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[4/9, 4:49 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
10:29 Am.sat,14 Nov 2015.


πŸ’«πŸ“'yar Fulani.part 1 Na
Aysha Ali garkuwa.

```Gargardi a kiyaye juya min wannan lbrin ta ko wacce siga Dan lbrina k'irk'ira ne banyi Dan wasuba
Duk Wanda ko wacce ta juya min koda harafi daya ne ba tare da izinina ba Allah ya isa```

Motoci kusan guda10 ne suke kan titin  sunata tsallah gudu 3nagaban fadawa ne sai Na 4 shikuma mai martaba ne aciki sai mai binsa shikuma waziri ne da mu karrabensa guda 2 masu bin nasu waziri shima fadawane aciki sai motarsu yarima Na baya kuma shima Na dogaraine tafiya ce mai nisan gaske sukayi sunfito daga iyakar Cardi inda mai martaba yaje yawon rangadi dan magance matsalar dake tsakanin makiyaya da manoma yerimi dayake bayan mota azaune ya lumshe idonsa yana shakar iskar da take ratsa wurin gaba daya ga pamshi furanni da yake keta hancin duk wani Dan Adam dayake wuri bishi yoyine kala kala awurin yana cikin jin nishadinsa yaji direban nasa yayi wani irin wawan birki cikin sauri ya bude idonsa ya mati lfy kuwa cikin girmamawa yace oga dabbobine aka hanyar gaba daya ahankali ya daga idanunsa ya kalli kan hanyar ya kara bude idon da kyau yaga dai abinda yake ganin da gaskene ko ko idonsane yake mai gixo dabbobine bila adadin suna fitowa ta kudu suna yin arewa apallah zasu kai su 1000 ga shanu d rakuma ga dokuna tumaki abin ba iyaka .yace to yenxu mati tsayuwa zamu har sugama wucewa? Mati yace to oga sunfa cika hayyar gaba daya babu ta inda xamu Tasha mu wuce.ya Amman dai kasan so nake in samu jam in sallar manpariba a gida ko? Ku kaga mai martaba zaita jiranmu waima ya akayi kabari suka tseremana su yasukayi suka wuce. Mati yace kayi hakuri oga wlh dabbobine sukayi mana shigar sauri.cikin tsawa yace mati maza ja mota mutafi yace oga tayaya aharzupe yace koma tayaya nidai kaja mutafi insamu inyi sallah agida imayaso kataka su insunji wuya zasu bamu hanyar ya iska marasa hankali suxo su zubawa mutane dabbobi akan titi saikace dama titin don su akayishi kaja mutafiko.jikake fas fas yanata bugesu wasu Na faduwa wasu kuma sukayi baya wasu sukayi gaba gaba daya suka hargitsa wurin da kokekensu.mati yaja birki saida kan

yarima yayi gaba yayi baya yabugi jikin kujera aharxupe cikin masifa yafara yiwa mati bala.I ohoo yaukam kasheni xakayi kenan xaka karyamin wuya abanza.mati yace oga wata yarin yacefa akan titin.yace to kurmace ita ko makauniyace tana ganin abin dazai kasheta kuma tana tsaye mati yace itace mai dabbibin Dan naganta da kayan fulani. To kaje kacemata tabamu hanya muwuce.bai karisa rufe bakinsaba kawai yaji kas ta radawa glass din motar sandan hannunta gaba daya glass din ya tarwatse ajikinsu tunda suke maganar Nazir yana jinsu Amman bayai samusu bakiba don yasan halin Hassan yanzu zai haushi da fada ya huce akansa abanxa.sai yanxu day aga yarinyar ta fasa musu glass dinmota dama ta gefen dayake take tsaye ahankali cikin nitsuwa yafara bata hakuri yace baiwar Allah kiyi hakuri birkine yadan so ya tsinkemana don Allah kiyi hakuri kuma kigaya min nawane kudin asarar damukayi muku sai in biyako yafada yana mai kaskantar da kai.cikin gurbataciyar hausarta irin ta Fulani tace bana son reinin wayo karku maidamu dabbobi man dan iskanci kuna gani kunayiwa mutane asara Dan rashin imani kuna taka dabbobi kunaji sunata kakkaryewa masu matuwa suna ta mutuwa Amman ko ajikinku daye baku da imani kuma kun dau kemu kamar ma haukata ko?.cikin tsawa dajin haushi hassan yace to dama kumenene ba gondama mahaukataba ansan sunada larurar haukaba kufa bakuda babanci da dabbobinku kai wani lkacinma dabbobin sunfiku hankali kallekifa me marabarki da tafiya tsirara wai adole kinyi kwalliya jahilan banxa jahilan wofi wadanda basuda wani amfani adoron kasa in banda tada zaune tsaye ba abinda kuka iya kauyawan banxa.
Cikin tsiwa itama race badai niba yace tsaiwa inba keba ta murguda ba ta harareshi tace  sai kai aijahili shine maikisan kai yace ke kinsan koni waye kuwa kike gayamin Baker magana ta sake cillamai harara tace koma dai kai wayene nidai wlh ba tsoronka zanjiba.cikin hamzari yakama murfin nota xai bude Nazir yayi saurin rikeshi yace haba yarima ai wannan ba girmanka bane fada da mace kumama bororiya ai den kazubda class dinka ka shareta mutafi kagafa har anfara kiran sallah hassan yace kaji shegiyar yarinya nitake gayawa bakaken maganganu.
Da sauri wanidan saurayi ya iso gunsuya kama hannun yarinyar  yanacewa bimbi mutafi gida maiyasa bakye jin maganar Bappa kinada rashin hakuri. yace don Allah malam kuyi hakuri kutafi.nazir yace to asarar damuka yimukufa? yaron yace Bappa yahanamu karbar abun biya kuje kawai mun yafe. Nazir yace mungode Allah ya kare gaba yaron yace ameen itakuma tace nidai ban yafeba suka juya suka tafi.
Suma mati yatada mota suka tafi hassan dai sai huci yaba ba.abarshi ya maketa ba nazir yace haba yarima saikace Kayi yaki da makiyanka wannan huci haka.
Cikin matsifa yace ehh  ai yakinne wlh nanda wata 3 duk wani bororo xai bar jihar Gombe sai dai sunemi inda xasu shiga da dabbobinsu ma haukata kawai kagafa dama matsifarsuce tasamu wannan yawon rangadin naxir yayi dariya harda tafa hannu yace inadai a gombe kawai xaka koresu ba Nigeria gaba dayaba zaka koresu.ya Amman dai kasan inada damar da zan koru ajihohin dake kusadamu kaga zan iya korarsu saga bauchi da Adamawa haka kuma katsina Kano kuma damancen basuda mahaukatan makiya kamar namu. Nazir ai wlh kaikam halin sai allah dai dai lokacin mati yadan hancin motar cikin gidan bayan baba mai gadi yabudemusu gate ....

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
'Yar Fulani part 2 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Tun mati bai karisa yin parking ba yarima ya bude motar ya fita   yaje yayi alwala yatafi masallaci ya samu yayi sallah manpariba yana idarwa aka tada ikama sallar isha sun idar da sallah suka fita ajere shida nazir suna tafiya hassan yaji andora masa hannu kan kafadarsa anjawoshi koda bai juyaba yasan waye yayi masa haka don yasan Hussaini ne kadai zaimasa haka yace yadai brother kundawo lfy ko? ya akayi su mai martaba suka rigaku isa?kodai katsaya ganin Garine? Hassan yace wai kai kam brother bakinka baya iya shirune ko dai baka gajiya ne da surutu mutum kamar aku baya iya nutsuwa. Nazir yayi πŸ˜„yace Hussain wlh hucewa zaiyi akaka dai dai lokacin suka shiga cikin babban parlor inda duk mutanen gidan suka hallaru don cin abicin dere suna shiga Hussain da nazir suka nufi dining suka zauwana shikuma hassan yaje ya zauna kan kujara ya turo hularsa kan fuskarsa ya kishin kida yanata kada kafa.Umma ce tafara masa magana tace yadai babana baka karaso kan dining ba lfy kuwa?mai martama yace yarima kodai gajiyar hayyace take damunka shidai kai kawai yake girgiza wa alamar a a Hussain yace brother kaxo muci abici kajiko? Cikin hada fuska yace bazanciba jaka diya da keta zirga zirgan hada musu abinci taje takawomar nono mai sanyi tacemai Dana ga abinda kakeso nakawo maka ahankali yace mane mama tace nono ne.yace bazan shaba ya isheni cikin mamaki tace nonon yace eh mama natsani nono natsani masu saida nono.gaba dayansu suka juyo suna kallonsa da mamaki a idanunsu.Umma tace mai martaba mai akayiwa yarima ne a tafiyar da kukayi mai mai martaba yayi dry yace sai dai kutabbayi naziru tunda tare suke Amman nikam bansaniba. Cikin kaduwa Hussain yace nazir me akayiwa brother na?nazir yayi dry .yakwashe lbrn yadda sukayi da yar Fulani yagayamusu yaci gaba dacewa yace cikin wata uku duk saiya kori makiyaya akasar bubayero.sarki yayta dry.Umma kuma taje gunsa tanata lallabashi akan yaje yaci abinci.jakadiya takawo wanna yace bazaiciba takuma kwaso wani takawo yace a a.
