b'atacciya kuma 'yar iska irin ta k'auye

Inta kwanta bacci sai hantsi ya dubi ludayi take tashi, ko tsince bata kawar mata hasalima ko Inda ta kwanta bata gyarawa da kuma ta samu abin kari ta fita bata gidan biki bata na suna bata dakin saurayi bata matattarar 'yan iska ba ita zata dawo ba sai bayan isha, shima tana zuwa taci abinta sai dandali daga ta dawo sai bacci, aikin sisi bata mata kuma datayi mata kallon banza ko fad'a rashin kunya take mata inta zageta ta rama, inta doketa kota hanata abinci taje ta gayama uwarta, haka Lanti ke kwaso jiki wai akan me zata dokar mata 'ya kota hanata abinci ko tana nufin yadda tayi Laure ne zatayi ma 'yarta, wallah bata yadda ba dan ba jaka ta haifar mata ba, haka zata tasata gaba da masifa akan 'yarta kuma ba halin kwab'arta dan tarbiyarta ai(kaikayi koma kan mashekiya) wani sa'in Ard'o na jinsu bai cewa k'ala, saidai yayi murmushi kawai yasan farawane ma indai alhaki ne.

Haka Hinde ta zamewa Hari wani bala'i kadangaren bakin tulu a kar ka akai tulu a barka ka bata ruwa, gefe d'aya kuma Jauro ruwa a jallo yake Neman Hari, dan Ard'o ya masa kashedi da gidansa shiyasa bai sameta a can ba, amma yasa alwashin idonsa idonta ba'a mai kyau.

( _Sorry Iya Hari, farawa ne ma_ )..πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


Komai aka masa rana tau za'a cimmata a yaune Dr Abdulmajid tare da Zainab suka diro Nigeria cike da nasarori ciki hadda tsulelen cikinsu d'an 8months, sunyi fresh abinsu musamman Dr Majeed idan ka kallesa saika k'ara kaman wani saurayi d'an 20 ya hade cikin suit ash, yasha cover ga glass as usual ya zauna daram, sumar sai sheki take, man pride nasa yasha gyara, Zainab kuwa cikin Arabian gown ja tayi rolling da gyalenta ga cikinta daya fito tutsu dashi, tad'anyi jiki irin na cikin nan.

Sale driver ne yazo d'aukar su, direct gidan Mami suka wuce wacce ta shirya musu better tana jiran isowarsu, tayi murna da ganin su musamman ganin Zainab da ciki cikin ranta fad'a tace "Ashe gwanda da akayi auren nan gashi har rabo ya samu zanga jikana" sai nan da nan take da Zainab ina zan saka ina zan d'auke, itakam sai sunne kai take alaman kunya, Abdool kam sai murmushi yake gaskiya no place like home.

Yanzu babban burinsa ganin Ramlah yasan ta k'ara girma yanzu, anyi sa'a kuwa end of week ne visiting, surprise yakeso ya musu....

Ranar visiting su Ramlah ne zaune kan bench su 3 sai fira suke sama-sama, lokaci zuwa lokaci zata kalli gate, duk da tarasa dalilin hakan, sai smiling take tana felling special.


Can ta hango su Husna d'auke da basket, zame jiki tayi sallat ba tare dasu Nihal sun sani ba sunyi nisa da hiran Uncle lukman wani Cooper da aka kawo musu dake bala'in son Ramlah, itakam Sam bata bashi fuska ba, dan tasan ba kyau ko a musulunci and then yanzu tasan ma'anar so kuma mutum d'aya takewa so shi kad'ai yayanta mijinta, shine fa Sadee ta d'age wai tasoshi ya had'u...

"Husna, Abj ina Mamin ne" ta fad'a tana isowa gunsu, ita Sam bata kula dasu Dr Majeed ba, inama zatayi tunanin ganinsu tunda tasan basa k'asar kuma ko jia sunyi waya.

Rungume hannayensa a k'irji yayi, tabbas girman d'an mutum ba wahala, ta canja gaba d'aya, badan yayi mata Sanin kwarai ba ai kila bazai ganeta ba.

"Aa ya ina magana kunmin shiru kodai Ku kad'ai ne?" Smiling Husna tayi tare da nuna mata inda su Abdool suke.

Idonta ne ya sauka kan na Abdool dake mata murmushi, cikin ihu ta daka tsalle "Lah Yaya what bunch of surprise" ta fad'a tare da fad'awa jikinsa, wani shock ne ya ziyarcesa tun daga yatsar kafa zuwa brain d'in sa.

Wani bak'on lamari wanda bai saba ji game da Ramlah shine ya ziyarcesa a yau, duk kuwa ba yau ne lokaci na farko da ta saba rungumesa ba, cikin wayau ya zameta daga jikinsa, Zainab na ankare da halin da ya shiga saurin d'auke kanta tayi zuciyarta sai harbawa take, ba abinda take ambato sai "innalillahi wa'inna ilairajiun" sannan ta samu nutsuwa, murmushi ta k'irk'iro "wato Aunty Ramlah Dr kawai kika gani".

" laa Aunty Zee ba haka bane ai kune kunyi min bazata Allah " ta fad'a tana isa gunta, rungume juna sukayi suna dariya.

"Um um" Abdool yace, inda yake suka kalla, tuni Zainab ta gane yaren wato ayi masa a hankali da baby, hararan wasa ta jefa masa, Ramlah tace "wani abun ne yaya?"

"Um ba komai Ramlatun Yaya, ina su Nihal ne?" Ka gansu can, basu ma San nazo ba" nuna musu gun bench d'in tayi, can suka nufa a tare sai tambayan su take game da India (kunsan dai Ramlatun baffa da tambaya).

"Kinaji ko besty ni banga illar uncle Luku ba kawai ki amince masa" Sadee ta fad'a saidai me ba Ramlah da takema magana a gun.

Baza ido sukai suna nemanta can ta hangota tafe tare da wasu da bata sani ba sai su Husna "la haula Yaya Abdool ne da Aunty Zee yaushe suka dawo bamu sani ba" Nihal ta mik'e tana fad'a.

"Nihal wai wannan shine ya Abdool d'in?"
"Eh wlh shine kinga matarsa Aunty Zainab"

"Kai Amma wlh ya had'u ba k'arya gashi Dr, wow gaskiya I love him"

Zaro ido Nihal tayi "me? Rufamin asiri kafa matarsa can" to meye ba sai naje ata biyu ba"
"To ai.." Shiru tayi.

"To ai me?"

"Uhmm share kawai Sadee" zata yi wata magana suka k'ara so hakan ya tilasta yin shiru.

Anan suka shimfid'a darduma, lunch sukayi as usual bayan an gaisa sun gabatar musu da Sadee, firan Yaushe rabo suka shigayi da Aunty Zainab ta yaushe rabo, jefi-jefi Abdool ke saka bakinsa, duk hankalinsa ya tattara ya tafi ga Ramlah sai kallon ta yake in style, mamakin girmata kawai yake, Zainab na ankare dashi, dama tasan za'a rina tun tana kwaila ya kalla balle kuma yanzu data cika fam, Sadee ma ta kula da kallon ta dai share ne kawai.....

Sokoto sukaje suka kai musu tsarabansu, har gidan Alhaji Sada sunje, momyn zee tayi murnar ganin hankali kwance harda albarkar aure.

Sunje Kilgore inda Ard'o shima yayi murnar ganin su, daga nan suka wuce Argungu, nan fa Mama ta shiga tsokanar Zainab wai daga zuwa India sai dawowa da babbar tsaraba ita dai sai sunne kai take kunya, Abdool ne mai shige mata.

*2 weeks later...*

Wayarsa ce tayi k'ara my Zee ya bayyana a screen, da sauri ya d'aga "yadai Zee ko jikin ne?"

Cikin walahalalliyar murya ta ansa "Dr kazo gida banda lafia".

" u see saida da na gaya miki bazan fita ba labour kika saboda naga syn nata kikace lafia qlau kike, koma dai ba shine ganinan in d next 2mnt" saida ya gayama wani Dr abokinsa sannan ya d'aukota dan shi duk b'angarensa ne, bazai iya k'arbar haihuwarta ba, balle yanda yaga tayi wujiga-wujiga da ita, Mami ya kira tuni ta dira a asibitin.

Suna nan Zaune tun abin safe har har rana ana Abu d'aya, sai fitowa nurse keyi suna cewa ta kusa dai, yanaso yaje saidai zuciyarsa ta gama tsinkewa, ya tausaya mata sosai irin doguwar nak'udar nan ce, ganin tasha wahala tayi har k'arfinta ya k'are, yasa suka yanke hukuncin yi mata C/S.

"Dr ka yafemin bana tunanin tashi daga gadon nan, don Allah ka yafemin duka laifuka na" ta fad'a da muryan rad'a Wanda shi kad'ai yaji dan yakai kunnensa dai dai bakinta, cikin wahala take maganar, kama hannun Mami tayi amma ta kasa magana sai bakinta dake motsi.

Mami sarkin tausayi har da hawaye ganin yadda surukar tata ta koma "Aa Zainab bakiyimin komai ba, Allah ya fito dake lafia, Allah ya saukeki lafia" daganan aka shiga da ita
Operation room.

One hour...

Jariri ne kato kaman ka lashe don kyau aka fito dashi, an shirya shi tsaf cikin Round up Red, cikin murmushi Mami ta amshi babyn tare da cewa "Mashaa Allah, barakallah".

Dr kam tambayan uwan kawai yake kota kan babyn baibi ba, kasha nurse tayi dakai " sorry sir...." What "ya katseta tare da tafiya luu k'asa a some.
_πŸ˜­πŸ™†πŸΎ Zee bazan iya ci gaba ba_

[9/12, 4:05 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

'''Manzon Allah S.A.W yace da d'an Abbas:-'''

_"yakai yaro ka kiyaye Allah zai kiyayeka, ka kiyaye Allah zaka samesa a gabanka, idan zakayi roko toka roki Allah, idan zaka nemi taimako toka nema gurin Allah, ka sani da ace al'umma zasu taru gaba d'aya akan su amfaneka da wani abu, to bazasu iya amfanarka da komai ba face abinda Allah ya kaddaro maka, kuma da ace zasu taru akan su cutar kai da wani Abu, to ba zasu iya cutar da kai da komai ba face abinda Allah ya kaddara maka, takardu sun bushe, an d'auke alk'alami,_tirmizih+

A wata ruwa daba ta tirmizih ba cewa yayi _ka kiyaye Allah zaka samesa a gabanka, ka tuna da Allah yayin farinciki sai tunaka yayin ki'unci, ka sani duk abinda ya sameka ba'ayi shi dan ya kubuce maka ba, haka duk abinda ya kubuce maka dama ba'a yishi dan sameka ba, ka sani dukkan nasara tana tare da hak'uri, haka bakinciki yana tare da farinciki, kuma dukkan tsanani yana tare sauk'i_ ( Arba'una Hadith).πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
*😘 k'anwata Jannart lamed'o ki sani kina raina kullum, bazan mantaki ba koda kuwa ke kin mantani ne😁 #ana mugun tare iya wuya# 🀸🏻‍♀🀸🏻‍♀🀸🏻‍♀*

    πŸ“ *Episode* 186--190

"What nonsense u done here Nusaiba?" Dr Ma'aruf ya fad'a cikin tsawa yana fitowa daga theatre room d'in.

"Sorry sir" ta fad'a cikin tsoro, "get out in my sign, ki jira query dan bakisan aikinki ba" sum2 ta fice cike da fargabar abinda zai faru, umarni yabayar na d'aukar Dr Majeed sannan yaje gun Mami dake tsaye kamar an dasa jikinta sai rawa yake kamar mazari, Allah ya tsare yaron bai fad'i ba.

"Mama don Allah ki kwantar da hankalinki kada abun yayi yawa, dukkan rai bata wuce lokacin ta, don Allah ki zauna, barin duba Dr" babyn ya ansa tare wucewa d'akin da aka shiga da Abdool.

Taimakon gaggawa ya shiga bashi cikin 'yan mintuna ya fardad'o da sunan Allah a bakinsa, sannan a hankali ya fara bud'e idonsa ganin d'akin da yake ciki ya tabbatar masa ba makarki yake ba komai ya faru da gaske kenan, sauke idonsa akan Mami dake gefensa yayi, sai Dr Ma'aruf dake tsaye Kansa, bakinsa ne yayi masa nauyi yana son magana amma ya kasa sai bakinsa dake motsi, hannunsa Mami ta kama "ka daure Son" shine kawai ta Iya fad'a, saboda yanda zuciyarta ta tsinke, tasha ganin mutuwa kuma tasan zafin mutuwa saidai wannan akwai tausayi a ciki musamman ma jaririn da d'anta su tafi tausayawa.

"Mami na daure fa kikace kina nufin, da gaske Zainab ta tafi ta barni da tabar  jaririnta?"

Dr Ma'aruf ne ya dafashi tare da bubbuga masa kafad'a "Abokina kada ka mantafa kaine mai bawa wasu hak'uri da nuna musu yadda da k'addara idan sukayi rashi, kayi hak'uri Addu'arku kawai tafi buk'ata yanzu"

"Hakane Dr Ma'aruf, na yadda da k'addara kuma na yadda kowace rai bata wuce lokacinta, Zainab inshaa Allah ke 'yar  Aljannace, ke matar kirki ce, ke mai addine, ina miki kyakkyawan zato, Allah yasa mutuwa ta zamo hutu a gareki Allah ya arbarkaci abinda kika bari" sai hawaye kebin fuskarsa kaman fanfo, haka Mami, Dr Ma'aruf ma saida ya zubar da nasa hawayen gwanin tausayi.

"Dr ina abinda aka Ciro" yace ganin ba baby a d'akin, "yana hannun nurses bari na karb'oshi" dawowa yayi tare da babyn, ansarsa Abdool yayi tare da kafesa da ido, tuni k'auna da tausayin yaron suka rufesa, sai bacci yake abinsa, baisai mai ake ciki ba, maganar Zainab ya tuna.


_Dr pls idan namiji na Haifa ka maida mishi sunanka, idan kuma mace ce, ka saka mata sunan Aunty Ramlah_

Wasu hawaye ne suka zubo masa yasan yayi rashin mai k'aunarsa da gaskiya mai son duk abinda yakeso, hud'uba yayima yaron da _Abdulmajid_ sannan ya mik'a shi ga Mami, "Dr Kaine gurin Gawar Zainab" yace tare da sakkowa.

Addu'a sosai yayi mata, yana hawaye ganin ta a kwance kamar me bacci amma kuma ba barcin duniya bane.

_Duniya! Bakida tabbas_ 😭
Wani envelope Dr Ma'aruf ya bashi yace Inji marigayiyar ta bayar a bashi, ansa yayi sannan suka d'auki gawar zuwa gida dama tuni Mami ta kikkira kuma duk sun taso don samun jana'izar.


Wasik'u ne guda 3 cikin envelope d'in, ta sama a rubuta zuwa ga mijina, bud'ewa yayi ya fara karanta wa.

_"Amincin Allah ya tabbata a gareka mijina, nasan koda wasik'ata zata sameka, watak'il bana numfashi a duniya, kayi hak'uri da rashina inada tabbacin Aunty Ramlah zata maye maka fiye da gurbina, addu'arka nafi buk'ata a yanzu mijina, naso ace na  rayu a dai2 wannan lokaci da nake buk'atarku saidai Allah yafimu sanin gaibu, naso na rayu koda na minti gudane da abinda na Haifa naso naji duminsa shima yaji nawa, ina rokonka daka zame masa uwa da uba dan Allah karka barshi ya koka da rashina kaida Aunty Ramlah, ina muku fatar Alkhairi, sannan ka sani ina k'aunarka har numfashina na k'arshe, ka bawa aunty Ramlah wasik'arta a ranar da ta tare gidanka, d'ayar ka bawa iyayena, pls kazo ga gawata ka wankeni kamin sutura sannan ka sadani da gidana na gaskiya, nagode da k'aunar da ka nunamin a iya zaman mu mijina_

Zainab Salis.

Sanda ya gama karantawa hawaye kwance a idonsa, yana tuna rayuwarsu da Zainab tun daga ranar da ya fara saninta har yau data barshi, bari na har abada, murmushi yayi irin na k'unci "ina miki fatar Alkhairi Zee ta".

Kamar yadda ta buk'ata shi yayi mata wanka da sutura, cikin ikon Allah natsuwa ta saukar masa, sai addu'a yake mata har ya kammala.

Tuni gidan Mami ya cika da mutane masoya da mak'ota sai zuwa suke ta ko'ina haka abokan Abdool su Hakeem duk sun zanzo duka ma'aikatan asibitin sunzo maza da mata dan itama Zainab can take aiki.

Flight mutan sokoto da Kebbi suka biyo ciki kuwa hadda Ard'o, bayan sallar La'asar aka sallaceta aka sadata da kushewarta.

Iyayen Zainab duk da sunji mutuwar 'yar tasu saidai sunyi farinciki yadda ake yaba kyawawan halayyarta musamman mijinta, sun San ta dace dan duk maccen da mijinta ya koka da rashinta ya kuma yaba halayyarta bayan bata ana mata kyakkyawan zato.

Bayan anyi addu'a uku da zasu wuce sun so wucewa da babyn saidai Mami tace a barshi anan zata kula dashi da tsakani da Allah, basu Musa ba saboda sun san zata iya kamar yadda ta kula da uwarsa, dan sunajin labarin kirkinta a gun 'yarsu.

Ranar suna ba wani taro da akayi yanka kawai akayi masa tare rad'in suna kamar yadda sunna ta tanadar a masallaci akayi, Inda su Husna sukayi masa inkiya da junior, dukkan kulawa junior na samunta ga ingantattun madara wad'anda zasu taimaka masa da  Abdool ya siyo masa saidai ko yayane basuyi ya maman uwa ba, kullum Abdool ya kallesa tausayinsa ne ke rufewa dan yasan yayi rashi.

Tarraro duk wani mahimmin abu da yake buk'ata yayi na gidansa ya dawo gidan Mami tsohon d'akin sa dan bazai iya ci gaba da zama gidanda yayi rayuwa da Zainab ba, bayan bata a doron k'asa.

B'angaren su Ramlah kuwa wasa-wasa Uncle Lukman ya sakota gaba ya takura mata, ta rasa ya zatayi dashi tana tsoron ta gayamasa matar Aure ce a samu matsala yakai report a koreta, daga k'arshe dai ta yanke shawarar in Abdool yazo visiting zata gayamasa kawai.


Sadee kuwa ta saka Nihal gaba ita Ya Abdool yakeso ta yadda taje ata biyu, Nihal dai cewa tayi tabar maganar kuma kada ta bari Ramlah taji data tambayeta dalili tace tadaiyi shiru kawai.

Hakan yasa ta shiga tunanin dalilin Nihal na fad'ar tayi shiru tunawa tayi da kallon da taga yana yiwa Ramlah ranar da sukazo musu da "oh no wonder soyayya suke kenan shiyasa komai zatayi tace ya Abdool kuma aiba biological sister nashi bace, idan ko hakane dole na lahe dan bazan iya breaking heart d'in Besty ba" da wannan tunanin tabar zancen kuma ta daina mata zancen uncle Luku.

Haka ranar visiting tazo su Ramlah basuga kowa daga gida for d first time da suka rasa visiting duk da basuda matsalar komai, saidai hankalinsu ya tashi sunaji ba lafia ba, Sadee CE ta ringa kwantar musu da hankali, akan kila wani uzirin ne ko kuma kila Aunty Zainab ce ta haihu.

Sharewa kawai sukayi amma idan haihuwace aiya kamata a gaya musu, koma dai meye zasuji idan sun koma tunda an kusa Hutu..

Ranar da suka koma gida sukaji mummunan labarin Rasuwar.........

_still in sick ur pray is needed my Fans_

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[9/23, 8:51 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

Ga shafukan mu nan da zaku ringa samun k'ayatattun novel namuπŸ‘‡πŸ»


'''An karbo daga shugaban mummunai, uban hafsy umar bin khattab (A.R) yace:- naji manzon Allah (S.A.W) yana cewa'''

_"dukkannin aiki baya yiyuwa saida niyya, kuma kad'ai abinda mutum ya kudurce a ransa yake samu, Wanda yayi hijira domin Allah da manzonsa to hijirarsa tana ga Allah da manzonsa, wanda kuma yayi hijira domin duniya da k'alek'alenta ko kuma wata matar da yakeso ya aura, to hijirarsa tana ga abinda yayi dominsa._ ingantaccen hadith ne daga sahihan nan Bukhari da musleem.
(Arba'una hadith).

      πŸ“ *Episode* 191-195

Ranar da suka sukayi Hutu suka koma gida sukaji mummunan labarin Rasuwar Aunty Zee ba k'aramin girgiza sukayi ba, sunyi kukan rashinta dan Aunty Zee ta zama wani b'angare nasu, sunji mutuwar matuk'a dan kusan itace mutuwa mafi kusanci wacce suka ji da girmansu, tunda koda akayi wad'ancen basu da wayau.

Tunda Ramlah ta d'ora idonta kan junior taji k'aunarsa Mara adadi na ratsa jini da jijiyarta, rungumesa tayi tana zubarda hawaye tare da k'udurcewa a ranta zata zamo uwa a gareshi, zata soshi ta kula dashi iya yanda zatayiwa 'ya'yan da ta haifa, saidai kuma tasha jinin jikinta da haihuwa, tace junior ya isheta ba zata yadda tayi ciki ba( haba ramlatun baffa ai kowa baya wuce lokacin da turbar tafiyarsa)

Dawowar su Ramlah ya samarwa Dr Majeed nutsuwa sosai dan ganin da yake mata kad'ai yana rage masa tension, kullum tana mak'ale da junior itace cinsa shansa, har wanka take cewa ita zata masa Mami tace ta bari harya k'ara kwari, amma ita ke shiryasa tsab, har bacci tare sukeyi, Inna ta data tsaya dan taya Mami kula dashi ganin Ramlah tayi kane-kane komai ita ke masa dak'ar take bari wani ya d'auke sa tace itakam zata koma gurin tsohon mijinta tunda iyayen d'a sun iso sai a basu guri, itakam ko a jikinta sai ma ala kiyaye data rakata dashi.


Yanda take nuna K'aunarta akan junior, ba k'aramin dad'i hakan kema Abdool da Mami, musamman Abdool da yake da tabbacin Ramlah zata taimaka masa su cika burin Zainab.

Saidai sabon salon da Ramlah tazo dashi yake Neman da masa lissafi, ya lura basu da kayan sakawa yanzu daya wuce English wears ita da Nihal Wanda hakan ba k'aramin tayar masa da hankali yake ba a matsayin na lafiyayyen namiji kuma babuk'aci, iya saninsa k'aunarta a cikin jininsa take tun kan ta mallaki hankalinta, tun kan ta zama cikakkiyar mace, amma kuma yanzu wani abu yakeji a jikinsa muddin ya ganta a irin wannan shigar.

Yauma kamar kullum a parlour ya sameta tana k'ok'arin sakawa junior safa ta shiryasa cikin jean blue da red shirt sai red sock da take saka masa, sai k'amshi suke zubawa itada shi, da sallama ya shigo gidan ba kowa ita kad'ai ce a parlon, ansawa tayi tare da cewa "sannu da zuwa ya aiki?" Lafia qlau Ramlah saiku kad'ai a parlour " ya fad'a yana ansan junior.

"Eh wlh duk suna ciki, bari na kawo maka abinci" mik'ewa tayi tabi hanyar kitchen, da kallo ya bita tana sanye da wasu riga da siket na English wears, siket din iya guiwa sannan an tattare dai hip nata sun zauna daram a ciki ya kuma kamata, itama rigar an tartare gaban rigar gurin dukiyar Fulani itama ta kamata sosai sai Kanta data Parke da k'aton ribbon tsakiya sai sheki yake yasha gyara.

Haka ya bita da ido har saida ta shige kitchen din sannan ya sauke ajiyar zuciya tare da K'ara rungume junior, part d'insa ya nufa yana fad'in "wai me yarinyar nan ke nufi ne? Dole na dakatar da wannan shigar kada a samu matsala fa" daga haka ya shige d'akin sa, kwantar da Junior yayi Wanda tuni yayi bacci sannan ya rage kayan jikinsa ya fad'a toilet.

Da k'aramin tray ta fito a hannunta, ganin bashi a parlour yasa ta wuce direct d'akin, ganin bashi a d'akin yasa tasan ya shiga toilet ne, ajiyewa tayi kan stool sannan ta d'auki junior tayi ta fice.

Hakan ce dai tayi ta kasancewa Abdool nason mata magana akan shigar yana tsoron kada ta masa wani fahimta, dan har yanzu da sauran ta.

Sadee har gida yazo tayi musu gaisuwa, nan ta wuni suka sha firarsu cikin firan nasu ne Sadee ke cewa "Besty nikam nace wannan Yaya Abdool d'in anya??"

Yi tayi kamar bata fahimci inda ta dosa ba "me kenan Besty?"

"Oh besty Sadee ce fa, nafa sanki sarai kinsan me nake nufi".

Shu'umar dariya tayi " Ai Ina sane dake d'in ce, amma kinsan me?

"Aa saikin fad'a"

"Bafa soyayya muke ba, kawai dai shakuwa ce"

"He he he! Idan ko hakane nikam kimin hanya" ta fad'a cike da tsokana.

Wayance tayi duk da dukan da kirjinta yayi Tare da cewa "no wahala bakida matsala"

Dariya Nihal dage jera kaya a wardrobe ta fashe da ita, harara Ramlah ta jefa mata "keko me akayi na dariya"

"Me ko" ta fad'a tanaci gaba da dariyar ta, Sadee ma darawa tayi tace "um su Besty manya Ashe zakiyi sacrifice wani".

"Me?" Tace tana zuba mata ido.

"Hmmm Allah Besty kin ban mamaki banyi tsammanin banda matsayi a gun ba sai yau na tabbatar, amma ba komai Allah ya sawwaka" mik'ewa tayi da niyyan tafia, riko mata hannu Ramlah tayi.

"Pls yi hak'uri Besty wlh ba haka bane, abin somehow kuma kinga yanzu muna school ne so ba maganan soyayya, amma dai tun da kin gane ya wuce kiyi hak'uri".

"Uh um Besty banni na tafi kawai nasan bana kayanki shiyasa" dak'ar ta samu ta shawo Kanta ta hak'ura sannan sukaci gaba da firarsu, Nihal ma ta k'are aikinta ta jona su.

Haka dai suka gudanar da hutunsu, da yake mai dan tsayi ne Wanda da sun koma zasu shiga SS3.

Abdool ne zaune kan sofa suna hira da Mami a d'akin ta "Niko Mami kinga sabon salon da yaran nan suka tsiro dashi na maida kayan sawansu English wears kamar wasu 'ya'yan turawa?" murmushi Mami tayi.


"Aifa na gansu nima har mamaki suka bani ni bamma san yaushe suka siya ba".

"Hmm ya wuce idan sukaje provision suke siyan su"

"Hakane kuma, amma ai ba abin damuwa bane tunda iya gida suke sakawa sannan kuma idan anyi baki suna saka hijab ai naga ba damuwa ko"

"Eh hakane" yace ganin Mami ta kama musu, amma shikam a gaskiya ana shiga hakkinsa, da haka ya rufe firar ya janyo wata.
Koda hutunsu ya k'are Abdool ya kaisu yin provision haka yaga suna jibgar English wears dan Sadee tace su k'aro new design a k'ara darasi saboda tsaro, nuna yayi baima san sunayi ba hakan ya basu damar jibgar son ransu.

Daren ranar da zasu koma har d'aki ta isko Abdool, ya zaune kan bed cikin jean and t-shirt yana aiki a system d'in sa, goye take da junior, tana sanye da pencil brown da top milk hullace a kanta, ga k'ananun kalaban da tayi sun zubo baya, Cofee ta aje masa bayan ta gaidashi, zama tayi kan sofa, d'agowa yayi "Da wani abu ne Ramlah" ya fad'a yana k'are mata kallo, d'auke idonsa yayi gudun shiga damuwa yanzu ana zaune qlau.

"Eh Yaya um dama um" yes ina jinki feel free" nan ta zayyana masa yadda Uncle lukman ya dameta da yana sonta wai.

Kallonta yayi na sakwanni yace "kuna irin wannan shigar mezai hana malamai cewa suna sonku"

D'an zaro ido waje tayi "Allah yaya bamayi sai a hostel"

"Um to naji, jeki zanyi magana dashi gobe idan naje" dan yasan ci gaba da zamansu a haka za'a iya samun mishkila.
Koda yakaisu sai yaga ashema yasan lukman d'in yana bayansu a ABU amma suna mutunci, bayan sun gaisa ne yake mai bayanin alakarsa da Ramlah "ya ilahi tuba nake Babban Dr namu, wlh ban sani ba shiyasa amma kayi hak'uri don Allah".

Murmushi yayi " kada ka damu lukman nasan baka sani bane ai, dan nasan ko ni bane ai ba haka aikata irin haka ga matar Aure ba"
"Wlh kuwa na isa, itama tun farko aida ta gayamin"

"Hmm kasan yarinya ce a nata tunanin idan ta fad'a maka zaka gayama school authority a koreta, batasan tunda aka kawo su anyi bayani ba"

Smiling lukman yayi "hakane Dr kasanta ai akwai son kara2 kamar me, Allah dai ya sanya Alkhairi ina taya ka murna" yace tare da bashi hannu.

"Ameen nagode" yace sannan yayi mishi sallama.

Da Uncle Lukman ya had'u da ita yace "sai kuma kika boyemin ke matar Aure ce ko matar Dr?" Boye fuskarta tayi tana murmushi, shima murmushin yayi, "ba komai Allah ya sanya Alkhairi, saidai inason k'awarki Sadee tunda kekam kin zama matar Dr Majeed, sai kimin hanya.

Cikin jin kunya tace " inshaa Allah sir" sannan ta wuce abinta, koda tajema Sadee da zance a take ta amince, Ramlah kuwa har da zolayarta "Besty da wuri haka kamar ba Sadee classy girl ba" tana dariya.

"Hmmm Besty kenan ai Uncle lukman d'in ne da zafinsa fa"
"To ai shikenan tunda kinyi giving up"
"Aa fa banfa ce ki gayamasa ba, keko sai an jan masa eh...." Ta fad'a tana kashe mata ido, dariya Sukayi a tare har Nihal.

"To saura ke Nihal muji waye gwarzon" cewar Sadee.

"Wa! ni ai ba yanzu ba wannan saiku" ta fad'a tana zaro ido.

"Hehehe yarinya zatayi wari dai maji" cewar Ramlah.

"Ba wani wari da zatayi ai"

"Um midai namu ido" cewar Sadee nan dai akaci gaba da chapter.


Wasa-wasa Sadee ta shiga gara Uncle Lukman, har sai second term ta amince da soyayyarsa Sadee classy an bada kai.

Amma basa wani soyayya yadaije gidansu babanta yace a bari harta kammala school sai ayi maganar a natse a haka sukabar maganar.

Kwanci tashi asarar rai yau gasu Ramlah an kammala school success, Wanda hakan ba k'aramin dad'i sukaji kunsan dai SS3 irin dad'in da sukeji in suka kammala exam, a lokacin sun matsu suje jami'a, gida suka kira don azo musu prize and giving days da zasuyi.

