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'''United we stand and success, our ambition is to entertain and motivated the mind of reader'''

Alhmdulillah!! Ina mai godia ga Allah da sake bani ikon dawowa cikin sabon book dina mai suna a sama, ina fatan fans zaku biyoni dan ganin irin salon danaxo muku dashi
_Wannan labari k'agaggen labarine banyishi dancin zarafin wani ko wata ba ma'ana banyi
shi don cin zarafin kowaba_

*Inawa dukkanin masoyana barka da sallah Allah y karb'i ibadunmu ya maimaita mana*.

Page *1-2*

A garin Adamawa akwai wani karamin gari da ake kira da *TSAUNI* wannan gari ba kowa yasan daxamansa ba se mutanan dake Adamawa suma basu iya shiga garin sanadiyan tsananin sarkin garin yanzu seyasa akashe mutum ba gaira ba dalili acewarsa bayasan mutanan birni surika shigomai yanki, yana matukar tsantsanin mutanen birni, domin bokanyansa tace mai zaye aure kuma matar daya aura zata haihu dan daya haifa ze kasheshi ya rusa mulkinsa na zaulumci kuma wannan yaro ze girma ne a birni hakanne yasa yakara kyamatar mutanan birni, wannan dalili yasa har yanzu bashida d'a ko jika domin du matar daya aura daga yasamu labarin tanada ciki zesa aje bayan gari a fille mata kai.Sarki *TAHSEEN* shine sarki na 20 a wannan gari sarki tahseen yakasance sarki mafi zalunci cikin magabatan sarakunan dasuka shude, sarki ne mai cike da kwarjini da izza kuma shine sarki mafi dadewa akan mulki cikin sarakunan garin,inda ayanzu shekaransa 30 da hawa kujerar mulki wanda gaba daya shekaransa 20 a dunia yasamu kujerar mulki idan aka hada shekurun duka shekaransa 50, yazuwa yanzu sarki Tahseen yayi aure babu adadi yanasa ana kashe matan akan sun samu juna2.


*Wannan kenan*

*Yanzu zamu shiga cikin labarin*

Zaune take tanawa Innanta daka suna hira inna tacewa"matashiyar yarinyar dake daka da bata wuce 16yrs ba Tasneem na'am inna ta amsa batare data dago da kanta ba , inna tace waini se yaushe ne zaki fiddo miji amiki aure koh jikannawa ne bakiso nagani kinfiso na mutu bandau jikana a hannu ba koh, dank'aramin bakinta ta cono gaba ta tsayar da dakan datakeyi cikin shagwaba tace"Haba inna gajiya kukayi danine dududu nawa nake zakikemin maganar aure ni dama nasan kun gaji da ganina

Ta k'arasa maganar kamar mai shirinyin kuka, dayake Inna tasan halin yer tata tashi tayi ta karasa gun da Tasneem take tajanyota jikinta tana rarrashinta sannan ta dora da cewa"Haba yer lelena mene abun bata rai a maganar nan ,itafa mace kimarta da darajanta gidan miji ne kowa dakika ganshi yayi aure bawai dan angaji dashi bane sedan anason yazama cikakken mutum , ki dubafa kigani yanzu akalla k'iris ya rage miki a ishirin idan ban aurar dake ba yanzu seyaushe kikeson na aurar dake, so kike na mutu banga auranki ba takara tana kallon kwayar idanuwan Tasneem, dan k'wallar data gangaro kuncinta tasa hannu tashare sannan ta d'aga kanta daga cinyar innar tace " Inna kinsa bamuda ruwa a gidan bari naje na debo mana yamma nayi " murmushi inna tayi sannan tace"sekin dawo yer Albarka,tulun dake gefen daki ta dauka ta dora akai tafice diban ruwan..


Sarki Tahseen ne sanye cikin kayansa na sarauta duda tsufa yafara zuwa amma hakan bai hana kyansa bayyana ba kan dokinsa dayasha kwallia yahau tare da fadawansa suka fice domin zaga gari domin dama al'adar sace du karshen mako yakan zaga garin nashi yaje yasha iska.

     Cikin takunta na nutsuwa take tafiya tana rera waka tsawan da aka daka mata ne yasa ta tsaya da tafiyan tanamai duban gun da aka mata tsawan fadawane reras kallo 1 za'aiwa ko wannansu aga tsantsar rashin imani a zuciyoyinsu, wani daga cikin dakarun sarkin ne ya karaso gun datake ya zambada mata dorina ajiki yace" ke yer gidan uban wace da kina ganin sarkinmu bazaki dakata ya wuce ba bazaki Risina ba ,damashi sarki Tahseen a ka'idarshi yazo wucewa dole kabar abun da kake a zube a k'asa anagaisuwa harya bar wajan ...

Wani irin ihu tasaka jin saukar doruna ajikinta cikin zafin nama ta jiyo ta zabgawa bafadan nan mari kanya motsa takuma zubamai wani, du abunnan sarki nakan dokinshi na kallon ikon Allah da karfin hali irin na Tasneem, tunda yake mulki baitaba gani jaruma mace koh namiji ba me karfin hali irin na Tasneem haka kawai ya tsinci kanshi cikin begen Tasneem,

Tasneem tana huci kamar wacce taci gudu tanuna bafadan nan da tsaya sannan tace" idan ka saba kanawa wasu haka suna kyaleka ni bazan kyaleka ba , inbanda cin zali da mugunta mena maka dazaka zambadamin duka, shi sarkin naku Allah ne da zan ganshi na zube a k'asa ,toh bari kaji koh bani ba koh wasu ka sakewa yin haka se ranka ya b'aci ta juya fuuu ta wuce zuciyarta na mugun buguwa dan tsoro ne fall aciki dan ita kanta tasan karfin haline da jarumta irin nata.Zebita kenan sarki Tahseen ya dakatar dashi yakira wani cikin fadawansa yace"abimin ita aga gidansu daga haka ya wuce dan tafiya gida.