Ammi da tunda sukafara maganar takaici ya hanata samusu baki don tasan tana farawa Umma da sarki zasu hauta da fada. sai yanzu data samu sarkin yafita cikin jin haushi da takaici tafara fada tanacewa aikin banza ai wlh kukuke kulashi kada Allah yasa yaci abincin cikinsa ko cikin wani harda wani zaka kori Fulani a Gombe kakoresu tunda kai kakawosu wlh Kuma haushi kukebani zaku wani damu da bacin ransa mutumin da damancan ba a gane farin cikinsa ko bakin cikinsa kullum fuskarsa kamar anyimai bushara da shiga wuta to wlh kanka zakaci mukam inda ka ganmu nanzaka barmu nikuma yanzu indon ta nine kashekara baci abinciba ko agelena.Umma tace ya isa haka Aysha fadan ya isa don Allah kitafi part dinki tunda bazaki iya lallabasaba to kuma karki karamai kayan haushi.ammi tajuya tayi tafiyarta tanata fada'umma tace hassan meza a dafamaka yayi shiru kamar badashi ake maganaba tasake fadin maikake so a hankali yayi maganar.yace sai anjima ina zuwa tace to tagane abinda ya fadane don tana kalon bakinsa.tajuya ta tafi mama takama tattara kwanukan wurin nazir kam dama yadade da tafiya. hussain ne kadai awurin shima dayaga ba kulashi zaiyiba sai yanufi dakin ammi.
Yakai kusan awa 1 awuri.ahankali yatashi ya nufi dakin Umma yana zuwa yasamu su Zubaida ne a parlor suna ganinshi ya shigo suka tafi dakinsu.yayi sallama sau 2 ana 3ne Umma ta amsamasa saida tabashi ixinin shiga tukunna yashiga.tana zaune kan sallaya tana rikeda carbi.tace. hassan ya dago manya idanunsa yakalleta.inda sabo toyaci ace kowama acikin gidanna yasaba da halin hassan.
Don shi zakayimai kira 10 Amman dawuya kasamu ya amsa 1 ma inkuma yarane suka kirashi ko idon baya dagawa yakallesu baresu sa ran zai amsa.musu
Tace mezan dafa maka? yace Umma kidan gasamin nama irin gashinkinnan mai dan roma romannan. Tace tobarin ije yace to .yamika hannunsa yajawo pillow ya Dan kishin kida ya Dan kwanata kadan kuma yamike ya nufi kitchen yasamu Umma da mama suna aikinsu sunata hira kaikace kawayene ba tsoggoma ko kadan.
Yace Umma inkin gama INA gun ammi. Tace to ba damuwa yajuya ya tafi yana fita suka hadu da Hussain yace yauwa brother dama kai nake nema.
Yace to nono zan bakene yayiπŸ˜„yace a a kawaidai sonake kazo mutatafi kagafa dare yanyi.
To bakasan hanya bane yace eh ban saniba.hassan yace to sai kajirani.yace to ba laifi Dan kanina.
Hassan ya hararesa yace waye kaninka yace kai.dasauri yayi kansa shikuma Hussain ya shiga parlor ammi da gudu.hassan nabiye dashi abaya.
Ammi tana zaune kan doguwar kujera da wani Dan karamin kwano hannunta tana sawa yatsunta lalle.
Hussain yana zuwa ya zauna gefenta yana cewa
LA ammi lalle kike sawane tace e ya kamo hannunta yace kawo nasamiki tace bari kawai nakusa karasawa ma ta dago ta kalli.hassan da yake zaune agefe yanata faman tottoshe hanci da gyetsina fuska.
Toce kai mene kaketa bata fuska? yace wlh ammi dakin wari yakeyi shikin fushi tace warin me kenan
Ko kashine ajikinmu kumama ba wanda yaji warin sai kai me hancin yan gayu ko.yace a a ammi wlh abinnane yake wari ya nuna Dan kwanon data kwaba lalle aciki.
Tace to ai ban kirakaba ko don haka inkaga dama kazauna inkuma bai maka ba kofa abude take sai ka kama gabanka ko.
Shidai baikara cewa komaiba.
Umma ta shigo rike da kula tace gashiko kaci Ku tafi dare yana yi.suka zauna sukaci su biyu
Suka yimasu saida safe suka tafi a motar Hussain.suna xuwa suka samu nazir kam yadade dayin bacci sai sauke numfashi yakeyi .hassan yayi wokka ya yasa kayan baccinsa ya kwanta.yana cewa Hussain Dan Allah kar kadawo inda nake ka takuramin abanxa kaga gaba daya agajiye nake.gobe ko hospital bazan jeba. Shidai bai kulashi ba
Da asuba hassan yatashi yaga Hussain yana kwance agensa .ya ja tsaki yace yaro kamar maye saida nacemaka banason kazo ka takurani Amman saida kazo ka takurani ya dakamai duka yace tashi sarkin naci.nazir kaima tashi mutafi masallaci ya sauko daga kan gadon yanata Mita ni wlh ba abinda natsana kamar kwana da wani akan gado amma don naci saikabar naka kadawo guna don katakurani.
Ahaka dai suka tafi  massallacin..

By Garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Yar Fulani  part 3 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Asalin lbrn su hassan..sarki Usman shine mahaifin sarki Aliyu.sarki Usman yanada mata 2 da yara 5   hajiya Amina itace uwar gida tanada 'yaya 3 Aliyu d Abubakar sai fatima.sai hajiya Maryam itakuma tanada yara 2 Ibrahim d hadiza.suna zaman lfy cikin fahimtar juna.lkcin Da babban danshi Aliyu ya gma karatunshi to awannan lkcinne sarki Usman yayi murabus yabarwa dansa Aliyu gadon mulki.randa aka na damishi sarautar jihar Gombe aranar aka dauramasa aure da nafisa wacce takasance 'yar sarkin Adamawa shekararsu 13 da yin aure.sannan ya kara wani auren inda ya auro yar saikin katsina.h nafisa wacce suke kira da Umma yayanta 4 uku maza daya mace babban dansu mai suna Bashir sai fawas d Ibrahim sai autarta Amina tana aure a daura suma mazan gaba daya sunyi aure.sai h Aysha wacce suke cewa ammi itama yayanta 4 hassan d Hussain sune yan farinta sai amir d Zubaida. Suna xamane namasu ilmi da sanni ya kamata.indai don kashiga gidan nadan wasu kwanaki baka taba babace tsa kainsuba bazaka gane yaya waye wannaba ko yayan wanceba.Umma kusan ita taraeni su hassan da jakadiya ammi bta klsu sosai bazaka taba yerda ita ta haifesuba sabida bata wani damu da shiga harkarsuba.
Sau dayawa sarki sai yasata agaba yana mata nasiha akan tarinka jansu ajiki tanuna musu so koda kadanne..takanyi drya tace towai wanne irin so zan gwada musu wanda umman su bata gwada musuba ko kai kanka ko jakadiya so tako wanne gefe nunamusu shi akeyi yayunsu da kannensu kowa kauna yake nuna musu d yan uwanka gaba daya.yace duk da haka aike uwace kuma dole su bukaci klwarki mussamman ma hassan kina yawan hantararsa d rashin kulawar ki.tace hum shifa wannan yaron dakake ganinsa halinsa sai a addu.a.ya fiye tsiri d iyayi g takurawa kannesa.