Shiri sosai su Mami sukayi, gaba d'aya family har Ard'o yazo Inna, junior lokacin tafia yake ko 'ina ga gwarancinsa yanayi abinsa, wannan Karon har da Hakeem dan yake zashi taya K'annensa murna( Niko nace kodai da wata ne a k'asa).
Koda suka isa an fara gabatarwa kenan, quiz aka fara gabatar wa inda Ramlah ce team leader Inda suke tafka muhawara akan girls education is better than boys education, sai sambado bayani take cikin turancinta mai dad'in sauraro yanda take kawo hujjoyi da yadda take fitar da kalamanta abun ayi kallo ne tuni ta sake zuciyar mafi yawan samarin gurin, ta sanya zuciyar iyaye inama ace 'yarsu ce, yayin da sa'anninta kejin inama sune ita, team d'insu duk guraye ne ita, Nihal, sadee, da wata Umaima ta nan fa aka shiga tafka muhawara kowacce ta nuna iya bajintar ta tuni suka doke masu goyon bayan boys education, da zunzurun maki, nan fa aka shiga basu tafi raffff kakeji ta ko'ina tuni hawayen farinciki suka wanke mata fuska.

Itace yau a tayi kara2 har ta kammala secondary, gashi ta samu ilimin da bata taba tunani ba, ware ido take ba Wanda takeson gani sama Ya Abdool tasan kome ta zama shine sila, aiko can ta hangosu zaune sai tafi suke musu idonsu ne ya had'u murmushi ya sarkar mata tare dayi mata jinjina da hannu, share hawaye tayi tare da sakar masa tattausan murmushi, ta matsu a sallamesu taje garesu ganin hadda Baffanta anzo dashi.

Haka akaci gaba da gudanar da program d'in akayi drama da wak'ok'i na bankwana sannan aka gabatar musu da gift d'insu, kusan sune suka an she gift d'in musamman ma ita, ana sallarmu da gudu ta isa runfar da suke zaune, haka ta shiga rungumesu suna tayata murna, Nihal haka, ita Sadee Inda Familyn ta ta dosa, jikin baffa tayi masauki, sai hawaye sharrrr.

Murmushi yayi "haba Ramlatuna yaufa ranar farinciki ne a gareki ba ranar kika ba, ko ke manta yaune burinki ya cika ne Ramlatuna"

Murmushi take cikin hawayen "baffa kukan farinciki ne wallahi, baffa Mami da ya Abdool sunyi komai a rayuwa, baffa suna matuk'ar k'auna ta".

" na sani Ramlatuna karamci a cikin jinin zuri'ar Asma'u yake, Allah ya saka musu da Alkhairi, ya biya musu buk'atunsa na Alkhairi "

"Ameen baffana"

Junior ta ansa a hannun Husna dake ta jillewa yana mik'a mata hannu yana kiran "Maa" dan haka yake ce mata.

"Oyoyo mai Son yaudai mun samu freedom zan rayu dakai ba kara tafia kaji Son" ta fad'a kamar mai magana da wani babba, shikam sai dariya yake mata yana jin dad'in ganinta da yayi, dan ya Santa kamar me.

Hakeem kam an kame gefe sai kallon k'asa -k'asa yakewa Nihal Wanda ita kad'ai ta gane yaren.............

_Thanks so much my sweet dota(Ramlah Abdallah mazoji) for d care, ur momma really appreciate_ 😍😘

*Nagode da addu'o'inku sisters am feeling better now thanks one again* πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[9/23, 8:51 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

Ga shafukan mu nan da zaku ringa samun k'ayatattun novel namuπŸ‘‡πŸ»


'''πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸ§πŸ¬πŸΎmay Allah Blessing and protect be wit u here and after, may ur birthday b d key 2 ur success in each and every step u go, may Allah bless ur remaining year wit his Rahma and barakat Ameen '''πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

*happy birthday day*


Maryam y Zango.πŸ’πŸ’

  πŸ“ *Episode* 196--200

Tun tana k'aramarta abokin yayan nata ke burgeta, bayan girmanta ne ta fahimci sonsa takeyi, amma a matsayin ta na 'yar bahaushe da kunya tace tana sonsa shiyasa tabar abin a ranta kowa bata fad'awa ba duk kuwa da surutu irin nata, Ubangiji kawai take gayama kukanta.

Shima Hakeem hakance a gurin sa ya dad'e yana k'aunar Nihal a ransa, duba da k'arancin shekarunta yasa ya b'oye a ransa kawai, a tunanin sa batasan meye soyayya ba, hakan yaci gaba da rainon sonta a ransa, koda Dr Majeed bai tab'a gayamasa ita yakeso ba, yace zai masa surprise.

Saidai tun can yana bata kulawa as a sister, saidai kulawar da yake bata daga baya is like more than a sister, har take tunanin kodai shima yanajin abinda take jine game dashi, Abdool baiyi noticing komai ba cos normally yasan Hakeem na kula da komai daya shafesa, kamar yadda shima yake kula da nasa, ita kam Ramlah tana shakkar wannan kulawar shiyasa da zancen saurayi ya tashi idan Nihal tace ita bata soyayya Ramlah ke cewa indai tayi wari saji, ita kanta Mami ta fara zargin wani abu a shakuwarsu inda take fatan hasashenta ya zama gaske, dan tasan Hakeem yaron kirki ne, iyayensa haka, zatayi farinciki idan ya zamo daga cikin zuriyarta.

Duk da bai furta kalmar so ga Nihal ba, amma yayi amfani da hikima ya koyar da ita k'aunarsa, baisan dama akwai k'aunar ba....

Kallon ta yake mai kice da ma'anoni Wanda ni kaina Meryerm bansan ma'anar ba, ita kuma sai sunne kai take tana murmushi.

Anan aka gabatar da jawabin bankwana, students sukayi bankwana da teachers nasu da juniors, nan aka rufe taro da addu'a, pics students suka shiga yi da k'awayensu da iyayensu, nan suka rabu kowa ta kama cike da kewar juna hadda koke-koke tare da ansan numbobin juna had'e da alk'awarin ziyartar juna.......

_School days kenan is d best days_


A gida ma da aka dawo saida suka gabatar da kwarya-kwayar walima, Kyautar latest phones Abdool ya basu as his give, Samsung galaxy new version, had'e da sim tare da full credit na 5k, tare da Hakeem aka sayi phones d'in shine ya siya sims tare da credit yace tashi gudummuwar, hakan yayi ma Abdool dad'i sosai.

Tsabar dad'i  tsalle Ramlah da daka tare da rungume yayan nata ita Nihal haka, tagal-tagal yayi zai fad'i da sauri Ramlah ta janyoshi tare da manna shi a k'irjinta, janye ta yayi daga jikinsa saboda yanayin da yaji mai wuyar fassarawa "Ramlah k'asa zaku Kaini kam?"
"Sorry sweet bro, duk murna ce fa"

Smiling yayi tare da wucewa yana fad'in "to ayi celebrate lafia, amma fa Ku kula sosai banda shiririta" Mami da Nany da Ard'o suka nunawa cikin farinciki, sunyi musu Ala sanya albarka Ard'o yace "to nima ga irin namu na k'auye".

Tsumi ne jarka d'aya, galon d'in zuma dana madara, da sauransu, shima rungumesa sukayi suna godiya, dama sun saba sha duk zuwan da zaiyi zaizo musu dashi, har Husna da Abduljabbar sha suke dan baida wata illa saima fa'ida, Mami kuwa tace su fad'i me sukeso ta basu as give, sukace is OK, ta barshi kawai but a duk da haka tace zatayi musu special gift.


Nan suka k'ure d'aki basu sha wahalar gane kan wayar ba tunda dama suna tab'a ta Mami da Abdool dama dai yace sai sun k'are school before su mallaki na Kansu, No d'insa data Mami ta baffa, data Hakeem ne a cikin sim d'in, Cikin zakuwa Nihal ta kira Hakeem don yi masa godiya.

Bayan sun gaisa " Yaya Nihal CE, munga abin Alkhairi mun gode sosai".

Smiling yayi "a murya na ganeki sweet sis, and meye na godiya 'yan matan Yaya Hakeem?"

Rufe ido tayi kamar tana gaban sa "uhm" kawai ta fad'a tare da saurin katse wayar, dariya ta bashi lumshe ido yayi tare da cewa "my shy girl".

" ke kuma keda waye hadda rufe ido" Ramlah ta fad'a idonta nakan phone d'inta da suke buga game ita da junior.

"Sa'idawa bansani ba" Nihal tace tana watsa mata harara.

"Hehehe A juri zuwa rafi dai...."

Harara ta watsa mata tare da shigewa toilet..
Wasan rufe ido suke sai kuwwa suke kamar wasu yara duk sun hargitsa parlour, Ramlah ce aka daurewa ido wannan Karon, lalube take Wanda yayi dai2 da shigowar Abdool aiko kamar wacce aka tura ta fad'a a k'irjin sa, kamar da gayya ta k'ank'amesa tana fad'in "yarinya na kamaki" a tunanin ta Nihal ta kama, saukar masa kasala tayi gaba d'aya jikinsa, dama a gajiye ya dawo, ga azumi da yake faman yi yanzu kusan kullum, k'asa koda kwakwaran motsi yayi yana binta da kallo sanye da half gown peach anyi mata love shape da black, iya guiwa ta tsaya sai legging black data saka, ta kama Kanta da ribbon sannan ta saka bandana tayi masa kyau Kamar wata India, zameta daga jikinsa yayi karta karya masa azumi, jin shiru yasa ta janye d'aurin idon da niyyan yin masifa idonne ya sauka a nasa.

"Oyoyo Yaya, ina su Nihal d'in?" Tace tana raba idon ta gansu, tunda suka ga shigowarsa suka silale suka gudu dan ya hanasu kuwwace-kuwwace da mugun wasa.

Itama data ganshi ta razana amma da yake 'yar duniya ce saita maze, kallon ta kawai yayi ba tare da yace uffan ba ya wuce abinsa.

Ji tayi bata kyauta ba, hakan yasa ta bishi dan bashi hak'uri, kwance ta samesa rigingine yana kallon silin, bakin gadon taje tare da duk'awa "pls Yaya so sorry ba zamu k'ara ba" Sam baiji sallamarta da shigowarta ba dan yayi nisa a tunani muryanta ce ta dawo dashi.

Hannu yasa ba tare daya d'ago ba ya janyota zuwa jikinsa, gaba d'aya kan k'irjin sa ta zube kamar wata kayan wanki "meyasa kikeson azabtar dani Ramlah?" Taji ya jeho mata tambaya, sai raba ido take cikin tsoro jin yadda ya matseta a k'irjin sa dake harbawa da sauri-sauri, "Um..em..pls kayi hak'uri bazan k'ara ba" tace duk da batasan ainihin azabtarwar da take masa ba.

Ware ido yayi wad'anda sukayi jajir dasu, saida ta firgita da ganin yanayin sa, duk da idonsa ba farare amma wannan yafi karfin a kirasa kalarsu, duk ta tsure sai mutsu-mutsun kwace Kanta take, lumshe ido yayi tare dayin murmushi, ganin duk ta rikice a ransa yace "hmm sai tsoro amma ta iya jama mutum rigima, ashe ranar.... akwai rigima" sassauta rikon da yayi mata yayi aiko da sauri ta kwace kanta tare da sauka kan bed d'in sai sauke numfashi take tana raba ido.

Still idonsa a lumshe yace "meyasa kike irin wannan shigar?"

Shiru tayi masa, zaune ya mik'e tare dayin wani Smiling bayan ya ware idonsa a kanta, dariya ma ta basa ganin tayi tsuru kamar mara gaskiya "kinfison kiyita tayar min da hankali ko?"

Girgiza kai tayi alaman aa, "well jeki" yace aiko da gudu tabar d'akin kamar mai jiran kiris, dariya yayi "yauma na rasa azumin Kenan" yace tare dayin Mik'a rage kaya yayi sannan ya fad'a toilet dan yin fresh up.

"Ina Azabtar dashi.. To da meye?" Tace tana duba jikinta ita bataga laifin shigar ba, "yaya rigima yakeji, nidai gaskiya manyan kaya nauyin su nakeyi" ta fad'a tana tura baki gaba, kamar yana ganinta.


Jan k'afa tayi ta isa d'akin su Nihal ce kwance tana waya saidai baka iya jiyo abinda take fad'a saboda yanda tayi k'asa da voice nata, junior ne ke bacci gefenta, gadon ta haura tana fad'in "Juliet ta romeo ana baki aiki kenan, Yaya Hakeem yayi ya fito a shige ciki dake dan naga alamar a matse kuke" ta fad'a cike da zolaya.

"Bye sweet bro, sai na jika anjima" sannan ta juyo ta watsa mata harara "wai renin hankali, keda daga ina kike yanzu, ai kece zance Ku kara gaba Ku barmu musha iska".

Zaro ido tayi " Lalala  yayan kike gayawa haka aiko zan gayamasa"

"To saime ? Karya ne?"

"Uhm naga alaman yaya Hakeem ya zarar dake mudai ba ruwanmu kada ki lalatamu, bacci ma zanyi ni kyaleni" ta fad'a tana kwantawa gefen junior, tare da rufe ido.

"Kwaji dashi dai" Nihal tace tanaci gaba da danna wayarta...
"Kai nima fa na samu matar nan yauma zaka rakani zance".

" hhhhhh new system wannan wacece mai sa'a haka?"

"Ahaf yi cooling kawai anjima kad'an zaka ganta....."

"Uhm na lahe"

Bayan sun tashi ne yace suje yakaisa ya ganta, da motar Hakeem sukaje, ganin ya d'auki hanya gidan yasa mamaki ya kamashi, bai gama mamaki ba ya gansu bakin gidansu, horn yayi gate man ya bud'e musu suka shiga parking yayi tare da fitowa shima Abdool fitowa yayi yana mishi kallon tambaya, yi yayi kamar ba kula ba ya d'auko phone d'insa yasa kira "baby gani Harabar gida fa, OK" ya fad'a tare da hang up, Abdool kuwa ido kawai ya zuba masa yaga iya gudun ruwansa.

K'ofa ya kafe da ido don ganin waye zai fito duk da zuciyarsa na gayamasa is just a joke Hakeem ke masa, ganin yadda yake masa dariya.

Nihal ce ta fito sanye da gown ja da shadda sai walkiya take, tayi d'aurin gwaggwaro, sai bak'in gyale data sagala a kafad'a, fuskarta tasha make-up sai k'yalli take, tana fitowa idonta ya sauka ana yayanta aiko ba shiri ta juya a guje cike da kunya.

Da mamaki ya juya yana kallon abokin nasa "don't say anything all d answer are here" Hakeem yace yana dariya.

"Habi! Guy u take me 2 d world of surprise oo, yaushe akayi banda labari" yace yana jin dad'in lamarin har ransa.

"Aiko matar sonka ta sani, da ita akayi komai"
Tuna masa da 'yar rigimarsa ya sakashi smiling "aiko bata gayamin nasan Nihal ta hana a fad'a, well congrat" yace yana bashi hannu, hannu ya mik'a masa shima nan sukayi musabawa daga ya goce tare dakai masa duka a kafad'a, tare dayin d'an gudu shima Ya bisa ya dan ramawa.

Cimmasa yayi tare da d'aga hannu zaikai masa duka "kai saika dokan yanzu nifa in low Kane".

" tab ban d'auka tanan ba balle abu ya dameni" rungume juna sukayi suna dariya.

_friends forever_
Abdool ne ya gayama Mami tayi farinciki da sosai tare da sanya albarka, tasan Hakeem tun kuruciya baida wani matsala, amma duk da haka saida ta gayama dangin babanta sukayi bincike game dashi.

"Um dama Mami zance yaushe Ramlah zata tare ne?" Abdool ya fad'a yana Sosa k'eyarsa.

Mami tambayan tazo mata a bazata "tariya Abdool? Aina d'auka sai exam d'insu ya fito sun samu admission tukun, kaima zuwa lokacin ka kammala komai na bud'e, hospital d'inka ko ya ka gani ne?"

"OK Mami ba komai a barshi a haka" amma har ransa yana buk'atar mace kusa dashi, har gaji dayin azumi wani sa'in saidai su karye a banza don kuwa Ramlah bata daina shigar k'ananun kaya ba saima abinda ya k'aru.

Itakam ko a jikinta kuma a haka take iskoshi har d'akin sa don neman rigima kuma daya tab'ata ta fara zare ido da kyarmar jiki...
"Wlh naso naje amma kinga inaso na kammala buk d'in nan wlh akwai tausayi, kice ma Besty tayi hak'uri zanzo special zuwa, inshaa Allah" Ramlah tace da Nihal wacce ke cikin shirin fita.

"Yanzu saboda buk d'in nan zaki zauna ke kad'ai a gida, ko tsoro bakyaji?"

Smiling tayi "ai buk d'inne sisto so sweet, ai da kin fita zan rufe k'ofar parlour inaga ma garden zanje".

" muga wane iri ne?"

Buk d'in ta mik'a mata an rubuta *Darkness of sorrow* gaban bangon "um Besty ki ta riga ta b'ataki da novel, gashi har abin ya shafeta".

" nidai banason mita ki gaidamin ita sosai" tace tare da warce buk d'in ta.

Su Mami duk sun fita unguwa har junior ba yadda batayi dashi ya zauna ba yace zaije da Mami.

Zama tayi parlour tayi dai2 tana karatunta sai aka d'auke nepa "kash" tace tare da huro iska a bakinta.

Mik'ewa tayi don zuwa garden tasan zatafi jin dad'i a can.

Sanye take da mini skirt omo color na jean wanda ko cinyoyinta bai gama rufe mata ba, sai shirt pink mai hannun best wacce keda sakakken wuya duk rabin k'irjinta a fili, kanta ba d'an kwali sai kamawa da tayi da ribbon pink, tazo zata wuce taga d'akin Abdool bud'e, mamaki tayi dan batasan ya dawo ba, har zata wuce abinta tace bari dai ta duba ko yana ciki.

Abdool da tun safe yakejin sa wani iri wit 2much feeling ko azumi bai samu ya d'auka ba, ga Cikin sa sai ciwo yake koda ya fita bai Dad'e ba ya dawo, bai bari kowa yasan yana nan ba ya shige d'akin sa magani yasha ya kwanta, amma INA sai gaba abin keyi ji yake kamar sai mutu idan bai kusanci mace ba.

Iskar bakin sa ya furzar "wannan wane irin musiba ne, tsawon shekara 1⅛ ba mace a tare dani, wlh am tired, inada mata amma aikin banza, mtsss" yaza tsaki dan da alama hak'urin sa, yakai k'ololuwa k'are wa musamman dake shi mabuk'aci ne.

Turo k'ofa yaji anyi, sauri ya d'ago dan ganin waye, ganin yanayin shigar ta yasa yai saurin kauda kansa, ganin halin da yake ciki yasa ta ajiye book d'in da sauri, tana fad'in "menene Yaya? Meya same ka?"

Da hannu yake mata alaman kada ta matso Inda yake, duk da ta fahimci me yake nufi amma sai k'ok'arin isa Inda yake take yi.

Tana isa ta rungume sa tare da Shafa masa baya, aiko ta tono fitina da Kud'in ta, wani irin yarr yaji tun daga kansa har zuwa yatsarsa, hannayensa ya zageyita dasu ya kama k'ugunta.

K'ara matseta yayi a jikinsa tare da had'e bakin su, cikin kwarewa ya cafki lips nata kamar mayunwacin zaki........


[9/23, 8:51 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
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'''Daga Anas d'an malik (R.D) yace manzon Allah (S.A.W) yace :-+

Ina rantsuwa da Wanda rayuwa ta take a hannun sa, imanin d'ayan ku, baya cika saiya soma mak'ocinsa Abinda yake sowa kansa.

A wani gurin kuma yace "jibrillu ya kasance yana yimin wasiyya da Mak'oci har saida nayi tunanin zai gajeni idan na mutu"'''

*ya 'yan uwa Ku duba girman hakkin mak'oci ga mak'ocinsa, wanda a yanzu mukayi yada gai2 da wannan zumunci muka d'aukesa ba a bakin komai ba, sai kayi wata bakaga mak'ocinka ba amma bazaka bincika lafia yake ba, ya 'yan uwa miyi k'ok'ari mu gyara ko Allah zai lullub'e mu da rahamarsa, Allah yasa mu dace ameenπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ»*

      πŸ“ *Episode* 201--205

Zazzaro ido tayi cike da tsoro, jin sabon al'amarin da yayan nata yazo mata dashi, mai cike da wuyar fassarawa, " tome ke damun Yaya Abdool ne wai" ta fad'a a ranta, mutsu-mutsun k'wace kanta take, amma ko gezau baiyi ba saboda rik'one yayi mata bana wasa ba, fargaba da tsoro ne suka dirar mata lokaci d'aya, dan iyakarta dashi hugging shima daya matseta ta fara k'ok'arin kwacewa saketa yakeyi yace ta fice masa a d'aki, amma yau kam abin nasa ba wasa dan cikin sauri-sauri yake tafiyar da ita, kamar zakin da ya shekara baici ba, tuni ta fara data sanin shigowa d'akin da tayi.

Shikam gogan naku ya fara fita hayyacinsa kissing nata yake deeply cike da k'warewa, yayin da ya matseta a k'irjin sa da hannunsa d'aya, d'ayan kuma yana wasa da sassan jikinta dashi, zame 'yar shirt d'in yayi da hannun tare daci gaba da wasa da gab'ob'in jikinta, cikin mastering.

Lumshe ido tayi tare dayin lahu a k'irjin sa, zuciyarta sai harbawa take da sauri-sauri, tana karb'ar sak'onnin sa masu wuyar fassarawa, tunawa tayi da labaran da takeji a novel da kuma wad'anda takeji a bakin su Sadee na kwakwar da ake ci a first night, da alama yayan nata duniyar da yakeson kaita kenan, dan ya birkice mata ya riketa ta, ya koma kamar bashi ba, hawaye ta farayi dan tasan yau takai k'arshen zuwar masa d'aki.

Jin tsayuwa na neman gagararsu yasa ya sassauta rik'on da yayi mata da niyyan janta zuwa bed, ita kuma jin ya sassauta rik'on ne yasa ta ta bud'e ido, ta tsorata da ganin yanayinsa, tattaro duka k'arfinta tayi duk da yadda ya kashe mata jiki, ta turasa da k'arfi ya tafi luuu kan bed, ita kuma ta zura a guje zuwa k'ofa........


*A k'auyen Kilgori*
Abubuwa sai k'ara tab'arb'arewa suke, yanzu Hinde ta k'ara samun cigaba(amma namai ginnan rijiya) dan yanzu sai tayi kwana 2 bata dawo gida ba, tana yawon gantalinta d'akin samarin gari, idan ta dawo iya Hari ta tambayeta inda taje ansar ta aiketa balle taga ta dad'e haka in tace zata doketa, tace tana tab'a ta ramawa zatayi tunda ba jakarta bace, tasan kuma tsab zata raman dan Hinde ba kunya kota asi, ga ido tsaye na rashin kunya, ga ba damar ta fad'a Ard'o dan bashi ya aiketa dakko ta ba, gashi yanzu sam baya shiga sha'aninsu hasalima ya daina zama gidan bacci kawai ke maida shi, amma bai rageta da komai ba, amma duk da haka baisa Hari ta gane Allah ya faku ba, kullum cikin ranta bakin nufi ne takebin Ramlah dashi, musamman ganin tsawon lokacin da aka d'auka bata da labarin ta, don ko ta tambayi Ard'o game da ita cewa take, kome damuwarta da labarin ta sonta take ne, koso take taji tana cikin mawuyacin hali, to bai sani ba, ansar kenan, hakan yasa hankalinta k'ara tashi tasan Ramlah na cikin kyakkyawan rayuwa duk inda take.


Wanda hakan ta tsana a rayuwar ta taji Ramlah ta samu ci gaba, gurin boka taje nan yake gayamata Ramlah na cikin daular da bata tab'a gani ba a rayuwar ta, idan kuwa tanaso yayi mata aiki akanta saita kawo dubu dari uku, haka ta dawo gida cikin tunanin inda zata samu mak'udan kud'in, daga k'arshe shanunta ta sayar ta k'undume k'undin, a hanyarta ta zuwa inda boka taci Karo da Jauro, fitsari ne akwai bata saki a wandonta ba, amma ta firgita iya firgita, ganin yadda ya had'a rai kamar zaki sai huci yace ga adda a hannunsa.

"dama nasan idan kere na yawo zomo na yawo wata rana zasu had'u" ya fad'a yana wani juye baki irin na 'yan daban nan.

Jikinta ne ya kwari mazari cikin rawar baki tace "kayi hank'uri an Jauro ba laihi nana ba aradu kuwa malam na ya cuceka"

"Hahahaha ke! Tsohuwar banza kina tunanin irin Jauro aka cuta, to keyi kure kuma yau saikin kwashi kashin ki ga hannu" ya fad'a cikin tsawa tare da d'aga adda kamar zai Sara mata.

Zaro ido tayi Cikin tsoro hadda fitsarinta a wando " don Allah Jauro kayimin rai wallah, banda laihi, don Allah ka gahwarceni ka taho ga Hinde nan na baka"

"Kutumar kazar abun can! Ni zaki ba wannan gantalilliya, rijiyar da kowa kasa wasaki nai(gugarsa)" ya fad'a cike da k'araji.

K'ara tsorace tayi ta daburce bakinta sai rawa yake gashi daga ita sai shi a cikin jejin balle tayi kuwwa wani ya taimaketa, cike da rashin imani Jauro ya sarraremata k'afafu sannan yayi gaba da jakar kud'in, ganin mak'udai kud'i a ciki yasa yabar garin gaba d'aya zuwa birni danshi harka ta bud'e masa.

Anan ya barta cikin jini a sume batasan Inda kanta yake ba duk ta zawace zanenta..........
_shi ramin mugun ta in zaka gina ka gina gajere, dan bakasan ina rana zata fad'i ba_ 🀷🏽‍♀

Cikin rashin kuzari yana layi kamar d'an maye, ya taso k'afa yasa ya tad'iyeta ta fad'i, tsakiyar d'akin.

Jiki ta fara ja jikin tsoro "pls ya Abdool don't do this 2 me pls am scared" hannu ya d'aura akan lips d'insa yana kallon ta da rinannun idanunsa "shitt" akwai ya iya fad'a yana ci gaba ta tunkarota, a yadda yakejin sa muddin bai samu kusanci da mace ba zai iya mutuwa.

Tunkarota yake tana jan jiki harta k'ure da bango, kanta ta tura Cikin cinyoyinta ta matse tana kuka tana fad'in "nooo yaya don't come over there, pls let me go" ko jin me take cewa ba yayi, yana isowa surar ta yayi ya jefa kan bed kamar ya d'auki 'yar baby, shima binta gadon yai, yayi kanta gadan-gadan, ganin yayo kanta da ganin yanayinsa yasa ta runtse idonta da k'arfi tare k'walla razanannen ihu saida d'akin ya amsa......

Ni Meryerm Abdool ganin abin zaifi k'arfin ganina yasa na tattara nawa da nawa na ja musu k'ofa cike da tausayin Ramlatun Baffa dan yau fuskar dan binni mai gilashi ba sauk'i a tare da ita..........lols

Tun ina jiyo ihun Ramlah daga waje har na daina jiyo komai (nace yau fa yarinyar baffa anji maza, yau ya Abdool ya d'auko magana).

Saida ya samu full satisfy sannan ya daga ta, nutsuwa ce ta fara dawo masa abin ya faru ya shiga dawo masa, dafe kai yana kallon ta cikin yanayi na galabaita ido akwai ke zubar da hawaye ko yatsarta ta k'asa daga wa "innalillahi wa'inna ilaihiraji'un" kawai yake maimaitawa, yana blaming kansa akan faruwar lamarin, shi kanshi yasan baije mata da lalama ba, amma ba laifinsa bane itace da gardama kuma is out of his control.

Agogo ya duba 3:30pm tun abun 2:30pm lallai yau ya d'auko magana, a gaggauce ya fad'a toilet ya tsarkake kansa tare da zura jalabiyasa d'aukar ta yayi tare da zanin gadon ya koma toilet, ruwan dubin da ya tara ya tsundumata ciki, k'ara ta saki cikin wahalalliyar murya data dashe don kuka tare da k'ankame masa jiki "pls yaya stop am dying".


Bubbuga bayanta yake cike da tausayinta " sorry princess, na dena ai, nine ba? bazan k'ara ba?" D'an bud'e ido tayi taga a bayi take yasa tayi saurin rufe idon tare da fashewa da wani kuka ga jikinta ko'ina ciwo yakeyi, wani irin haushinsa ne ya lullub'eta tana tuno abin da ya faru bayan 'yan a wanni dana sanin rashin bin Nihal take da dana sanin shigowa d'akinsa ashe bala'in da ke kiranta kenan, bala'i kam, "lallai ya Abdool mugu ne na k'arshe" ta fad'a ranta.

Shi yayi mata wankan sannan ya lallabata tayi na tsarki, ya maidata kan bed bayan ya canja sabon bedsheet, D'akin su yaje don dakko mata kaya, amma koda ya bud'e wardrobe ba kayan kirki a ciki duk k'ananu ne irin wad'anda suke sakawa, dakar ya samo mata wata rigar atamfa can k'asa, murmushi yayi "u see koma meye ke kika jawa kanki, irin wannan kayan ai sai gidan miji ake sakawa, gashi yau anjamin na tono rigima koya zamu karke oho" haka ya koma d'akin yana feeling special ji yake kamar ya sauke wani babban dutsi a kansa, tun da yake bai tab'a samun gamsuwa kamar yau ba(INA Zee team kuna jin Dr Majeed ko).

Duk wani taimako daya kamata ya bata a matsayin sa na likita, likitan ma na mata ya bata, sai rarrashinta da lallami yake kamar wani kwai tare da gayamata Kalamai masu sanyaya zuciya, amma ita kam ta kaurare sai kukanta ta keyi, ga wani haushinsa daya mamayeta lallai maza bata ido.
K'arin Haushinta ya rasa inda zaiyi mata wannan danyen aikin sai cikin gidansu yanzu da wanne ido zata kalli Mami da Nihal, ya Riga ya gama da ita kawai, tun yana lallashinta cikin jin dad'i har ya fara jin haushi, kwanci yayi tare da lumshe ido yana jiyo sautin kukanta, yama rasa ta ina zai fara rarrashinta, tunawa da first night d'insu da Zainab yayi, Sam batayi masa wannan sakarcin ba,  nuna masa ma tayi ma ba abinda ya sameta duk da yasan ta wahala ita ma, amma ji wannan yadda take masa kuka kamar ya kashe mata uwa.

"Mtsss dama abinda kakeso shike wahalar da kai" ya fad'a a ransa, tashi yayi tare da zuba mata ido "meye matsalarki yanzu?" Ya jeho mata.