Toh koh me sarki Tahseen xeyiwa Tasneem oho seku biyoni a page na gaba danjin cigaba labarin.







'''United we stand and success, our ambition is to entertain and motivated the mind of reader'''


Page *5-6*

Ko da Bokanya Quyangu taji auran Mai martaba tayi bak'in ciki sabida babu shawaranta yayi auran da bazata barshi yayi ba idan da abunda ta tsana be wuce taga sarki yace" zeyi aure ba duK yanda za'ayi taga ta hana auran setayi idan kuwa har akayi auran insha Allah ba dad'ewa zata ziga sarki yasa akashe matar , idan sarki yayi aure ba dad'ewa taji shiru ba ciki zata turawa matar cikin dan aljani daganan se aje bayan gari a kashe matar tayi haka yafi sau abun a kirga, sabida a yanzu rabin mulkin kusan a hannunta yake se abunda tafada sarki yakeyi shiyasa batason yasamu magaji acewarta shima lokaci ta bashi kafin ta kasheshi ta karb'e mulki.


_Toh fa ana wata ga wata_🀣

A b'angaren sarki tahseen kuwa tun ranar da aka kawo tasneem bai k'ara sata a idonshi ba a duk lokacin datajishi zata rufe k'ofarta yayi ta bugawa yagaji harya tafi tun abun baya damunshi a yanzu yafara damunshi hakan yasa yaci alwashin ko me ze faru sedai yafaru yau seya shiga yaga Tasneem dinshi, koda yatashi zuwa part dinta se yaje alokacin da besaba zuwa ba yaci sa'a kuwa dakin a bod'e yake sedai bata cikin d'akin tunanin inda ze ganta yake seya jiyo alamun motsi ta a toilet kodajin haka beyi sanya ba yayi hanyar toilet din ya kusa kai yashiga hankali kwance take wanka idonta a rufe tanajin dad'in saukan ruwan ajikinta,shikuma oga sarki yamanta a inda yake yazama kamar gunki yana kallon irin baiwar halittar da Allah yayiwa tasneem dinshi, Shi duk cikin matan daya aura beji wacce ta kwantamai a raiba kamar tasneem d'inshi, a hankali ya ida k'arasawa gun data ke yanamai k'are matakallo batare dayasan lokacin daya dau hannu yakai jikinta ba yashiga shafata cikin Wani salo , ba zato ba tsammani taji hannun mutum jikinta, a tsorace. Ta kwala ihu ta jiyo santsin ya debeta ta tafu luuu tafada jikinshi shikuma ya rungeme abarsa.

Nunfashi kawai yake saukewa tare da nishad'i dajin dad'i.

Wutsil wutsil tafarayi tana k'ok'arin janye jikinta daga nashi kunya dutabi ta isheta shikam Dada matse abarsa yayi cikin faffadan k'irjinshi yanajin kamshin jikinta, ganin bashida niyar cikata tahau yin kuka tura tsantseta jikinshi ya seta idonshi a nata sannan yace "ina zakine ki tsaya na k'arasa miki wankan,dan k'aramin bakinta ta turo gaba sannan tace" dalla ni ka sakani ni ba 'yar iska bace"murmushi yayi gami da daria wanda bata kai zuci ba cikin ranshi kuwa cewa yayi wai dalla yau da wani ne yace mashi haka ai sai dai ya kwana lahira ama Allah ya sota  yanda ta had'e rai take mai magana seta k'ara burgeshi,kallon shi tayitace"meye wai"bai ko kulata ya d'auketa  cak a hannu yaje yak'arasa mata wankan da kokawa aka gamashi sannan yakomo da ita d'aki suka k'arasa shirinsu da soyayyarsu a ranar Sarki tahseen yasan yayi aure saboda yaji zumar da betab'a ji ba.


A b'angaren Inna kuwa gab'a d'aya hankalinta kusan baya tare da ita gaba d'aya ta rame tayi bak'i idan ba kasanta ba sai kace ba Inna bace saboda yadda ta canja da taji motsi karaf sai zuciyar ta tabata ankashe mata d'iya hakan yana matuk'ar tada hankalin Abba yake kullum cikin bata baki yake da nasiha ama ina tayi nisa bata jin kira. dutabi ta rame tsufa harya soma bayyana kullum cikin kuka take dakuma tsumayin sanarwan mutuwar tasneem kullum sesunyi rigima da Abba akan setaje ta taho da D'iyarta .

A yanzu wata biyu kenan da auran tasneem da sarki tahseen , yanzu ganin sarki mawahala yake kullum yana makale da tasneem dinshi ,abun ba k'aramin d'agawa bokanya k'uyangu hankali yayi ba sabida abinda take tsoro taga kamar ze faru hakan ne  yasata yanke wata shawara killer smile tasaka sannan tahau aikin tsafinta.

Ko da dare yayi wajen k'arfe biyu na dare mai martaba na kwance shida Tasneem suna bacci cikin baccin tasneem taji ana kiran sunanta ba shiri ta farka inda taga wata mata sanye da bak'ak'en kaya sai dai ba'a ganin fuskar matar tasneem na tashi matar tayi saurin fita tabar d'akin inda itama tasneem tabi bayan matar dan ganin wace....