Ga shegen kenkenin tsiya shi kowa ma saiya nuna yana kyemarsa.sarkin yayi dry yace baxaki dai canjaba ko?tace a a bance haka ba.
Yace to kikula kinjiko? Ta geda kae kawai ....
Nazir Dane ga wazirin sarki rana daya aka haufeshi dasu hassan sun shaku tun suna yara sarki yakan dauku Hassan d Hussain.Suje fada shiku wazuri yana zuwa da nazir. Ahaka suka taso kamar yan uku.sai dai babbacin kama domin da ka kalli hassan d Hussain to ba sai ancema tagwaye bane fararene tas har saida suka Dan yi yellow yellow suna da tsawo d fadin kirji basuda wani banbaci afiskarsu suna da manya idanu masu dogon goshi zara zara g gashin girarsu bakikirin yana kwance saman idon su har wabi sheki yakeyi leben bakin sukuwa koyau she zaka Ganshi yana sheki gashi kamar suna shafa jambaki gashin kansu kuwa kamar Na larabawa sabanin Nazi lallai nazir ma kekeywane ajin karshe to saidai zama atsakaninsu hassan yasa ba afiye ganin kennasaba abin dai gwanin sha awa sunyi karatunsu Na primary anan cikin gombe daga nankuma aka samumusu makarnta a England acen sukayi secondary school dinsu harxuwa university dinsu inda suka karanci likitanci.
Zamansu acan bai batamu tarbiya ba don lkcin da sarki ya zo damaganar zaiturasu waje suyi kararu ammi d Umma suka nuna rashin amicewarsu kan cewa suna tsoron kar tarbiyar su ta lalace suje sukama harkar banza sarki yayi dry yace indai kan wannanne damuwarku to karku damu Indai jinina nane su to insha allahu  babusu babu zina babu shaye shaye.
Haka kuwa Allah da ikonsa basu lalaceva
Kodan suka dawoma angina musu asibiti nasu na Kansu yenxu kimanin 1 year kenan da dawowarsu suna aikinsu tuk'uru...

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 4 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

K'arfe biyar dai dai sukayi parkin aharabar gidan kai tsaye suka nufi inda sarki yake zama da yamma Dan ganawa da iyalansa suka ce baba barka da yamma adaidai lokacin da suka zauna.
Yace yawwa harkun taso aikin ne?sukace aimun gama duk abin daya kamata muyi sai kuma gobe in Allah ya kaimu. Yace yyi kyeu Allah ya taimaka yabaku Sa.a ya kareku da sherrin abin Sheri tsakanin mutum da aljan.dukansu sukace amen suka gaida Umma d ammi Hussain yce Umma me zamu samune.
Tace ga fruits kusha kafin mu shiga ciki ya jawo musu fruits din ya dauki apple yafara ci.hassan yace to acici kaidai a rayuwarka baka son bakinka ya zauna shiru.hussain ya tauna apple din ya hadiye yace bakaji abin da bahaushe ya fada ba.wae da barin baki banza gwara tsotsar kunama.duk sukayiπŸ˜„ ammi tace nidai dadina dakai baka wasa da cikinka.Umma tace to shidin madin hassan  baya wasa da cikinsa ai. koba hakaba..yarima hassan ya yatsina fuska yace to dama Umma ai nikam dama ba  abinda zanyi in burge ammi.yafada kashi asunkuye bazama kace shi yyi maganarba..sarki yace wayace maka baka baku burgetaba towazai burgeta. Ya daga kafada alamar oho.yace shimafa Hussain da yake yawan shigemata ma gwatsaleshi takeyi.ammi tace an gwatsaledin ko akwai abunda zakayi.kana magana kana wani yamutsa fuska kamar da majin yatanka kake magana ai wlh kai kam sam baka dace da xama doctor ba da zaifima kyeu ka kasance soja. Sarki yace kai Aysha ya isa nanfa suka canja hira ammi nasamusu baki kadan kadan suna ckin hira sai ga ya Bashir ya shigo hussaini yace la ya bashir yaushe kaxo? Wlh bansan ka zoba.bashir yace daxu bayan sallar azahar .ya gaida iyayen nasu ammi tace yasu Nana.Bashir yace lfy yansu kalau ammi yaci gaba da cewa Umma kebaki tabbayi jikokin nakiba Umma tace suwaye jikokin nawa nikam jikokina basu zo duniyaba sai su hassan sunyi aure sun aihu tukunnan hassan yace wlh fulakunna sam baiyiba Umma kiji kuyyarshi wae shi Dan fari kuma kiji kuyyar yayansam bashir   yace yadai dan  kanina baka kula big brother dan kaba.hassan yace eh ai nayi fushi da kai ya bashir kaki ka gayamin xakazo kuma koda safema saida muka yi waya.yace I'm so sorry dan uwana.wlh tfyrce tazo min baxata Dan yayan farida ne ya rasu shinefa mukazo gaisuwa.hassan yayi marmushi saida fararen hakoransa suka fita yace to Na huce. yaya bashir.shikuma Allah ya jikansa. sukace amen Hussain yace ya bashir ya Adamawa insha Allah kwanannan zankawo muku xiyara yace to allah ya kawoka fly akce amen anan sukayita hirarsu har aka kira sallah .sukayi alwalah suka tfi masallaci sukuma su ammi suka shiga cikin gida.
Bayan sunyi sallan isha suka dawo gida sukasamu har an shiryamusu komai akan dining suna cin abicisu suna hira.karfe tara suka watse kowa yatafi mkon cinsa
Da safe hassan yayi shirin tfy office ko gda bai biya ba yatafi don yau yanada tiyata har 3 sai karfe 6: ya samu yadawo gidansa ya wuce sai  da yyi wokka yyi alwala yatafi masallaci bayan sunyi sallah suka shiga cikin gda suka ci abinci.
Ya dauki phone dinsa ytfi parlon ammi ya kwanta kan kujera yanata danna woyarsa ammi Na zaune agefe tana kallon TV Zubaida ta zo wucewa yce ke  kebaki iya sallama bane tace yaya nayifa baka jibane yce to koma ki sakeyi.ta koma tayi sallamar da karfi don ya bata haushi.ya tashi da sauri yana cwa ke ai zaki toshemanaπŸ‘‚πŸ»ke baki iya abu anitseba saikace maceba oya kauce kibamu wuri sokuwar banza ta wce ta tafi tanata kunkuni yace me kike cewa tace cewa nayi kyi hgri
Ta xauna kenan kuma taji yana kiranta tace nabonu da bala.i nibansan me yazoyiba yau kuma yayita takurawa mutane. taje tace gani..ya mikamata key din motarsa yce daukimin laptop dina takarba ta tfi tana mita .ammi tace wai nikam kai sarkine da komai sai ammaka yyi murmushi yce a ammi don Na aiketa laifine.tace kai waya aikeka.yce mahaifiyata mana d Umma Na d baba Na tayi shiru bata sake  cewa komaiba dama ya sani daya kirata da matsayin uwarshi to bazata sake mgnba
Aranshi yace kai fulaku baiyiba shi wlh bazaiwa dansa hakaba takawo masa laptop din suka shigo tare da Hussain suka yita klon pictures aciki...

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 5 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa.

Bari muje muga ya yar Fulani yata kaya Kuma ita wacce kuma a INA take.nima Aysha Ali garkuwa Na gaiyaci yan rakiya Na don nasan Fiji da son nono ga dalal maison garin dayake da sanyi to su halimancy sai anbimu ne gasu suwaiba harda su maman Dan baba kukam sauran kyi hpri Sai wani karon yenxukam motar ta cika😜 tafiyace mai Dan nisa kadan da kafita Gombe ka doshi hanyar dadin kowa xaka wuce kwadam kafin a isa baure akwai Forest atsakanin su a dai dai cikin forest din akwai wani Dan kauye Wanda ake kira da ardo yabani garin ardo yabani garine Na Fulani Allah yamusu ni ima kala kala agarin gasu cikin forest ga wani dutse a gefen garin Wanda yake xubda ruwa daga cikinsa ga yayan itatuwa iri daban daban fulanin wurin Allah yabasu arzikin dabbobi sosai.gidajan kauyen da duwasu suke ginasu yashin garin kamar kacisa Dan haske suna da dabbobi kama daga shanu rakuma dawakai tumaki akuyoyi xabbi kaji gaba daya Allah yabasu arzikinsu ardo yabani shine ardo wannan rigar matarshi daya hakanan yarsama daya itama saida sukayi shekara15 da aure kafin Allah ya basu ita ardo yabani dantijo ne mai tarin ilimin muham madiya ga tarin arziki da shi kanshi baisan adadin dabbobinsa ba Amman 'ya daya tilo Allah yabashi shida matarsa hari sunbaiwa yarsunnan bimbi tarbiya da ilimin Islama ba kadanba.yana da yara masu yimasa kiwo guda8 shi baya zuwa kiwo saidai yaje labbu da dere kuma yana karantar da manya da yara awoje cikin gida kuma bimbi Na karantar da yara mata hari kuma tana karantar da matan aure..