Kyalesa tayi tare daci gaba da kukan ta, haka yake gaba dayi mata magana cikin rarrashi, tayi masa biris tana ci gaba da kukanta tsaki yaja da k'arfi "tashi ficemin daga d'aki" yace yana nuna mata k'ofa, tashi tayi ta fara dafa hango tana tafia, tausayinta ne ya rufesa tashi yayi ya sureta, saida tayi k'ara jin ya d'agata tana wulle-wulle da k'afafu alaman bataso amma duk idonta a rufe suke gam, murmushi yayi mai sauti ganin yadda tak'i bud'e idon, a haka ya kaita har d'aki, kan bed ya direta tare da kai mata peck a goshi, sannan ya ja mata bargo, ya fice cike da farinciki..

Saida ta daina jin motsinsa sannan ta bud'e idonta harara ta balla wa k'ofar tare da rufe idonta, abubuwan da suka faru ne suke dawo mata a kwakwalwa "lallai al'amarin aure akwai girma, gaskiya yaya baka kyautamin ba" tana tuna yadda ya birkice kamar bashi ba......

Sai lokacin ya samu yayi sallar azahar da la'asar, addu'a sosai yayi musu, sannan yabi lafiyar gado dan shima ya jigata k'arfin hali kawai yace, lumshe ido yayi "yau na jawo rigima but so sweet more than word can say" yace tare da smiling mai k'ayatarwa......

_kuyi hak'uri da jina shiru da na shiga busy ne a yan kwana kin nan, #1love# ❤_

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[9/23, 8:58 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
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(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

Ga shafukan mu nan da zaku ringa samun k'ayatattun novel namuπŸ‘‡πŸ»



An karbo daga abi Amamata R.D yace, manzon Allah tsira da amincin Allah yarda dashi yace.

_duk Wanda ya fita domin Neman ilima to kuwa yana kan hanyar daidaitacciya ta ubangiji har sai ya dawo_
A wata ruwaya kuma yace

_Neman ilimi wajibine akan kowa, mace ko namiji, k'arami ko babba, d'a ko bawa ba'a daukewa kowa ba_
*idan Mukayi duba da wad'annan hadisan kenan Neman ilimi dole ne garemu domin gyaran lahirar mu, sannan kuma menene banbancin mutum da dabba? hankali, taya ake sarrafa hankali? sai da ilimi kuma annabi Muh'd S.A.W yana cewa Ku nemi ilimi koda yakai birnin sin ne(China) hakan kad'ai ya isa ya nuna mana girmin ilimi, saboda haka 'yan uwa mu dage da neman ilimi wallahi jahilci babban ciwo ne, haka duhunsa yafi dare duhu, kada mu manta saita hanyar ilimi zamu San yadda zamu bautawa ubangijinmu dashi ake neman lahira dashi kuma ake Neman duniya, in fact ilimi shine gishirin rayuwa. Allah yasa mudaceπŸ‘πŸ½*

Tunatarwa CE πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
~Namecy kyawun halinki na daban ne, haka ke 'yar baiwa CE, bazan gaji da mik'a jinjina gareki ba, Allah ya saukeki lafia ya raya baby khady akan sunnar manzo rayuwa mai albarka ameen~

Tawan tafi ta kowaπŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Maryam Y Zango❤

      πŸ“ *Episode* 206--210
A haka har bacci yayi gaba dashi mai cike da mafarkinta suna cikin rayuwa mai dad'i irin ta masoyan asali, masu tsananin k'aunar junansu...
Itama dai baccin  gajia ne ya d'auke ta, k'arfe 6 Nihal ta dawo gidan "iyye lallai babyn nan kina hutawa fa an gama karanta novel sai bacci, gaske Bestynki tai ta kiranki baki d'aga ba" tace tana k'ok'arin tayar da ita, jin zafi a jikinta ne yasa ta d'auke hannunta "oh ashe bata da lafia" ta fad'a tare da ficewa parlour.

Kiraye-kirayen magrib ne ya tayar da Abdool, shima dai zazzabin ne ya saukar masa a jiki, a daddafe ya samu yayi sallah yana mamakin wannan yanayi daya tsinci kansa Wanda ko a Zainab da take shine Karon sa na farko, baiji haka, amma kuma Ramlah ce ta daban ai, so yake yaje ya duba lafiyarta, mik'ewa yayi Cikin d'auriya a parlour yaci Karo dasu Nihal, Husna, Abduljabbar da junior suna kallo, da sauri junior yaje garesa dagasa yayi yana mishi wasa, shi kuma sai gwarancinsa yake masa, Su Nihal gaidashi sukayi, zama yayi kan, seat yana d'an sannan yace "saiku kad'ai Mami fa da Ramlah?" Ya tambaya kamar shigowarsa kenan.

"Mami, na ciki, sisto kuwa ba lafia itama tana ciki" Nihal ta ansa masa, "ashha meke damunta?" Ya tambayeta.

"Wlh ban sani ba, Yaya nadaiji jikinta da zafi, ko Sallah ma bata tashi tayi ba, Mami tace na barta harta tashi da kanta"

Mik'ewa yayi tare da shiga d'akin, zaune take kan dadduma tana sallah, kan sofa ya zauna yana kallon ta harta sallame, juyowa tayi dan ganin waye ya shigo, saurin d'auke idonta tayi ba tare data bari sun had'a ido ba, dama yasan za'ayi haka murmushi yayi tare da tasowa zuwa inda take kan dadduma, "baby ya jikin?" Ya fad'a yana k'ok'arin rungume ta, saurin janye jikinta tayi, Tare da kauda kanta gefe ba tare data anshi ba, smiling yayi ya dafa kanta jiyayi ba zafi sosai alaman zazzabin ya sauka "baby ya kike jin yanayin jikin yanzu, har can....nake nufi" ya fad'a yana dariya.

Bak'in ciki ne ya mamayeta "kai wlh namiji ba kunya, ai dole kace baby tun da ka halakoni" tace a ranta, d'aure fuska tamau tayi tare da mik'ewa a hankali, sannu take takawa tana d'an d'ingisawa kallon ta yayi cike da tausayawa, kan bed ta kwanta tare da jan blanket, lumshe ido tayi tana jinsa yana mata magana amma tayi banza dashi, smiling "baby rigama kefa kika kai kanki to meye laifina a ciki"? still shiru tayi masa.


Sunkuyawa yayi tare dayi mata peck a goshi, " get well soon my rigima baby" yace sannan ya aje mata tablets d'in da ya kawo mata kan bedside drawer, bayan ya gaya mata yadda zata sha, ko ci kanka batace dashi ba, shi kuma Sam ransa bai b'aci ba, saima wani nishad'i da yakeji a ransa jinsa yake ango sak.

"Yawwa Abdool ka dubata meke damunta ne?" Mami ta tambaya wacce fitowarta kenan, tana shirin zuwa duba ko ta tashi.

"Wai zamewa tayi da tiles shine k'afarta ta take ciwo da kai, amma na bata magani tasha ta kwanta" a take ya sharota.

"Ayya barin dubata" Mami tace tana shigewa d'akin, tana jin sallamar Mami ta k'ara lafewa kamar mai baccin gaske dan wani kunyar Mami taji ta saukar mata yau ba kad'an ba, gani take kamar tasan meya faru, Bata tasheta ba, sai kallonta da tayi cike da tausayawa tare cewa "Allah ya sawwaka dota" sannan ta fice.

Sannu a hankali take takawa tana fitowa daga toilet, Nihal ce ta shigo rungume da junior da yayi bacci "oh sorry sisto ashe zamewa kikayi sannu ko ya jikin?"

B'oye mamakin ta tayi dan tasan aikin Abdool ne "da sauk'i, sisto kinsan tsautsayi" tace tana fad'in "Son shine kayi bacci baka nemeni ba?" Tace tana zama gefen da Nihal ta kwantar da junior tare da shafa kansa.

"D'an rigimar yaronki ba, ai yazo kina bacci sai tada ke, Mami ta tasa k'eyarsa".

Murmushi tayi " nayi missing rigimarsa ai yau "......

Haka akaci gaba da jinyarta harta murmure ba tare da Mami da Nihal sun fahimci komai ba, hadda Sadee tazo dubiya nan take fad'a musu exam d'insu ta fito kuma sunyi passing d'an ta dubo musu, murna sosai sukeyi sun kuwa zuwa jami'a nan take gayamusu kuma an saka ranar bikinta da Uncle lukman kuma ya amince mata karatu bayan aurensu, nan ma murna sukayi sosai da jin labarin, nan suka d'auko chapter Nihal sukayi ta mata tsiya saura ita Yaya Hakeem yayi sauri asha biki, itama Ramlah suka shigo nata wai Dr Majeed shima yayi sauri a tare su dagargaji biki.

Yak'e Kawai take musu amma yanzu bata son ana ko maganar Aure a gabanta dan ta tsorata da lamarin...

Yanzu ta daina shigar k'ananun kaya saidai native kawai, ta daina zama koda parlour ne, balle kuma maganan zuwa d'akin Abdool ko hanyar d'akin batasan gani, ta daina ansa wayarsa haka zaita kira da turo text duk bata kulasa tun ranar ta d'auke wuta tun yana dauk'ar abin wasa har ya fahimci ita fa da gaske ne, duk ta toshe wata hanya da zata had'asu bata fita saita tabbatar baya gidan, haka da taga lokacin dawowarsa yayi zata shige ciki.

Wannan hukuncin ba k'aramin galabaitar da jiki da zuciyar Abdool yake ba, don ganinta dai yana sanyaya masa rayuwa, gashi yanzu ganinta nason yafi k'arfinsa, shi dama ba zuwa d'akin su yake any how ba kamar ita, zai iya k'irge shigarsa d'akin, dama ciwonta ke kaishi tau ta warke, ba wata hanya zuwa, ya jigata iya jigata da hukuncin nata.

Mami ma saida ta tambayeta ko sunyi fad'a da yayan nata ne tace ba komai, batasan damunta ta kyaleta, shima data tambayesa ba komai yace, haka ta zuba musa ido tasan da wani Abu kam a k'asa.

Nihal tambayan da take mata kenan, ansar dayace ba komai, sannan ga canjin da take gani gareta ta daina k'iriniya da surutun nan any how ka English wears ta fake gefe ta daina sakawa, "uhm nidai gaskiya sister ban yadda ba da wata amma in tayi tsami maji" tun junior na damunta suje d'akin paa har ya daina saidai yaje shi d'aya...
Yaune ake kawo kawo kayan Nihal,Wanda yayi dai2 da 2week da faruwar abin, gida ya cika da mutane, Nihal tun safe tabar gidan ba yadda batayi da Ramlah suje tare ba, amma tace ba Inda zataje haka ta kyaleta ta tafi..
'Yan kwanakin jin ta take, gatanan dai ba komai baya mata dad'i daurewa kawai takeyi, kwance take d'aki surutun mutanen ne ya isheta gasu junior sai k'iriniya suke shida su Husna, tashi tayi ta wuce garden, bakin k'oramar taje tana shakar k'amshin furannin tare da wasa da ruwan da hannayenta..

Kamar an jefosa ya shigo garden d'in, shima dawowarsa kenan daga hospital, fresh up kawai yayi tare da sauya kaya zuwa k'ananun kaya sai zuba k'amshi yake.

Kamar a mafarki ya hangota gurin k'oramar ta shagala da wasa da ruwa, sanye take da atampa riga da Zane ne sun yi mata kyau, gani yayi ya k'ara masa kyau fiye da tunani.

Da sand'a ya isa, Inda take ta  bayanta yaje tare rungume ta, wani numfashi ya sauke da k'arfi Wanda ke nuna dinbin missing nata da yayi, ko ba'a fad'a tasan waye dan k'amshin turarensa na Amir ud ya sanar da ita, cike da masifa ta juyo dan sauke masa idonsu ne ya gauraya lokaci d'aya wani shock ya ziyarcesu, samun kanta tayi da yin shiru, jikinta kawai ta fizge ta fice da sauri daga garden d'in.

Sororo yayi yana binta da kallon mamaki, "shin gaske ne abinda na hango tattare da yarinyar nan? Tab idan ko hakane da hidden thing must be out soon" ya fad'a a ransa, a fili kuwa yace "hmm nawawoo there ris d fire on d mountain oo" smiling Yayi tare da shafo k'eyarsa sannan ya zube kan resting chair dake gun yana jin farinciki a ransa duk da yasan da rigima gaba k'adan.

Anyi komai daya dace, Inda suka tsaida ranar 4 months masu zuwa, haka tsaron ya watse kowa fuskarsa d'auke da farinciki, a ranar mutanen Besse suka wuce suma dai abin yayi musu sai fatar Alkhairi...

Ramlatun baffa fa jiki yak'i lafia yau ciwo gobe lafia, tun tana d'aurewa tana yi a tsaitsaye, har ya kaita kwance, ga ganin jiki ko a zaune take, ga zazzabi da amai ga rashin cin abinci, sai ramewa take a tsaye tak'i bari kowa ya sani, Mami tayi juyin duniya tace ita qlau take..

Ranar ko jikin yayi nauyi ko waje takasa tun abin safe tana dunk'ule a d'aki har 2:00, ba yanda Nihal batayi da ita ta tashi tasha koda tea amma tak'i ga juniour shima nanik'e da ita yak'i tashi shima, yana jiyan Maa, saida Mami ta dawo da office ta matsa mata dak'ar tasha tea kad'an shima tana gama sha ta Amayar hankalin Mami ya tashi, kallon tayi dakyau take a ranta ta zargi wani Abu, saurin basar wa tayi tace "is not possible" Abdool ta kira a waya ta gayamasa bata da lafia yazo ya dubata, yace to gashinan, haka suka zauna har dare babu shi.

Ranta ne ya b'aci da tasan ba zaizo ba aida asibiti zata kaita tun dazun, ganin jikin da sauk'i yasa ta bari har gobe idan baizo ba, da gangan ya k'irk'iri  kwanan hospital, sai kiran Mami yayi wai uzirine ya rik'e sa patient aka kawo emergency a can ma zai kwana.

"To" kawai ta ansa.

Da sassafe ta nufi wata private ta kusa dasu da Ramlah, Cikin karamci suka karbesu dake abokin Abdool ne mai hospital d'in, bayan gwaje-gwaje aka kawo result, kallon Mami doctor Ubaid yayi da murmushi a fuskarsa yace "Mama ai k'anwar tamu Nada Aure ko?"

Da d'an sakin fuska Mami tace "baka ganeta ba ai amaryar kuce".

K'ara fad'ad'a murmushi fuskarsa yayi" kai wlh ban ganeta Sam, da yake gani daya nayi mata a bikin marigayiya" sannan yace.

"Madallah Aure yayi albarka 'Yar reno ta zama Uwar reno kenan" ya fad'a yana dariya tare da mik'awa Mami result d'in........
Wasu Matasa ne sukaje jeji don dibar icce, anan suka hango mutum kwance cikin jini, da gudu suka koma Cikin gari suka fad'a.

A tare suka dawo da Ard'o da sauran dattijawan garin, suna zuwa wa zasu gani inba Hari ba, mamaki ne ya hana Ard'o magana shidai basai ma da fitar ta, ko daga INA take oh.

Ranga-ranga suka kwasheta gida aka wuce da ita amma abin takaici Lanti da Hinde na gidan suka k'i wanke mata zawon sai Shatu aka kira tayi mata, sannan suka kwasheta sai asibiti har lokacin bata farfad'o ba, Shatu sai kuka take ganin mahaifiyarta Cikin mummunan hali, sabanin Lanti dasai muzurai take idonta ko gezau.......

_Fatar Alkhairi gareku iyaye na gari abin alfahari, Alkhairin Allah ya cimmaku aduk Inda kuke#double love# ❤❤❤_

[9/25, 2:18 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


'''Daga Aisha uwar mummunai (R.D) tace: Manzon Allah (S.A.W) yace "idan kika ga iska(guguwa) ya taso kuce, ya Allah ina neman Alkhairinta da Alkhairin da ke cikinta, da kuma Alkhairin da take tafe dashi, sannan ina neman tsarinka daga sharrinta da sharrin cikinta da kuma Sharrin da take tafe dashi.'''+

(Hakkun mubeen)πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

_πŸ’‹πŸ’‹jinjina zuwa gareku, Fatyy Azland, Mom sultan, MSB(sakwara), Mrs fawwaz, Sadnas, sadnaf, Suhana, fannah, first lady, husna, sweery, fashuna and rest gaisuwa ta musamman my berriesπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜_
Namecy na tafi ta kowa (Maryam y Zango) a kullum kina rainaπŸ’‹πŸ’‹

   πŸ“ *Episode* 211--215

Ware takardar Mami tayi, bayanai sun nuna tana d'auke da cikin 3weeks, Mamaki ne ya kama Mami Ashe dai abinda take hangowa a idon Ramlah shidin ne, "to yaushe hakan ta faru?" Tunani ta shiga, "okey wato ranar da yace ta zame kenan, kai yaran yanzu bata ido, tunda yace na bashi ita nace ba yanzu ba, shine ya nunamin iyaka, to ai yanzu yazo gatanan can su k'ara sa" duk Cikin ranta take maganar, amma a kasan ranta tayi farinciki da cikin saidai bataso ya faru kafin tariya ba, duk da tana da tabbacin Abdool bazai juyawa Ramlah baya ba, hasalima sonta ne yaja faruwar lamarin.

Murmushi tayi tare da kallon Dr Ubaid "mashaa Allah, Allah ya inganta".

Shima smiling yayi " Ameen Mama, amma Dr Majeed baya gari ne ko?"

"Aa yana nan hospital dai ya kwana shiyasa muka zonan kawai" ta fahimci so yake yasan meya hana ya dubata da kansa, tunda b'angaren sa ne.

"OK, bari nayi saurin kiransa na bashi albishir" murmushi kawai Mami tayi, sai yanzu ta gane dalilin sa na rashin zuwa wato yasan meyake damunta, kwafa tayi a ranta alaman zasu had'u.

Magunguna ya basu yace ayi amfani dasu kafin Dr Majeed ya k'ara dubata, Ramlah dai zaune kawai take kamar mutum mutumi duk an sakata a duhu, ta k'asa gane komai, sallama sukayi masa sannan suka wuce, biye take da Mami jikinta duk sanyi ganin kallon tuhuma da Mami ke aika mata.

Bayan sun shiga mota ne Mami ta mik'a mata result d'in, hantar cikinta saida ta kad'a tare da zaro ido, sai hawaye sharr "wlh Mami ba lai....." Katseta tayi.

"I know ba laifinki bane, amma meyasa bakk gayamin gaskiyar abinda ya faru ba? Kodai baki d'aukeni a matsayin Asma'u ba?" Mami ta fad'a Cikin d'aure fuska.

Girgiza kai ta shiga kamar k'adangarwa sai hawaye ta k'asa magana, Aida nauyi ta tunkareta da wannan zancen koda Asma'un ce raye ba zata iya gaya mata ba".

"Na fahimceki yi shiru, share hawayen ki kinji" Mami tace da sigar lallashi, sannan tayiwa motar key.

Life kanta tayi a cinyarta tana kuka mara sauti "shikenan Yaya Abdool ya wargaje min rayuwa, yanzu shikenan, irin abinda ya faru da Larai ne zai faru dani, na shiga uku" wata 'yar kauyensu ce bayan an d'aura mata Aure ba tare ba mijin yayi mata ciki, aiko akayi ta rikici daga k'arshe ya saketa yace ba cikinsa bane.


Itama tunanin ta haka Abdool zaiyi mata, k'ara rushewa da kuka tayi na tausayawa kanta, yanzu shikenan idan Mami ta yadda Kilgori zata koma gurin Iya Hari "oh dota meye na kuka? Wipe ur tires zanyi maganin abin kinyi" Mami ta katseta jin sautin kukanta.

Tissue da Mami ta ta mik'a mata ta k'arba ba musu ta share hawayen, saidai ranta a jagule yake, lumewa tayi akan seat tare da lumshe ido, tunani barkatai takeyi, na neman Mafita.

Mami da kanta da had'a mata soft breakfast ta sakata gaba sanda taci sannan ta bata magani tanasha ba dad'ewa bacci ya d'auke ta nan parlour kan 2seat, jin saukar numfashinta ne ya tabbatar wa Mami tayi bacci, mik'ewa tayi bayan ta gyara mata kwanciyar.

Nihal ce ta fito "Mami kun dawo, meke damunta? Sisto ya jikin?" Ta fad'a a tare tana k'ok'arin tab'a jikinta.

"Karki tasheta mana yanzu ta samu bacci" Mami tace, sannan tace "ina junior?" Yana ciki yayi bacci " ta ansa.

Shigewa d'aki tayi ba tare data k'ara magana ba, wayar ta, ta janyo ta kira k'awarta bayan ta Zaune kan sofa, bayan sun gaisa "furnitures nakeso ayimin oda designers a satin nan Hajia in da hali" banji abinda k'awar ta fad'a ba.

"Uhum kedai bari, 'yata ce zata tare kuma Cikin satinnan nakeso ayi tariyar".

"Ada kenan, ai Abdool ya b'ata komai, ciki fa yayi mata dan ya nunan iyakata, nidai ayi k'ok'ari ayi komai in time ta tare kawai su barni na huta nima, koma kawai ki sayo komai biyu na had'a hadda na nihal ayi zuwa d'aya" ta sake ansata

Dariya itama tayi "to ai yaran yanzu sun shafawa idonsu toka ba kunya" sannan sukayi sallama, saida k'awar tata ta bata shawaran ta bashi matarsa tun da ya nuna buk'atar ta tace Aa sai sun shiga jami'a to ai ga digiri nan an samar mata Inji kawar.


Yanke shawarar yaje gida kawai yaga halin da tace ciki, ba wani boyo a yanzu kam tunda Allah ya tonasa, koma ya fad'i ko kar ya fad'a bayyana kansa zaiyi, tare da Hakeem suka taho dan yace zai biya yaga sweetyn sa, Abdool sai tsiya yake masa wai baya kunyar sa a matsayin sa na sirikinsa, dariya kawai yayi yace ba wannan kuma, nan dai sukayi ta zolayar juna kamar yadda suka saba.

Nihal da har yanzu tana parlour tana jinya, itama har yanzu bata farka ba da yake harda maisa bacci a maganin, gashi tasha kuka, sai bacci take, ga hawaye sun bushe a idon, ita Nihal a nata tunanin zafin ciwo ne ya sakata hawaye.

Tsayuwar motarsu ce, tasa Nihal shigewa d'aki, dan tasan tare da Hakeem dayake ya gayama ta zuwan, da sallama suka shigo yana ganinta kwance a parlour tare k'ofa yayi wai saidai Hakeem ya tsaya daga waje Nihal ta iskoshi can amma bazai kallar masa mata ba.

"Dad'in ta dai nima inada matar ko?"

"Bamu shaida ba, kanada jingina dai" ya fad'a yana dariya.

"Zaku shaida ne very soon, kai kanka ka sani"
"Tau naji tafi dai" ya turasa baya, girgiza kawai Hakeem yayi yana fad'in "zaka zo hannu zan rama nima" yace yana wucewa farfajiyan gidan, shi kuma ciki ya shige yana dariya "koka rame ba"

Sunkuyawa yayi tare da pecking goshinta, yana kallon ta da murmushi a fuskarsa, tayi wani fayau da ita ta k'ara haske, ga hawaye kwance a fuskarta, alaman kuka tayi kafin tayi baccin, tausayinta ne yaji yasan idan aka bibiya shine silar kukan, k'ara sunkuyawa yayi da niyyan lashe hawayen, dai2 fitowa Nihal cikin kwalliyar ta ta zuwa gurin Hakeem.

Fuskewa yayi, ita kuma ta sunkuyar da kai tare da gaidashi d'akin Mami ta wuce dan gayama ta zuwan Hakeem, shi kuma d'an siririn tsaki yaja "mutum ba damar ya sake da iyalinsa, gaskiya ya kamata mu tare hakanan" part nasa ya wuce, wanka yayi tare da sauya kaya, sannan ya fito dan shiga inda Mami.


Still bacci kawai take shaka abinta "aifa kin samu aikinyi baccin masu ciki" yace yana smiling, sannan ya shiga d'akin Mami da sallama.

Ciki ta ansa mishi fuska tamke, zama yayi a darare kan sofa, yana gaida ita "lafia" ta ansa a tak'aice, tare da mik'a masa takardar .

Shiru yayi kansa k'asa bayan yaga abinda takardar ta k'unsa Wanda already yasan dashi "sannu ko Abdool aikin ka yayi perfect" Mami tace ba tare data kallesa ba, still shiru yayi dan bai da bakin magana.

Jin shiru baice komai ba ta shiga surfa masa "wato tunda ban amince, sai kayi mai gaba d'aya ko? Yanzu ka kyauta kenan, duk da addini bai hana kaba amma ai yaci Karo da al'adar bahaushe ko? Yanzu kai fisabilillah idan akayi wa 'yarka haka zakaji dad'i eye?"

"Yanzu da ace ba gida d'aya kuke rayuwa ba, kuma ba jininka bace? Saika iskota har gidansu kayi mata cikin?" Nan fa taita mishi inda take shiga ba nan take fita ba, shiru yayi mata har saida ta sauke aya sannan ya shiga bata hak'uri

"Ba wani hak'uri ai, kaje kayi gyaran gidan ka k'arshen satinnan zata tare, ina shikenan ko?"

Hak'uri kawai yake bata, Sam baiyi tunanin lamarin zaiyi zafi haka ba, ya d'auka rigimar iya ta Ramlah ce, shi baiga abin fad'a ba, tunda dai sunnah ce yayi ba zina ba, akan wata al'ada can daban za'a damu, ai kowa yasan matarsa ce, kamar yadda Cikin ma nasane kuma ta hanyar halal, baiga abin damuwa dan miji ya kusanci matarsa kawai dan bata tare ba.

Kuma ai ko meye ita taja, tunda ita ke shigar da ke tayar masa da hankali kuma har d'aki take iskoshi fa tana kusantansa ai yayi k'ok'ari ma, a nashi ganin, kuma ai zaifi dad'in fad'a ace yayima matarsa ciki before ta tare da ace yayi zina da wata daban.

Sai bayan ya fita ne ya bawa Mami tausayi, tasan yanayin d'anta sarai mabuk'aci ne, ga shigar k'ananun kaya dasu Ramlah keyi Wanda saida yayi magana akan hakan tace ai ba laifi ne, laifin ba nasa shi d'aya bane hadda su, but still dole ta nuna b'acin ranta dan siyama Ramlah mutunci gareshi, amma ba laifi a Cikin haka a musulunci saidai al'adar bahaushe (mata iyayen kariyar al'ada).

Koda ya fito bata a parlour, ta tashi taji jikin da d'an sauk'i shine tai ciki dan watsa ruwa, wucewa yana tunanin ita kuma koda wace rigimar zata zo masa.

Murmushi yayi "unborn ka taimakamin daka zo gashi za'a bani matata cikin sauk'i, love u much 'yar baffa iyayen rigima"................

_kuyi hak'uri waya tace sai a slow matsala tace bani, Hocking take inna dad'e INA typing_

*love u guys buhut- buhut kunsan kanku😜 yes u!πŸ’‹πŸ˜ #one love # all of u* πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[9/26, 5:39 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


'''Daga Baban Darda'i (R.D) yace, Manzon Allah (S.A.W) yace:-
Duk Wanda ya k'are mutuncin d'an uwansa, Allah zai k'are fuskarsa daga wuta ranar alk'iyama.

Ma'ana Wanda ya tsare mutuncin d'an uwansa, ya rufa masa asiri, ya boye miyagun dabi'unsa shima Allah zai k'are sa daga wutarsa.

Kenan rufawa d'an uwanka musulmi asiri koda ka kamashi miyagun ayyuka wajibine ka boye su, sannan ka naima masa shiriya gurin Allah a maimakon ka fallasa shi, Allah yasa mu gyara'''   πŸ‘πŸ½

Tunatarwa ceπŸ‘ŒπŸ»


    πŸ“ *Episode* 216--220

Tsaye take gaban mirror daga ita sai k'aramin towel tana busar da gashinta da hand dryer, bayan ta gama ne ta shafa mayuka akan ta kama da ribbon, kallon kanta tayi ta mirror tare da d'ora hannu kan mararta "yanzu da gaske cikine dani?" Tace tana b'ata fuska da turo lip gaba, kamar mai shirin yin kuka "oh yanzu mai zan gayama su Besty idan suka gane, wayyo yaya ka cuceni Allah..... Shiru tayi jin an turo k'ofar tare da juyawa dan ganin mai waye.

Tsaye yayi b'akin k'ofar, yana binta da mayataccen kallon, smiling kwance a fuskarsa, tsuke baki tayi tare da d'aure fuska taci gaba da Shafa man ta, smiling yayi mai sauti tare da takowa zuwa inda take, rungume ta yayi ta baya tare da d'aura hannunsa kan mararta, kansa bisa kafad'arta.

Turashi ta shiga yi ba tare da tace komai ba, amma ko motsi baiyi ba saboda rik'on da yayi mata bana wasa bane, ganin ta k'asa kwatar kanta ne yasa ta fashe masa da kuka Wanda da gani na renin hankali ne.

Sakinta yayi tare da janta zuwa bed, zaro ido tayi sannan ta shiga turasa, sakinta yayi yana 'yar dariyar tsokana sannan ya rad'a mata a kunne " me haka baby na, lafiyar unborn d'ina, bafa abinda kike nufi bane, idan kuma Shi kikeso to sai muje d'akina, kinga da junior anan" ya fad'a cike da tsokana.

Wani takaici ne ya turnuk'eta ta k'ara bud'e baki "ka tafi Allah ko in tada junior ya ganka, kuma Allah dole ka zubar min da Cikin nan ko naje a zubar dashi haka kawai sai a ganni da ciki ba tare dana tare ba, kuma bazan yadda na haifesa yayon fitsari ya kamani a banza ba" har ya juya zai fita, yana dariya sai ya jiyo furucinta na k'arshe, tsayawa yayi cak tare juyowa fuskar murtuk'e yayi kanta gadan-gadan.

Baya ta rink'a yi cike da tsoro ganin yanayin fuskarsa, saida ta manne da sofa sannan ta dafe kanta da hannayenta, tana jiran abinda zai mata, shiru bataji komai ba, d'agowa tayi ta gansa tsaye idonsa sunyi ja.

Nunata yayi da yatsa "ke ashe mahaukaciya ce ban sani ba, to duk Wanda zai ganki da ciki shiya dad'e bai canyeki ba, da yake nina kiraki d'akin har nayi miki Cikin, to bari kiji ba yawon fitsari ba, ko yoyon kashi zakiyi sai kin haifesa tunda dan sunna ne ba zina ba, naga alaman kin renani tunda kinga gadon bacci na ba, to mu zuba nidake" sannan ya fice Cikin b'acin rai.

Tunda ya fara balbaleta ta rufe ido jikinta sai rawa yake dan bata tab'a ganin b'acin ransa kamar haka ba, iya sanin ta dashi, duk'ewa tayi k'asa tana rusar kuka lallai wannan shine a dakeka a hanaka kuka, kukanta ya tayar da junior shima ya tashi yana tayata.