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'''{United we stand and succeed;Our ambition is to entertain & motivate the mind of readers}'''


Page *7-8*

Kodata bita seta rasa inda matar tayi cen taga giftawarta ta farfajiyan gidan, binta taci gaba dayi ahaka seda ta jata cen waje sukayi hanyar bayan gari koda zuwansu matar ta bayyana gaban Tasneem tasa wata daria me firgitarwa se alocin Tasneem ta lura da gun dasukazo dan dazu kamar wacce ake janta taji batada ikon dakatar dakanta dagabin matar wani turare matar ta bad'awa Tasneem dayayi sanadiyan sarawan da kanta yayi nan take taji jiri na neman d'ibanta ,cikin wata murya mara dad'in saurare Matar ,Tace"Tasneem ina mai sheda miki da fitowar nan da kikayi kin fito har abada kenan bazaki sake shiga cikin wannan gari ba ki kama hanya ki mik'i nan karki juyo"cikin wata iriyar kakkausar murya mai tarin tsoro ,daga fad'an haka matar ta bace kamar walk'iya, Tasneem kodataji haka batare data iya hana kantaba takama tafiya kamar yanda matar ta umarceta ,tafiya take batare da tasan inda zatayiba ba batareda da tasan gunda takesa k'afa ba.

     Kohda gari ya waye Sarki Tahseen ya tashi ya tadda babu Tasneem ba k'aramin damuwa yashiga ba , damuwar da betab'a shiga irin ta ba haka yasa dakarunshi gaba d'aya su shiga jeji su bazu koh ina dan nemo tasneem haka kuwa akayi suka shiga gari da cikin jeji ana faman neman Tasneem amma babu ita babu alamunta, hankalin sarki idan yayi dubu ya tashi ya rasa inda zesa kansa, tashi yayi jiki ba k'wari ya wuce gun bokanyaQuyangu ya sheda mata halin dayake ciki, daria tayi cikin zuciya da bata fito fili ba sannan can k'asan ranta tace"ai kaida ganinta har abada, inda a fili kuma ta nuna tsantsar damuwarta ta debo kayan tsafinta sannan tace dashi kaje gida ka huta kabani nanda kwana uku duk halin da matarka take ciki zan gano ma zaAsan abunda zaAyi zata bayyana nanba da dad'ewa ba, kohda sarki Tahseen yaji kalaman Bokanyansa se hankalinshi yadan kwanta, ya koma gida yana tsimayin kwana uku ta cika yaji halin da matarshi ke ciki,

Ai kankace me Labari yabaza garin *tsauni* matar sarki ta b'ace kohda labari ya iske Inna tashin hankali tashigeshi ba kad'anba kuka da birgima tarinka yi Tana cewa" sam bata yadda ba Kashe mata y'a akayi ,babu wani b'ata datayi "Abba ne yayi ta bata baki duk da shima kuka yakeyi ,kohda faruwan haka Yayi sanadiyan losin memory Inna hauka tuburan tashiga yi Tashin Hankali Abba ya ganshi a ranar da Bai tab'a shiga ba shin d da b'atan 'Yarsa zeji kohda Haukar Inna, Zaman dirshin yayi yana sharb'an kuka kamar karamin yaro.

A b'angaren Sarki Tahseen kullum seyayi mafarkin Tasneem ta mik'omai hannu sedai daga yamik'a hannu da zummar rik'ota seya nemeta ya rasa.

*Asalin su, wacece Tasneem?*

Asalin Sunan Tasneem Maimunatu kasancewar Sunan Mahaifiyarta aka sa mata yasa ake kiranta da Tasneem, Maimunatu Mahaifiyar Tasneem ta rasu tun lokacin Haihuwarta, a hannun Kakarta Ta girma Inna kenan, kohda Tasneem ta taso atunaninta Inna itace Mahaifiyar ta se bayan tayi wayo tasan kakarta ce amma hakan besa ta dena ganin Inna a matsayin Mahaifiyar ta ba,gata babu irin wanda bata samu gurin Inna tunda take bata tab'a kukan maraici ba dan tafi wani me iyayen gata,
       Aminu (Abba) shine mahaifin Tasneem tun rasuwar matarsa Maimunatu yazama wani silent duda dama bawani mai hayaniya
bane, yayi kukan rashin matarshi wanda haryazuwa yanzu yanakanyi be denaba hakanne ma yahanashi sake wani auran , Inna ba yanda batayi dashiba amma sam yak'i sake wani auran haka tagaji ta kyaleshi,Inna itace Mahaifiyar Abba.
Kuma su bawasu masu kudi bane sedai sunada rufin asiri basa rasa ci dasha .

*Wannan kenan*

Koda kwana uku ta cika Sarki Tahseen yaje gun bokanyar sa Seda ya gwammace bejeba bari yaji abunda yaji a yanzu,gabansa ne yayi mugun fad'uwa jikinshi yahau rawa k'afafuwansa suka gaza d'aukansa, dajin Furucin da bokanya tayi, nacewa" Tasneem bazata tab'a dawowa ba domin a yanzuma batada rai.

Tsaf bokanya ke kallon yanayin da Mai martaba yashiga wanda bata tab'a ganin mai martaba cikin yanayin ba lalle yakamata tasan abinyi, wata wuta taja gabanta ta xubawani magani sannan ta umarci da sarki ya shak'i hayakin acewarta idan yayi hakan ne za'a iya gano inda gawarta take, jiki ba kwari ya k'arasa gun hayak'in ya tsugunna ya rink'a shaka, kohda shak'arsa ganin gun yayi ya soma juyamai inda atake ya soma fita a hayyacinsa kansa ne yashiga mugun saramai atake ya zube a gun ko motsi bayayi....