Randa su hassan sukayi musu barna awurin Gaini ya yanka duk shanun da yasan bazasu iya komawaba yabawa mutannen wurin sadaka.wannan dokar ardo ce yacemusu duk inda suke matukar dai sukaga wata dabba bata da lfy to su yankata awurin subaiwa mutannen wurin sadaka haka kuma sukayi suka kori sauran suka tfi gida. bimbi tun lokacin taketa mita tana
kado ya shusheni Allah ya isa kado banyafe makaba ita ba abinda yafi bata haushi harda Dan shannuta da tafiso aka yanka suna isa gida taje tazauna agefen hari tana bata lbrin yadda sukayi da masu mota. Hari tace kedai bakitada hkri wataran sai kije kinyi fada da Wanda xai karyaki.ta turabaki tace aradu yenxuma ya karyani.tunda ya karyamin buwana sunan da take kiran Dan shanunta dashine buwan.hari tace nikam kitashi kije kiyi sallah lokacin sallah yyi.ta idar da sallan isha kenan ardo ya shigo bayan yaje ya duba marasa lfyn.
Yace ke hari INA mamana tace gatacan tunda tayi sallah taki taci abici wae don an yanka mata buwanta yaje ya xauna agefenta kan wani dutse akusa da randunansu randunan Na  tabone sai naso sukeyi alamar sanyi yana ratsasu..yace mamana waya taba minke kawai saita fashe da kuka.cikin yanayin lallashi yace kiyi hakuri mamana gaini ya gayamin abinda ya faru kidaina kuka gobe in Allah ya kaimu kishiga hoggo wato garke kixabin duk abinda kikeso kinji ko mamana.. Ta gyeda kai tana share hawayenta ya kamo hannunta ya zaunar da ita kan taburma yaje da kansa ya debo mata nono mai sanyi ya bata yace kisha xuciyarki zatayi sanyi kijiko.tace to Bappa kaima kasha mana yace nizanje kofar gida kinsa su siddi suna jirana lokacin karatu yayi kema kiyi sauri ki karantar da dalibanki tace to.
Da lokacin tashinsu ardo yakusa dama sukam tuni suntashi daliban nasu hari takira bimbi tace ke ina kike xoki kaywa bappanki abincisu kamar yadda suka saba dama kullum zata gasamusu kaji ko zabbi da madaran nono akaimusu insun kusa tashi da yan kananan kore da ludaya kowa yadibi abinda zai isheshi.shiyasa makarantar ardo tayi farinjini da suna akauyen nasu dama makobtansu ta kaimusu ta dawo tasha madaranta ta tafi dakinta takwanta
Da safe tana idar da sallah tafara shara tagama tayi wenke wenke sannan ta dauki tulunta ta tafi rafi basu da nisa tsaka ninsu da rafin daga cikin gidanma zakaji saukan ruwan gashi dutsen akasan bishiyar mankoro yake gaba data wurin yana xagaye da bishi yoyi masu tarin inuwa ga shuke shuke akasa sai yar siririyar hanyar da akabari don masu diban ruwa.......

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[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 6 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Ta cikamu su randunan duka taje ta juye wanda tadawo dashi yenzun a bandaki cikin wani Abu kamar daro saidai shidinma Na tabone ta hada daruwan zafi tayi wanka tafito tana tsane gashin kanta.ta tajeshi gashin har gadon bayan ta gashi bakikkirin gashi da santsin da sheki.taje bakin kitchen tace inna kizo kiyimin kitso.tajuyo tana cemata yau baxaki bisu kiwon bane?tace a a zanje mana inna kiyi sauri kizo zama zasuyi sujiraki kenan tace a a basu ma fara kucce shanunba fa. inna tace to dauko kifiya.
Ki kawo suka fara duk yawan gashinan kitson kwaya 5 akayi 2 akazubo su gaban goshita 2kuma akayi baya dasu guda 1 kuma tufkeshi akayi atsakiyar kayin.Na gabannan har kan girjinta suke kwace.
Tasa kayanta irin nasu Na fulani rigar yar guntuwa bata karisa  rufemata cibiyarta bama ta daura zani  tasa takal minsunnan Na kiwo. da sauri sauri tasha madaran nono.ta dauki Dan sandanta tace inna midilli.inna tace allah yaba da Sa.a yakare ku.tace amen ta fita suka tfi.
Sungama fita cikin forest din sundauki hanyar hawa kandan wani dutse.gaini mai kiwo yace mata to bimbi kiyi sauri kitafi karki makara adakeki.tace to saikun juyo ko...jaaeh yace kedai tafi.tajuya ta gangara ta kasan dutsen naga tashiga kwadam ta nufi makarantasu ta yan mata tanazuwa tasamu duk sun shiga class tatsaya tabakin window tana lekensu tana tunanin shiga tasan wannan malamin mugune shi bashida tausayi..
Taji andafata tajuyo arazane sai taga yaya Sulaiman ne tace yawwa yaya shiga nake sonyi kuma inatsoron malaminnan yacemata kishiga bazai miki komaiba tace to taje tashiga.
Mutumin da yake tsaye kusa da Sulaiman yace wlh nikam mamaki nakeyi..sulaiman yace namefa.yace na yedda akayi iyayen yarinyar nansuka yerda takeyin karatun boko.kasanfa ba abida fulaninnan suka tsana kamar karatun boko.sufa gani suke bokon kafurcine..mutanneda ko hausa kayi saisuce maka kado.
Sulaiman yayi dry yace ai iyayenta basu san tana zuwaba.tace indai babanta yasan tana zuwa saiya kusan yankata..Adamu yace tokai asuwa kasata makaranta.yace amusulmi Dan uwan musulmi.yaci gaba dacewa.yarinyar tana da ra ayin yin karatun kuma tana da saurin fahimta..lokacin da tafara zuwanan.kullum insun fito kiwo sai tazo ta tsaya a window aji tanajin abinda akeyi.wata rana nakirata nace kekuma fillo me kikeyi anan sai tai dry tace karatun nake son koya.nace to kicewa baban ki ya kawaki mana ta zare ido ta buga hannu agirji tace ai den xaiyankani nacema ta tokeda suwaye kike zuwa?. Tace nida yayunane inzamuje kiwo sai in ce musu xanzo nakoyi krt.sukuma basa hanani kuma duk abinda akayi suma inakoya musu.shine nacemata kin iyane tace min eh.nace to fadamin abinda kika koya.
Hakika nayi mamaki lakacin da naji yariyarnan tana zaiya namin duk abi da ake koyawa yan pramary 6 gashi tana da ilimin addini nikuma daga ranar nasata a school din.itakuma bata fashin xuwa kullum zata sallami iyayenta da zummar zata tafi kiwo.suna zuwa nan saita shigo tayi karatunta sukuma sutafi kiwo.garfe daya da rabi ake tashi.sukuma masu kiwon tun 1: suke juyowa..sai sutafi cikin forest dincan suci gaba da kiwonsu. Gashi yenzu har tana a s s3 sune masu gamawa bana kuma tunda ta shiga take daukan no 1 a ajinsu...
Adamu yace to menene sunanta.Sulaiman yyi dry yace nidai tacemin bimbi Amman da yar fillo ake kirantan.Adam yace gskya kasamu lada tunda karabata da jahilci..Sulaiman yace ai daman can ita ba jahila bace.tunda tana da ilimi Arabic.Adam yace gaskiya ne....
Toh muji lbrn bimbi bari mukoma muga ya doctor yerima Hassan Aliyu yake ciki......