A dole ta daina kukan ta d'auke sa tare dayi mishi wanka, shiryashi tayi itama ta shirya sannan ta wuce parlour dashi dan bashi abinci amma duk ranta a jagule yake tama rasa wane tunani zatayi, anan taci karo da Nihal ta dawo tare dasu Husna da driver ya d'auko daga school.

"Sisto kin tashi ya k'arfin jikin, wai meke damunki ne?" Ta jero mata tambayoyin same time, yake kawai tayi mata "uhm Malaria ce fa, na samu sauk'i sosai" sannan ta sauke junior ta rungume su Husna dake mata sannu tana tambayan su school.

"Allah k'ara sauk'i sis, barin shiga na fito" Nihal tace tana shigewa ciki.

"Ok" tace tare da shigewa kitchen...

Safa da marwa kawai yake tsakiyar d'akin, ransa a b'ace "lallai yarinyar nan ta gama renani at all, ni zata gayawa zata zubarmin da gudan jinjna? Lallai dole na jingine sonta a gefe na koyamata hankali, dan naga kanta na rawa, Amma zanyi maganin abin"........


Gaba d'aya ya watsar da lamarin Ramlah gefe, duk da yanda ruhi, zuciya gangar jiki suke son kasanewa da ita, a ganinsa hakan zaisa ta shiga taitayinta, bai cika zama gida ba yanzu inya fita tun safe sai dare kuma, yafi maida hankali akan gyaran gidan kamar yadda Mami ta umurcesa, duk da ba wani gyara ne sosai ba, amma kullum yana gurin ana k'alk'ale-k'alk'ale kunsan Drs komai nasu unique ne, yau ma office d'in Hakeem yaje tare da damunsa ya tashi ya rakasa ya dubo aikin da ya bayar ayi masa.


" wai kam wannan gyaran gidan na meye ne? Naga dai tare zakuyi tariyar nan da bikinmu gaba d'aya, kuma still have time"

Dariya yayi "naka wasa, ada kenan, aini a satinnan zamu tare"

"Bansan da wannan ba, kode ka k'asa jurewa ne da jiran 'yar renon taka zakayi mata k'anwa" Hakeem ya fad'a cike da zolaya.

" 'yar reno ai ta dawo Uwar reno kuma yanzu, saidai kace Maman Unborn " ya bashi amsa Cikin seriousness.

Cikin mamaki Hakeem ya kallesa, ganin iya gaskiyarsa ne yasa yakai masa duka yana dariya "amma dai wallahi bakayi ba, yanzu saida ka lalube yarinyar nan ka lallab'a kayi mata ciki, amma dai anji kunya".

" dalla matsa can mutum da matarsa zakace naji kunya, ni kaga tashi muje ayi a gama gyaran nan dan nafison ta tare da wuri kasan" ya fad'a yana dariya tare da kanne ido daya.

"Kai kam Allah shiryamin kawai zance, yaro dakai sai jarabar tsiya" Hakeem ya fad'a yana hararansa tare da mik'ewa suka fice.

B'angaren Mami sai shirye-shirye take, kullum bata nan bata can anata hada-hada, ta kira ta gayama su Inna maganar tariyar haka Ard'o ma ta kirasa, saidai yace bazai samu zuwa ba, zaidai aiko da sak'o, har gidan Zainab ta kira kuma sun ce zasuzo ai an zama d'aya, wata 'yar sakkwato Mami ta d'auko take gyara Ramlah ciki da waje tasan yanayin d'an nata saida gyara.

Ita dai Ramlah batasan ma'anar gyaran ba, sai ta d'auka ko don tana da ciki ake mata gyaran, to amma saboda me bata da Amsa dole ta kama bakinta, itama Nihal da batasan wainar da ake toyawa ba danko labarin Cikin bata bale tasan na tariya data tambayi Ramlah cewa tayi itama bata sani ba wlh, bata hak'ura ba ta tambayi Mami, harara ta rakata da ita tace meye nata inta sani dole ta kama kanta.

Sai a bakin Hakeem takejin komai aiko jiki na rawa ta fesawa Sadee M bash, da sauran k'awayensu na jiki, nan suka had'u sukazo suka yima Ramlah caaa da masifa da tsiya irin ta 'yan mate, hadda fad'in ashe taje garin....shine bata gayamusu ba, to ta basu labarin ya abin yake..

Banza tayi dasu ita abinda ya dameta ya isheta ga Mami tace ta shirya k'arshen sati zata tare, tasan tata tazo k'arshe idan ta shiga hannun yayan nata, gashi ta daina ganinsa ya daina shiga sabgarta, alaman fushi yake da ita saboda yasan ya gama da ita shida laifi shida mata fushi.


Gidan Mami ya cika da jama'a da yake ita mutuniyar mutane ce, kamar wani biki ake ba tariya ba, Maman Zee ma ta iso da kanwarta Amal da yake itama tayi graduation itama tare dasu Ramlah, sun ji dad'in ganin junior Cikin kulawa kowa nan nan yake dashi musamman Ramlah Wanda hakan ke nuna musu baya cikin tsangwama, Inna 'yar tsohuwa ma sunzo ita da matar Uncle Mansur, sai tsiya takema ma Ramlah wai Amarya zata tare da d'an kunshi sudai kam anyi mara kunyan yara, Abdool ma tayi masa, amma shikam saidai ya bata amsa yace su ai 'yan zamani ne ba irinsu ba k'auyawa.

Ard'o ya aiko tsumi da sauran kayan gyaran amare yace zaizo daga baya in an kwana biyu yaga gidansu, ranar Asabar aka gudanar da walima anan gidan Mami inda su Nihal da M bash suka taka rawar gani, anyi rabon kayayyaki Wanda duk sune suka d'auki nauyin yi hadda Amal, Amarsu ansha kyau, gyara tasha har ta gaji, ansha Kitso da kunshi Wanda duk akan dole tayi su dan itakam a firgice take, lafewa kawai tayi tana yak'e, da daddare bayan tasha nasiha sosai daga iyayen nata, sai kuka take dak'ar aka rabasu da Junior ta dage tare zasuje saida Mami ta amsheshi Wanda shima sai kukan yake yana kiran "Maa" Inna, da Sauran k'awayen Mami ne matar Uncle Mansur sai su Nihal sukayi rakiyar amarya zuwa tamfatsetsen gidanta dake unguwar Dosa, fad'in kyawun gidan ma bannan lokaci ne, just guest friends. Lol.

Su Nihal sai zagawa gidan suke suna ta santinsa, daga nan suka tsere, dama su Inna sun dad'e da wucewa, Nihal tana tsoron yayan nata  dan tun rana ya kirata yace ba wani siyan baki da za'ayi kada ta yadda ya samesu a gidan..

Ramlah sai shafawa tayi taji basu, zagaya gidan tayi, "mashaa Allah" kawai take fad'a da tsarin gidan yayi mata sosai kamar tsarin larabawa komai neat ba hayaniya da yawa ga furanni ta ko'ina sai K'amshi ke tashi gidan dai yayi ba k'arya.

Toilet ta zarce nan ma tasha kallo, kafin tayi wanka tare da d'auro alwala, shirinta tayi kamar yadda ta saba, sannan tabi lafiyar bed dama a gajiye take libis, bacci ne mai cike da dad'i ya d'auke ta.

Abdool ma daga bakin k'ofa ya dakatar da abokansa yace ba wani sayen baki da za'ayi kuma nasihar sun gode, nan suka kansa da zolaya da tsiya yace yadai ji.

D'akin sa ya fara shiga ya watsa ruwa tare da saka farar jalabiya, sannan ya nufi d'akin ta da ledoji a hannun sa, jin ba'a amsa sallamarsa ba, yasa ya shiga kawai dan yasan ko taji tana iya kin amsawa saboda haukanta.

Kwance take sai sauke numfashi take Cikin nutsuwa alaman tana enjoying baccin nata.

Tsaye yayi kanta tare da hard'e hannayensa a k'irji, kallon yake kamar yau ya fara ganinta, tayi masa wani irin kyau ji yake kamar ya shige jikin jikinta yai ta romance nata, lips d'inta ya kalla da suka kara jajar dasu ganin sha'awa, har ya sunkuya sai kai mata kiss sai kuma ya fasa kada ya tasheta ya katse mata jin dad'i.

Ledojin ya aje kan d'an table dake gefen gadon tare da wuce wa, har ya kai k'ofa, ya tuna kila fa bataci komai ba, kitchen ya wuce ya d'auko plate da cup ya dawo, naman ya juye Wanda yasha kayan vegetable sai tururi yake, sannan ya tsiya ya mata juice d'in ya ije.

Gefen gadon ya zauna tare shafo fuskarta a hankali, motsi ta faraji jin ana Shafa ta ne yasa ta ware idonta tare da sauke su a kansa, tsuke fuskarta tayi, shima fuskarsa ba yabo ba fallasa yace.

"Tashi ga abinci nan ciki nasan da wuya idan kinci wani Abu, and banaso ana barmin baby na da junwa" yana gama fad'i ya tashi ya fice.

Da harara ta rakasa, tare da jan tsaki, nan idanunta sukayi tozali da plate d'in, wani yawu ta had'iye, Cikin yayi k'ugi jikinta har b'ari yake, abunka ga mai yaron ciki, da sauri ta sauko ta d'auki plate d'in ta baje k'asa ta shiga d'ibarsa........

_kowa yace shine tofa ba shine ba_ πŸ™„

[9/27, 8:01 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


*_Annabi Muhammad S.A.W yana cewa "Ku kasance masu yawan tunawa da mai yanke jin dad'in rayuwa, mai rabaka da masoyinka da mahaifanka, kai dama duniya gaba d'aya wato MUTUWA. Yar uwa nidake dasu anya muna tunawa da ita a kowace rana? Muna sane da tana nan tana bibiyarmu ba makawa ba gudu ba tsira? To idan hakane mai muka tanadar ma wannan doguwar tafiya? Wane guzuri muke dashi a wannan tafiyar? Mu dage don lahira anan duniya ake nemanta, kuma mutuwa bata bada alert zuwa take bagatatan koka shirya ko baka shirya ba!🀷🏽‍♀ Allah ya bamu kyakkyawan k'arshe dan alfarmar rasulillah S.A.W_* πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Kud'in na daban ne a gareni

'''Maryam Y Zango(Wanda yayi nisa)
Raheenat Mahmoud(meye hujjarki)
Fareedat sweery (yar sarki) muna zubaπŸ‘€
Salma Queen(momma)
Daduk sauran member of pure moment, Ku sani kuna wuta fa, kufa unique ne, just keep d fire burning #ana tare iya wuya#πŸ’‹πŸ’‹❤'''

    πŸ“ *Episode* 221--225

Kiran farko na Asuba akan kunnenta, dama bata da nauyin bacci, ga kuma training d'in Iya Hari, a daddafe tayi alwala, dan da muguwar yunwa ta tashi jikinta har rawa yake kamar wacce tayi sati bata ci ba, har mamakin mugun cin nata take daya sameta a 2days d'in nan.

Koda Abdool ya shigo dan tayar da ita a dadduma ya sameta tana raka'atanil fajr, gaggauta fita yayi jin ana shirin tada sallah.

Tana kammala wa ko addu'ar kirki batayi ba, ta kwab'e hijab d'in tare da janyo sauran kazar data rage, ba maganan d'umamawa haka tahau ci, saida ta cinye tas, ta kora da juice d'in, ta dad'a da hollandia sannan taji dai2, ajiyar zuciya tayi kana ta d'auki Qur'an ta shiga karantawa.

K'arfe 6:00am ta gama karatun da azkar nata, mik'ewa tayi tare da d'aukar plate takai kitchen, wankesu tayi sannan ta share ko'ina tare da mopping, turare tayi nan take gidan ya d'au seti da k'amshi, to renon Iya Hari ce ba kyuya tana ganin ta cutar da ita, batasan taimakon ta tayi ba.

Saidai jin tayi turaren na haye mata kai, Allah yasa iya parlour ta saka bada bedrooms ba, d'akin ta ta shige tana toshe hanci ga zuciyarta sai tashi take kamar zatayi amai, aiko saida tayi sannan ta samu sassauci, saida ta dad'e zaune kafin ta iya gyara jikinta da wanka gaba d'aya.

Bayan ta  gama shafe-shafenta, sip ta bud'e Tun k'asa har sama duk English wears tsaki taja tare da rufewa "nice zan K'ara saka wad'annan? God forbid" (d'iyar Baffa an tuba) lol.

D'ayan gefen ta bud'e nan taga su atampha, less, shadda da materials, wata super ta ciro blue and yellow, riga da siket ne ya zauna daram, tasan gun telansu akayi dama shike kai musu dinkin, bata d'aura d'an kwali ba, sarka ta saka 'yar simple me kyau, perfume ta d'auko dan fesawa tun kan ta fesa taji ya fara hau mata kai, dafe kai tayi tare aje turaren, hollandia ta k'ara sha sannan tasha maganin ta, da Mami tayi mata gargadi kula da shansa, bed ta koma tana game daga nan bacci yayi gaba da ita.


Saida gari yayi haske sannan ya dawo daga masjeed,  direct d'akin sa ya wuce saboda a gajiye yake, duk kwanakin sunata hada-hada bai samun issheshen bacci, kwanciyar sa keda wuya bacci yayi gaba dashi shima mai cike da mafarkin 'yar rigimar tasa suna soyewa.....


Knocking ne ya tayar dashi, jiki a mace ya isa tare da tambayan waye, Nihal data shaka Dan sun dad'e wurin suna Knocking, jin muryan yayanta yasa ta waye tare da fad'in "mune" bud'e musu yayi sannan ya basu hanya, junior kuwa sai mak'ale sa yayi shi kuma ya daga shi sama suna dariya, gaidashi sukayi sannan suka aje basket d'in abincin akan dinning suna tambayan Ramlah.

"Tana ciki, and ki zubo min abincin nan, ki kawomin a d'aki" yace ma Nihal yana wucewa tare da junior.

"Kai waya gayamiki Amarya na baccin safe" Nihal tace tana Kai mata dun du a baya.

Bud'e ido tayi cike da masifa, sai taga ba Wanda take tunani bane, dariya suka sa mata Nihal da Amal, dan zaro ido tayi " yaushe kuka zo?"
"Ina zaki sani kuwa kina nan kina bacci, keda ya kamata ace kina parlour kina jiran isowar mu" Amal ta fad'a tana harara ta.

Dariya tayi "um kinga fa daga game ne, baccin ya sureni" tace tana sauke k'afafun ta k'asa, parlour suka wuce tana fad'in "me kuka zo mana dashi ni break fa ban had'a ba nayi baccin" d'an yunwa takeji sosai, dinning Nihal ta nuna mata tana mik'ewa zuwa kitchen dan d'auko plate dan zuba abincin da Abdool yace takai masa kada ta manta.

Gyara zama sukayi a parlon tare da jona kayan kallo, ganin Nihal ta d'auki hanya d'akin Abdool yasa tace "wai bani kika zubawa ba?" Harara ta balla mata "OK jirani nazo" tace tare da wucewa, dariya Amal tayi tace "um aunty barin zubo maki" ta mik'e zuwa kitchen...

Junior ne kad'ai kan sofa yana game da tab d'in Dadyn sa "son ina Dady?" Iya toilet " yace yana cikin bagwarar hausarsa, aje abincin tayi kan coffee table nashi, tana fad'in "wato ba zakaje Inda Maa dinka ba ko?" Tana k'ok'arin ficewa.

"Maa tana iya" ya fad'a yana aje tab d'in tare da biyota baya da gudu...

"Maa!" Ya fad'a da k'arfi, Ramlah dake zaune tana d'uri Amal sai dariya take mata, aje abincin tayi tana tare da ware hannu tana mishi murmushi.

"Son d'ina ni d'aya" ta fad'a bayan ya shige jikinta ta rungume sa "iyye yaron Maa ya kake"

Nan suka zauna sunata mata tsiya wai ba'asan Amarya da sakin ciki tana d'uri, jinsu kawai take, nan Sadee ta iso tare da wasu k'awayenta suka had'u sai tsiya suke mata, wai ta fad'a musu EDD dan kada ayi musu ba zata tunda anyi basu sani ba, banza tayi musu kamar bataji su ba, nan suka wuni har 6 sannan suka wuce bayan ta cikasu da kayan make up da English wears tare tace suje suyi ta sakawa itakam tayi retired sannan tace Sadee CE ta cuceta koma mai ya faru, dariya kawai suke mata, tace suyi dakyau yana zuwa Kansu, nan sukayi sallama da Amal dan gobe zasu koma, ba yadda batayi dasu su bar mata junior ba, sukace Aa sokoto za'aje dashi gobe tare dasu Amal, kuma ma Mami tace bata gama warwarewa ba balle ta iya d'aukar rigimarsa tadaiji da kanta..

Abdool kuma yana gama Karin ya shirya, ta k'ofar parlonsa ya wuce abinsa, bashi ya dawo ba sai after magrib, yau ma kazar ya k'ara kawo mata, saidai kowa jin k'amshi yake bamai kula wani.

Washe gari su Inna sukazo tare sukayi mata sallama, ta cikasu da tsaraba suma, sati Mami ta d'auka tana aiko musu abinci saida Ramlah ta tace ta daina kawo wa ta samu sauki zata iya yi sannan ta daina, komai tanayi a gidan kama da gyaran gidan, girki da sauran su, hadda maid Mami tace ta kawo mata tace aa, saidai ita da mai house d'inne kowa a sama magana ma sai a dole sukeyi, kowa d'akin sa yake kwana saidai hakan bai hanashi kula da duk wani motsinta ba,duk da zaman ba dad'i yake mishi ba dan gaskiya yayi missing nata d most, kusan kullum saita kira Amal ta had'a ta da junior sunyi waya, Inda hakan ba k'aramin dad'i yakewa iyayen Zee ba.


Ard'o ma suna waya akai akai, kullum maganar sa suna lafia dai ko to ta k'ara hak'uri yana nan zuwa....

Wasa-wasa har sunyi month da tarewa ba wani ci gaba a zamansu shi yanaso yaga iya gudun ruwanta ne, itama zaman nasu na damunta dan kad'aici ba dad'i damar ta ma bata irin laulayin nan ci daine kamar gara, wayarta da kayan kallo ne abokan hirarta, anata ganin wulak'antata ne Abdool yayi saboda ya samu abinda yakeso daga gareta, bayan itace ta d'au zafi data ganshi zata wani d'aure fuska kamar taga abin k'i, amma kuma shi ta d'aura wa laifi.

Kullum zata kira Mami ko ita ta kirata, tana tambayan ta ba matsala tace ba komai, shima abinda yake gayamata kenan kullum inta tambayesa, kuma ko zuwa tayi basu bari ta gane komai.

Yau kam ya d'auki niyyan gyara zamansu dan ya fahimci in yabi ta tata saisu shekara ba ruwan ta, shiko ya gaji da zaman ga extra care da yakeson bata ita da unborn.

D'aure mad'aurin rigar baccin ta tayi tana k'ok'arin Sanya gashinta a net ya shigo, can ciki ta amsa sallamar kamar yadda ta saba, ba tare data juyo ba, dama normally duk dare zai shigo ya dubata kawai ya fice.

Zama yayi kan sofa, yana binta da kallo, itakam sai lamarin gabanta take, shiru ya ratsa su bamai magana na y'an sakwanni.

"Meye matsalarki da zama dani a yanzu?" Ya jefa mata tambayan.

Ba tare data juyo ba "babu" tace in short.

Smiling yayi yace "OK bakya k'auna tane?"

Wannan Karon saurin juyowa tayi tare kallon sa fuska d'aure "au nice ma bana k'aunarka?"

"Of course! Bakyasona, dan da ace kina sona danna kusanceki saboda kawai baki tare ba, ba zaki d'auki zafi haka, har da fad'in zaki zubar min da ciki imaging!"

Hawaye ta fara cikin k'unan rai ta fara magana "Yaya halin ko in kula da kake numanin ne k'auna, ko kuwa saboda ka sanni a 'ya mace kafin na tare gidan ka? Haka kayi ma Aunty Zainab, a gidan su kaje ka fara saninta kafin a kawo maka ita?"
Duk'ewa tayi gurin tana kuka "saini saboda kawai na damu dakai naje d'akin ka? Idan akayi ma 'yarka haka zakace so ne?"
Duk ya rikice ganin yadda take kuka akan wannan abun da bai isa ayi fad'a akansa ba, meye a ciki, tashi yayi ya taka zuwa Inda take tare da mik'ar da ita tsaye ya had'a ta da k'irjin sa, tura sa ta farayi, k'ara riketa yayi Sam baya son kukan nata, kuma ya shirya d'aukar duk laifin da zata d'ora masa, zai bata hak'uri dan dai a zauna lafia, tun ta d'auki abin da zafi.

"Saurareni Ramlah kinji, pls nutsu kiyi hak'uri na sani ban kyauta ba amma kiyi hak'uri kuma ki sani sonki ne ya kawo haka" ya fad'a da slow voice nasa.

Janye jikinta tayi ba tare datace komai ba, gefen bed ta zauna tana ci gaba da kukanta, binta yayi yana rarrashinta dan kukanta ba kad'an yake tab'a sa ba, "me kikeso nayi miki na goge laifina a gareki?"

Nan ma shiru tayi masa tanaci gaba da kukanta, sai rarrashinta yake amma tak'i kulasa, ita gani take dad'in bakine kawai yazo yayi mata dan wata buk'atar sa daya samu ya biya yaci gaba da sha mata omo.

"Aiba haka ka zauna da Aunty Zainab ba, zama kake tare da ita kana sake mata fuska, kana mata hira kana d'ebe mata kewa saboda takai mata budurcinta gidan ka, ni kuma daka amsa tun gida, ai ranar da aka kawo ni bakayi d'okina ba, hasalima had'e min fuska kayi tunda ka samu abinda kakeso dani tun gida, baka damu dani ba baka zama dani kaji damuwa ta, baka debemin kewa wannan duk son ne? Yanzu ma da abinda ya kawo ka shiyasa kakemin dad'in baki, daka samu ka watsar dani"

"Oh Allah" shine abinda ya fad'a, mezai gayama ta yadda dashi, shi baiyi hakan dan tozarci gareta ba, amma ta fahimceshi opposite, gashi ba ganin surutu ba, balle yai ta mata harta fahimceshi, Sam baison hayaniya duk ta birkita masa tunani.


"Ban iya tsari ba Ramlah, kamar yadda ban iya k'arya ba, a kanki na fara son mace, kuma banso wata bayanki ba kamar yadda nakeson ki, ki yadda dani, bazan tab'a wulak'antaki ba, kefa jinina ce, kuma matata pls believe me!"

Shiru tayi tabbas tasan bai iya k'arya ba kuma tasan yana sonta, to amma maganar baiso wata ba bayanta kamar yadda ya sota ne bata yadda dashi ba kuma zata k'arya ta shi akansa, don son da ya nunawa aunty Zainab yafi nata(ayya anaki ganin ba)

Jin tayi shiru yasa ya mik'e "ina zuwa yanzu" ya fad'a tare da fita, kiran Zainab da tayi ne ya tuna masa da sak'on da ta bayar ya bata, duk da baisan meke ciki ba, yaji ya kamata ya bata a yanzu, tunda dama cewa tayi idan sun tare.

Tana nan Inda ya barta, sunkuyawa yayi har sunajin numfashin juna "gashi Zainab tace na baki" ya mik'a mata takardar tare da zuba mata ido.

D'agowa tayi suna had'a ido tayi saurin d'auke nata, jiki a sanyaye ta amsa.

Ficewa yayi ita kuma ta warware takardar ta fara karantawa kamar haka...

_Zuwa gareki Aunty Nah kuma k'anwata Ramlah_...........

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[9/29, 9:10 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


*_Manzon Allah S.A.W yana cewa:- yake Fatima 'yar ma'aiki zan iya baki komai anan duniya, amma ki sani bazan iya amfanarki da komai lahira ba, aikinki ne kad'ai zai ceceki da rahamar ubangiji._*

_idan har Manzon Allah zai fad'i haka akan mafi soyuwa gareshi a cikin 'ya'yansa, to ina gamu gama garin mutane? Ina mai tak'ama da ilimi, arzikin, darajar, kimar, muk'amin babanta? Nasan dai tasan koda wasa ba zata kimantasa da fiyayyen halitta ba, to ko idan hakane mu sani iyayen mu ba zasu iya ceton mu da komai ba, aikinmu ne kad'ai zai cecemu, dan haka mu dage, mu gyara gobenmu, Alla yasa mudace da rahamarsaπŸ‘πŸ½_

     πŸ“ *Episode* 226--230

_"Ina rubuta miki wannan wasik'ar ne a dai2 lokacin da nake tunanin zanbar duniya, ina mai rokonki da had'a abinda zan haifa da sauran yaran da zaku haifa nan gaba, nasan zaki iya dan na yadda da kyakkyawar zuciyarki, sannan ina mai neman afuwarki akan kiyafe duka laifukan da nayi maki both known and unknown, by may size bakiyin komai ba face Alkhairi idan kinyi na yafe maki har ga Allah, a tare na sameki da Dr Majeed gashi zan barku tare dama Allah ya k'addara sai mun zauna ne a sanadin wannan d'an ko 'yar  ubangiji yafimu sanin dalilin sa na tsara hakan wata kil yasan Dr bazai iya adalci a tsakaninmu ba idan kika tare duk da dimbin kyawun halinsa da adalcinsa, Ramlah yayanki Mutumin kirkine mai adalci duk da kin zama tauraruwa a cikin zuciyar sa bai hana ya bani wani fili a rayuwarsa ba ya bani kulawa da soyayya da mata dubu suka rasa a wannan zamanin yayi zaman Aure dani kamar yadda Manzon Allah S.A.W ya umurce mu bai tauye da komai ba, Ramlah bayan Mami ba abinda yayanki yakeso a rayuwa sama dake, duk wani motsi da bugun zuciyar sa dake yake yinsa, nasha jin kishinki lokuta da dama amma innayi tunani sai inga ba dai2 ne ba, saboda yayimin karamci bai kamata naji haushin Abu mafi soyuwa a garesa ba, wallahi Ramlah tun da nike a rayuwa ban tab'a ganin soyayya irin wacce yayanki ke miki ba ana yiwa wani ita, Ramlah kin dace da masoyi na gaskiya, ki daure ki nuna masa soyayya a zamanku ki tarairayesa da dukkan kulawa kiyi hak'uri da buk'atarsa ki d'aure ki jure inada tabbacin zakuyi zama mafi kyau a rayuwar aurenku, ina muku fatar Alkhairi a zamanku, ina rokon Allah ya kawar da fitina da shaidan a ciki, wishing d most blessing, peaceful marriage life"_


Ur sister
Zainab Salis

Hawaye ne wani nabin wani ke sauka a idanunta, jimk'e takardar tayi da duka hannayenta biyu "nima nayi kishi dake sosai Aunty Zee, na d'auka kin kwace min Yaya Abdool ashe ba haka bane, na yafeki aunty Zee bakimin komai ba, kuma inshaa Allah, bazan tab'a banbamta junior da d'an da zan Haifa ba, ina sonsa sona gaske, Allah yakai haske k'abarinki, Allah ya sadamu a Aljannarsa mad'aukakiya don rahamarsa, missing u much Aunty Zee" duk Cikin kuka take maganar cike da nadamar abubuwan da tayi ma Dr Majeed, tasan komai ya faru laifin ta dan ita taja hankalinsa kuma tasan yaso ta tun kafin ta zama abarso, to yanzu ta ina zata fara bashi hak'uri?

Turo k'ofa akayi ganin tana hawaye yazo da sauri tare da rungume ta yana bubbuga bayanta, mamakine ya kamashi ganin bata tureshi ba saima k'ara lafewa da tayi a jikinsa, bai gama mamaki ba yaji ta zagayesa da duka hannayenta ta rungume shi.

"Pls yaya Sorry 4 everything I totally misunderstand u pls forgive me....!"

"Shitttt! U don't nothing wrong!" Ya katseta tare da d'ora yatsansa akan lip nata, bud'e baki tayi zatayi magana, kafin tace wani abu har had'e bakinsu guri d'aya, cikin wani irin salo yake kissing nata, itama ware wa tayi tana tayashi, sun kai 10mt haka, sannan ya fara zare bakinsa yana kallon ta k'asa-k'asa idanunsa sun canja launi zuwa ja, ita kuma sunkuyar da kanta tayi cike da kunya, mik'ar da ita yayi tare da d'aukar ta kamar wata baby doll, bai sauketa ko ina ba sai toilet, da kansa yayi mata alwala shima yayi sannan ya sake d'aukota direta yayi tare da shimfid'a musu darduma, sif ya bud'e ya d'auko mata zane da hijab, ita dai binsa kawai take da kallo, turare ya d'auko zai fesa "aa karka saka" tace, murmushi kawai yayi tare da mik'a mata, itama murmushin tayi masa Wanda rabon da yaga irinsa akan fuskarta har ya manta "nafayi sallah na" tace cikin siririyar muryarta.

Kashe mata ido d'aya yayi yana smiling "wannan special ce irin ta ma'aura wacce bamu samu damar yi ba zamuyi k'ara'i" turo baki tayi kamar wata yarinya, cikin wasa yasa yatsarsa ya buga bakin kad'an "common baby munada abubuwa a gabanmu masu yawa ga time na tafiya" d'aura zanin tayi tare da saka hijab d'in ba tare da tace komai ba.

Shigewa gaba yayi tare da jansu, raka'a 2 sukayi kamar yadda sunnah ta tanadar sannan ya dafa kanta ya shiga kwararo musu addu'a da harshen larabci da kuma hausa duka.

Saida yayi tsawon 30mnt yana addu'a, mik'ar da ita yayi sannan ya nad'e darduma tare da cire mata hijab da zanin ya ninke, gefen bed ya zaunar da ita sannan ya zauna shima, kama hannun ta yayi yace "nagode wa Allah daya nuna min wannan ranar da muka samu fahimta juna, zanyi marking nata cikin rana mai girma bayan first night namu, sannan nayi alk'awarin zan kula dake zan tarairayeka zan zamo hango abin jinginawarki zan kare mutuncinki zan rik'e amanar ki har abada, fatar zakiyi hak'uri dani da kuskurena idan nayi miki, ina mana fatar zaman lafia mai d'orewa".

Matse hannunsa tayi cikin nata " inshaa Allah zaka sameni mai biyayya a gareka, ta kowanne fanni zanyi iya k'ok'arina, Allah ya bamu Alkhairi mai dorewa a zamanmu"

Lumshe ido yayi wani dad'i na ratsashi yana feeling special, sannan yace "ameen uwargidana, one mnt" yace tare da mik'e wa yabar d'akin, plate ya dawo dashi a hannunsa, kayan cikine masu kyau a ciki da zafinsu sunji albasa, da tumatur da yaji sai k'amshi ke tashi, aiko d'iyar baffa tuni yawu ya tsinke, table ya janyo ya girke a gabanta tare da bud'e fridge d'inta ya d'auko fresh milk, stool din mirror ya janyo ya zaune yana fuskanta "bismilla" yace tare da d'aukar yanka d'aya zuwa bakinta, itama d'auka tayi ta bashi, a haka suka ciyar da juna cike da salon k'auna.