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🌈 *Kainuwa Writers Association*✍🏻

'''United we stand and success, our minds of readers '''

*ina mai baku hkr da rashin jina fans hkan ya faru ne dalilin wani uzuri amma yanzu Alhmdlhi zakuci gaba da jina kamar dah*



Atake ya sulale agun sumame koda ganin haka bokanya ta kece da wata daria tajin dadi kana tace" a yanzu nasara tasamu mulkin garin tsauni ze dawo hannu na, seda mai martaba ya shafe kwana 2 kafin ya farfado koda farfadowansa seya mance komai yakoma kamar karamin yaro da bokanya ta mishi maganar Tasneem cewa yayi besanta ba karta sake mishi maganar dadi baya misaltuwa gun bokanya koda sarki ya yunkura ze tashi kasawa yayi sanadiyan nakasun da bokanya tasamai haka yayi ta kiciniyar tashi amma babu hali, daukansa bokanya tayi takaishi wani daki mai tsananin duhu da koh tafin hannu baA iya gani ta yasarshi a nan tafice ,

Bayan kwana 2 ta Tara mutanan garin tsauni gaba dayansu ta sheda musu sarki bashi da lafiya yanzu tasashi a dakin duhu danyimai magani sabida haka a yanzu ita zataci gaba da mulkar garin tsauni, babu wanda ya iya mata musu sabida basuda ikon yin haka shiyasa kowa ya nuna farincikinshi gami da jawabin bokanya badan ransu naso ba saidan bayanda suka iya sunsan halin bokanya batada imani daidai da kwayar zarra, ..


*Bayan wasu Shekaru masu yawa*


Matashin saurayine kishin gide bakin wani shago ya zurfafa cikin tunanin halin rayuwa, tunani kawai yake na irin kiyayyar da mahaifiyar budurwar sa takemai shikuma ji yake baze iya rayuwa babu Farida ba kuma mahaifiyarta tace"bazata bawa mara asali ko talaka kamarshi diyarta ba , sallamar da ake zabgawa ne ya dawo dashi daga duniyar tunanin daya tafi, Asim se sallama nake kwadawa ina hankali ka ya tafine haka kabar mutane tsaye sunzo siyayya ka kasa sallamarsu yanzu da banzo ba da ansamu matsa, cikin azama Asim ya mike yana bada hakuri ya danna kai cikin shagon yashiga sallamar customers, bayan ya gamane dattijon ya janyoshi gefe yashiga tambayar abun da yake damunshi, Asim wato na lura kwana 2 kana cikin damuwa idan ba damua zanso nasan matsalar ka ko inada abun da zan taimaka ma dashi ,rau yayi da ido Asim yana nazarin taya ze sanar da Abba yer sa farida yakeso gaskiya baze iyaba sabida tsananin kunyar sa dayakeji,dafa kafadarsa Abba yayi kayi shiru nazarin me kake yi , cikin jin kunya yana sidda kai kasa yace"babu komai Abba kawai RAYUWAR ce se ahankali, badan ya yadda da abinda yace"ba yace Allah yamana maganin abunda yafi karfin mu , Asim ya amsa da amin"Wata ledaya mikawa Asim ga wannan dan Allah ka kai cen gidan ka bawa Umman su farida kace abunda aka samu kenan"cikin ladabi ya karba sannan ya wuce aiken,.

          Tun daga kofar gida yake jiyo ihun da masifar Umma , zakici ubanki shegiya mai suffar mayu dan yau zanga uban daze kwaceki cikin gidannan senaci ubanki umma ta rarumo ta barya daniyar makawa Amira dake kuka bakinta na fidda jini tana ganin Umma da tabarya ta zabura a guje tayi hanyar waje umma ta bita da gudu koda zuwanta soro batare data ankara ba da mutum ta mangajeshi zata wuce taci tuntube zata fadi yayi sauri rikota da karasowar umma batareda data Ankara ba ta mukawa Asim tabarya a goshi jikake kumm ledar dake hannunshi yayi wulli da ita yana sakar ihu tareda dafe gun da tuni yafara fidda jini, Umma da ganin haka tayi saurin wullar da tabaryar tana huci kamar zakanya tana rarraba ido sannan tafizgo Amira dake kuka har tana maka mata kai da bango ta wullata cen gida takomo gun Asim dake dafe da goshi har ilokacin jini na fita, kaikuma kaci sa'a dana tsaya a iya goshi inbanda maita da naci irin na marasa asli uban meya kawoka gidannan du kashedin danama bakaji ba kenan shine kasake dawowa koh toh ai ga abunda rashin zuciyarka ya janyoma ni inagama kun hada dangi da mayu tunda dama baAsan asalinka ba ,na rantse du ranar dana sake ganinka cikin gidannan senama abunda yafi na yanzu fita ni ka kafeni da ido kurwata bazata ciyuba, Kwalla ce ta taru cikin idanuwan shi suna kiciniyar fitowa , jiki babu kwari ya juya ya fice da fashasshen goshin shi gida ya wuce  direct dan iya kuluwa yayi yau ko meza ayi yau sai Ummar shi tafadamai asalinshi dan yagaji da wannan gori da akemai .

*Wanene Asim*? Kuci gaba da biyoni danjin labarin shi da aslinshi




🌈 *Kainuwa Writers Association*✍🏻
'''United we stand and success, our ambition is to entertain and motivated the minds of readers '''

Page 13-14

*Cigaban labari*

Koh da fitowarta taci karo da yaro an aikoshi wai ana sallama da Amira, daga daki Umma tafito a guje tace"Wanene"?yaron yace"besanshi ba, a mota yake koh a sayyadar kafarsa, a mota yake cewar yaron"jekace tana zuwa ya juya yafice,
Farida!Farida!!na'am Umma fito kije kinyi bak'o, Haba umma inajiyoku fa gun Amira akazo bani ba, eyyeeh sakarcin naki zakimin koh zaki fice ko sena sabar miki, yer iska mai bukulu fita dan ubanki kije kiji dashi,Babu yanda Farida ta iya haka tasakai tafice tana kukuni, Amira na tsaye kamar gunki tana mamakin bakin hali na Umma saurayima baza a barta dashi ba, muryan Umma ta doki dodon kunnen ta munafuka nazarin mekike, wuce kije ki gyaran daki gun kwanciya kin tsaya kin kafe mutane da ido kina nazarin tayadda zaki lashe kuruwarmu toh li'ilafi aniyarki ta biki bacen dagani mai suffar mayu, dan kukan da take ta kiciniyar boyewa ne ya kufce zafafan hawayen yashiga zarya a kuncinta, ...