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[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡Y'ar Fulani part 7 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Yau Sunday ana hutu shiyasa tunda akayi sallar asuba hassan yakoma bacci bai tashiba sai karfe 9:yana tashi yaga Hussain bayanan ya shiga toilet yayi wanka yana ftwa ya shirya cikin wani wando 3 quarter d wta yar Riga ma ra hannu mai hade da hula ya maida hular bayanshi ya kwanta kan kafadadunsa yadan fesa turare ya zira takal mansa.ya dauki key dinsa da lap top dinsa sai phone dinsa ya nufi gdan su yana shiga ya gaida Umma.tace kiyi breakfast kuwa yace sai anjima..yce ya baba tace ai yana tare da baki yace to bari Na gaida ammi.tace to.
Sau 3  yana sallam ba amsaba.parlor shiru bakowa sai yashiga kawai ya kwanta ka kujera ya dora laptop dishi kan cikinshi yanata danne danne..ammi tafito ta sameshi yana kwance.tace kaikuma yaushe kaxo yace daxu.tce o yagaishe to.daga nan ba wanda ya kara mgna a hankali ammi ta kira xubaida tace jeki hadamin tea tce to tajuya ta tafi Hussain yashugo tare da sallama suka gaisa da ammi.hassan yace brother INA kaje da sassafennan?.yace wlh babane ya aikeni inkira mai waxiri akwai taron gaggawan da xasuyi.kumafa harda su yaya Bashir kai dukan muma..hassan yace to Allah dai yasa lfy ammi tace amen.Zubaida nakawo tea din Hussain ya karbi cop din ya fara sha..tace yaya ammi nefa tace inkawo mata yace to hadomata wani harta tafi ya kirata yace .wai nikam Zubaida ban hanaki Sa kanana kayan nanbane? Tace kahana yce OK rashi tarbiya ce kenan tasa kike sawa tace a a kayi haquri baxan sakeba..hassan yace Dan Allah malam kabar yarinya tasake kai saishegen iyayi..ammi tace ai dama xakace haka tunda kaima bakada wata shiga sai ta kananan kaya.Abu ko tsari babu kafa sandal sandal awoje.yace ammi ai shan isakane..tce shan iska ko iskanci ba.tasake kawo tea din hassan ya karba yafara sha.xubaida ta tura baki tace wlh nikam Na gji ammi..Hussain yace da kikayi me oya jeki hadomata wani shayin .taju ta tafi tana qunquni. Hassan yace ammi tuwan shinkafa d miyar kubewa da man shanu nake so.tace ka gayawa mama.yace nidai kenake son kiyimin innace baxan yibafa yace xakiyima  ammina....
Parlon yayi shiru bayan gaishe gaishen da skyi sarki yfra bayani kamar hka.yce Na gdwa Allah daya nunamin wannar ranar kuma ayau dinnan nakson insheda muku cewar zanyi murabus daga kan sarautar nan kuma zanbawa Babba danane mulkin.Bashir ya dgo kansa d sauri yce baba nikuma yace eh kai bashiru..yce baba Ku gafarceni wlh nikam banaso inda mai so acikin kannena to abashi.. Ibrahim yayi maza yce tonima dai bana buqata sai daiko in fawaz..fawaz din yyi dry yace kuji sonkai fa nikuma maiye hadini da sarauta ina sojo ina soja ina sarauta
Sarkin ransa yabaci sosai yace to nafisa kindai ji abin da yayanki sukace.wato ban isa inbasu umurniba.ko. ahankali waziri da galadima suka riqa bawa sarki hqri hardai ya Dan huce. ammi tace a gskya Bashir baka kyeuta minba ai babban wa shine magajin uba.don haka kyi hqri ka karbi wannanr sarutar.yce wlh ammi mulki baya ckin tsarin rywta..Umma tace Aysha barshi a yau da shikadai aka haifa a gdnna da sai muji haushi Amman ai suna da yawa..
Taci gba dcwa kai hassan inna neman alfarma daka zama mgjin ma haifinku.hassan ya dago kansa d sauri yce Umma nikuma tace eh kaifa hassan don wlh ninasan ba wanda zai iya riqe wannan sarautar sai kai Nina dade da sanin  hakan..yce don Allah baba kaci gaba da riqe sarautarka inkuma ka gaji kbwa Bappa Ibrahim .sarki yce shima yaqi kuma kunqi ai duk randa Na mutu sai kusayar da sarautar ko.waziri yce baxa ayi hakaba haqiqa nafisa maganar gskyace tabbas  hassan shine sarki kuma kaima kasan haka mai martaba don duk lkcin da akayi istihar inuwr hassan ke giftawa. Sarki yce to ke Aysha mkkace?ammi tce a gaskiya wannan tsarin baiyiba shidai Bashir din xa abawa.Bashir yce ammi kyi hqri wlh mulkinnan Na hassan ne.. Waziri yce Aysha ke muke sauraro fa..tce duk abinda kuka yanke ai shekennan Umma tce Na gode Aysha d kka fhimce mu.
Sarki yace to hassan nan da wata1 kafitar da mata don so nke randa xancika shekara 40 akan karagar mulki inyi murabus kuma randa za a nadaka aranar za adaura aurenka Kay da Hussain da naziru tunda shima naziru zaidawo cikin makonnan sai yanzu Hussain yyi mgna yce to baba nikuma me yahadani da yin aure.Umma tayi dry tce to haka xaku tabbata bakuyi auren bane? Hassan Wanda ya gama cika da takaici yce to ni wama nasan zan cewa xanyi aure nidinnan dai ace xanyi wani aure ai sai arei nani yacigaba dacewa haka kawai ya Bashir kasa xa ahadamin zafi 2 lkci 1 gskya ni baxan yi aureba.ammi tce tofa kunji irin tunanin da yakeyi kuma wai ahaka kuke son   bashi shugabanci jiha gaba daya mutumin da bai masan abu mai kyeu ba..ahaka dai akayita masu fada da nasiha ..andai tashi taron da sharadin dukansu su fidda mata.fawaz yace tofa sarki hassan sai arege jin kai atsaya anemi aure.inko miskilancin ka ya hanaka wlh za ajajubo maka wata a hadaku kuma kasan gidanmu ba yaji bare saki.Ibrahim yce gayamsa dai Fawax.aka rufe taro da addu.a........

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[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 8 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Yau kwana 3 kenan bimbi bataje makarantaba sabida Bappa bashida lfy yana fama da ciwan kai mai tsanani har ya  kwantar da shi hatta yawunsa iya tofar sai suga yakoma jini bimbi d hari sun rude shiyasa bata samun damar binsu gaini kiwo sai dai taje lambu tadanyi aiyukan da Bappa yakeyi kamar dibo kwan xabbi d ciro banana da dai sauran yayan itatuwan.yau kam tayi niyar xuwa makarantar don haka tana xuwa labbun tayi abinda yakamata tayi da sauri sauri ta wuce school din. tana zuwa uncle  Sulaiman yace yar fillo meya hanaki xuwa kwana 2 cikin sanyi murya ta gaya mishi abinda yake damun Bappanta ta qarisa maganar tana goge qwallah a idonta cikin tausayawa yce kun kashi asibiti ne tace a a yace to ko gobe kukaishi asibitin aduba kan nashi asan meyake damunshi kar abari ciwon yyita qaruwa.tce to xamu kawoshi ko wancan asibitin tanuna wani Dan karamin asibitin.yce a a Ku kaishi babban asibitin cikin gari don acan xa.afi gane meke damushi.tce to ai bamu san wurinba.yce to xan rubuta miki adireshin asibitin saikuje ko. Ya rubuta mata yabata yana dada jadda mata akansuje fa.tace to ta karba ta tafi gida
Haka kuwa sukayi washe gari ran jumma.a suka tafi cikin gombe .qarfe 9 dai dai tasame su cikin asibitin suka sayi kati sukaje suka kama layi ganin Dr itace take bin layin Bappa kam yana kwance kan benci.har layi ya iso Kansu wata Norse ta leqo tace ardo yabani Buba yashiga...lkcin kuma Bappa yasamu baci ya saceshi.sai ta tashi ita zataje tashiga tamusu bayin ciwan nappan nata to daga bude qofar tarasa yedda xata bude kawai sai tahau turawa da iya karfinta tayi tayi qofa taqi budawa kawai  saita kama bugawa tana cewa kuzo kubu demini.cikin jin haushi da hatsala Dr ya dakawa Norse din tsawa yace ke Hafsat kije kiga wane Dan issakanne yake shirin ballamin qofar office tace sorry ser taje ta budemata qofar dai lkcin da shikuma Dr yerima hassan Aliyu yake cewa ai dama irin wannan bugun qofar sai masu suna ardo da jauro ne xasuyishi mutane kullum basa taba wayewa.yadago idonsa dai dai lkcin da ta xauna kan kujerar da aka tanada Dan majin yata da sauri yasake kallonta sama da qasa....