D'auke plate d'in yayi yakai kitchen ita kuma toilet ta shiga tayi brush, tare da hayewa kan bed, d'akin sa ya wuce yayi brush shima sannan ya dawo d'akin ta, kashe wutar yayi yabar deep one, sannan ya bita kan bed d'in, kusa da ita ya kwanta tare da leka fuskarta, likimo tayi yasani, murmushi yayi mai sauti tare da janyota zuwa jikinsa, anan suka shige wata duniya mai wuyar fassarawa romancing juna suke ba sassautawa duk da ranta fal tsoro, kasa daurewa tayi "pls yaya i'm scared kamin a sannu" Cikin kasalalliyar murya yace "feel free baby, ba zakiji zafi ba wannan Karon and zan biki a sannu ki saki jikinki kawai"....


Tun daga ranar zaman lafia ya wanzu tsakaninsu, soyayya suke kamar su cinye juna, ga kulawa da tarairaya da take samu wurinsa kamar wata sarauniya, lallai a yanzu ta k'ara yadda da ba kowa a zuciyar Abdool sai ita natane ita kad'ai, komai tare sukeyi tun daga, kullum suna manne da juna suna soyewa, datayi d'an motsi kad'an " mene ne, meya faru, unborn ne ko" duk ya rikice yana tambayan ta, haka idan hospital yake yana mak'ale da waya suna hira har dawo gida, baya jin shakkar nuna mata soyayya a gaban kowa, ko gidan Mami sukaje bayajin kunyar nuna mata k'auna da tarairayar ta, sai ita yake bari da kunya.

Tuni suka dawo da junior gurin su Inda suke nan nan dashi, Ramlah kuwa ta had'a kiba abinta ta k'ara haske, Abdool sai tsokanarta yake wai ta zama Auntynsa yanzu tunda ta fishi kiba, had'e fuska take kamar yarinya inya tsokaneta, junior kuwa saidai yayi ta dariya yace Maa ta dawo yayinya.

Sanda Iya Hari ta farfad'o ba abinda take fad'i sai "kai mini rai Jauro karka kasheni" sai tambayan ta ake meya had'a ta da Jauro, meya kaita jeji amma ba amsa sai kuka take tana rokon Jauro yayi mata rai.

Tsawon watansu uku a asibiti sannan Ard'o yace a dawo gida tun da raunukan sunyi sauki ayi maganin kariyar na gargajia, abun tausayi iya Hari duk ta jeme ta lalace dama can ya muke muna 'yan sarki, kullum cikin kuka take tana fad'in a kira mata Ramlah, idan aka tambayeta me zata mata saidai tai ta kuka tana ita dai a kawo mata Laure, Hinde kuwa likkafa taci gaba dan yanzu tabar k'auyen gaba d'aya tabi wani saurayinta birni, wai iya Hari ta dameta da doyi a gida, da yake ba'ayi mata wanka saidai a goge mata jiki kawai Wanda shima Shatu CE keyi kullum tana gidan tun safe sai dare take komawa gidanta, da yake mijinta bai da matsala, Lanti kam sai tayi sati bata zo ba kuma ko zuwan tayi saidai ta kame gefe tana mata sannu ko Inda take bata zuwa wai d'oyi takeyi, kuma a dalilin ta tasa 'yarta ta gudu saboda azabar d'oyi.

Ard'o ma zuwa yanzu tausaya mata yake sosai ganin yadda duniya ta juye da ita (hmm duniya kenan tafi bagaruwa iya jima).

Gashi har yanzu tak'i fad'ar meya kaita jeji amma yafi kyautata zaton ba Alkhairi bane, ga shanunta ya Nema ya rasa anyi juyin duniya tak'i fad'in in da ta kaisu, kullum saidai kuka daga an tambayeta, yanaso yaje Kaduna yaga Ramlah saidai ciwon Hari ya hanashi tafiya gashi sai kashin kud'i ake amma kamar ana k'ara ma ciwon tak'i ne (to dama duniya imma shakiran ce ko imma kafura 🀷🏽‍♀) Allah yasa mudace......

Manage pls

_ina cikin damuwa ina Neman Addu'arku Friends😣_

[10/3, 10:53 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

✨ *Servant of Majesty* ✨

πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


*_zuwa garemu writers, ban cire kaina ba, tambayace dani shin meyasa muke rubutu? Saboda samun fans masu zugamu suna cewa muci gaba da fire zasu bimu da fetur ko kuwa munayi ne saboda gyara? Bansan abinda ke ranku ba, amma abin da na sani shine kowace kalma da muka rubuta wallahi zamuyi bayani akanta a gaban ubangijinmu gobe k'iyama, shin muna tunanin idan muka doge da yadda muke rubutu a yanzu all about romancing sex, zamu tsira kuwa? Zamu iya hujja da rubutun mu gaban mahaliccin mu? As an advice we ar not too late even now, muyi k'ok'ari mu gyara mu, nidake dasu ana sabawa ubangiji dare da rana shi kuma mai gafara ne dare da rana muddin bawa yayi tuba mai kyau, so mu taimaki kanmu muyi amfani da basirar mu ta hanyar ceton al'umma daga wata musiba ba tsunduma su a ciki ba, idan har nayi/kikayi rubutu mai amfani koda mutum daya ya karanta ya amfana dake yafi mu rubuta barna mutum dubu su yaba mana, Wanda yabon iya Inda mukayi ne shikenan, ita kuwa azabar Allah tana can tana jiranmu a madakata, Allah yasa mu gane🀦🏽‍♀banyi dan cin zarafi ga kowa ba, duka nace so wacce ta tsargu ita taso ba ruwana.πŸ™…πŸΏ_*

*_oh!🀦🏽‍♀ Readers kuma ga naku....meyesa kuke son halaka kanku Ku halaka wasu gaba d'aya, without u impossible, saboda Ku ake rubutun nan, amma abin haushi yanzu idan novel ba bad'ala ba wacce zata cigiyesa amma idan ana batsa to yanzu kunyi chaa akansa kuna nema ko meye amfanin haka? Bansan meke ranku ba, amma abinda na sani shine kuna da babban kamisho a halakar writer, a duk lokacin da kuka an rubuta barna kuya kamata kuyi zanga-zanga ku kauracewa littafin Ku nuna anyi ba dai2 ba, amma ina bakwayi saidai ma Ku k'ara zuga writer d'in kuna fashemata kai kuna nuna mata masu gayamata gaskiya hasada suke mata, ko meye abin hasada a cikin rubutu na online Wanda ba riba a ciki, ribar d'aya idan ka rubuta abinda wani ya amfana ka samu lada that all faπŸ™…πŸΏ wanda muke zuwa neman lada mu tashi da zunubi, wallahi Readers kuji tsoron Allah Ku sani yana kallon mu, mu duka damu daku, kuma akwai ranar had'uwarmu dashi, so better mu tuba mu gyara, Allah yasa mudace ameenπŸ‘πŸ½_*

    πŸ“ *Episode* 231--235

Three months da tarewarsu lokacin cikinta na four months, aka fara bikin Nihal su Ramlah an dage sai hidima ake kullum gidan Mami take wuni sai dare Abdool ke d'aukar su, da sassafe kuma zai saukesu, kallo d'aya zakayi mata ka gane tana da ciki dan duk alamomin sun bayyana duk da bai fito ba ya boye a k'irji da hips, aiko tanashan tsiya gasu sadee wacce itama saura 2 months bikinta, Amal ma an saka mata rana ita da Ismail cousin d'in Abdool, "hmmm kuyi abinku ai dad'in ta dai duk kuna hanya kuma" sannan ta kalli Nihal "hehehe ke sisto kima daina biyesu dan saura k'iris ki jona ni" ta fad'a tana dariya harara Nihal ta aika mata ba tare datace komai ba, dan tunda satin bikin ya kama tasha jinin jikinta ganin rawan kan ya Hakeem ya sai k'aruwa yake.

Mutanen Besse dana Argungu duk sun iso, gida Mashaa Allah ya cika sai hidima akeyi.

Abdool ya taho d'ukarsu a parlour ya had'u dasu Inna "oh ni Habiba! Kaidai ka zama bita zai-zai to wuce yau ba inda zata" wani malalacin smiling yayi.

"Imma da abin yafi haka ki fad'a na yadda, amma ba abinda zai hanata tafiya yanzu" yace yana dialing no nata ganin bata gurin.

Turo baki tayi ganin kiran nasa, dariya Sadee tayi " 'yan matan  gidan Dr majeed yadai" harara ta jefa mata tare da kai mata duka, dariya ta k'arayi harda kashe mata ido d'aya, Amal kuwa dafa tayi  "manta su sisi jeki gani ko zai barki d'in" mayafinta ta Zara kawai tana fatar Allah yasa ya barta, dan tanaso sukai k'arshen shirye-shiryen Friends day da zasuyi gobe, gashi suna tsaka da tad'i ya k'atse su.

Bata bi takan Inna dake mata tsiya ba wucewa tayi abinta harabar gidan, saman motar ta hango shi shida Junior, suna firansu, tana isowa ya diro yana mata Murmushin nan nashi mai sanyi, mayar masa martani tayi tare da tambayansa office, ansawa yayi yana tambayan ta gajian hidima da unborn.

Bud'e mata murfin yayi kamar yadda ya saba saidai a maimakon ta shiga sai rik'e murfin tayi tana kallonsa da pity face "pls Yaya one favour?"

Ido ya zuba mata "oya said it all ears?"
"Um... dan Allah ka barmu mu kwana anan yau kaga bamu gama tsara event d'in gobe ba ka taho" junior jin me ta fad'a yasa yayi tsalle "Yawwa Maa nima inaso mu kwana gidan Mami"

Harara ya watsa ma Junior tuni yayi tsit sannan ya lafe a jikinta, ido kawai ya zuba mata baice komai ba,

"Pls Yaya yau d'aya, kafa junior ma naso"

"Aa baby nida unborn bamaso" ya fad'a da tana shafa cikinta, duk da ranta yaso ta tsaya amma ba yadda zatayi tunda har yace Aa to ta hak'ura dan basu saba musu ba, kuma tasan yana bata dama sosai to bai kamata ta shiga hakkinsa ba.

Fuskarta ba yabo ba  fallasa tace "shikenan bari in d'auko jakata"
Shan gabanta yayi "fushi baby.. Pls sorry banyi dan in bata ranki ba, kinsan bazan iya barin ki a wani gun ba ni kuma ina wani gu har tsawon kwana inba da lalura ba" ganin yadda ya marairaice mata, yasa ta saki fuskar hadda murmushi "am OK Yaya jaka kawai zan d'auko I understand u".

Duk da haka bai barta taje ba wai kada ta wahala sai Nihal ya kira yace ta bawa Abduljabbar ya kawo musu, ita dai sai kallonsa take wannan k'auna da Yaya ke mata anya ana yiwa wata mace irinta ko(saini akewa irinta lol)

Haka akayi bikin Nihal aka gama ta tare gidan Masoyinta dake unguwar dosa, shima cikin hospital d'in Abdool yayi nasa ginin dan shima anan zai zauna, inda hakan yaiwa Ramlah dad'i sosai sisto ta dawo kusa da ita, sun bar Mami da kewa yanzu daga ita sai su Husna.

Kullum idan mazajensu sun fita zasu had'u gidan d'aya suyi ta firarsu girki ma tare sukeyi, saidai kawai wacce ba gidanta akayi ba ta zuba a flask ta kai nata gidan basu zasu rabu ba sai dare dan bacci dan ko mazajen sun dawo saidai su zauna a yi dasu, da yake har yanzu ba'ayi lunch d'in bud'e hospital d'in ta Abdool ba.

Burin abokan ya cika na zama guri d'aya da iyalansu Wanda tun suna school suke da wannan burin, junior kam ya zama d'an gata kowa nan nan ake dashi shalelen paa da Maa da Aunty da Uncle.


Lokacin da Abdool yayi mata scanning ya k'asa gane abinda ke cikin ya d'unk'ule guri d'aya, amma nauyinsa da girmansa yafi k'arfin watannin sa Wanda hakan ba k'aramin d'aga masa hankali yayi ba, saidai dole ya b'oye dan gudun tayar mata da hankali, searching ya shiga nan ya gane akwai twins masu dunk'ulewa su zama d'aya inda camera ba zata iya rabe su sai a d'auka d'aya ne, nan hankali yad'an kwanta yana jin farinciki idan suka kasance twins  saidai yana tausaya mata haihuwar fari ga, amma ai yana nan zai bata dukkan kulawar da ta dace.

Cikinta na 6months akayi bikin sadee da uncle Lukman d'in ta, zuwa yanzu cikin Ramlah ya fito sosai duk kibar da tayi ta rage, ga nauyi tsiya da cikin ke mata dak'ar tayi performance a bikin Sadee, Abdool ma dan yasan matsayin Sadee ne a gurinta da irin kulawarta garesu da bazai barta taje mata ba.

Mami ma ganin yadda cikin yayi ta tausaya mata saidai ganin yadda Abdool ke bata kulawa ga kuma Nihal kusa yasa hankalinta kantawa saidai duk da haka duk bayan kwana biyu tana zagayo su.

Ard'o ma dayazo ganin halin da take ciki yasa yak'i gayamata ciwon Hari, duk da ciwon nata ba sauk'i kullum sai k'aruwa yake, ga kullum kuka take tana kiran a kawo mata Ramlah.........

_kuyi hakuri dani dai na shiga busy ne anyi mana haihuwa ga lafia bata isheni ba, satinnan dai sai a slow pls ayi hakuri dani #one love# 😍😘_

[10/10, 5:46 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
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(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


'''An karb'o daga d'an Umar Allah ya yadda dasu yace "manzon Allah tsira da amincin Allah su tabbata a garesa yana cewa :-
                 An umarceni in da in yak'i mutane har sai sun yarda babu abin bautawa da gaskiya sai Allah kuma sun yadda annabi Muhammad manzon Allah ne, su tsaida sallah su bayar da zakka, idan suka aikata haka toku tayani kare jininsu da dukiyarsu, kada a tab'a mutuncinsu sai tare da wani hakkin musulunci, hisabinsu yana a gurin Allah mad'aukakin sarki.'''+

*Bukhari da Muslim suka ruwaito shi(arba'una hadith)*πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

❤my parrot Hafsat M(rayuwar Aurena na fire aci gaba da gashi😜) love dear thanks 4 d careπŸ‘ŒπŸ»i really appreciate😍

My name sake i really miss u sweetheartπŸ˜ͺ Maryam Y zango❤

My neighbour Zee Yabour ina cigiyarki dear kin buya😫

Am back a gain my half my true friends thanks for d care😘😘😘
Ina yabawa da readers masu bibiyar rubutu na musamman masu ganin kuskure suyi gyara heart dearies aci gaba da gyara mana kuskure a duk Inda aka hangoshi zamu gyara inshaa Allah😘😘😘😘#one love #

      πŸ“ *Episode* 236--240

Kwanaki biyu Ard'o yayi ya koma bayan ya cikawa Ramlah galan da rubutu yace tana sha tana shafawa a jiki kullum safe da marece, kamar ko yaushe tsaraba sosai akayi masa, Ramlah ji take kamar ta bishi saidai ba daman haka duk da ya gayamata ko lafia yake jikinta na bata ba lafia, ga yawan mafarkin iya Hari da take a cikin mawuyacin hali, tanaso taje gareta dan komai tayi mata a rayuwa ba zata k'ita ba tunda tana sonta kuma tana mata fatar gane gaskiya.

Sanda ya koma ya isko ciwon Hari yayi tsanani ga wani wari da k'afar ke fitar wa hakan ya tilasta su komawa hospital, Shatu itama duk ta jeme itama yanzu har bacci gunta takeyi, saboda tausayin halin da take ciki, Lanti kam mijinta yace duk ta k'ara zuwa gidan a bakin aurenta, dama mai neman kuka an jefesa da kashin awaki Mike kafarta tayi dama ta gaji da zuwa gidan, ga Hinde ba labari ta shige duniya saidai tana yi musu sak'o hakan yasa basu damu da sai tazo ba, ita kuma tana can ta zama rijiyar kowa itadai muradi ta samu shegun(Allah ya shirya muna zuria).


Zaune take tayi nisa cikin tunani, fitowa yayi cikin shirinsa na fita hospital cikin suit dark blue sai k'amshi yake zubawa kamar yayi b'arin perfume, sumarsa se sheki take, ga man pride nasa yasha gyara sai kyalli yake(ni kuma nace kai wannan da mace ne da anga iyayi, anya Dr zai tsufa kuwa kullum gashinan d'an chas dashi kamar d'an 20, shiyasa Hafsat da Ayshat suka nace a kansa shi kuma yace ba wata daga 'yar Baffa) lol.

Da saurinsa ya isa gareta tare da hure mata ido, sauke numfashi tayi tare dayi mishi smiling, bata fuska yayi "baby ba zaki daina ba ko koso kike nima nawa jinin ya hau ne?" Ya fad'a tare da kafeta da mayun idonsa.


"Sorry my half bafa tunani nake ba, koma tunani ai saidai inyi naka kawai" ta fad'a cikin shagwab'a tana shafa man pride nasa.

"Uh um Baby kada kiyi kalya fa kin san son naki yake Ba kyau, pls ki dena baby it will effect u and unborn too"

Dariya tayi "um my son Ana can anayi ma Mami rigima nasan".

Lakuce mata hanci yayi " ai wannan son naki ke kad'ai ke iyawa da kayanki Mami kam zanesa kawai zatayi".

"Ai duk Kaine ka b'atamin yaro da rigimarka" tace cike da tsokana.

Zaro ido yayi "Zainab dai" yace tare da harararta cikin sigar wasa.

"Ba ruwan Aunty Zee, Mami ma take ka fisa rigima da kake kamarsa ai sun sha fama itada Aunty Asma'u" dungure mata kai yayi "Allah sarki Aunty nah ta kaina" sannan ya harareta "Ku jimun yarinyar nan wai ta girma itama to koma dai meye nine yayanki" dariya ya bata yadda yayi maganar kamar wani Junior.

"Hhhhhh Yaya wlh bakaji" ta fad'a tana ci gaba da dariya tsura mata ido yayi yana kallon ta ko kiftawa bayayi hadda aza hannu a haba, sai da tayi mai isarta sannan ta tsagaita kallon tayi tare da d'aga masa gira alaman kallon fa.

Smiling yayi tare da rungumeta tsam yana kissing gefen wuyanta " I always love u baby I always wanna see u in happy baby, keep being like that baby love more and much in every second of my life ur love is uncountable" itama k'ara hugging nasa tayi tare da lumshe ido tana jin dad'in maganganunsa dan tasan daga zuciyarsa suke fitowa "love u too my half ur my everything ur my life soulmate" tace idonta lumshe tana shakar k'amshinsa mai sanyaya zuciya.

"Yaya time na tafia kada ka makara fa, nima zan shiga na duba sister dan tun jiya bataji dad'i ba" tace tana duba watch d'in hannunta "kodai itama tabi layinki ne?" Yace ba tare daya d'ago

"To muje kaji daga bakinta" harara ya watsa mata "kinfa renani yarinyar nan" 'yar dariya tayi ba tare da tace komai ba

Zamewa yayi daga jikinta tare da mik'ar da ita tare da saka mata hijab d'in ta, kallon ta yayi tayi kyau cikin atamfar ta red & milk, hijab milk slipper ne a kafanta milk suma batayi kwalliya ba powder kawai ta shafa sai lip gloss, tayi kyau ga cikinta yayi tutsu  a gaba kamar wacce zata haihu yanzu, light kiss yayi mata a lip "u look like take away, kodai na fasa fitane?"
Smiling tayi "banason fitina ni Muje don Allah" shima smiling yayi sannan suka fice, a parlour suka samu Hakeem ya tasa Nihal gaba yana rarrashi sai shagwab'a take zuba mishi yana biyeta, d'aure fuska Abdool yayi bayan sun gaisa "meye wannan sakarcin kukeyi anan, ke hala yarinya ce kike wani narkewa" yace yana kallon Nihal, k'asa tayi da Kanta tare da nutsuwa dan har yanzu tsoron Abdool take.

"Ha'ah malam ya haka? Haka kawai zakazo ka takuramin mata ko lafia bata isheta ba, Aa nifa in ba jinya kazo ba kama kanka kawai banason takura haba" Hakeem yace yana watsa mishi harara.

Tsaki Abdool yayi "to me mata ni kaga tafiyata" yace tare da ficewa, binsa da kallo Ramlah tayi "kai ya Abdool rigima ko meye nasa na muzurai haka? Shegen son girma" tace a ranta.

Rarrashin Nihal Hakeem yayi sannan ya fita yana fad'in ya bawa Ramlah amana kafin ya dawo dariya tayi tace to zata yi iya k'ok'arin ta, a mota ya samu mutumin nasa yana ta cika da batsewa shi dariya ya basa wlh wai talle kema Audi gori, nan zukayi rikicinsu sannan aka dawo normal da yake kar tasan kar.

Bayan Sun wuce ne Ramlah tace "anya sisto kodai-kodai" tana dariya.

"Um bafa komai sisto Malaria ce" tace tana dariya, itama dariya tayi "gara da kika ba kanki dariya, indai ta ruba maji d'oyi....."

Cikin Ramlah ya shiga wata tara ga Nihal na fama da laulayi hakan yasa dole Abdool ya d'auki Hutu shike mata komai zama dak'ar tashi dak'ar cikin kuwa yayi wani irin girma kamar ba cikin fari ba, sau hudu Abdool nayi mata scanning amma ya kasa gane komai dan abu d'aya yake gani saidai girmansa yafi k'arfin na yaro d'aya, ya shiga damuwa sosai kullum tunanin haihuwar yake ga tausayinta daya addabesa, itama duk da akwai kuruciya tana shiga damuwa akan nauyin cikin yayi mata over itakam bata tab'a ganin ciki mai girman nata ba, ga bacci dak'ar takeyi kullum cikin Addu'a suke, Mami ma tanayi musu sosai, tuni ta maida junior gurin ta, kullum saita kirata yatakejin jikinta? Idan taji ba dai2 ba ta fad'a kada tayi shiru fa? Kusan kullum hakane.

Yauma dak'ar ta samu tayi bacci, can cikin baccinta taji kamar an mintsile ta, a Mara Aa Abu kamar wasa sai gaba yake juyi ta farayi tana laluben Abdool, tana kiransa.

Abdool dake kan sallaya yana sallah kamar yadda ya saba, mafi yawan Addu'ar sa a yanzu bata wuce fatar Allah ya sauketa lafia ba, anyi sa'a yana raka'ar k'arshe.

Yana sallamewa ya isa gareta cikin rud'ewa "baby menene haihuwar ce? Ya tambayeta yana dubata, girgiza masa kai tayi cikin jin zafi " Yaya marata bayana zasu balle Yaya zafi, wayyo Yaya" dak'ar ya samu ya tattaro nutsuwarsa ya shiga dubata haihuwa ce amma tana da d'an nisa,

Wayarsa ya ciro ya kira Dr ma'aruf da Dr  Zaid sannan Dr Sharhabila, suna ganin kiransa sun San kwanan zancen dan ya gaya musu a hospital d'in sa yakeso matarsa ta haihu, dan haka su zama cikin shiri da lokacin yayi zaiyi invite nasu, Hakeem ya kira shima yana ganin kiran ko Nihal bai tayar ba ya fito a filin gidan ya samesu ya riketa suna zagayawa.

Key ya bashi na hospital d'in yace ya bud'e da musu, ba dadewa saiga Drs d'in sun iso, zuwa lokacin ko tafiya bata iyayi sai nishi kawai take, Abdool duk yayi kalar tausayi, Dr Sharhabila ce ta shiga bata taimako amma shiru ba labari, fitowa tayi duk ta had'a gumi, gogewa tayi tare da kallon su duk sun zuba mata ido.

"A gaskiya tana shan wuya and as u we know babyn yayi mata girma ba zata iya haihuwar sa da Kanta ba, so inaga data jigata ko a bata lokaci azo a samu matsala better gwanda ayi masa C/S d'in kawai yanzu.

Tashin hankali k'arara a fuskar Abdool duk dama yasan da maganar amma kuma ya kasa jurewa gani yake itama tafiya zatayi kamar Zainab, aiko idan hakan ta faru yasan yayi bankwana da farinciki, saurin kawar da tunanin yayi dan baya fatan hakan ta kasance.

Dr Ma'aruf ne ya dafa sa " karka karaya Abokina don't forget ur a Dr kasan komai game da irin wannan just be strong, inshaa Allah zamuyi nasara" haka dai sukeyi ta bashi baki har ya samu courage sannan sukeyi shirin shiga theatre.

Hakeem ne ya kira Mami, yana gayamata ko magana basu k'are ba ta katse wayar, cikin gaggawa tayima maid bayani abinda ake ciki sannan ta dauki motarta ta fito, duk da gab da asuba ba hakan bai hanata fitowa ba.

Sun shirya tsaf Dr Sharhabila ta shirya Ramlah yana fitowa da ita akan be zuwa theatre room, ganin halin da take ciki na shan wuya yasa Abdool zubar da hawaye zuciyarsa ta karye, hannunta ya kama, murmushin k'arfin hali tayi masa "Yaya ka dena kuka pls kayimin Addu'a kaji, pls ka yafemin koda ban tashi ba ka kula da son da babyn da zan haifa idan Allah ya rayashi, pls Yaya kada kayi kuka"

Maganganun ta suna kama dana Zee kaddai itama ban kwana take masa, jikinsa sanyi yayi k'alau, kasa shiga theatre room d'in yayi, ba yadda basuyi dashi ba, yak'i dole suka wuce suka barshi nan, jin yayi duniya ta masa zafi gaba d'aya.

Motarsa ya d'auka ya fice daga hospital d'in gaba d'aya, shi kansa baisan Inda ya nufa ba.

Shigarsu ba dad'ewa Mami ta iso ana kiraye-kirayen Asuba, gidan Nihal ta wuce anan tayi sallah sannan sai lokacin Nihal taji meke faruwa nan hankalinta ya tashi sosai bayan sun yi Sallah suka isa cikin hospital d'in.

Ba abin take maimaitawa sai Addu'ar nan ta samun sauk'i wato *"Allahumma la sahla illah ma sahaltahum wa anta aj'alar hazna Iza shi'ita sahla"*har akayi mata allurar bacci Kalmar da ke bakinta kenan har bacci ya d'auketa.

Cikin nasara da iyawar ubangiji, cikin sauk'i sukayi nasarar ciro jarirai guda 4 daga jikinta lafiyayyu kyawawa na gaske nan fa Dr Sharhabila ta riked'e ta dawo unguzoma cikin k'ank'anin lokaci ta gyarasu tsaf cikin lallausan over roll kowa da kalar nasa, sai santin yaran Drs keyi kowannensu rige-rigen kiran Dr Abdool yake saidai wayoyinsa duk a kashe hakan suka hak'ura da kiransa suka maida Ramlah d'akin Hutu.

Dawowar Hakeem daga masallaci yayi dai2 da isowar su Mami nan suka had'u suka shiga a tare, Wanda yayi dai da Dr Sharhabila ya turo yaran a cikin d'an bed irin na kids dake asibitin dan Hospital d'in ba k'arya taji kayan aiki designers, rige-rigen isa gurinsu su Mami sukayi mamaki da farinciki ya Hana su magana, sai murmushin farinciki sukeyi suka shiga santin yaran daketa bacci maza 2 mata 2, lallai Allah mai iko fidda rai cikin rai sai Allah, ya b'oye sanin sa da baiwarsa a cikinta ya dungule kamar d'aya Ashe har had'u ne.

Drs ne suka fito suma fuskokinsu d'auke  da farinciki barka sulayima su Mami sannan suka wuce masjed dan gabatar da Sallah.

Gurin Ramlah sukaje suka dubata har yanzu bata tashi ba, gida Nihal ta koma tare da Dr Sharhabila don tayi sallah ita kuma ta had'a musu kari, akabar Mami da Hakeem a nan.

Mami ganin har su Dr, ma'aruf sun dawo ba Dr Abdool yasa ta tambayesa nan suka ce sun d'auka ma ita yaje d'akkowa dan tun da ya fita bai dawo ba kuma ga wayoyinsa duk a kashe..

Abdool kuwa tunda ya fita baima San ina ya dosa ba tafiya kawai yake, jin ana kiran sallah ne ya cilasta masa tsayawa a wani masallaci ya shiga yayi sallah, anan yayi sallarsa ya duk'ufa da Addu'ar samun sauk'i da nasara ga Ramlah, saida haske ya fito sannan ya fito daga masallacin, hankalinsa ne ya koma a yaje yaga ya ake ciki, tunda duk ya kashe wayoyinsa bale a kirasa hakan yasa ya shiga motarsa baisan yayi nisa da hospital ba saida yaga unguwar da yake, hakan yasa ya shiga sharara gudu dan Ramlah kawai yakeson gani a yanzu.........

_every body shoki 'yan 4 sun iso_ πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’‹


[10/12, 6:29 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)

*_An karb'o daga Abu huraira Allah ya yarda dashi yace" manzon Allah (S.A.W) yace :- kalmomi biyu masu sauk'in fad'a a harshe, masu nauyaya mizani, mafi soyuwa a gurin ubangiji sune, subhanallahi wabihamdihi subhanallahil azeem_* πŸ‘ŒπŸ»+

(Husnul Muslim)

_gareku k'awayen kirki, alkhairin Allah ya riskeku aduk inda kuke, kuna raina koda kuwa munyi nisa da junaπŸ˜₯ Maryam warah, maryam D/gari, Maleeka auta, Sakina mungadi, fareeda sama'ila, Auntynah Dija #double love my boo😍😘_

       πŸ“ *Episode* 241--245

Kicib'is sukayi da Mami a reception, harara Mami ta watsa masa "ina ka shiga ne? Kuma duk wayoyinka a Kashe tsabar renin wayo"

K'eyarsa ya shafo da hannunsa, har yanzu hankalinsa a tashe yake, amma ganin Mami cikin normal mode, yasa hankalinsa yadan kwanta "yi hak'uri Mami wlh hankali nane ya tashi shiyasa na kashe wayoyin, Ramlah fa Mami ta sauka?"

"Tana ciki" ta ansa mishi a tak'aice, tare da wucewa abinda, yasan fushi take dashi shiyasa tak'i kulashi, da sauri yayi gaba da Dr Ma'aruf yaci karo "Dr Abdool where have u been? And urs phones is off?"

"Hmmm am not in mood that time, have u successful C/S??" Ya fad'a yana zuba masa ido.

Fad'ad'a murmushin fuskarsa yayi "congrat my friends ur wife and d baby's are in good conditions"
         Wani gauron numfashi ya sauke tare da Rumgesa hadda d'an kwallar farinciki bakinsa d'auke da hamdala da godiyar ubangiji "nagode sosai abokina Allah yabar zumunci, ina take yanzu?"

Kafin ya bashi amsa su Dr Sharhabila suka iso tare jariran, ware ido sosai yayi yana kallon baby's d'in sannan ya kalli Dr Sharhabila baki sake.