Bayan wasu kwanaki,

Hka rayuwar Amira tacigaba da gudana cikin kunci da wahala, kicin kicin umma tayi da Alhaji Abubakar saurayin Amira yazama na Farida sabida Alhaji Abubakar mashahurin mai kudi ne baya rayuwa a Nigeria sosai life dinshi a k'asar waje yake, be dade da dawowa ba yaga Amira ta dawo daga Islamiyya beyi sanya ba yabi bayanta dakyar yasamu yashawo kanta ta fadamai sunanta daga shi bata tsaya saurarensa ba ta shige gida.

A yanzu Ummu tayi shige da fice data saba akan Alhaji Abubakar, inda bayaji baya gani son Farida ya rufeshi murna gun Umma ba'a cewa komai, lalle lalle aure yakeso a musu shida Farida acewar Alhaji Abubakar, nandanan kua aka tsayar da magana akasa rana, Bayan ansa rana ne Umma tasamu Abba tace"dashi Abban Farida shawara nazoma dashi, toh ina jinki , dama maganar akan Amira ne naga ita batada mushinshini shine nace"mezai hana ita a hadata kohda yaron wajen ka ne Asim,
Jim kadan Abba yayi kafin daga bisani yace"du abinda kikace shi za'ayi ai kece mahaifiyarta nasan bazaki cuceta ba, kuma Asim akwai hankali na yaba da hankalin yaron,yawwa yanzu toh seka mai magana yaturo uwarshi tunda bashida wanda ze turo dan mara asaline taxo kuyi maganar auranayishi tareda na Farida, toh angama abinda kikace shi za'a.killer smile tayi tana farinciki ganin ta hadawa Amira kunci da wahala Zata auri talaka dan marasa asali dan shege, yerta kuma zata auri maikudi.

Umma abi duniya a hankali dai

Cikin sa'a kua da Abba yasamu Asim yamai maganar be musa ba duda babu son Amira a zuciyarshi amma yasan babu mai iya bashi auran diya du inda yaje kallon mara asali akemai, hakan yasa yayi amannan da maganar Abba kuma dadin dadawa yana ganin girman Abba baze ita bujeremai ba sabida Abba mutum kirki ne,

Koh da Asim Yaje yasanar da Ummu Maganar da Abba yazo mai dashi sosai tayi farinciki domin abunda ta dade tanajira ne yazo , batare da wani b'ata lokaci ba akayi koma aka gama akasa Aure wata 1,

Daganan Asim yake zuwa gun Amira baiwar Allah du abunnan bata damu ba fatanta Allahyasa Hakan yazame mata Alkhairi a rayuwa, soyayya tafara shiga tsakanin Asim da Amira ga biki na Dada matsowa.

Dangin Mahaifiyar Amira sam basuji dadin abunda Abba yayiwa Amira ba koh da za'asa auran be nemesu ba hakan yasa su kayi zuciya suka cire hannunsu a lamarin gidan Abba da yersa,

Aure yazo saura sati 1 yau aka kawo lefen Amira da Farida zokuga gud'a da shewa gun Umma kaya nagani na fada Alhaji Abubakar yayiwa Farida , se yasarwa da Amira da uwar Asim ake magana umma ce ita kadai taxo takawo dan madaidaitan akwatuna 2 kallon kirki babu wanda yayiwa ummu ana tsakar gida aka barta da akwatuna tsugunne se Amira ce tazo ta gaisheta ta kawo mata ruwa amma yen uwan Umma da umma babu wanda ya kula umma se Farida data faki ido tazo gun Ummu suka gaisa akwatunan Ummu tabawa Amira sannan ta tashi ta tafi.******

Tundaga kofar gida ake jiyo guda da shewan dangin Umma da umma Allah sarki Amira koh kwallia da amare kiyi Umma bata barta tayi ba hadata tayi da kwanukan wanke wanke ana batawa tana wankewa , Inda Farida kua kwallia iya kwallia ta sha shi bazakace fareda bace ta gatso cikin ha dadden purple les dinta,

Karfe 11am aka daura Auran Farida da Abubakar, Amira da Asim,

Da yamma Alhaji Abubakar yaturo da motoci adau amarya , inda kua Amira Asim ne yazo dakanshi ya sungumi a maryansa ko dan rakiya babu Umma tace babu wanda ze raka ta Yerta kawai za a raka auran mara asalinne za azo ana rawar jiki akai,.

Asim ya sungumi matarshi Amira sukayi cen gida da zuwansu ummu ta taresu hannu biyu cikin karrama da mutuntawa, bayna nan addua Ummu tayiwa amarya da Ango Allah yabasu zaman lafita mai dorewa sannan Asim yacewa"Ummu na kira manyan malamai zasu shigo suyi addua da sauka sabida musamu albarka cikin auranmu , Allah yama albarka kayi tunani mai kyau,kaje kataho da malaman kafin dare yayi Cikin jin dad'i yau waje ya kira malaman da dama already suna k'ofar gida,

Tabarma aka baje a madaidaicin k'aramin tsakar gidan Sukahau karatun k'ur 'ani...

Tunda aka fara Ummu taji kanta na sarawa kamar ze cire daga jikinta, gunne yafara juya mata ba k'ak'k'autawa nan take jiri ya d'ebeta ta fad'i agun.....