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[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 10 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Suna cikin mota ya juyo ya kalleta yace qanwata me sunanki.tce bimbi cikin mmki yce bimbi kuma tace eh yce to sabida me ake kiranki bimbi don dai nasan ba shine sunanki Na gaskiya ba.tce eh sunana fateema ana kirana bimbine don an ayfeni da safe yyi dry yce to wannan kitsonfa me sunansa tace kumbo bobini.yce to mesunasa da Hausa tce bansani ba nima
Dai dai  lkcin suka shigo hospital ya bude mata ta fito ya dauki wasu kayan itama ta dauki wasu suka shiga.suna tafiya suka hadu da wata Norse tace oga a ina kasamu wannar kyekkyewar yariyar yce qanwata ce suna shiga ya ajiye kayan hannunsa yce to Bappa bari naje nayi sallah gashi yau jumma.a Bappa yamishi gdy.shikuma yce to Fatima sai nazo anjima ko ga Abicinku yana cikin ledanna ko tce to yayana mun gd sai kzo.
Bayan suntaso dga mallacin ya wuce gda suna zaune a parlor yce ammi adafa min abinci mai Dan sauqi zan kaiwa wasu  Fulani tce INA yan uwasu.yace inaga dga nesa suke tace to....hassan da yake kwance yana kallon kwallo shida nazir a laptop dinsa yce hum ammi dama kin hutar da knanki wa ennan mezasu iya ci in banda nono duk inda suka shiga sai yayi qarnin nono.
Hussain yce ammi kiga pic din yarinyar ya miqamata woyarsa tce kai yarinya kyakkyawa fara Sol kamar bala rabiya.nazir yce ammi bani ingani yana karbar woyar yce lahh ammi itace yarinyar da hassan yyi fada da ita muna dwwa cardi Hussain yce haba dai nazir yce wlh itace ko hassan? Ya tabe baki yce oho nikar kusani cikin hirarku.duk sukayi dry. Ammi tce mutum ko ina inya je saiya Nuna baqin hli

Da safe suna xuwa asibitin Hussein yce xomuje iduba wani abokina hassan yce to yabishi skje sna shiga yaga fatima yja tsaki ya harareta.yadai gaida Bappa ba yebo ba fallasa.Hussain yce Bappa wannan dan uwanane Bappa yce Ku tagwaye ne yce eh ya ajiye musu abincin yace Fatima ya kke tce lfy.mungode yayana kaikam kana da hankali.da tausayi.. hassan yce to waye mara hankali d tausayin?. Tace oho aishikam yasan Kansa mara imani kawai hassan ya yce kaji shegiyar yarinya nitake cewa  mara imani da tausayi.da yake a hankili yyi maganar Bappa baijiba Amman ita taji kuma Hussain ma yace mutafi to ya jashi suka fita hassan yai ta fada kamar zai doki Hussain shidai dry ma suka bashi mutane kamar kishiyoyi dasun hadu sai fada.sunan kamar wuta d auduga
Da daddere hussain tare da su ammi yazo suka gaida Bappa Umma tce babansu yace agaishe ka da zamuzo dashi to sai yayi baqi Bappa yayita gdy Umma ta jawo Fatima tace Aysha ga rinyar nan kekkewa da ita ammi tace wlh nika yarinyar ta kwanta min Umma tyi dry tce ai dama kekam kinaso 'yaya mata.sukayi musu saida safe suka koma gda
Washe gri aka sallami su Fatima Hussain da kanshi yce zaikaisu tashan dukku su shiga mota suna shirin fta yce Bappa xomuje kuyi slm da dan uwana.itakam Fatima badon tasoba tashiga ya gaida bappa amutunce sukayi slm Bappa ya fta fatima Na qoqarin fita ya jawo hannuta d qarfi yce to uwar reshin kunya wlh kinci Sa.a Bappa yana nan da sai Na karyamiki hannu wannan shegen bakin in pasashi Kuma innaxo miki dinki indinke bakin duka inga taya zakiyi fitsarar ya murder hannun nata saida tayi qara.Hussain yce kaifa mugune brother xaka karyata fa yce ai dama sonake inkaryata din.ahaka dai suka tafi ya kaisu tasha suka shiga motar kwadam suka tfi....

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 9 Na ayah a Ali garkuwa

Cikin tsawa yace mata ke mahaukaciyar inane waya baki damar shigo min office ko ancemiki nanma jejine da zaki shigomin kaitsaye ubban me xanmiki ni yau maza nake dubawa ba mataba ko kece ardo yabanin?ya sake dannamata harara yace kallekifa saikace shanu qafa duk tabo kindebo shi acan dajin naku kin kawaminshi office dina don rainin wayoko.tomaza fita kibani wuri yagadei tana tsaye yace ke kauce karna dakaki kin tsaya kintsuramin ido kamar mayya to kya ci kanki ko kici jakunan rigarku.yce ke Hafsat maxa fitarmi da ita tace to ta kamo hannu bimbi ta nufi kofar fita suna isa bakin qofar ana turo qokar za ashigo qofar tabugeta sainda ta fadi qasa.
Da sauri ya shigo yana cewa subahanallahi kiyi hqr wlh bansan da mutumba awuri ba ya kamota ya tada ita yana cewa qanwata bakiji ciwo bako.itako sai baya baya takeyi tajuya ta klin hassan takuma juyowa tkli Hussain cikin yanayin jintsoro.Hafsat ce tace oga tsorofa kuke bata kaga yedda jikinta ke bari a hankali Hussain yamatso kusa da ita yariqo hannunta yce karkiji tsoro qanwata mu yan uwane shi yayanane uwa daya uba daya.hassan yce do Allah can malam ni kafitar minda ita daga nan hussan yace bazata fitaba ya zaunar da ita yajuya gun hassan yce.
Brother anfa kawo wata mata aihuwa kuma dole sai an mata tiyata.sai kaje kayimata yace to kaifa me aikinka Hussain yyi murmushi yace xanduba sauran marasa lfyn da kake dubawa hassan yace to naxir fa? Yace shikuma naxir ankawo wasu samari sunyi hatsari yana daure musu karaya..Hassan yace wato kaikuma Dan xaman banxa ko?Hussain yce Kaidai jeka kayi tiyata.
Hassan din ya tashi yana qoqarin fita yana cemusu kuma kayi maza kafitar min da wannar bororiyar daga nan inyaso kwayi hirar awoje dai dai lkcin da yazo kusa da ita ya danna mata wani mugun raqqoshi saida tayi kara shikuma yafi.
Hussain yace kiyi hqri kijiko qanwata tayi shiru yace kece mara lfy tace a a Bappa nane kuma yana woje yce to jekishigo dashi.
Bayan ya duddubashi yce Bappa ciwan kai ne kawai bakada bp Amman za abaka gado.Bappa yace to yaro kuma gashi banxo da namiji ba sai bimbi Hussain yace karka damu Bappa zanlura da kai ai nima kazama banana.
Da kanshi ya kaisu dakin daxasu kwanta yabashi magunguna.yace to Bappa bari muje mu saya maka buta da bokati d taburma da dai sauran abinda xaku bukata.Bappa yace da bimbi xakaje yace eh da ita xanje karka damu xandawo maka da ita cikin lfy bppa yace Na yerda da kai yaro bakayi kama da ma hainci ba....