Murmushi tayi "all is urs Dr" ta fad'a, anan ya zube yana sujudush shukur, Bakin bed d'in ya tsaya tare da zubawa yaran ido sai motsi suke a hankali alaman suna son tashi "lallai Allah mai girma shi keyi a inda yaso kuma ga Wanda yaso a lokacin da yaso ba tare da karfi ko dabara ba, Allah na gode maka da wannan babbar kyautar da kayi mana" ya fad'a a ransa, nan su Dr Sharhabila suka shiga tayashi murna, shima godiya yayi musu sannan yayi ma yaran Addu'a kamar yadda akewa kowane jariri na musulmi a koyarwar manzon rahama tare da yi musu Addu'a.

Dr Sharhabila ce tace ya kamata Ramlah ta farfad'o yanzu, d'akin da take yaje da sauri dan ganin ta kawai yafiso a yanzu, shigarsa tayi dai2 da fara motsinta, da sauri ya isa gareta tare da yanyota zuwa jikinsa yana kallon ta, sannu a hankali ta fara bud'e idonta fes idonta ya sauka a kansa yana mata murmushi, lumshe idon tayi tare da k'ara bud'e su, a tunanin mafarki take, shidin dai ne to amma meya kawo wannan sabon gurin? Sannu kwakwalwarta ta tariyo mata abinda ya faru, hannunta takai kan cikinta jin sakayau ga zafi da taji a gurin ya sakata fara k'okarin tashi.
      Maida ita yayi tare da shafa mata kai yana mata magana a kunne wacce nidai Meryerm Abdool banji me yake cewa ba, ganin nai ta lumshe ido tana murmushi (nace to harkin manta kenan da zafin).


Turo k'ofa akayi Dr Sharhabila ce ta shigo tana murmushi "sannu Madam kin farfad'o sannu ya kikejin yanayin jikin yanzu?" Tace tana gyara bed d'in na babys data shigo dasu dai2 gadon nasu.

Cikin siriyar murya tace "Alhmdllh da sauk'i" ba tare data bud'e ido "baby tashi kiga yaran ki" Abdool ya rad'a mata a kunne.

D'an bud'e ido tayi ganin yara har 4 yasa ta zaro ido ta kallesu dakyau sannan ta maida kallon ta gareshi mai cike da tambaya, lumshe ido yayi tare da smiling, ya Dora hannunsa kan k'irjinsa ya rungume hannayen nasa sannan girgiza mata kai alamar eh.

Murmushi Dr Sharhabila tayi tare da ficewa tana fad'in "wishing u spreed and quick recovery" sun burgeta matuk'a.

"Bansan me zance maki ba baby nagode sosai da wannan kyautar mai girma"

"Yaya ya zanyi dasu sunyimin yawa"
         Smiling yayi "baby zaki iya Allah bazai dorawa rayuwa abinda yafi k'arfin ta ba, Ki kwantar da hankalinki inshaa Allah zaki iya kinji"
Girgiza kai tayi alaman to sannan tace Cikin sanyi" Yaya haihuwa da zafi bazan k'ara ba" dariya mai sauti yayi "haba baby nah kefa jaruma ce, nida ke tunanin next year ki bani wasu 4" yace cike da tsokana, zaro ido tayi tare da kwab'e fuska zatayi kuka "oh sowie jarumata wasa nake fa" yace yana mata dariya ransa fal farinciki tsantsa.

Ba dad'ewa su Mami tare da nihal suka dawo da abun karyawa, suka karya sannan suka kintsa aka wuce da ita hospital d'in su Abdool dama burinsa kawai Ramlah ta haihu a hospital d'in sa, admitting nata akayi nan fa akaci gaba da bata kulawa ta musamman ita da yaranta.


Tuni asibiti ta cika da 'yan barka su Sadee har an kawo jiki sai yaba kyawun baby's d'in kowa keyi gasu manya ba laifi kamar d'aya d'aya, biyu sukayi kamannin uwa fatar uba, biyun kamannin uba fatar uwa.

Lokacin da junior yaga yaran washe baki yayi yana kallon su ya tab'i wannan ya yayi ma wannan kiss yayi wannan wasu duk ya rud'e yace "Maa duk nawa ne?" Smiling tayi masa Mami tace "duk naka ne beran masar saura ka koya musu bannar da rashin jin" dariya kawai yace yaga yaran da yafi girma shima ya zama babba.

Mutan Argungu ma sun iso jin wannan babbar kyautar wannan karon hadda Baba, Ard'o kam jikin Hari ya hanashi zuwa sai lokacin ya gayamusu halin da take ciki Mami ta janjanta sosai tace inshaa zasuzo bayan suna, Ramlah kam hadda hawayenta Ashe shiyasa tayi ta mafarkinta Ashe da gaske tana cikin mawuyacin hali fatar samun sauk'i tayi mata, Abdool ma ya jinjina al'amarin.

Alh Sada ma yazo yaga 'ya'yan nasa tare da basu kyauta mai tsoka, su Amal duk sun zo sai tarairayar yaran ake feeding kawai ke had'a su da Ramlah, Nihal, sadee, Amal kullum asibiti suke wuni sai dare ga kuma nurses masu kula dasu na musamman, ga uban gayyar shima yana kusa, satinsu d'aya aka sallamesu.

Abdool an gyara gida a tunanin sa can zasu wuce sai jin yayi Mami tace gidanta zasu nuna ba halin musawa duk da ransa baiso ba, dan har yanzu Mami bata huce dashi a ganin ai wauta ce ba rudu ba.

Nihal sai kullum suna gidan Mami sai dare Hakeem ke zuwa ya d'auketa da sassafe ya sauketa Sadee ma hakan ce, nan fa Ramlah ta samu bakinta sai tsiya take zuba musu don kowacce na d'auke da cikinta sai kwad'ayi suke zubawa Amal ma an kusa amarcewa.

Inna da Mami sun dage da gyaran Ramlah gyara na musamman irin na 'yan Sokoto Ard'o ma ya Aiko da sako, Abdool ko gida bayason komawa saboda gidan ba dad'i, yasan ko yace ya dawo Mami ba zata bari ba sai wani kaffa-kaffa take da Ramlah Sam bata barinsa zama gurinta.

Ranar suna anyi shagali wai barinyi shiru dai amma kuma dai kunsan ba dama Sa biyu da rago shida aka yanka, kaya kuwa kamar wani mahaukaci kowane jariri da nashi set, itama mai jego tasha kaya hadda kyautar mota k'arama irin ta mata k'irar Mercedes ash color.


Biki yayi biki can na hango 'yan *Abdulmajid fans* a gaban kasko my parrot an tattare zani ana gyaran hanji, mom zee sai k'ok'arin gyara wuta tace Aysha na zuba mai a kasko maman khady sai yankan nama ake ana aikawa baki anga banza ta fad'i, lubna ba sauk'i anata shan fanta, dear na Raheenat sai cin rengem ake ana korawa da coke su maman Nana, Aziza, zuzu, zee mai Kano, maryam cool sai hadije yawu ake anji hanji ya fara k'amshi, nace oh Abdulmajid fans kwad'ayi  sun kama hanji sai aiki suke masa ba sassauta to kudai ragewa dotana kada Ku cinye gaba d'aya. Lol.

Yara sunci *Abdullah, Abdurrahman, Amatullah, Amaturrahman* Allah ya raya akan sunnah yasa mahaddata Qur'an ne.

Dangi kowa ya taka rawar gani yayi bajinta sun suna 'yan hud'u 'yan gatane gaba da baya, anyi suna lafia an watse lafia, Allah ya raya yaba mai jego lafiar shayarwa...........

*Remgem ren gemgem shinkafa da dad'i wlh tanada dad'i* πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œ

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[10/13, 9:20 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


*_Manzon Allah tsira da amincin Allah su tabbata a garesa yana cewa "ba zaku shiga aljannah ba har sai kunyi imani, ba zakuyi imani ba harsai kunso junanku, in baku labarin ta yaya zakuso junanku? To Ku yad'a sallama a tsakaninku_*πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

*_Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullah wa barakatuhu ya ihwatih fil Islam* πŸ™‹πŸΎ

      πŸ“ *Episode* 246--250

Abdool ya shiga busy saboda shirye-shiryen bud'e hospital nasa da sukeyi bai zaunu ba, wata rana ma through out day su Ramlah ba zasu ganshi ba saidai waya kawai, Mami kam ta dage da gyara 'yar tata,tuni na hau sheki fatarta tayi smooth tayi k'iba abinta, yan 4 sunyi bulbul dasu a dan Ramlah akwai kyawun Mama ga kuma sinadarai da madara da Abdool ya kawo musu wand'anda zasu k'ara musu lafia da kuzari, junior kullum yana mak'ale da Maa d'insa, Inna da Nany ne iyayen renon su Amatullah su Husna ma muddin suna gida suma suna tare dasu.

Bukin bud'e hospital aka gudanar Inda ya samu halartar mai girma governor na Kaduna State da k'ungiyar likitoci ta kaduna state misnistan lafia, asibitin ta samu karbesu gun k'usosin Gwannati, sannan ta cika duk wasu sharudda na asibiti mai zaman kanta, duba da yadda aka zuba kayan aiki na zamani wad'anda a yanzu ba'a cika samun a kowacce hospitals ba, an nashi number yabo tare da jinjina masa akan namijin k'ok'arin da yayi akan hospital d'in tare da jawabin yabo da mai girma governor yayi tare da Jan hankali up coming Dr dayin koyi da Matashin Dr Inda yace idan ana samun iri-irensu masu kishin k'asa to tabbas za'ayi nasara sosai a fannin lafia kuma za'a yak'i cututtuka da dama tun anan gida Nigeria basai an fita zuwa k'asashen wasu ba, haka dai kowa ya tofa albarkacin bakinsa tare da mik'a kambun girma ga iyayensa a matsayin su na wad'anda suka ginashi suka tallafa masa ta hanyar taimakonsa da bashi ilimi mai kyau har yakai wannan mataki, Aka kuma ja hankali iyaye akan suyi koyi da iyayen Dr Abdool su dage akan ilimin 'ya'yansu both islam and western dan shine kad'ai gatan da zakayi ma d'an ka a rayuwa saboda ilimi shine gishirin zaman duniya.


Mami dake gefe sai murmushi take tana jin dad'in ganin wannan rana da Allah ya nuna musu Abdool ya zama wani Abu a rayuwa har ana buga misali dashi wannan kad'ai ya isheta farinciki, Alhaji Sada hadda kwallarsa ta farinciki ina ma Auwal na kusa yaga wannan abin farinciki, Ramlah ma ji take kamar ta tashi sama dan farinciki tanaji tafi kowa sa'ar miji a rayuwa, ganin yan mata sai pics sukema Abdool yasa tasha kunu ta had'a rai ganin my parrot ta dage ta zak'alk'ale ita da my Aysha, Abdool kuwa idonsa na Kanta ganin yadda tasha kunu yasan labarin yasa sai jifarta da murmushi yake sannan yak'i kula kowa duk nacin Hafsi saida ta sarara masa, dan yak'i basu fuska, wow kawai 'yan matan gurin ke fad'i sunaji inama wannan young Dr mallakinsu ne.

Gurin dinner da akaje Ramlah na mak'ale Dr ko kunyar Mami bataji idonta ya rufe da kishi, sunkuyawa Abdool yayi Dai2 kunnenta "Haba baby irin wannan rikon ai sai ki kashemin kasuwa" harara ta watsa masa tare da kwab'e fuska tana d'an dukan k'irjinsa cike da tab'ara, nan fa masu camera suka shiga basu pics dan sun burge ba kad'an ba wasu sai fad'i suke "wow perfect match" tuni jikin wasu yayi sanyi  ganin madarar k'auna a fili, Mami sai murmushi take tana k'ara godewa Allah, su sadee, Nihal duk ana gurin ana aikin na kwad'ayi. Lol

Taron yayi perfect anan aka bashi lasisi na tabbacin Asibitin sa ta samu k'arbuwa 100%, taro ya watse kowa na farinciki da murna, Abdulmajid fans baki kamar ya yage dan murna sun cika burgamensu da kayan mak'ulashe(oh wad'anda mutanen burinsu baza ta fad'i kawai subi takai) lol.


Watan su Ramlah d'aya Abdool ya fara k'orafin su dawo, gaba Mami ta saka shi ta mishi tass tace suda komawa sai sun k'ara 2 months kuma da ta k'are wanka zasuje can kilgori suga halin da ake ciki dan baffa ne da kansa ya buk'aci haka, Ba yadda ya iya Ya hak'ura saidai idan Mami batanan yakan zagaya gurin Ramlah tayi masa 'yan dubaru dan tasan kalar mijin nata, duk iya nacin sa bata yadda anje, kullum da rigima suke rabuwa dan idan ya aza mata daru ji take kamar ta bashi ta huta amma idan ta tuna da gargad'in Mami saita fasa, fushi yahau da ita ya daina kulata iyakarsa parlour idan yazo ya nan yake zama da yaran sa, haka yai fushin har ya gaji, lokacin ne tafiyarsu ta tashi gashi yayi dai2 da auren Amal kwanansu 3 a Sokoto suka sha biki sannan suka wuce kilgori...


Tunda suka shigo cikin garin take binsa da kallo tsawon shekarun da ta d'auka bata ba a samu wani dogon canji a ciki ba kusan ma yananan yadda yake saidai abinda ba'a rasa ba, tsayuwar su k'ofar gidan ne ya k'ara tsananta bugun k'irjinta da Ard'o sukaci k'aro a k'ofar gidan, washe baki yayi yana musu sannan da isowa sannan yayi musu jagora zuwa ciki.

Gidan ma na nan yadda yake ba canji, k'ark'ashin bishiyar tsakar gidan ta hango Gwaggo Shatu tana yima wacce ke kwance jagab an lullub'e kusan rabin jikinta basa hango fuskarta, mahucin Shatu ta aje tare da tasowa tana musu sannu da zuwa fusksrta cike da tambaya dan itakam bata ganesu ba "sannu Gwaggo mun sameku lafia?" Ramlah tace, bud'e baki Shatu tayi tare da nunata da yatsa "Laure keta? Keta(kece) kika bacemin gaba dai ban ganeki ba" tace tana rungumeta "nice Gwaggo ya bayan rabuwa yasu Salmanu sun girma ko?" Tace suna k'arasawa gindin bishiyar da sauri Shatu ta d'auko sabuwar tabarma ta shimfid'a musu tare da kawo musu ruwan Randa masu sanyi "su Salmanu sun zama samari, wad'annan ne jikokin nawa?" Tace tana zama tare da k'ara gaisawa dasu Mami da inna da Nihal sai kuma nany, dake inna bata koma ba sai yanzu ta biyosu su daga nan su isa can.

Murmushi kawai Ramlah tayi, sai Mami ce ta amsa mata sannan tace "ya mai jikin ko tana ciki ne" dan Sam bata kula da ita ba.

"To alhmdllh ta samu sauk'i, ai gatanan ta samu yin bacci" tace tare da nuna musu ita, idon Ramlah ne ya sauka kan Iya Hari dake kwance kamar tsumma duk da dama can bamai jiki bace amma kam ta k'ara lalacewa ta yankwane ta tsofe sosai, nan take zuciyarta ta tsinke cikin sasarfa ta isa gareta tare da sakin kuka Mara sauti ta d'ora hannunta kan nata, rike hannun tayi gam tana fad'in "Laure ce dan Allah ku kawo min Laure mu gana"cikin muryan tsananin ciwo, cikin tausayawa tace "Iya nice...nice Laure iya" da sauri Iya Hari ta bud'e idonta tana son tashi amma ina ba dama.

Rik'e ta sosai tayi tare da gyara filo ta d'agota, still tana rik'e da hannunta gam "Laure kega yadda Allah ya hitar miki hakkinki gareni ko? Kega yadda nik koma  ko?" Tace tana yaye zanin da ke rufe a jikinta, wani irin wari ne ya doki hancinta Ramlah ga k'afafun ba kyan gani duk sun kumbura ga tab'o a wasu guraren sai kuda ke bi.

Lokacin su Abdool suka shigo shida Ard'o da Hakeem " Laure banyi miki adalci ba keda uwayenki ban ba Modibbo hakkinsa ba na cutadda Asma'u sannan nabi ki da cuta kema gashi Allah ya nunamin iko nai...".

"Duniya kenan ka bita sannu ma ya kak k'are balle kayi garaje, kuma shi zakaran da Allah ya nuhwa da cara ko ana muzuru ko ana shaho sai yayi, wanga ya isheki darasi kisan duniya tafi bagaruwa iya jima" Ard'o ya fad'a hankali kwance.

"Wlh hakanan na Malam na yadda nabi Allah na kurena " Iya Hari tace tana kuka nan ta shiga basu labarin yadda ta cutar da Ramlah da iyayenta har zuwa zuwanta Inda boka da yadda ta had'u da Jauro ta k'ara sa "wlh sharrin shed'an na da son zucciya gashi sun kaini sun baro, Lanti da ni d'auka a matsayin d'iya gashi ta watsar dani bayan ada da ita mukayin komi ina ganin ita kanaso na bata tarbiya ta Ashe na dab'a ma cikina wuk'a na ban Sani ba gashi taje taba d'iyanta irin tarbiyar da nibbata, nidai kaico dani nayi hasara, dan Allah Laure ki taimaka ki yafemin ko zan samu sassauci daga ubangiji na" ta fad'a cikin matsanancin kuka mai ban tausayi.

Ko kai waye kaga Hari a wannan halin dole ka tausaya mata, duk ta k'ashe musu jiki, cikin sheshekar kuka Ramlah tace "ban tab'a rikeki a raina ba Iya, na yafemiki tuni, kullum babbar burina Allah yasa ki gane gaskiya, nagode wa Allah daya sa kika dawo hanya Allah ya yafe mana baki d'aya".

Cikin kuka ta shiga Neman gafarsu Inna duk sukace sun yafe sannan ta juya ga Ard'o " Hari kinyi abubuwa da dama saidai nikam ban tab'a rikeki a raina ba, kullum fatana ki gane gaskiya ko a haka aka tsaya nasan kega yadda duniya tace koda wannan azabar dake tare dake aka barki ga hasarar dukiya da kikayi Allah yasa wannan turbar shiriyarki"..

Sun jima suna jimamin abun, Abdool yana girmama abin wato ita duniya muddin kana cikinta zaka abubuwan mamaki, Al'ajabi, zalinci, cutarwa, cin amana da abun tausayi dana dariya, amma muddin bakabi hanyar koyar war Manzo S.A.W sai kayi dana sani a rayuwa, (Allah ka bamu ikon bin dai2 da aikata dai2).

Duba Hari yayi anan ya gane kafafun sun rub'e dole saidai a yankesu, nan suka k'ara shiga tashin Hankali, ana haka saiga Lanti ta shigo gidan tana ihu da kururuwa ta zube anan tana fad'a musu ga gawar Jauro nan da hinde an kawo wai ashe suna can tare birni suna bushasha da kud'in iya Hari da wad'anda Hinde ke karuwanci tana samowa shine sun samu matsala sun fito suna bala'i har bakin titi babbar mota ta kwashesu ba Wanda ya shura a cikin su.

Shine mijinta ya dankara mata kashi ya sakota saki uku yana fad'in ta cuceshi duk ita ta lalata masa d'iya, bud'ar bakin Ard'o sai cewa yayi "kega shuke- shuken ki ko Hari sai girba kikai da hannunki" fashe tayi da wani kuka mai cike da nadama, itama Lanti kukan take tana nadamar biyewa mahaifiyar tata musamman da taga yadda Allah yayi da Ramlah sai rok'on gafararta suke, tace ita bata rik'e kowa a rai ba.

Delu k'awar Ramlah tanajin labarin zuwan Ramlah tayi ma gidan Ard'o tsinke sai tayi da gaske sannan ta gane aminiyar tata "Laure keta kid dawo baturiya haka, ai in bisa hanya munka had'u aradu ban ganeki" delu ta fad'a tana zare ido.

"Kai Delu har yanzu kina nan baki canza ba ya bayan rabuwa" Nan suka shiga gaisawa da firar yaushe rabo, tana ta zuba mata godiya dan duk zuwan da Ard'o zaiyi sai bada tsaraba an kawo mata.

Anan suka kwana washe gari suka wuce Argungu Abdool yace su zama cikin shiri dan tare zasu koma ayima iya Hari Aiki dan kada k'afar ta janyo wata Marsala.......

[10/20, 4:55 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Real Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


'''An karb'o daga Baban Abdullah, Nu'umanu d'an Bashir (R.D) yace "naji Manzon Allah (S.A.W) yana cewa " hak'ik'a halal a bayyane take haka ma haram a bayyane take, saidai a tsakaninsu akwai wani al'amari mai rikitarwa Wanda kad'an daga cikin mutane suka sanshi, duk wanda ya kiyaye shubuha(rikitaccen al'amarin da ke tsakanin halal da Haram) hak'ik'a ya kiyaye addininsa da mutuncinsa, duk Wanda ya fad'a a shubuha hak'ik'a ya fad'a a haram, kamar makiyayi da yake ciwo a iyaka ya kusa ya ketare iyakarsa, Ku saurara! Kowane mai mulki yana da iyakarsa, Ku saurara! Iyakar Allah shine ababen da ya haramta, Ku saurara! A cikin jiki akwai wata tsoka idan ta gyaru dukkanin jiki ya gyaru, idan ta b'aci dukkanin jiki ya b'aci, Ku saurara! Itace ''' *zuciya*+

_Bukhari da Muslim suka ruwaito shi(arba'una hadith)_
*ya Allah ka azurtamu da zuciyar musulunci* πŸ‘πŸ½

      πŸ“ *Episode* 251-255

Ziyara sukayi sosai a Argungu, gidan k'awayen Mami dana Asma'u, b'angaren Inna duk sunje, da sukaje gidan Firdausi suka had'u da Ameena sai hirar tuna baya suke, gashi yau sune iyaye hadda jikoki rayuwa kenan, yau da gobe ta wuce wasa, kullum ganin Firdausi na tunawa Ameena da Auwal, gashi shiru har yanzu ba labari ko a raye ko a mace allahu a'alam, sunje har Besse daga nan suke wuce mungadi inda Sakina, tayi farincikin ganin su sosai itama ta tara nata iyali hadda jikoki, nan suka shiga tuna baya rayuwar C'O'E barkwancin Yusuf da irin yadda yake assisting nasu, ita tasan tayi rashi Mara adadi ta rasa Auwal a karon farko tazo ta rasa Asma'u da mijinta, sai uwa uba jigon rayuwar ta Yusuf yanzu kam mutuwar iyayenta da 'ya'yanta kad'ai ne zatace batasan d'acinsa ba amma ai taga mutuwa mai shiga rai (Allah yayima dukkanin musulmi rahama ya kyautata tamu bayan tasu)
Sunje birnin lafia gurin dangin Baba, cike da kayan tsaraba kamar yadda suka saba, sai kunya da nadamar abinda sukayiwa Abubakar sukeyi dan sun san kaf dangin yanzu da bazar Abubakar suke taka wa, shi d'in da suka wulakanta gashi ya zame musu haske a family, ya zamo zakaran gwajin dafi, shiyasa ba'a yiwa d'a da dukiya k'eta dan bakasan Wanda zai amfana dashi ba, d'ana kowane.

Tuni su Inna sun tare sabon gidansu dake Shagari Quarters, ganin zamani ne irin mai kyau d'in nan Sosai fa, Wanda Ameena, Asma'u, Mansur suka had'u suka Gina, abinda yasa nasaka Asma'u saboda gadonta hadda shi aka hada akayi ginin da sunan ta, Mansur ma yanzu harka ta bud'e dan ya samu aiki a Navy, so yanzu familyn Abubakar sunfi k'arfin a kirasu talakawa, hakan baisa musu girman kai ko k'yamatar talaka ba face wata hanya ta taimako data bud'e musu dan sun dage gurin taimaka yan uwa da gajiyayyu(abinda ya yakama ta ko wane mai hali yayi kenan ba gina manyan gidaje a koma Abuja a lafe ba, dan sadaka haske ce gobe k'iyama, Allah ka wada tamu da halal ka bamu ikon ciyar dashi ga bayinka dominka ya Allah).


Su iya Hari an isa Kaduna cikin yardar Allah, akayi mata aiki, dan Dr Abdool yana da k'wararrun likitoci da suka shafi kowanne b'angare ga ingantattun kayan aiki, cikin nasara aka yanke k'afafun tare da yi mata na roba, aikin da ya d'aukesu sati d'aya, anyi aiki successfully, Iya Hari sai kuka take tana nadama abinda ta shuka a rayuwar ta ga Ramlah data wulakanta ta d'oketa a banza ta zamo silar samun lafiyar ta duk da tasamu ciwon ne a gurin cutar da ita amma ta yafe mata har da kuma taimaka mata, lallai d'an hakin da ka rena shike tsole naka ido, kuma hak'uri jigon rayuwa ne, gashi Ramlah tayi hak'uri da cutarwar Iya Hari a gareta gashi Allah ya d'aukaka ya bata komai da ake nema a rayuwa saidai godiya da hamdala ga ubangiji kawai da Neman gafararsa.


Duk da yanayin da suka shigo garin na tsananin ciwon iya Hari hakan bai hana su bawa idanun su hakkinsa ba lallai garin dad'i na nesa haka kawai su Shatu ke fad'i a ransu basu k'ara tsurewa da lamarin ba saida suka isa gidan Mami k'amshin nan daddad'a da furannin ke fitarwa da iskar ni'ima dake gidan as usual, nan fa a shiga bawa ido abinci, suna girmama Allah, ashe Laure tana cikin aljannar duniya, da aka kawo musu better sukaci nan santi ya tashi Anji girki.

Da sukaje asibiti nan ma k'auyenci tsabage suka baje abinsu wai asibiti kaman gidan wani sarki ba doyi ba komai sai k'amshi da sanyin A.C dake kad'asu a haka sukata baje gidadan cinsu har akayi aikin aka kammala, bayan ta warware sosai aka shiga dasu zaga gari kusan tashi zaucewa sukayi hadda su Iya Hari sai wasar baki ake kamar gonar auduga, banki, hanci, ido sai kallo suke, wuni sukayi zungur sunje malls, da parks sosai sun cire kwarkwatar ido, anci ansha.

Adan watan da sukayi sun murmure sosai musamman Shatu tayi ja sosai tayi jiki Ashe duk wahala ce ta lalata ta, sosai suke kama da Ramlah d'an kammaninta d'aya da marigayi Abdulrahim, Iya Hari ma da Lanti sun murmure abinsu sunyi kumari da haske, saidai har yanzu sun k'asa sakewa dasu Mami suna ganin kamar suna kallonsu da cutarwar da sukayi wa Laure, duk da Mami na iya k'ok'arin ta gurin jansu a jiki, itama dai Ramlah kullum tana tare dasu, su kuma sun dage da renon su Amatullah.

Watansu Ramlah 2 amma har yanzu shiru Mami tak'i bashi matarsa tun yana ma Ramlah naci har ya gaji ya saka mata ido ga gidan a cike ba damar ya samu ya keb'e da ita, ko gidan yaje yace tazo ta kawo mai Abu a d'akin sa, cewa tace ai haihuwa d'aya horon abinda zai kai k'afarta ya sakeyi mata wani cikin, shi dariya ma ta basa wato har yanzu akwai sauran k'uruciya tattare da Ramlah, wato ma a d'akin sa ne, takeyin cikin tun da anyi na farko.

Mami ya samu da maganar komawarsu Ramlah, b'ata rai tayi ta shiga balbale sa da fad'a tace ba zata koma ba sai yaran ta sunyi k'wari tukun, ganin ta ko'ina ba nasara yasa ya shirya nashi plan, Mami kuwa bayan tafiyarsa tace ma Ramlah ta fara shirye-shiryen komawa dam tasan halin d'an nata zai iya k'ara wata tabargazar dan idanunsa sun riga da sun soye tuni, yanzu Sam baya kunyarta Indai akan Ramlah ne.

Washe gari da wuri ya shigo a parlour ya samu su iya Hari suna ta faman kallo, gasu Abdool a hannunsu, gaisawa sukayi cikin sakin fuska, sannan yayi wa su Amatu wasa da sai b'angalar baki suke suna dariya Sam basu da matsala indai tumbinsu ya d'auka, junior rik'e a hannunsa yana masa surutun nasa daya iya, tambayan Mami yayi suka gayamasa tana ciki.

Mami na zaune gefen gado tana yiwa Ramlah bayanin kayan dake hannunta ita kuwa tana tsaye gun sif  tana gyarawa Mami kayanta duk a kunyace take da bayanin da Mami ke mata, da eh kawai take binta shima can ciki ta maida hankalinta ga aikin da take.

Turo k'ofar yayi tare da sallama a bakinsa a tare suka amsa masa, zama yayi kan sofa yana gaida Mami, amsawa tayi tana tambayan sa aiki, gaidashi Ramlah tayi tana satar kallon sa dan ba k'aramin kyau yayi mata ba a Cikin k'ananan kayan da ya saka jean blue da shirt yellow mai dogon hannu an rubuta i'm d prince a gaban rigar da bakin penti sai zuba k'amshi yake.

Ko inda take bai kalla ba ya amsa gaisuwar tata ba yabo ba fallasa, shiru ne ya ratsa na d'an lokaci dan Mami ta aje kayan da takewa Ramlah bayani ta d'auko wata jarida tana dubawa, ita kuma Ramlah sai aikin gabanta take.

"Um Mami dama magana ce dani".

"ina jinka" tace a tak'aice ba tare data d'ago ba.

"Am dama Aure nakeso na k'ara am.." Sai yayi shiru.

Smiling tayi tare da kallon na d'an lokaci "to ai ba matsala sai kayi magana da Alhaji ko 'Yar inace yarinyar?" Ta fad'a cikin kwanciyar hankali, shiru yayi kansa k'asa "oh God I totally fail" ya fad'a a ransa, a fili kuwa yace "anan take Kaduna" a nashi tunanin idan yace haka Mami fad'a zatayi sannan ta bashi Ramlah cikin lokaci.


Ramlah Kuwa  jinin jikinta ne ya daina aiki na d'an dak'ik'u, yadda maganar ta daki zuciyarta, k'arfin halin tattaro nutsuwarta tayi zuciyarta sai suya take tuni k'walla ya cika mata idanu, ji take kamar taje ta rungume shi tace ya fasa Neman auren su wuce gida Indai akan tak'i komawa ne.

"Ok ka samu Alhaji kuyi magana sai ayi bincike ko?" Mami ta katse musu tunani "tom" yace tare da mik'ewa yana kallon inda Ramlah take dan ya ga yanayin ta, ganin sai aikinta take kamar bataji me yace ba yasa jikinsa k'ara yin sanyi a sukwane ya fice.

"Ki kwantar da hankalinki kinji dota,  ruba ce kawai yake ba wani Aure da zaiyi" sunne kai kawai Ramlah tayi tana murmushi, itama Mami murmushin tayi sannan ta fice zuwa parlour gurinsu iya Hari.

Bayanin komawar Ramlah tayi musu tace su shirya zasu rakata gidanta da anjima da dare, sannan ta basu labarin bazanar Abdool, cewa iya Hari tayi "kema dai Hajia ke rik'e mai mata da yawa ai dole yayi muku barazana kinsan yaran yanzu babu hank'uri" dariya sukayi gaba d'aya.