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A guje Amira tayo kan Ummu dake yashe a k'asa tana wasu k'ananun surutai da ita kadai tasan metake fad'a, Jijjiga Ummu tashiga yi Ummu ta doka Wani ihu daya janyo hankalin malam dake tsakar gida suna karatu , cikin dakin su afko tare da Asim dan ganin meke faruwa, ganin Ummu cikin Wani yanayi ya dagawa Asim hankali ba kadanba kan Ummu yayi a guje yana kokarin dagota tayi wani irin juye ta watsar dashi se tsintoshi akayi cen kuryan dakiπŸ˜…+

Koda malaman sukaga haka sukasan abun babbane,zagayeta sukayi akahau yimata addu'a da karatun kur'ani inda cikin k'ankanin lokaci Ummu tafita cikin hayyacinta,jikinta ne yahau tururi tana karkarwa jin kamar ana daye mata fatar jiki,seda akasha wahala kafin asamu aljanun dake jikinta suyi magana, inda suka sheda turosu akayi jikinta sundade tare da ita kuma su suka mantar da ita komai game da rayuwarta, cikin lallami Manyan malaman suka bukaci da sufice ajikinta kuma sudawo mata da tunanin ta, aekam sam sukace bazasu barta ba domin seda sukayi yarjejeniya da wanda ya turosu akancewa bazasu taba barin jikin ta ba , da farko rayuwarta aka bukata dasu hallaka toh amma sanadiyar karfin kariyar dake jikinta yasa basu samu damaryin hakaba shiyasa suka watsata duniya tareda mantar da ita komai,

Dajin haka Asim yasa kuka yanamaijin tausayin mahaifiyar tashi,

Ganin taurin kai irin nasu yasa malam nan tunzura anata karatu dasu addu'oi seda aka shafe awa 2 kafin aci nasarar raba Ummu da abunda ke jikinta,Godiya sosai Asim yayiwa malam nan tareda musu goma ta arziki suka bashi addu'oin da magungunan daza'ake mata sabida ta warware yanda akeso...

*Bayan Kwana2*

Ummu taji Sauki sosai cikin ikon Allah babu sauran Damuwa koh jinya tare da ita, inda ta had'a Asim da Amera dan bayyana musu abunda basu saniba,

Ummu tace"Asim dalilin hadaku anan danayi shine, domin amsa tambayar da kadade kanamin wacce bansan amsar ta ba amma cikin ikon Allah ayanzu komai yadawomin sabo kamar wanda yanzu akaye, hawayene sukahau sulalowa daga idanunta sannan taci gaba da cewa" Asim kamar yanda najima ina cema kai babban mutum ne amma bazan iya tuno komai game da hakan ba, A kwai Wani gari cikin Adamawa mai suna *Tsauni* Mahaifinka ne ke mulkar wannan karamin garin na tsauni , mahaifinka babban mutum ne mata da maza na girmanashi sabida yanada tsattsauran halin, na hadu da mahaifinka alokacin danake kan hanyar komawa gida daga rafi,

Mahaifiyata da mahaifina du yen asalin garin tsauni ne kafin daga bisani Allah yayiwa mahaifiyata rasuwa narage dagani se kakata da mahaifina,

Hka ummu tayi tabawa Asim labarin asalinshi tun daga farko harzuwa lokacin data tsinci kanta a garin kano, ana ruwa cikin dare ruwa ya jikata mura da zazzabi ta rufeta gashi babu inda xataje batasan kowa ba, cikin ikon Allah ya hadata da wani dattijo ya temaka mata taje gidanshi ta kwana washe gari yake tambayar ta daga ina take ganin batada kowa batagun zuwa yasa yace taci gaba da zama a gidan shima bashida mata bare d'a koh jika, haka mutane keta yamadidin Dattijon nan malam Kabir yakawo daduransa gida iskancinsa yakoma a gida yakeyi, koda haka ba jimawa karamin cikin dake jikin Ummu ya girma  nan xargin mutane yakuma yawo ay ummu cikin shegene da ita hakadai sukaci gaba da zaman kunci

Rannan Ummu nazaune a falo Malam karbi yashigo dayake daki ukune a gidan ciki da falo dakuma daki daya daban malam kabir yabarwa Ummu ciki da falon yake zama a daya daki.

Bayan yasameta tareda wasu takaddu yace ki shirya koto zamuje batare da tasan mene ba malam kabir ya sungumeta suka tafi gaban alkali yasa hannu cewar yamallakawa Ummu gidansa badason ran Ummu malam kabir yayi hka ba, koda komawarsu Ummu tace meyasa Malam zaka yanke wannan hukuncin karka manta ni ba dangin iya danme zaka mallakamin kadarar ka,Malam kabir yace" A duniyar nan bani da d'a bare jika iyayena sun mutu tun ina karemi bansan dangi na ba banida kowa seke da Ubangiji ya hadamu shekaruna sunja babu abunda ya ragemin yanxu se jiran lokaci na, shiyasa nabar miki dukiyata halak malak, jikin ummuyayi sanyi tafara kuka tareda mishi godiya lalle ashe dasauran mutane irinsu Malam kabir a duniya.

Bayan kwana 2 da faruwan hakan Malam kabir yace"ga garinku nan"kuka babu irin wanda ummu batasha ba dama tana ganin Malam kabir setakejin shi kamar mahaifinta hka tadaukeshi toh yanzu yafadi ya mutu ina zatasa kanta,

Alokacin cikin ummu wata 8 kenan yanayin na tara ta santalo danta namiji mai kama da ubansa *Tahseen* aikua tasa sunan Malam kabir inda take kiranshi da Asim.