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 11 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Yau Sunday kuma tunda yadawo masallaci ya shiga wonka yfto ya shirya cikin qananan kaya ya dauki key din Sa da woyarsa ya nufi gidansu yau gaba dayan su suna hade a parlon sunata hirar yaushe gamo don jiya da dare su Hajja Babba da Alh Babba suka dawo umra kakannisu hassan kenan kuma sun dawo tare da amir kannisu hassan wonnada yake karatu a Jami.atul Madina ya gama digiri dinsa"
yashiga tare da slm amir yatashi da sauri yaje ya rungumi hassan yana cewa yaya nayi missing dinku all yyi murmushi yace muma haka yai masa murnar gama karatusa amir yce gsky yaya yafa kamata musamu anutys dukansu sukayi dry" Hajja  tce mishikili kafi mahaukaci ban haushi ya Dan yamutsa fuska yce kundawo lfy tce lfy lau ya halinka..Alh yce sai abida ya karu  halikam ai bazai canjaba" .Hussain da yake yankewa ammi farce yce nifa yunwa nakeji..amir yace to yaya biri inkawo mana abici yje ya kawo musu hassan da yketa hira da ya Bashir da fawas yce yaya ku sauqo muciko.suka sauqo gaba daya suka hadu suna ci ..Hussain ya gama yanke ammi farce ya juya ya dauki cokali zai faraci....
Hassan yce kai malam dakata kaifa wlh ka iya qaxanta saikace ba Dr ba..duk suka tsaya suna kollonshi. Umma tace meyiyi Na qaxanta" yce kalifa Umma yanxu ygma yanke farce kuma bai wanke hannunsa ba zaici abu ..
Ammi tace ikon Allah ni Aysha Na haifi abin Al ajabi yenxu farcen nawa kake qyema to kai baka dashi ne...amir yyi dry yce lah ase dama ammi kekika haifesu kuma kike wani sharesu don su yan farine
Tce kaci gidanku amir duk sukayita dry ammi dai kunya tasata tabar palon
Sarki yce ku dai barsu suci abincisu..
Sungama cin abinci..suna tahira.

Alh Babba yce to Aliyu lkci yyi da su hassan xasuyi aure..sarki ya gyera zama ya gayawa mahaifimsa yadda sukayi da yaransa kwanakin baya ya Dora dacewa kuma
Yenxu saura wata daya Amman dukansu ba wanda yaseke maganar.' Alh yce toni ina da xabin da nayimusu..
Hussain yce wadin nidinnan dai da ajina da hankalina ka xabamin mata toh nikama inada wacce zan aura sai dai ko Dan uwana xaku xabawa.
Hassan yce bana buqata yana fadar haka yatashi ya tf rai abace yafita kenan ko awa 1 baiyi da fitaba nazir ya qira Hussain yace Hussein kayi maza kazo asibinmu yce lfy kam?
Nazir yace kaidai kaxo cikin rawar murya yakewa hussani maganar
Arikice Hussain ya gywa iyayen nasu bari yaje asibiti 'ya Bashir yce lfy kuwa.yce nima bai gayamin komaiba ya Bashir yce to muje.. amir yce nima xanje
Lkcin da suka isa.naxir yaja hannu ya Bashir ya shiga dashi wani room su amir Na biye dasu abaya.
Hassan ne kwance cikin jini gaba da kafafa funsa sun karye hannu Sa 1 ya karye gashi ya suma tunda yayi hatsarin bai farfadoba kusan awa 3 kenan Amman haryenxu bae dawo hayyacinsa ba dukansu sai salati sukeyi Hussain da amir d nazir kuka wai wai sukeyi kamar yara ya Bashir ne mai dan qarfin zuciya shiyake musu fada suyi shiru....

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 4:51 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 12 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa.

Yau kwana 5 dayin hasarin hassan Amman har yau bai farfado ba..
Ya Bashir ne da Ameer suke gunshi kullum mai martaba d Umma sai sunje sau 3 haka kuma su hajja.
Amman ammi ko sau daya bata jeba.ya Ibrahim ne yaketa cukucun fitar da dasu qasar India yaune
Yagama hada musu komai Na tfya..qarfe 9 Na deren yaune✈ zai tashi
Hussain zaune gaban ammi yanata.kuka
Tace kukan namene...cikin shesheqar kuka yce
Ammi don Allah kije kiduba dan uwana kafin mutafi kowa yaje saikece ba kijeba ammi memuka yimiki mai tsanani haka dayasa baki damu da Al amuranmuba ko lfyarmu bata damunki .cikin dakewa tce to in naje xanbashi lfy ne
xubaida tace a a ammi Amman kinsan ke ma haifiyar sace inkinje kinmishi addu.a Allah xai karba tace to tashimu tfi
Lkcin da ammi taga halin da danta yake ciki batasan lkcin da ta fara kukaba
Tana ya Allah ka rufamin asiri katashi wannan dannawa Allah kabashi lfy.Allah kana gani wannan dan nawa bai taba bata min raiba.kuma ko ya  bataminma Na yafe masa duniya da lahira ammi kuka ya Bashir dakanshi sai da yayi kuka.......
Qarfe 8  daidai suna cikin asibitin har anbasu gado doctor s suka duqufa wurin ceto ran hassan kowa Na iya qoqarinsa Amman abin yaci tura Dr sai zirga zirga sukeyi da dagon turanci suna kan hassan har qarfe12 Na dere sanna babba su ya fito yce wa Bashir gsky sai dai kuyi hqri harzuwa gobe da safe muci
Gaba da aikin amma yanzukam. Bai farfadoba..
Ahaka sukaci gaba da xama a india har tsawo kwana8 Amman hassan bai farfadoba saidai wannan Dr ya leqa wanncan ma ya leqa
Da sarki yaga haka sai yace sukoma saudi
Cikin kwana 2 suka koma saudi.
Suma likitocinsu sun yi iya bakin qoqarinsu amma INA Allah bai nufa ya farka ba.
Su Umma d ya fawas d adda Mina dasu Hajja duk sunje dubashi..

watan su 1 acan Hussain yazo Nigeria don ya dauki iyayen amminsa suje tare.
Ya je asibitinsu atsatsaye har xai tafi nazir.yce Hussain
Nifa akwai wani abokina da ya kwatatamin wani mutum mai maganin gargajiya yce min shi mutumin koda mutum yakai wata 5 ne asume yana farfado da mutum kuma kareya koda takai ga qashin mutum ya faffashe yaku watse akan titi to yana iya gyerawa.
To shine nace ko xamu gwada kawo hassan gunshi.
Hussain yce kaiya nazir abinda bature baiyiba baqin fata zaiyine? yce to ai kowa da irin baiwarsa kuma dama na gayawa babana waxiri kenan kuma yce min ya gayawa sarki
Sarkin kuma ya yerda harma yacewa su yaya Bashir sutaso yau dinnan su dawo...
Muje xuwa masu krtu waishin wayene mutuminnan mai gyeran karaya?.

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 13 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa.

Bayan sallahn isha suka iso.
Suna sauka a airport ko gida basu jeba suka wce gidan mai maganin su 6 ne harda hassan din Hussain d yaya Bashir amota daya ya Bashir yana ruqqume da hassan  Hussain kuma yana drive daya motar kuma nazir ne d ameer sai Saminu dayake nuna musu hanyar..
Tafiya kadan sukayi suka isa cikin Forest Saminu yace yauwa ka shiga nan ya nunawa nazir wata yar qaramar hanya..
Suna Dan fitowa fili kadan nazir ya tsaya yce to Saminu wirinna fa gaba daya dabbobi nake hange babu ta inda mota xata wuce.
Saminu yce eh ka fito muje.yaya Bashir yace yadai kuka tsaya sukace hanyar ta qare daganan saidai muqarisa da qafa.
Bashir yace to muje Saminu.
Suna tfy suna tsallaka shanu har suka isa inda suke hango hasken wuta.Saminu yyi slm ya gaisa da samarin wurin yce wurin. Ardo yabani mukaxo ko yananan sukace eh yana can kuje.
Suka gaisa da ardo .
Bashir yamasa bayanin abida ke tafe dasu.
Ardo yakira gaini yce maxa kaje can bakin garke xaka ga baqi da mota sai kanuna musu hanyar baya suqara so yce to yaje ya nunamu su hanyar ameer ya shiga motarsu Hussain yaja suka qariso wurin.
Ardo yace maza aje akawo masa fitila.