8:00pm su Iya Hari suka kai Ramlah gidanta bayan Mami tasa an tsantsara mata Jan lalle da kitsonta mai kyau, ga gyaran jiki tasha sai shek'i take, susucewa su Shatu sukayi da ganin gidan Ramlah ashe na Mami nafila ne ga farilla anan, Dak'yar Mami ta tattarasu suka wuce sunata santin gidan.

Yara biyu Mami ta samo mata dan tayata renon yaran, nan suka shiga k'yalk'yale gidan da kimtsa sa, duk da dama a tsare yake dan Abdool akwai tsafta da k'amk'ami kullum cikin gyaran gidan yake, Nihal ma an kawo jiki dama tasan da dawowar dan tun rana Ramlah tayi mata waya dan kullum cikin damunta take yaushe zata dawo, zaman kad'aici ya isheta gashi Hakeem ya daina kaita gidan kullum yace bai son ana wahalar masa da baby da yawon hanya, abincin da ta shirya musu ta kawo musu nan ta bige da hira sai 9 ta koma kada Hakeem ya shigo bai sameta ba dan Ramlah tace kar ta gaya masa dawowarsu dan tasan tsaf zai iya tuntub'ar Abdool da maganar gashi surprise takeson bashi.

Sai 10:00pm ya shigo gidan dan a gajiye yake lilis yasha aiki, ko gidan Mami bai samu ya koma ba duba yaran sa, dan yanzu yayi giving up ya barsu in an gama ja masa rai ai ta dawo.

Tun a harabar gidan ya fara cin karo da daddad'an k'amshi, saida ya lumshe ido daya shiga parlour saboda yadda sanyin A'C ya had'e da wani tattausan k'amshi bai gama mamaki ba saida ya hango dinning d'auke da kulolin abinci aiko shawara bai tsaya ba ya haye ya kwashi gara, shi a tunanin sa Nihal ce da yake tana da spare ke na gidan kuma takan shigo tayi masa gyara girki kam kullum zata kawo mishi duk da kullum yake ci ba, wani sa'in da yaci a gidan Mami shikenan dan Sam bayacin abincin kasuwa k'yamarsa yake.

Saida yaji dai2 sannan ya wuce d'akin sa yayi wanka tare da shirya wa Cikin kayan baccinsa, parlour ya dawo dan rufe k'ofa, motsi ya ringa shi a part d'in Ramlah, rufo k'ofar yayi sannan ya nufi part d'in.

A parlour ya samu mai renon su Abdool tana bawa Amaturrahman madara, kallon mamaki ya bita dashi, ita kuma saurin sunkuyar da kanta tayi tana kwasar gaisuwa amsawa yayi tare da tambayan Mamansu bayan ya Amshi Amatu data koma bacci, "tana ciki" ta bashi amsa, wucewa yayi ita kuma ta wuce d'akin da aka keb'e musu.

Zaune take gefen gado tana feeding din Abdullah tasha kwalliya cikin wata fitinanniyar half sleepy gown Brown my santsi shara-shara sai k'amshi take zubawa, tsaye yayi ya jingina da k'ofar ya kafeta da kallon fitina.

D'ago wa tayi tare da sakar mai k'ayataccen smiling hadda kashe masa ido d'aya, da sassarfa ya isa gareta tare da kwantar Amatu gefe, matseta yayi yana hararanta matsa Maman yayi yana kallon ta " zaka sa ya kware ka tayar mana da rigima" tace Cikin slow voice nata.

Bai amsa mata ba sai d'aukesa da yayi daga kan cinyarta, ya aje shi gefe shima, sannan yayi mata mugun matsa har saida kashinta ya koka, d'an k'ara ta saki tana 'yarfe hannu tare da turo baki gaba.

Kama lip d'in yayi cike da zalama ya shiga totsar su da sauri-sauri da wasa da duga sassan jikinta cikin zafi-zafi, ganin abin nasa bana wasa bane yasa ta turesa tare da zame jikinta tana maida numfashi tare da nuna masa yaran dan har junior na kan gadon.

"Ina sauran?"ya fad'a cikin maye, idonsa sun canja launi, " suna gun masu renon su"

"Jeki dawo dasu nan" girgiza masa kai tayi alaman Aa sannan ta zura dogon hijab, ta d'auki yaran biyu ta fita dasu yasan me take nufi a can zasu kwana kenan, d'aukar junior yayi ya bita dashi, dama basa kwanciya da junior saidai in sun kammala .....abinsu suke dawowa dashi tasan yau mijin nata sai abinda hali yai kawai dan tasan yau zataci kwakwarta, (hattara iyaye Ku kad'aice yaranku koda jarirai ne bai kamata Ku tara kuna tare dasu ba, don ko jin numfashinku a garesu bala'i ne, Allah ya shirya mana zuria ameen.)

Saida ta shafesu da Addu'a sannan ta kashe musu wuta tare da ja musu k'ofa, a bakin k'ofar taci Karo da gogon nata, suntumar ta yayi kamar wata baby, muna zuwa k'ofa ya ballamin harara tare da tura kyaurensa ya barni anan ina cizon yatsa naso na d'auko muku Rahoto amma yau Abdool yace nahi(Aa).

Nan na rab'a a k'ofar ina jiran tsammani, can har bacci ya fara d'auka ta naji sai ihu Abdool ke tsundumawa, a firgice na tashi nima zan zunduma da gudu, muryan Ramlah na jiyo sannu-sannu tana magana, hakan yasa na nutsu na baza kunnena dan naji me take fad'a da kyau.

"Kada kajimin ciwo mana Yaya Bini a hankali" tace cike da shagwab'a.

" Sorry baby na ai ke d'in CE.."
"Wayyo Yaya kada fa ka sakeyimin wani ciki"

"Aa...bazan yi miki ba baby...

" toya maganar aurenka?"

"Wane auren ai duk maza nake kallon mata...ash.. Baby ke kad'ai ce fa......wayyo baby ina zaki kaini...wayyo! Wayyo!! Wayyo!!"......

🀣🀣🀣🀣 dariya tasa na k'asa ci gaba da d'auko rahoto, kuma Ku dara amma kad'an faπŸ™„πŸ˜

[10/20, 5:13 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
© *Real Pure moment of life writers*

(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


'''An karb'o daga Abdullahi d'an Abbas (R'D) yace "Manzon Allah(S.W.A) yace " idan d'ayanku ya mutu aka samu mutune arba'in muminai wad'anda basuyi shirka da Allah ba suka sallacesa to ana mishi kyakyawan zaton samun rahamar ubangiji '''+

Hakkun mubeen
*Alhaji Waiman (Mukhtar) Allah yayi maka rahama yakai haske k'abarinka yasa mutuwa ta zamo Hutu a gareka kai da dukannin wand'anda suka rigamu ya Allah ka  kyautata tamu bayan tasu ameenπŸ‘πŸ½*

      πŸ“ *Episode* 256-260

A week suka d'auka ana soyewa, Abdool duk ya susuce ya zama jela wa Ramlah duk inda tayi yana manne da ita, sambatun yau daban na gobe daban, tun Hakeem na mishi mita har gaji ya kyalesa, ganin za'a damesa da kira a waya yasa ya kashe wayoyin gaba d'aya har na Ramlah, sauk'in su yaransu basu da fitina sam kullum suna gurin maid nasu feeding kawai ke had'asu da Maman su, shima junior yana gurin k'anninsa kullum yana musu wasa, hakan yasa suka tare part d'in Abdool suna cin karen su ba babbaka, madarar k'auna ta ganta a gurin Abdool wacce ba algus ko kad'an a ciki, riritawa da tattali shine suka shiga bawa juna.

Dak'yar ta samu ta korasa ya koma bakin aiki ganin har gida ake iskoshi amma sai yace shi Amarci yakeyi a barshi ya huta, hadda dan tumbin Hutu ya ije ga wani fresh da sukayi fresh milk tayi aiki. Lol.

Ranar da ta samu ya fita ta d'auka wayarta ta kunna nan fa messages sukayi ta shigo mata na wad'anda sukayi ta Neman basu samu ba, dariya tayi ta tace "duk rigimar Yaya ce ta b'oye ni" sannan ta danna number Sadee rings 2 ta daga tana fad'in.

"Kaga Uwargida a gidan Dr wato shikenan sai mukaji shiru an shige anyi luf sai karb'ar upper ake" ta fad'a cike da shakiyanci.

"Ke Yar duniya baki yimin shi shiyasa naga kinzo min keda baki k'arbar Upper"

"Hehehe! Rufemi ki saya so kike nazo Dr ya harareni yasa na haihu ban shirya ba, banni na lallab'a da Uncle luku na har ki sarara da karb'ar upper d'in"

"Wlh kedai Besty anyi shu'umar mace kin zugani kin koma gefe kina dariya wlh duk kin lalatamu nida sisto".

" wai 'Yar air kina chan kina shan dad'in ki, zakizo kimin burga, wai ya maganar amaryarki?"

Dariyar ta sheke da ita sanda tayi mai isarta tace "ai tun ranar da muka koma aka rufe wannan babin".

" kai besty kema fa silent killer ce a wannan fannin, anya ba so kike kifi malamar taki ba" tace tana dariya

"Cap aike besty k'arshe ce adaiyi shiru kawai, wai yaushe zaki b'ullo ne?"

"Hhhhhh! Kinsan ko akwai sababbin darasi kuyi ready keda Nihal ina nan b'ullowa Akwai chapter".
        " sadee fire sai kinzo muna tsumayenki, kink'i sarara wa Uncle duk da tutsetsen cikin ki"

"Kai ai ba daga k'afa......'" Hakan sukayi ta rahar su tsawon lokaci....

Watan su Iya Hari 2 a Kd sukayi shirin tafiya dan ta samu sauk'i sosai, kuma Ard'o ya matsa su koma hakanan yace dawainiyar tayi yawa, dan shi sati d'aya kawai yayi ya koma saboda jagoranci dake kansa, dan tsawon tafiyarsa 2-3 days ne, wannan Karon ne kawai yayi sati koshi dan ayi aikin yana nan ne kuma anayi ya juya ya koma yace yabar gari sakaka kar wani Abu ya faru kuma bashi nan(jagoranci Abu ne mai girma da nauyi Wanda ya zama dole ga shugaba ya kiyaye domin amanace a hannunsa wacce za'a tambayesa yanda ya gudanar da shi).


Tsaraba sosai suka sha daga gurin su ki da suka je ma Ramlah sallama itama ta had'a musu kaya sosai, ga ingantattun magunguna da Abdool ya d'ora iya Hari akai, kuka Iya Hari ta fashe dashi tana nadamar bakin halin ta na baya, da tana da damar gogesa a rayuwa data goge shi dan kullum ta tuni sai tayi kuka da nadama Mara adadi(ki godewa Allah ke kin gane gaskiya kin shiryu tun anan duniya, wasu kam sai Allah kawai, Allah ya shirya mu akan tafarkin gaskiya mu doge a kansa har abada).


Rayuwa mai cike da k'auna ma'auratan ke gudanar wa, Abdulmajid hospital ta samu d'aukaka sosai saboda kyawun niyya dake kunshe a zuciyarsa, ga sauk'i da ake samu akan komai ba lalle sai mai kud'i ke zuwa ba, ta zamo kamar government hospital yanda yake taimaka talaka da marasa gata Addu'o'insu yasa hospital d'in ta samu karb'uwa a fad'in Kaduna da zagaye a yan watannin da tayi da bud'ewa kowa Abdulmajid hospital kakeji a bakin mutane suna yabawa da kod'awa..

Ramlah tuni tayi mai da zancen karatunsu ganin anaso a shantake, aiko cikin satin ya kawo musu form guda uku ita da Nihal da Sadee, mass com Ramlah ta cike dan har yanzu tana nan akan burinta na son zama journalist, Nihal ta cike nursing, Sadee kuma Pure Biology amma sai bayan su nihal sun haihu zasu fara zuwa, dake Nihal ta shiga month nata sadee kuma next month, hakan yasa Abdool ya dage da koyawa Ramlah motarta dan su samu ta zuwa school, aiko in 2 week hannunta ya fad'a dan Ramlah akwai sauk'in kai....
Nihal ta haihu successful ta samu d'a namiji chaii! Su Hakeem an zama Dady murna bata fad'uwa, anyi shagali still dai ba'a bar Abdulmajid fans ba sun zo sun kwashi banza kamar yadda suka saba, Ramlah da Abdool sun taka rawar gani sosai haka Sadee da Uncle lukman ma ba'a barsu a baya inda yaro yaci sunan Abban Nihal Yusuf suna kiransa da Aabid, Allah ya yara Aabid akan sunnah.

After month itama Sadee ta sunkuto tata 'yar mai sunan Maman Uncle lukman Salma(ihsan) still dai aminan junan sun taka rawar gani haka yan cin banza basu fasa zuwa as always, lol
Sunyi resuming school da motar Ramlah suke tafiya sai su biya su d'auki Sadee dake ita bakin hanya take, wani zubin kuma mazajensu ke kaisu saidai su had'u anan aka k'ara dink'ewa duk da kowacce faculty nasu daban hakan bazai hana idan basu da lec ba su had'u su sha chapter, dan har yanzu bakin bai mutu yana nan musamman Sadee, a gidan Mami suke barin yaran da Masu renonsu su Abdullah anyi girma sosai inka d'auka saika nisa har sun fara rarrafe ko'ina zuwa suke da rarrafe b'anna kuwa ko burgu ya sarara musu shiyasa Mami ke ce musu burguna...

Sam karatu bai hanasu bawa mazajensu kyakkyawar kulawar da ta dace ba, a cewar su karatu baya haka aure kamar yadda aure baya hana karatu saima k'ara samun experience a kowane b'angaren dan sosai majazen su ke assist nasu a kan karatun su......


Wani sanyin ni'ima ne yaji yana ratsa shi lallai yayi missing k'asarsa ta haihuwa na tsawon lokaci, yaga canji sosai da ci gaba a garin, adaidaita ya tara tare da gayamasa inda zai kaishi, dake gurin sananne ne nan take mai adaidaita yace ya San gun, shiga sukayi shida matashiyar yarinyar da ke tare dashi wacce kallo d'aya zakayi mata ka gane tana da jinsi da larabawa.

A dai2 get d'in mai adaidaita ya aje su, biyanshi yayi sannan suka sauko, tsaye yayi a gun yana bin gidan da kallo duk da canje-canje da gidan ya samu hakan bai hanashi gane sa ba, itama yarinyar rakub'ewa tayi gefen sa tana kalle-kalle ta ganta a wata k'asa ta daban wacce take da matukar banbanci da k'asar ta tana rik'e da luggage nasu.

Daga can nesa na hango wani mutum a keken guragu yana tunkaro inda wannan mutumin yake tsaye cike da mamaki a fuskarsa,yana fad'in "Alhmdllh" sai sauri yake dan yaga mutumin na k'ok'arin shigewa gidan ...

"Malam dan Allah tsaya" Kalmar da ta doki kunnensa kenan, dan tabbatar da dashi ake ya juyo.

Tozali da mutumin da yafi tsana a rayuwa wanda yayi silar tafiyar farincikinsa ya dasa masa bak'in ciki a rayuwa ne yasa ya tunkaro gurin sa gadan gadan fuskar nan kamar ta zaki, itama yarinyar ganin meke faruwa ne yasa ta saki jakar tare da bin bayan mutumin tana fad'in "Abi" dayin wani yare Wanda na fahimci larabcine.


Ko saurarenta baiyi ba ya isa ga mutumin tare da cafkar wuyar sa yana huci baiyi duba da halin nakasa da yake ciki ba.

Wawuyar matsa yayi ma mutumin a wuya tuni idanunsa suka firfito waje sunyi jajir sai kakari yake "saina kasheka azzalumi macuci mai raba sunnar manzo" shine Kalmar da ke fitowa daga bakinsa, shikam sai mutsu-mutsun kwantar kansa yake amma ina ko gezau bai ba.

Kuka yarinyar ta fashe dashi tana Jan hannun mahaifin nata "Aa Abi kada ka illatashi meyayi maka Abi ka barshi" tace fad'a Cikin kuka.

Sakinsa yayi da k'arfi tare da tura sa baya, Allah ya soshi badan kukan 'yarsa da yake matukar so ba da ba zai bar wannan azzalumin ba sai ya illatashi koya kasheshi, mugun kallo kawai yake binsa dashi.

Gurgun sai Sosa wuyar sa yake dayaji shaka ajali dak'yar ya daga keken ya sake hawa yace "na cancanci koma meye daga gareka amma dan Allah ka d'aure ka saurareni" yace, still da kallon yake binsa ba tare daya ce uffan ba.

"Nasan na zalince Ku kuma na dad'e ina Neman inda zan ganka na nemi gafararka kona samu sauk'in wannan bala'i da nike ciki, ba kai kad'ai na jefa a irin wannan halin ba hasalima Sana'a tace in bata aure a biyani, kaima ba haka kawai nayi maka haka sakani akayi inyi..."katsesa yayi da cewa "gayamin wane marar imani ne ya sakaka yimin wannan danyen aiki?"

Zaiyi magana sai wata mota ta tsaya a gabansu da mamaki na cikin motar ya fito baki bud'e ya nuna shi da yatsa baki na rawa yace "Auwal!"......

_gatan da zakuyimin d'aya ne masoyana ku nema min gafarar ubangiji dani daku gaba d'aya ya yafe mana kurakurai mu dan rahamarsaπŸ‘πŸ½_

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„
[10/20, 5:27 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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'''An karb'o daga ka'abi d'an Iyadi (R.D) yace" Manzon Allah (S.A.W) yace "kowace Al'umma tana da fitinar ta, fitinar al'umma shine dukiya'''

Sahihuh(hakkun mubeen)

*ya Allah kada ka jarabcemu da dukiyar da zata zamo fitina a garemu* πŸ‘πŸ½

😍 _kun nunan cewa ko bani media kunayi dani, kun nunan ni yar gata ce a garekuπŸ’• Ku sani Meryerm Abdool ma tana sonku sosai iya wuya ana irin mugun taren nan har abada🀝 Hafsat mai Sharif, Raheenat Mahmoud, Maryam Y Zango #ILVYSM 4rm d higher rank of my ❤#_

     πŸ“ *Episode* 261--265

"Yaya Rabi'u" shima ya fad'a yana kallon sa, k'arasowa Rabi'u yayi "Auwal dama kana raye a duniyar nan ka gujemu? Haba Auwal wannan wane irin hukunci ne kayi mana akan laifin da bamu aikata ba, haba Auwal! Haba! Yanzu dai mu shiga ciki wad'annan fa?" Ya nuna gurgun da yarinyar.

"Mu shiga ciki Yaya zakuji bayanin komai" tura gurgun Rabi'u yayi suka shiga ciki, direct part d'in Alhaji suka nufa, yana zaune kamar kullum kan kujerarsa carbi a hannun sa yana ja, sallama Rabi'u yayi tare da shiga.


Kasa k'ara sa amsa sallamar Alhaji yayi tare da mik'ewa tsaye yana nuna Auwal da yatsa cikin inna inna yace "Au..Auwalu kaine ko dai gizau kakemin kamar yadda ka saba"

Gabansa Auwal ya isa tare da sakin kuka "nine dai Auwalun ka Baba, dan Allah Baba ka gafarceni nasan nayi ba dai2 ba dan Allah kayimin afuwa Baba" yace cikin kuka tare da kama k'afafunsa.

"Alamdulillahillazih bi ni'imatih tatimmus salihat" shine Kalmar da Alhaji Sada keta maimaita wa, d'ago shi yayi tare da rungume shi tsam wani sanyi da rahama ce ta ratsa su irin ta uba da d'a, Rabi'u dake gefe sai murmushi yake, shikam gurgun sai kwalla yake yana kaico da rayuwar sa duk shine silar nisantar su, yarinyar kuwa sai kallon tsohon take ba tambaya tasan shine kakanta.

"Rabi'u kaje kayi sanarwar metting na gaggawa yanzu" Alhaji Sada ya fad'a.

Hajia Kaltume ce ta fara isowa parlon suman tsaye tayi tare da zaro ido tana nuna Auwal ta k'asa magana, duk Wanda ya shigo indai yasan Auwal turus yakeyi dan sun dad'e da cire tsammanin sake ganinsa, Maryam ma suna gari sunzo hakan yasa itama ta halarci taron da nata iyalan, wad'anda basu sanshi ba sai a labari duk dai sun ganshi wasu sun ganesa wasu kan basu gane ba, Rafi'a ce ta shigo last dan bata gida tana gurin shashancinta saida Rabi'u ya matsa sannan tazo, ganin Auwal bai wani d'aga mata hankali ba, sai bayan ta zauna idonta suka sauka akan gurgun, ki tayi kamar ta saki fitsari a gurin tsabar tsoro zaro ido tayi tuni ta fara gumi duk da sanyin Ac dake parlon, Ji take kamar ta zura a guje saidai ba damar haka.

Bayan an nutsu kowa ya hallara Alhaji yasa aka bud'e taro da Addu'a, sannan ya fara jawabi kamar haka "kamar yadda muka sani munyi rashi na d'aya daga Cikin 'ya'yan gidan nan tsawon shekaru 29 da suka wuce, wasu daga cikinmu sun sanshi wasu kuma basu sanshi ba sai a labari Wanda har mun cire rai da ganinsa, to Alhamdulillah a yau Allah Cikin ikonsa da ganin damarsa ya dawo mana da Auwalu cikin mu, Alhamdulillah Allah mun gode maka da wannan ni'imar da kayi mana ba tare da k'arfi ko dabarar mu ba" nan hayaniya ta tashi kowa yana fad'in Kalmar nuna farincikinsa game da dawowar Auwal, saida aka gama aka sake nutsuwa Alhaji yaci gaba.

"Kuma kowa nada labarin abinda ya faru dalilin da yasa Auwal ya tafi ya barmu duk da agaremu bai isa dalili akan tafiyarsa ba to shima dai ya gane bai kyauta ba ya kuma nemi afuwa akan hakan munsan wannan bazai wuce sharrin zuciya da shed'an ba, to kuma duk a lokaci d'aya Allah ya kawo mana warwara a cikin wannan lamarin ga Wanda ya zamo silar sabani tsakanin Auwal da Ameena yana ikirari da bakinsa sharri yayi ma Ameena sannan yace saka shi akayi dan haka waka a bakin mai ita tafi dad'i sai a bashi dama yayi mana bayani"

Nan fa kallo ya koma ga wannan gurgun kowa na jiran jin mai zai fad'a.

"Nidai sunana Saminu amma anfi sanina da Shago kashe aure, na samo wannan suna ne a dalilin sana'ata ta kashe aure duk yanda Aure yake muddin akazo gurina akace ana buk'atar mutuwarsa to zan kashesa muddin zan samu kud'i wannan itace Sana'a ta, na kashe aure Wanda ni kaina bansan adadin auren da na kashe ba, a haka ne waccen ta sameni tace zanyi mata aiki" ya nuna Rafia tare da koro musu bayani yadda sukayi da ita da yadda suka tsara komai har zuwa abinda ta bashi.

"Kai munafuki yaushe na tab'a ganinka ni bamma tab'a saninka a rayuwa ba, ni zakayiwa sharri" tashi tayi tana bobbotai da borin kunya, ba Wanda yace uffan sai ido da aka zuba mata, murmushi yayi "dama nasan za'ayi haka shiyasa na tanaji irin wannan ga duk Wanda nayiwa aiki" nan take ya danna wata mp sai muryanta Radau da yadda suka shirya komai.

Tass...kakeji hajia Kaltume ta wanke mata fuska da mari masu kyau "amma dai ke anyi tsinanniya, munafuka yanzu duk yanda na d'auke ki Ashe ke kurace da fuskar akuya kika nasa aka saki 'yar mutane, kikayi silar tafiyar d'ana da nake matuk'ar so, er banza Allah ya isa tsakanina dake" hajia Kaltume tace cikin kuka.

"Aa Kaltume mi a laifin Rafia bayan ke kika bata k'ofa da baki nuna k'iyayyar ki ga Ameena ba ya za'ayi Rafia ta samu hanyar yi musu wannan ta'adi ba, duk da bamu San hujjarta nayin hakan ba" Alhaji Sada yace, sanyi jikin Hajia Kaltume yayi tabbas tayi kuskure a baya na nuna tsanarta a fili ga talaka, amma tuni ta gane gaskiya dan miyagun halayen da Rafia ta b'ullo dasu na rashin tarbiya da musgunawa kowa na gidan, saidai ta riga ta makaro dan Alhaji ya fita batunta akan maganar Abdool da mahaifiyar sa baya fad'a mata komai game dasu gashi ya hana Abdool zuwa gaba d'aya.


Rafia sai raba ido take tana kyarma nan Rabi'u ya daka mata tsawa "meye dalilinki na wannan badak'alar?"

Cikin inna-inna da tsananin tsoro ta shiga gaya musu akan tana son ya auri k'anwarta ne sannan ta tsani Ameena saboda yanda Auwal ke nuna mata k'auna.... Ai bata k'ara sa bayani ba sai saukar naushi taji a baki, tare da rufeta da duka duk jikinta, sai ihu take zundumawa "Auwallu me kakeyi haka ka dawo hankalinka fa tsaketa" Alhaji yace cikin daga murya, saketa Auwal yayi tare da kama gefe yana huci "Alhaji daka barshi ya illata annoba guba, kije na sakeki saki uku kuma Allah ya isa da cutar damu da kikayi" Rabi'u yace.

"Kayimin dai2 Rabi'u"  hajia Kaltume tace, hannu Rafia ta aza a ka tare da fashewa da kuka hadda ihunta dan tasan karyar ta ta gama k'arewa "dalla Malama fice mana a gida ko yanzu in karyaki anan" Sani yace yana binta da mugun kallo, dakar taja kafarta dan ba k'aramin duka tasha a hannun Auwal ba ga bakin ta daya fasa mata sai jini yake, nan fa kowa ya hau murna sun rabu da wahala dan a gidan ta addabi kowa, kowa sai fad'ar albarkacin bakinsa yakeyi, shidai Alhaji sai kallon su yakeyi, shiru ya biyo baya "Rabi'u me yasa ka yanke irin wannan hukuncin da Allah bayaso kai tsaye?"

"Kayi hak'uri Alhaji dole ce tasa dan Rafia tana cutar damu matuka" nan ya shiga zayyana musu yadda take shan kwayoyin rashin haihuwa har zuwa da tayi aka cire mata mahaifa da yanda take bin wasu mazaje, ba Wanda yayi mamaki a ciki dan sun san zata aikata abinda yafi wannan ma, nan dai aka shiga jajantawa kowa da San barka na rabuwa da Annoba, musamman Amaryar Rabi'u tafi kowa farinciki na rabuwa da sukayi da Rafia dan tana cin azaba a hannun ta.

"Kai kuma kaje Allah ya shiryeka" Alhaji Sada yace da gurgun".

"Alhaji na gane kuskure tuni, Allah bai bani bashi ba ya halakar duk k'azamar dukiyar da na Tara, kuma ya jarabceni da rashin k'afafu shi kad'ai ya isheni ishara" sannan ya gungura kekensa ya fice yana godiya, shiru ne ya ratsa kafin Alhaji yace.

"Tau inaso mu duka mu d'auki wannan al'amari a matsayin jarabawa daga Allah, Auwal kai kuma ina ka shige wannan tsawon lokaci ba tare daka waiwayemu ba, wannan yarinyar kuma wacce ce ita?" Alhaji sada ya fad'a, hankalin kowa anan ya dawo suna sauraron suji daga gareshi.

"Ameena sunan ta amma muna kiranta da meenal 'yata wacce taci sunan Ameena, bayan nabar nan direct Abuja na nufa bayan na share sati ina tunanin wace k'asa zan dosa dan na nisanta kaina da Ameena, daka k'arshe na yanke shawarar zuwa saudiya, zamana Saudiya bani aikin yi daya wuce zama a masallaci kullum ina can bacci kawai ke maidani gida, ganin guzurin hannuna ya d'auki hanyar k'arewa yasa na tuntub'i mak'ocina inaso zan fara Sana'a hakan kuwa akayi ya je dani kasuwa ya d'orani akan Sana'a, tun zuwana garin da malam Ikbal kad'ai nayi sabo wato wannan mak'ocin nawa, suna da matuk'ar kirki kullum zasu kawomin abincin safe rana dare basu gajia, sun jani a jiki sosai duk da ban tab'a gaya musu komai game dani ba, suna da 'ya d'aya wato Ahlam sannu a hankali sha kuwa ta shiga tsakanin mu, har takanzo ta gyaramin gida idan munje kasuwa, tana zuwa ta tayani hira a idan naje gidansu kullum taga tana ganina da foton Ameena da Abdool Dana Alhaji da Momy har dai ranar ta nuna tanason taji tarihina irin shakuwar mu tasa na k'asa b'oye mata labari na, Ahlam ta girgiza dajin labarina har da kukanta ta tausayamin, kullum bata da magana saita Abdool da Ameena irin k'aunar da take nunawa ga iyalina ne yasa na k'ara ganin kimar ta a zuciyata" nisawa yayi sannan yaci gaba.

" a haka shekaru suka ja har Ahlam ta kammala karatunta iyayenta suka bijiro mata da maganar Aure, haka Ahlam ta had'a Kai da fata tace idan bani ba ba zata auri kowa ba, tsananin k'aunar da iyayenta ke mata yasa suka amince da ta aureni d'in, bawai dan sunaso ba dan kowa yasan larabawa da nuna banbancin launin fata da tak'ama da nasaba, nidai bansan abinda ake ciki, sai kirana malam Ikbal yayi ya gayamin yadda sukayi da Ahlam, nan na gaya masa komai game dani kamar yadda na gayama Ahlam Ashe itama ta gaya musu jin banyi musu k'arya ba, yasa shima ya bada goyon baya, wannan shine silar aure na da Ahlam mutuncinta da kirkinta da kuma nuna damuwarta akan dukkanin al'amari na ne ya janyo mata k'auna ta, a haka muka zauna tsawon shekara 4 sannan Ahlam ta samu juna biyu, na bata dukkanin kulawa har lokacin haihuwar ta, ta haifo Ameena itace ta zabawa Meenal sunan Ameena, Meenal Nada shekara biyu ciwo ya kama Ahlam Wanda yayi sanadin rasuwarta, tun Ahlam na raye tayi tayi dani mu zo Nigeria, har Cikin raina inason zuwa saidai ina fargabar zuwa in samu labarin Ameena ta auri wani kuma inga inda muka rayu da Ameena amma yanzu babu ita, kullum kuna a raina musamman Abdool da bansan wace rayuwa yake ba, saidai na kasa zuwa, a haka naci gaba da renon Meenal shakuwa ce mai girma a tsakanina da ita, nina reneta da hannuna dan duk yada kamannin ta sukazo ta dawo inda suke k'i tayi ko kasuwa da ita nake zuwa muddin taje gidan kakanninta to tare dani ne"

"Har zuwa yanzu da Meenal keda shekaru sha shida bata yadda da kowa ba saini, ina yawan bata labaru game da gida hakan yasa tasan labaru game daku, kuma na koyar da ita Hausa tana jin Hausa saidai hausar tata kamar ta k'abila take don bataji ga kowa sai guna, a wannan lokacin ne gida ya dawo min a rayuwa kullum cikin mafarkin Abdool Nike yana kirana hakan ya tayar min da hankali naji dole sai na dawo gida hakan yasa naje ma su malam Ikbal da maganar tafiya ta sukace ba damuwa amma zanbar Meenal anan dan tana cire musu kewar tilon 'yarsu, ba musu nace na amince amma Meenal tayi fir tace kafarta kafata, haka suka hak'ura ba yadda suka iya amma sunce zasuzo daga baya" kallon iyayensa yayi "ina Neman gafararku iyayena akan barinku da nayi don Allah Ku yafemin"
"Mun yafeka Auwal kaima ka yafemin da abinda nayi maka kai da Ameena akan wani dalili nawa Mara asali da tushe, na gane kuskure na Alhaji dan Allah ka yafemin na tuba nabi Allah"

"Alhamdulillah nagode Allah daya ganar dake gaskiya, Allah zaki roka afuwa akan karan tsaye da kikayi akan dokarsa kin manta cewa shi yayi talaka da mai azziki ba tare daya nemi shawarar su akan kasancewarsu haka, sannan ki nemi yafiyar Ameena da Abdool akan hakkinsu da kika tauye Allah ya yafe mana baki d'aya" Ameen kowa ya amsa, kiran Meenal Alhaji yayi ya sanya mata albarka haka Hajia, nan yan uwa da iyayenta kowa ya shiga nuna mata so da gabatar da kansa a gareta.