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*Wannan page din nakine my Hbbty Muneera*

*Gaisuwa ta musamman gareku masoya wannan littafi ina alfahari daku aduk inda kuke*

Pqge 17-18

Bayan kwana 2, Ummu da Asim da matarshi Ameera suka shirya tafiya garin tsauni, asubar fari sukadau hanya se garin Tsauni basu suka isaba se yamma likis, babu inda suka dira se gidan Inna koda zuwansu suka tadda gidan a rufe ya tsufa ginin yafara zaizayewa babu kowa cikin gidan mutanan dake wajen suka tambaya aka sheda musu ai inna tajima da zama shahararriyar mahaukaciya A wani k'asan dutse take rayuwa tun bayan rasuwar Maigidan,Innalillahi wainnan Ilaihi rajiUn abunda Ummu taEya fada kenan ta sulale agun asume
Ruwa aka yayyafa mata sannan ta farfado tareda fashewa da kuka kamar ranta ze fita, cikin kukan tace"Abba meyasa ka mutu baka jira dawowata ba wayyo ni Tasneem ina zansa kaina Du laifi nane da ban barku ba da haka bata faru ba, se alokacin mutanen dake gun suka farga da Tasneem ce matar mai martaba sarki Tahseen cikin jimami kowa ke kallonta da sam da farko babu wanda ya ganeta,
Kukaini gun inna ta na ganta dan Allah wani magidanci ne yamusu jagora zuwa kasan tsaunin da Inna ke zaune ta nata surutanta, Tasneem sam bata mutu ba tanayi tana kuka cen ta zabura a guje tana cewa dawo ina zaki tasneem Abba rukota man karka barta ta tafi ta barni, hauka iri iri ta rinkayi Duta yankwane ta tsufa tukuf, ihu da kukan bakin ciki tasneem takuma saka ganin Inna cikin wannan hali,

A guje ta k'arasa gun Inna ta rungumeta tana kuka iya karfinta, ita kua inna yakiceta tayi tayi daga jikinta a tsorace take da tasneem dake jikinta
Kinkimar Inna Asim yayi suka wuce da ita cen gidanta Tasneem da Ameera suka share gidan su ka wankeshi Tass ,
Kafin mai gari ya dauka Matar sarki Tahseen ta bayyana ta dawo, koda bokanya Quyangu ta tsinci labari sosai ta kidima haka tayi ta sintiri cikin fad'a ta rasa inda zatasa kanta lalle akwai matsala babba, haka ta kwana tana zullumi...

Da safe Ummu da Asim suka shirya suka wuce fada, mutanan gari kua sun taru damkam bakin Fada dan tarar matar Mai martaba, tundaga waje tambarin dake gidan yahau k'ara koda bokanya taji seta sake kidimewa lalle tasan tambarin nan baya bugawa idan sarki ne yazo ba toh sanin kanta sarki Tahseen nacen a kulle cikin mawuyacin hali hakan yana nufin zuwan Tasneem ne koh magajin kujera.

Fitowa tayi daga fada zuwa waje dan tabbatarwa da idonta abunda takeji, Tasneem tareda Asim tagani dumban mutanen gun sun zube suna kwasar gaisuwa Koda ganin Haka Bokanya Quyangu ranta yamugun baci cikin nuna isa da karfin mulki tayi umarni da Fadawanta ayi waje dasu Tasneem aikua mutanan dake gun sukayi chaaa akan fadawan nan sukahau bugunsu babuji babu gani seda suka musu lilis tukunna suka nufi kan bokanya Quyangu

Da ganin hka Quyangu tayi kokarin sa gudu πŸ˜‚amma ina babu halin gudu haka dumban jamaAr nan suka rufeta da duka Tasneem tayi kokarin dakatar dasu amma sam basu saurareta ba seda Sukawa bokanya dukan da bata iya ko motsawa,

Dan kowa Garin kule yake dama da bokanya Quyangu du wani kadararsu da dukiyarsu ta kwace koh noma kayi sekakai fada anga amfanin gonarka daga bisani a rabashi gida uku abaka kashi daya biyu kuma na bokanya  ne,

Wahala da azaba babu irin wanda sarauniyar bokanya bata musu kisa kua agunta ba abu bane mai wahala, Bayan Anyiwa bokanya lilis Tasneem tasa aka tambayeta gunda ta kulle mai martaba tinkis tinkis tanajan kafa takaisu bakin dakin ,,,

Kukane ya kubucewa tasneem ganin Mai martaba cikin mugun hali hakama Asim yarika rusa kuka aguje yaje ya rungume mai martaba dake yashe k'asa jikinshi ko tsokar kirkir babu se tarin k'asusuwa yunwa taci ta cinyeshi duya yankwane ya tsufa farin furfura tacika fuskar,

Du wanda yaga mai martaba seyamai kuka masu sauran imani na tausayamai wasu nacewa hakkinsu ne kashe musu yara da yarinkayi bayan auresu, hakadai kowa da albakarcin bakinshi
Fada aka wuce da mai martaba ita kuma bokanya Quyangu aka rufeta cikin bakin dakin.Bayan wata 2

Birni Asim yaje yadauko malamai akayita yiwa Mai martaba Magani tareda Inna cikin ikon Allah Sauki yafara samuwa ga abinci mairai da lafiya sunaci ba afi wata 4 ba sauki yasamu du suka warware har inna ta daina haukarnan sai kadan kadan.


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Wannan pg din nasadaukar dashi ga marubutan *Kainuwa* dashen Allah wallahi har cikin zuciyata nake sonku kunmin halacci bazan manta da alkhairinku ba ,


Aunty fauxa yer amana har cikin hrt dina nake sonki Allah yabar zumunci I lov u



Bayan wata 2 Idan akaga sarki Tahseen baza'ace shine a kanjame ba ya warke ya murmure hankalinshi yadawo gareshi, inda Inna ma haka amma bata gama warkewa duka ba idan abun ya motsa haka zatayini tana hauka sedai dasauki anata mata magani,

Du abunda yafaru Tasneem takwashe tasanarwa da mai martaba Tahseen haka shima duya fad'i yanda sukayi da bokanya Quyangu bayan batan tasneem du akasha kuke kuke

Koda Tasneem tashedawa sarki  Asim danshi ne najini Ameera kuma matar danshi yayi murna sosai dan ko baA fadamai ba Sak kamar Asim da mai martaba kamar an tsaga kara basuda maraba sai haske da Asim yafi mai martaba,

Mai martaba Tahseen yace"ni yanzu tunda Allah yasa inada magaji toh bazan koma kujerata ba nabarwa dana danni yanzu na tsufa bazan iyajan ragamar mulki ba, sannan yadora da cewa gobe za'ayi bikin nadin sarautar dazaAwa Asim amma kafin nan za'a yankewa Bokanya Quyangu hukunci,

Mai martaba yasa aje ataho da bokanya koda zuwansu aka iske bokanya Quyangu ta mutu harta kandare , akayi waje da gawarta akazo aka sanarwa da sarki .

Washe gari da yamma akasha shagalin nadin sabon Sarki, aka nada Asim yazama sarkin garin *tsauni*, murna gun Amira bAcewa komai wai yau itace matar sarki Allah da iko yake, tazama sarauniya AmeeraπŸ€ͺ

*Wai bakwa cigiyar Umma da Yerta Farida*

Tun bayan Auran Farida Suka tafi Cen Lagos ita da mijinta acen gidan ta yake amma basa wani zama yau sune London gobe sune china, bayan Auran nasu kullum cikin dare Idan Farida ta farka seta nemi Mijinta tarasa idan safiya tayi ta tambayeshi seyace shi ba inda yaje magagi take kawai tun abun bayadamunta harya fara damunta,rannan bayan komawarsu Lagos suna zaune cikin jin dadinsu toh akwai wani daki cikin gidan nasu da tun zuwanta yamata gargadin da karta sake koda wasa tashiga dakin nan tace toh,abun na damunta domin ita aganinta gidanta ne amma yazaAyi ahanata shiga wani daki bayan tanada ikon shiga, da safiyar alhamis bayan mijin nata yasakai yafice tace"yau komai xe faru sedai yafaru. Amma seta shiga dakin nan taga maiyake boyewa da bayaso tagani, koda bude dakin ta kutsa kai ciki wani mugun wari ne ya doki hancinta dayayi sanadiyar tada mata zuciya taji hanjin cikinta na barazanar barin cikinta ya fito, amma sabida taurin kai irin nata hakan baisa ta fasa kutsa kai cikin dakin ba,

Ihu ta saka tanaja da baya a firgice jikinta yahau bari ganin gawarwakin kawunan mutane wasuma sun zama kwarangwal, toshe bakinta tayi tanaja da baya tana kuka, aguje tayi dakinta babu abunda ta dauka se kudi da mayafi tafice bata zarce ko inaba sai tasha tahau motar kano kallo daya xaA mata aganta a birkice.

Koda suka kusa shiga kano motar su tayi hatsari inda babu wanda yasaura cikin motar kaf suka mutu har Farida,

Koda Umma tasamu labarin hatsarin motar su Farida ta kideme sosai salati da sallallami tarikayi kuka da birgima ta rikayi inda tayi ta kiran number mijin Farida amma sam baya tafiya

Abba ma yasha kuka kamar Ba gobe,

Bayan anyi sadakar ukun Farida Umma Na daki cikin dare tana kwance tana bacci taganta a katon wani hall jini na kwarara a k'asa ga wasu mutane masu dauke da jajayen kaya jini na ambaliya a bakin su sunZagayeta cen taga Abubakar mijin Farida yafito da wuka wacce ke dauke da jini a jikinta ya keCe da dariya sannan yace"

Na dade Ina kwadayin jininki amma seyau nasamu damar maida kwadayina, shiyasamana nemi auran yerki Ameera sekikabani Yerki Farida Toh dunasan mekikeyi ido kawai namiki sabida inason biyan tawa bukatar dake,ko yerki Farida data mutu sanadiyar hatsarin mota mu muka kifar da motar kuma kema yanzu zan zubar danaki jinin yana idasa fadan haka ya sharce mata kai.

Koda safiya tayi Abba yatashi ya tadda Umma babu rai jikinta yakidima sosai ya rika kuka kamar wani karamin yaro mutuwar Farida ma batabar jikinshi ba ga wata sabuwa yasamu,


Acen garin tsauni kuwa Amira ta murmure tayi kiba sosai a lokacin cikin jikinta ma ya girma Asim tasama bayan sungama kari take shedamai tanason zuwa ganin gida yace toh tabari jibi saisu tafi tare, jibi nayi takama ranar talata suka shirya suka tafi Garin kano , koda zuwansu suka tadda mummunar labarin Mutuwar Farida da Umma, Amira ta rinka kuka kamar bagobe,shima kanshi Asim yaji mutuwar ajikinshi

Seda sukayi sati guda sannan suka juya zuwa masarautarsu inda bayanda Asim beyi da Abba yazo sutafi tare yace"ba inda zashi shidai yananan kano amma zerika zuwa musu ziyara.

*Bayan wata 2*

Safiyar jumaA Matar sarki Asim ta kama nakuda batasha dogon wahala Ba ta santalo yaranta biyu mace da namiji

Sati na zagayowa akayi suna Namijin Yaci Sunan Mahaifin Asim , *Tahseen* ana kiranshi da Hassan macen taci sunan mahaifiyar Amira ana kiranta da *Usaina*

*Alhmdlhi yau nakawo karshen labarina* *kuskuren danayi Allah ubangiji ya yafemin Allah* *yabani ladan abunda na rubuta daidai* *wadanda na batawa rai bansani ba*

*Ina neman yafiyarku, fans kujirani a sabon book dina mai zuwa ba dadewa inshaallh ana tare me lov u oll*

To be Continued...




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