"Alhaji ina labarin Ameena da Abdool?" Auwal ya tambaya.

Nan akayi zaman sabon labari, "Allah sarki Ameena ta, Abdool dina ya zama babban mutum harda iyali har haka, Baba ya kamata muje Kaduna a yau inaso inga Ameena da Abdulmajid" itama Hajia yanzu ba wad'anda takeson gani kamar su, haka Meenal tana cike da burin ganin takwarar ta da kuma tilon yayan nata, Alhaji cewa yayi su bari zuwa gobe sai suyi sammako suma sun d'an huta.

Da muradin ganin Ameenarsa da Abdool d'in sa, yayi farincikin jin Ameena bata da Aure yanzu kila rabon su sake zama ne.
A garin Kaduna tayi musu, kasancewar Weekend ne, duk suna gidan Mami, k'ofar gidan suka tsaya, Hajia sai mamaki take yanzu Gidan Ameena ne nan lallai duk abinda ya baka tausayi wata rana sai ya baka tsoro, mota had'u suka ciko, waya Alhaji ya zaro tare da kiran Abdool, ring 2 ya d'aga yana fad'in "tsoho mai ran k'arfe yau soyayyar ta motsa ne" cike da zolaya.

Dariya Alhaji yayi "kamar kana kusa ko Likkita bokan turai, shiyasa ma gani k'ofar gida kazo kamin iso" dariya Abdool yayi shima.

"Banda zolaya fa Alhaji" ba zolaya fito ka gani".

"Saidai fa gani gidan Mami" ai tazo da sauk'i dan nima nan nake nufi ba dajin Ku ba"

"Naji dai ganin nan zuwa " kowa k'ofa ya zubawa ido don ganin fitowar Abdool da yake a hands free Alhaji saka wayar.

Auwal yafi kowa zakuwa son ganin gudan jinin nasa.

Fitowa yayi cikin tafiyar nan tasa ta mai nutsuwa, turus ya tsaya yana bin motocin dake gurin da kallon mamaki dan a zatonsa Alhaji kawai ne............

πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„

[10/23, 9:23 PM] πŸ’„Meryerm AbdoolπŸ’„: πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ–€           '''ABDULMAJEED'''        πŸ–€

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πŸ’„ _Meryerm Abdool_ πŸ’„
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(We don't just entertain and educate we touch the heart❤ of the readersπŸ“)


'''An karb'o daga Abu huraira(R.A) yace daga Manzon Allah (S.A.W) yace "duk Wanda ya yayewa wani mumini bak'in ciki daga cikin bakk'an cikin duniya, Allah zai yaye masa bak'in ciki daga bak'in cikin ranar tashin Alk'iyama, Wanda ya sawwak'awa wani anan duniya, Allah zai sawwak'a masa duniya da lahira Wanda ya rufe asirin wani Allah zai rufe asirinsa duniya da lahira, Allah yana cikin taimakon bawansa muddin bawa yana taimaka wa d'an uwansa, Wanda ya kama hanyar neman ilimi, Allah sai sawwak'a masa hanyarsa zuwa aljannah, wasu mutane ba zasu taru a wani d'aki daga cikin d'akunan Allah ba, suna karanta littafin Allah suna mai bitarsa a tsakaninsu har sai ya saukar musu da nutsuwa, rahamarsa ta lullub'esu, mala'iku sun zagaye su, Allah ya kirasu cikin mutanen da ke gurin sa.'''+

Allah yasa mudace.

( _Arba'una hadith, rawahul Muslim_ )

❤❤❤ *kuna raina at any cost, Fatyy Azland, Maman ussey, Abdool AAG, Sumee Homa, thanks for ur love and support*πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

      πŸ“ *Episode* 256--270

Bai gama mamaki ba sai ganin mutum na dosa inda yake yayi, ko da bai tab'a ganinsa a foto ba kamar da sukeyi kad'ai ta isa ta shaida masa Dadyn sa ne, bai San lokacin da murmushi ya sub'uce masa tare da fad'in "Alhamdulillah" shima Auwal murmushi yake farincikinsa bazai misaltu ba wai Abdool ne daya bari a shekara d'aya, shine ya zama complete man, abin alfahari wa kowa "mashaa Allah" shima ya fad'a, rungume juna sukayi cikin tsananin farinciki wata k'auna na ratsasu.

Da gudu Meenal ta fito itama tayi joining nasu "Abdulmajid Ahih" ta fad'a tana jin farincikin ganin tilon yayan nata da kullum take mafarkin gani, d'ago ido yayi ya kalleta tare da kallon Auwal "sister kace My Son, kada kace komai nasan ban kyauta maka ba ka gafarceni, baice komai ba sai k'ara rungume su da yayi yana jin k'aunarsu na ratsasa yau mai zai kira wannan rana mai daraja wacce ya dad'e da cire ran zuwanta.

Gyaran murya Alhaji yayi " umm likita an manta damu ko" ya fad'a yana murmushi dan shi kansa farincikin sa bazai misaltu ba, kallon yabi mutanen dasu, tun daga Haj, Kaltume, uncle Ayuba, Sani, Salisu, Rabi'u, Aunty Maryam da zuriarsu gaba d'aya hadda Ismail da amaryarsa Amal sai murmushi sukeyi suma Hajia CE kad'ai ke sunkuyar da kai cikin farinciki da kunya.

Nan aka shiga gaggaisawa sannan yace suzo su shiga ciki, Auwal yace yaje dai yayi musu iso, yace ai sanda ya gaya musu sannan ya fito.

Alhaji ne ya fara shigo bayan Abdool, Mami ta bud'e baki tana gaida Alhaji Kalaman bakinta ne suka tsaya chak, tare da mik'ewa tana nuna shi da yatsa "Auwal!!" Ta fad'a Cikin shock da daukewar wuta.

Suma su Ramlah kallon mamaki suke masa ganin tsananin kama da yake da Abdool, ga kuma sunan Baban Abdool data kirasa dashi kenan Dadynsa ne da aka basu labari.

"Ameena nine Auwal dai na dawo gareki" still shi take kallo, sai can ta nisa tare da d'auke idonta a kansa ta sauke ga bataliyar Ahalin nasa, da wad'anda ta dad'e bata saka a ido ba da wad'anda bata masan dasu ba, da wad'anda sukan had'u wasu lokuta duk dai gasunan.


Da murmushi ta bisu tana musu sannu da hanya haka su Nihal ma, duk girman falon Mami dakyar ya d'aukesu, sai nan na ake dasu su Ramlah sai hidima suke tuni suka cika su da kayan mak'ulashe da motsa baki sannan suka ja Amal da Meenal, Husna da sauran 'yan matan suka shiga kitchen dan girki.
Duk yanda Auwal yasu su had'a ido da Mami tak'i bashi dama saima basar dashi da take, Hajia kam sai kunya takeji ganin yadda Ameena keta hidima dasu ba tare da nuna komai ba, lallai Ameena ta daban ce a cikin mutane, sai yanzu take gane ba k'aramin kuskure ta tafka ba a rayuwa.
" 'yata Ameena da fatar mun sameku lafia dai" smiling tayi "Alhmdllh Alhaji muna lafia qlau inshaa Allah, sannunku da zuwa kunsha hanya" nan suka k'ara gaisawa.
"To 'yata kamar dai yadda kika gani ga Auwal Allah ya dawo mana dashi, bayan mun cire rai da sake ganin sa, kuma Allah cikin ikonsa ya wankeki a idon kowa wad'anda ke shakku akan zargin da akayi miki har ya zamo sanadin rabuwarku da Auwal" nan ya bata labarin komai.
Sannan yace " sai mu d'auki wad'annan al'amura a matsayin muk'addari ne ba makawa ba gurin gudu ba gurin tsira, sannan ga Auwal nan gabanki tare da Mahaifiyar sa sunzo Neman yafiyarki dama duk Wanda ya zargeki".
"Wallahi Baba ba komai ni ban tab'a rik'e kowa a raina ba hasalima na dad'e da yafe musu, kuma nayi farinciki da ganin wannan babbar rana mai girma".
"Don Allah Ameena kiyafe mini laifuna a gunki nasan ban tab'a yi maki ko nuhwarki da alkhairi a tsawon zamana dake saboda son zuciya irin nawa da son kai da wani dalili Mara tushe da asali dana rik'e, wanda yasa Rafia tayi amfani da wannan ta cutar damu duka, na rok'eki badan halina ba kiyafemin"
"Don Allah Hajia ki daina fad'ar haka wlh ban tab'a rik'e ki a rai ba, itama Rafia na yafe mata Allah ya yafe mana baki d'aya" ameen suka amsa gaba d'aya, sai mamakin kyawun hali irin na Ameena suke shiyasa Allah ya d'aukaka saboda kyauwun zuciyarta.
Auwal ma ya bud'e baki yayi zaiyi magana ta katse sa "Aa Auwal bakamin laifin komai ba, Iyayenka da d'anka kayiwa, ka bani mamaki na rashin yadda da K'addara da d'aukarta meyasa kayi haka Auwal"?
"Na sani Ameena ban kyauta ba kuma Allah ya jarabceni da kadd'ara na d'auka nisantar Ku zai kawo mini sasauci Ashe ba haka bane, saima azabtuwa da nayi da rashin, Son ka yafemin ban kyauta ba" yace yana kallon Abdool.
"Na yafeka Dady kuma nagode wa Allah daya karb'i Addu'armu ya dawo mana dakai lafia, Mami da Alhaji da Uncles' dasu Baba sun yaye maye mani gurbinka sun d'auke min kewarka, Aunty Asma'u tayi nata duty a kaina itama Allah yayi mata Rahama" duk aka amsa da Ameen sannan suka shiga yi mata gaisawar Asma'u da da mijinta da Yusuf, "nagode sosai Ameena da rawar da kika taka akan rayuwar Abdool, nagode sosai Baba, nagode Yaya, Sani, Salisu, Rabi'u, Maryam, Allah ya jikan Asma'u da Abdulrahim da Yusuf yakai haske k'abarinsu" ameen suka sake amsawa, sannan itama tayi masa gaisuwar Ahlam.
"Yanzu wad'annan duk jikokina ne duk yaran Abdool ne, wannan kuma Yaya ne da surukata 'yata 'yar Asma'u?"
Dariya aka saka Maryam tace "ai Yaya girma ya Riga yazo tuni" aka sake kwashewa da dariya, "Abdool sannu kuma da Rashin Zainab Allah yasa ta huta" Auwal ya fad'a, nan ma aka sake gaisawar Zainab.
"Ina Neman alfarmarki Ameena a karo na biyu ki k'ara yadda da auren ki da Auwal dan Allah" Hajia Kaltume ta fad'a cikin rauni.
Tana kuwa kallon gefensa ita yake kallo murmushi tayi "ba komai Hajia, zanyi shawara dasu Inna" tace don kada tak'i Hajia da d'auka ko bata huce bane da ita, "Ameena au wannan ba matsala bane, gobe duka zamu d'unguma muje can suma a nemi yafiyarsu" Alhaji ya fad'a.
Sai dare suka wuce tare da Meenal data Saba dasu Ramlah sosai basu Amatu da suka shige ranta lokaci d'aya...
"Yaya yau kam Ur complete am so glad 2 inama Ummi da Abi na raye" ta fad'a cikin raunin murya tana jin k'ewar iyayenta.

Bubbuga bayanta yake Cikin sigar rarrashi cike da tausayinta "Allah yayi musu Rahama Baby, kada ki damu su Mami zasu maye maye maki gurbinsu kuma ba gani ba?"

"I know Yaya kunyimin komai Wanda ko sune a raye ba zasu wuce hakan ba, i just missing them" rarrashinta ya shiga yi cike da tausayi, lafewa tayi a kirjinsa sosai.....


Flight suka bi saboda basu gama huce gajiyar jiya ba,  Argungu ma mamaki ne ya cika Hajia Kaltume ganin inda su Inna ke rayuwa lallai duk Wanda ya dogara da Allah to fa zai Isar masa, bayan an maida bayani an yafi juna a ranar a maida Auren Dady da Mami, Hajia ta bada sadaki da kanta, kashe gari suka wuce sokoto saida suka biya ta Kilgori suka gansu, Hajia ta K'ara girmama Allah da gode masa wato nata yazo da sauk'i sosai, sabanin na Hari, kai lallai ba inda mugun Abu zai kai mutum face nadama Mara adadi (Allah yasa mugane gaskiya).

Satin su d'aya a Sokoto suka shirya komawa Kaduna dan aikin Abdool, Dady ma ya tattaro nasa da nasa ya bisu Kaduna dan Mami ta Riga ta saba da zaman can so bazata iya dawowa Skk ba ga kuma aikin ta, kasuwancinsa yaci gaba dayi, inda suke zaune lafia Cikin aminci da soyayya (soyayya bata tsufa saidai ba'a botanta su tsufa).

Ya rik'e su Nihal da Amana ba banbanci kamar shiya haifesu, ita dai tana jin Meenal dai2 dasu Husna a ranta mashaa Allah komai Alhamdulillah.

Gyara sosai Abdool yayi wa su Ard'o dan yace ya dawo Kaduna yace shikam Kilgori ta isheshi anan ya saba, ga kuma mulki ina zai barshi, hakan yasa ya gina musu gini mai kyau na zamani, sannan ya bawa su Shatu da mazajensu jari mai tsoka, dan Lanti tayi aure ta auri wani mutum mai kirki itama ta gyara halayenta suna zaune lafia.........


Hadin guiwa sukayi suka d'auki jirgi sukutun sukaje umara tun daga kwansu da kwarkwata ba Wanda aka Bari har su Iya Hari (hoho wayaga Hari a saudiya, kada ki manta Iya Hari ki kaiwa aminiyarki ta gani kashe ni ziyara wato Mom Zee) lol.

Gidansa na can wasu suka sauka wasu gidan Ikbal, wasu kuma aka kama musu.

Ikbal sunyi farinciki da ziyarar ta ba zata sun tabbata lallai Auwal d'an dangi ne, yau dai ga Ameena da Abdool sun gani da suke shan labarin su, sunyi ziyara sosai, watansu d'aya suka dawo, anyi sa'a ana Cikin Hutu su Ramlah, Sadee Ansha tsaraba har da sakwannninta an kawo mata da k'ari.
Tare dasu Ikbal suka dawo Nigeria inda sukaga  mazauninsu, sun zaga garuruwa da dama a Nigeria sunyi dad'in ziyarar dan Nigeria ta burgesu sosai musamman suturun su da al'adunsu, wani abun ma sai a Argungu sunga gargajiya tsantsa( Argungu garin nabame kowa sarki, kabawa ikon Allah Ku adda ruwanan! Hmm da k'asar wasu gwara k'asa ta, da garin wasu gara garina.)...........

🀧 _mura on top, ur supplication is needed my Fan's, love  as always #1love# going 2 missing u_ πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺ

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*_Manzon Allah tsira da amincin Allah su tabbata a garesa yace "Ku ladaftar da 'ya'yanku akan Ladubba guda uku, Son annabinku, da son iyalan gidansa da karatun AL-QUR'AN, don su makaranta AL-QUR'AN suna Cikin inuwar Allah ranar da ba wata inuwa sai tasa, tare da  annabawansa da zab'abb'unsa.(majma'ul baharai)_*

πŸ‘πŸ½ _Allah ka k'ara mana son annabi da iyalan gidansa, ya Rahman ka k'ara mana son karatun AL-QUR'ANIL KAREEMπŸ‘πŸ½_
*komai yayi farko zaiyi k'arshe, amma banda ikon Allah, nagode sosai masoyana masu bibiyar rubutuna da hak'urin da kukayi dani har zuwa yau, nagode da soyayyar Ku gareni da k'arfafarku nagode sosai thanks 4 care and support❤❤❤😘 bazan manta daku ba gidan amana da had'in kai, gidan karamci da girmamawa, Allah ya barmu tare cikin aminci da k'aunar juna P.M.L gaba dai gaba up!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»*

     πŸ“ *Last Episode* 271--275

       *_AFTER TEN YEARS........._*

" A yau gamu tare da shahararriya, hazik'a, jaruma, zak'ak'urar 'yar jaridar nan wacce ta kware gurin tono gaskiya da rubuta ta ba tare da tsoro ko shakka ba, wacce ta sadaukar da rayuwar ta gurin rubuta gaskiya komai d'acinta kuma kome zata zama wato, koda yace wak'a a bakin mai ita tafi dad'i, ko meye sunan Hajiyar? Masu kallo suna son sani"

Sanye take da dakakken les dan ubansu brown colour mai adon milk flowers, hakan yasa hihab d'inta ya kasance milk haka bag and shoes nata(mashaa Allah na fad'a tare da sake baki lallai da banyi mata farin sani ba bazan ganeta ba, ta canja d most tayi fresh tayi jiki ga wata irin wayewa da tayi wacce tayi dai2 da islama bata turawa ba).

Smiling tayi "Sunana Ramlah Abdulrahim Modibbo wacce akafi sani a harkar rubutu da Mrs A.A"
"Mashaa Allah Mrs A.A nima dai shi nafi sani amma a yau ni da masu kallo munji ainihin sunanki mai cike da tarihi Allah yayi albarka"

"Ameen nagode sosai"

"To idan ba damuwa munaso muji tarihin jarumar tamu a tak'aice, gwagwar mayar da tayi da rayuwa har zuwa yau data zama mai nasara?"

Anan ta shiga bata labarin ta a tak'aice mai cike da tausayi, koda ta kammala daga ita har mai tambayan kuka suke, handcart tasa ta share hawayen tana murmushi sannan ta mik'a wa mai tambayan tata d'aya ta goge nata itama.

Gyaran murya tayi "na dad'e banji labari mai tab'a irin wannan ba, lallai Mrs A.A kinga gwagwar mayar rayuwa, saidai kuma hak'uri da kikayi ya zame miki alkhairi, Allah ya sauya miki rayuwa ya d'aukaka ki ya maye miki gurbin duk wani rashi da kikayi, hak'ik'a labarin ki ya isa misali, ishara ga mutane, Allah ya jikin magabata yakai haske k'abarinsu ya kyautata tamu bayan tasu"

"Ameen ya Allah nagode"

"Shin ko zamu iya sanin dalilin da yasa kika zabi ki karanci aikin jarida? me yaja ra'ayinki a aikin jarida? Ko akwai Wanda ya k'arfafa maki akan haka? meye nasarar da kika samu cikin aikin? Shin kin tab'a fuskar wani k'alubale ko barazana a wannan aikin?"

"To a gaskiya tun farko ina sha'awar zama journal and inaso na wanke rad'e-rad'in da akeyi game da journalist akan suna rubutu ne kawai don 'yan siyasa wato ya basu amma basa tono gaskiya akansu suna cover na laifukansu, in fact an d'auki d'an jarida baisan me yake ba sai abinda aka saka shi, to wannan yana d'aya cikin abinda yasa na zabi harkar"

"Dukkanin 'yan uwa sun k'arfafa min kuma sunyi supporting d'ina ta ko'ina musamman mijina abin alfahari na ba abinda zance sai Allah ya saka musu da mafificin Alkhairinsa"
"A gaskiya nasarorin da na samu ba zasu k'irgu ba, mafi girma irin Addu'o'in da nake sha gun jama'a shima wani babbar nasara ce gareni, k'alubale ba'a rasa ba, don akwai time d'in da aka tare ni na d'auko yara daga school, Allah ne dai ya karemu a ranar, barazana kuma ina samu a kowacce rana, saidai na wannan bai tab'a karya min gwuiwa ko yasa naji jikina yayi sanyi ba, saima k'arfafamin da yake akan ina ba k'asa ta gudummawa kenan"


"Hakane kam, tabbas kin kawo canji Sosai a harkar jarida, kuma an samu ci gaba sosai a harkar jarida, ba abinda zamuce sai Allah ya kara dafa mana ya kuma k'ara shige mana gaba, ya kuma karemu daga sharrin mak'iya da mahassada"


"Yau fa masu abune da abunsu to tambayoyi sai kin ture, ko zaki iya gama mana meye ma'anar " Mr A.A d'in nan"ta fad'a tana dariya.

"Hmmm kada ki damu zaki samu amsar kowacce tambaya taki" smiling tayi mai sauti "Mrs na belonging ga miji to A.A na nufin Abdulmajid Auwal wato Yayana mijina"

"Kai mashaa Allah,  lallai Dr Abdulmajid ya taka babban matsayi a rayuwar ki, to Allah ya raya zuria ya k'ara k'auna a tsananin Ku madawwamiya"

"Sosai Yaya Abdool shine duniya, Ameen Ameen nagode"

"Ko zaki iya gaya mana matsayin Abdool a gurinki? Kamar yadda koma komai da kika mallaka yana d'auke da tambarin Abdool kamar irinsu Abdool oil&gas naki, Abdool supermarket, Abdool Islamic scholars da dai maka mantansu"

"Hhhhhh! Abdool uba ne, Abdool yayane, Abdool miji ne, Abdool k'anine, Abdool d'ane kuma inshaa Allah har jika sai nayi Abdool, so kinga kenan Abdool na nufin Ramlah, da ina damar zama Abdool kacokam to tabbas zan zama, Abdool shine rayuwar Ramlah" (nima dai nace Abdool ne rayuwar Meryerm).

"Tofa lallai Mrs A.A kin tara Abdool koma ince ke zama Abdool ko zaki bani d'aya ne?"

"Hmm idan kinada k'ari zaki iya bani, dan ko zan tara haifi yara d'ari bazan gaji da saka musu Abdool ba, inason Abdool sosai musamman *Abdulmajid* Yayana mijina, jigon rayuwa ta, abin alfahari na, farincikin rayuwa ta, Allah ya barmu tare har mutuwa" ta fad'a cikin shaukin soya year mijin nata.

"A gaskiya kin burgeni, inama kowace mace zatayi koyi dake, taso mijinta kamar yadda kikeson Dr Abdulmajid da an samu zaman lafia sosai a gidaje da ana soyayya domin Allah, Allah ya barku tare cikin Aminci"

"Ameen nagode"

"Ko zaki iya gaya mana me kikafi so a rayuwa?"

"Yayana mijina *Abdulmajid* mijin da babu kamar sa yayan da babu irinsa, mafi tausayi a cikin mutane, mai karanci da mutunci a gurin kowa mai tausayin iyayensa mai kyautata wa iyalansa, guda d'aya tak tamkar da dubu"

"Ya ilahi da fatar Dr Abdulmajid yana gaban tibinsa yana kallon wannan hirar tamu, yana kallon yadda matarsa ke Koran ta ka da yaba ka nasan ka tsuma da zantukan ta, ina fatar Allah ya raya wannan k'auna har abada"

"Ameen ya Allah"

"Munaso ki mik'a godiyarki da gaisuwar ki zuwa ga wasu mutane masu muhimmanci a gareki"
"Tofa! Hmm da farko ina mik'a godiya ta ga Allah mad'aukakin sarki, wanda ya samar dani daga babu, ya sanyoni cikin al'ummar musulmi ba tare da iyawata ba sannan zan godewa iyayena da suka zamu sune silar zuwana duniya, ina godiya ga kakana Ard'o Wanda ya reneni cikin soyayyar da k'auna, ina mik'a godiya ta ga mamata uwar goyona kuma surukata Mami tare da Dadyn mu Allah ya saka musu da alkhairi, dole na mik'a gaisuwar had'e da godiya ga gimshik'in rayuwa Yayana Mijina Dr *Abdulmajid* gaisuwa zuwa ga Aminan Arziki 'yan uwa na jinin jiki Nihal, Sadee, Amal Meenal, Aunty Zee Allah yayi mata rahama dama sauran wad'anda ban ambata ba duk ina mik'a gaisuwa, gaisuwa zuwa ga manyan gobe 'ya'yana abin alfahari Allah yayiwa rayuwa albarka"

"Kai madallah da fatar duk kunji sak'on Mrs A.A kuma kunyi farinciki"

"Daga k'arshe meye sakonki, ga masoyanki harma da mak'iyanki, meye shawarar ki zuwa garesu? A gurguje dan na fahimci idan muka barki ba gajia zakiyi ba" tace tana dariya.

Itama dariyar tayi "sak'ona zuwa ga masoyana har mak'iyana shine ina sonsu gaba d'aya, shawara ta itace ayi hak'uri da komai na rayuwa mai wucewa ne kuma duk abinda akayi hak'uri a kansa inshaa zai wuce muddin anyi hak'uri mai kyau, hak'uri bai tab'a zama cuta saidai alkhairi ayi hak'uri nothing is parmanent even our live and world so be patients, behind every success there ris many obstacles but at d end there ris way inshaa"

"Wannan haka yake dan rayuwar ki kad'ai ta isa misali gamai lura, mun gode da wannan lokaci da kika bamu muna miki fatar alkhairi a rayuwa, muna mik'a jarumin maza Wanda ya ciri tuta a mazaje angon gurin jarumar mace mai kishin k'asarta wato Dr *Abdulmajid* likita na talaka Allah ya k'ara girma"

"madallah nima ina godiya da wannan karramawar da akayi Mani, nagode sosai da Addu'a da muka sha yau sai mun k'ara had'u wa wani lokaci, nagode"

"To jama'a duka duka anan muka kawo k'arshen firarmu da fittacciyar 'yar jarida jaruma, hazik'a Mrs A.A Wanda ni Hafsat mai sharrif na gabatar fatar kunyi farinciki da wannan firar mai cike da darasin rayuwa, saduwar alkhairi......."

Abdool dake zaune kan sofa cikin d'akin sa tun da aka fara firar ko motsin kirki bayayi saboda yadda bada duka Attention nasa, hakan yasa yabar yaran parlour su kalla ya keb'e kansa saboda muhimmancin da bawa firar...
"Oyoyo Maa, oyoyo Maa..." Yaran ke fad'a cikin murna ganin mahaifiyar tasu da jin dad'in firar da akayi da ita da suka gama kallo.

"Maa u done it perfect" Junior ya fad'a tare da d'aga mata yatsa, peck takai masa tare da Shafa kansa "really Son?"

"Really Maa" suka fad'a a tare, murmushi tayi tana kai musu Peck daya bayan d'aya, K'amarar 'yarta ce wacce ba zata wuce five years ba, ita kebin su Amatullah, tak'i zuwa gunta ta koma gefe ta lab'e jikin gini tana fushi, murmushi tayi dan tasan rigimar Zainab da daru kullum k'aruwa yake.

"Lalala! Wayata tab'a min Aunty Zee na waya tab'a min autana" ta fad'a tana sunkuyawa tare da janta jikinta, turo baki gaba tayi just like Ramlah "ba Aunty Amatu bace wai baca cona cu Ya Abdool kawai kike cu, cu katai kika fad'a cunancu"

"Ya ilahi Ama zata kwanto min kura ta fad'a a ranta" a fili kuwa tace "kyaleta tsokana ne kawai ai itama ban kira sunanta ba, maza ne fa kad'ai na fad'a ina kinji"?

" to aini 'yar aunty Meenal ce, satin nan ma zanje mata weekend lololo" Amatullah ta fad'a tana yiwa Zee gwalo, "ni kuma gidan Aunty Husna zanje" itama Amaturrahman ta fad'a.

"Allah Ama zan muku duka banason tsokana fa, kinga Auta na ke kad'ai nakeso sai su ya Junior bana son su Ama" gwalo ta shiga yi musu tana dariya jin ba'a sonsu kuma za'a musu duka.

"Ash!" Ta fad'a tare da sauke Zainab, "na gaji sosai, paa na ciki"?

" eh"
Da Sallama ta shiga, duka hankalinsa ya dawo Kanta yana mata murmushi bayan ya amsa sallamar, a jikin sa ta zube "I really tired my half"

"U done it so Amazing, barin miki messenge" ya fad'a yana mata tausa, cire mata higab d'in yayi tare da zuge zip d'in, sai wani lumshe ido take, yanda take jin dad'in tausar.

Murmushi keta yayi tare da canja tasha, zaro ido tayi "haba Yaya hospital zamuje fa duba patients d'in, barin yi wanka nama ware"

"Not now it Skip, letter 2morrow" ya fad'a yana ci gaba da abinda yake.

"Zamuje gidan Mami fa, duba Dady ka tuna?"

Murmushi mai sauti yayi "ke nifa su Dadyn nakeso na samar so yau ranata ce a barni na huta"

Ganin iya gaskiya yake yasa ta samo wata dubara " yawwa barin nuna maka abinda suka bani na girmamawa sai a Samar da su Dadyn ai nima am eager "

"Serious! Nuna min" ya fad'a tare da sakinta mik'ewa tayi ta gyara rigar ta sannan ta bud'e baka kamar zata d'auko abu, sai ganin yayi ta kwasa da gudu saida takai k'ofa ta tsaya tana mishi gwalo "an maka wayon manya"

Yunkurawa yayi kamar zai tashi aiko ta ida fita da sauri tana masa gwalo.

"Zan kamaki ne ya fad'a da k'arfi yadda zata jiyoshi, smiling yayi mai k'ayatarwa tare da lumshe ido " Sam bata girma, hoho Ramlatun baffa ta mai gilashi" ya fad'a yana rungume filo tare da tuno baya...........


*dukkanin yabo da godiya su tabbata ga ubangijin da bai Haifa ba ba'a haifesa ba, Wanda ya kad'aita cikin mulkinsa da ikonsa, Wanda ya tsarkaka a sunayensa da sufofinsa, Kamar yadda ka bani ikon farawa da gama wannan littafin lafia,  ya Allah ka bani ladar da ke ciki ka shafe zunubai a rubuce da zuciya, Allah kasa nayi hujja da wannan littafin kada yayi hujja dani, Allah ka bamun ikon rubuta dai2 da aikata dai2 Ameen* πŸ‘πŸ½


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