Ameer yace a a ardo ga haske ya kunna wani lontor gaba daya wurin ya dauki haske saikace rana..Bashir yayiwa ardo bayanin lkcin da abinya dauka yaci gaba d cewa kanaga xaka iya.ardon yyi dry yace da ixinin Allah yau dinnan zai dawo haiyacinsa.cikin jin garfin guiwa Hussain ya dago kansa yce Allah ko ardo..alkcin shima ya dgo kansa yce lah hussani kaine garinmu cikin mamaki yce nine Bappa dama kaine kuma kaine mai maganin yce eh nine Amman shidin kam bani zanmasa ba.Amman karka damu muma munsamu damar yimaka hallacin d kayi mana.
Suka shiga cikin gidan .part 3 ne a gidan 2 Na majinyata ne da yake ajiyewa  1 Na mata 1 kuma Na maxa 1 dayan kuma yana can ciki shine Nasu ardo.da iyalansa
Ya kaisu wani Dan daki yana da Dan girma katifa biyune aciki sai wurin sallah dakin tsaf tsaf dashi suka kwantar da shi kan katifar.
Ardo ya tafi cikin gida yncwa bimbi ga wannan yron d ytaima kamana abirni tce.Bappa yayana yce eh shifa ya kawo mara fly kuma ma tashine kinga kenan kexakiyi aikin tace to.
Yce yauwa kekuma hari hada msu abincin nan da za akai gun masu karatu akaiwa baqin tace to malam.
Shida kansa ya kai musu yce kuci kuyi sallah tukunnan sai axo afara aikin...

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 14 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa.
Ardo Na gaba fateema Na baya tana rike da kwariyar magunguna da allon qarfe sukayi slm suka shiga
Ardo yaji ddi sosai yada sukaci abunci hatta ameer mai yawan qenqeni ma yaci xabin Dan yaga suna da tsafta sosai.
Fateema ta gaida Hussain cikin fara a ta gaida sauranma tacewa naxir kai mai kashe nagge in dan uwan kamasifefe yace ayya fullo ai shine bashi d lfy.
Tab tace aradu Bappa bazan mishi aikiba.Bappa yce kina haukane to maza matso kiyi aikinki Hussain yce kiyi haquri kiyi don ni Dan uwanane fa da qer dai aka lallabata ardo kuma yana ta fada shimam ameer yaji yarinyar ta burgeshi.
Ta dauki allon tayi rutu ta wanke tace yayana karbi kabashi yasha.Hussain yce ai baya iya shan komai tace mishi xaisha da ikon Allah.ya karba ya bashi shi dai baiga alamar ya hadiye ba itakuma tce abinda ya hadiye zaiyi aiki ta dan lakuci wani mai ta shafa masa a fiska..tce to sai da safe .Bashir yce iya maganin kenan kuma kukace zai farka tce eh karka dmu yaya.
Ardo yace zanzo kafin ayi kiran sallah asuba.
Sukace to ya tfi..sudai gaba dayan su babu wanda yyi bacci Bashir yana ruggume da hassan tunda aka bashi rubutu Hussain Na xaune agefe naxir d ameer d Saminu sukuma suna kan daya katifar.
Can kusan asuba bacci ya kwashesu sai ya Bashir ne kadai baiyiba...yana xaune ya qurawa qaninshi ido..
Kamar a mafarki yaga hassan ya bude ido yana bin dakin da kallo.ya juyo gun yaya Bashir dinsa yanata kallonsa..
Cikin tsananin farin ciki Bashir yace alhamdulillahi.. hassan hassan yaita kiran sunan sa da qarfi.
Dukansu suka tashi afirgice suna cewa yadai yaya Bashir. Yce ya farfado.gaba dayansu sukayi kanshi sunata hamdalah Hussain harda kukan farin ciki..suna cikin haka ardo ya shigo yce ya farka ko? sukace eh amma baya magana.yce to
Ga wannan rubutun in naje ina kiran sallah ku kuma sai kuna bashi kuma .kuna
Kiran sallah harzuwa kan kalmar shahada.
Haka kuwa sukayi"suna xuwa wurin yin kalmar shahada..saigashi shima yana binsu suna rufe bakinsu
Yce yaya Bashir inane nan yce wurin maganine yce o.
Su Hussein sukayi ta murana..da safe fateema ta dauko kayan aikinta tana shiga yce kekuma me ya kawoki nan tce kodai kai meya kawokaba nankam gidanmune ba asibitin kaba. bashir yce kayi shiru kawai kabarta tayi aikinta..

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 15 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa..

Ta zauna.'tce kawo kafan naka ko.intafi harkar.gabana" Ta dauki. Wani dan.mai tarinqa'bin duk. Inda karayan yake tana.shafawa"atake wuraren sukayi.jajawur'cikin jin radadi. Da a xaba'hassan ya.rinqa" cije lips.dinsa yana murxa.kanshi.yasa. hannu shi.ya.damaqi yaya Bashir da yake riqe.dashi.idanunsan.. sukayi jawur.jijiyoyon kanshi.suka taso sama." Fateema.ta kalleshi tyi dryar mugunta"Tce malam.infa kasan"kai.regone.toka shiyar ihu.kuma wlh.qarti xansa"su danne .minkai" cikin"wahala.da masifa"yce wlh.kekam baki isa kiyimin abinda."xaisani ihuba...tace shikenan."
Tasake'shafamar.wani farin mai.ta qara.woni akai.kamar man shunu.'a.take yaji wani.irin sanyi.kamar ba wurinne.yake ciwo yanxuba.wani" bacci.mai ddi ya dau keshi.
Tace"yana farkawa xai.tashi'ya tsaya da.izinin Allah." mungode"
Garfe 9 su sarki. Suka iso'shi da iyyensa da matansa' lkci.da ardo.yazo.suka.gaisa..."fateema.kuma ta ajiye .abincin da takowo musu"ta gaishesu.cikin fulatanci ta juya ta tfi.sukuma sukaci gaba "da hirasu"ta.manya!
Alh Babba. Yce" haqiqa. Akoi wani haske atattere da.wannan"xuwan.namu .ardo yce nima.naji dadin 'samun nasaran wannan.aiki da.akayi.Alh yyi.dry irintasu ta manya.yagyera.xama'yce."ni Usman. Ina Neman.alfarman".kyautar.'ya agareka.ardo' ya dago kansa.ya kallesa"cikin' rashin.fahimta"yce.bangane nufinkaba."Alh. Yce.abinda' nake nufi.INA nemawa jikana"auren'yarka.fati'yci.gaba.da cewa.haqiqa.Na dde.ina'yiwa jikokina.istihara.akan.nema'musu'mata.ko...yaushe in akayiwa. Hassan inuwar.yarka"fateema ke.baiyana.cikin yanayin.haske"to kaga.saiyau"Allah ya.nunamin'ita!
Ardo yyi.shiru"nadan.wani lkci'sannan.yadago...".kansa"yce.kuyi hqri .nrga .da Na.mata"miji.dama jira.nake' tacika.shekara"14. Sai ayi bikin.cikin yanayin neman alfarma.sarki."yace tabbas.nima duk'lkcin danayi istihara cikin.wannar shigartata.ta Fulani.kayi hqri.ardo" kabawa.Dana auren.ta.waxiri. yce.Muna.
Neman wannan alfarma.don Allah dakuma.albarkacin annabi.' Da fulakun.dake.tsanin mu.
Ardo" barina kira.muku mai bada ita.duk'abinda'yce.........shikenan.ya aika.aka.kiramasu.  jawro' yazo .suka gaisa.cikin karamci.waxiri.yamishi' bayanin dllin kiransa.yyi dry.yce."ai dama hassan.shine.Mijin." fateema.nikuma: nabashi.aurenta' duk.randa kuka.shirya"kuxo a daura.musu.aure"
Cikin tsananin .frin.ciki suka.rinqa"gdya.
Suka.ajiye"cewa duk'randa.xa.asallami."hassan rannane.xa'a.dauramusu auren..
Su Hussain. Da suketa hira.dasu ammi.a gindin. wata. bishiyar.mangoro. kam wacce maganace".sukeyi  .da taqi qarewa.ammi.tce.Allah dai .yasa alkharine" yaya Bashir daya fito dakin.yanxu.kuma" yasan Duk.maganar da akayi"yyi'dry.yce. alkhairin nema" Babba.kuwa.hassan" daya samu yadan jingina da pillow.cikin murya irin ta majin yata.yce nidai naji ajikina  bawani alkhari.
Sukayi"dry.ammi.tce"  ai kuma kayi sauqi bakinka.yabudu.sai
bakin baki zakatayiwa.mutane.

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 16 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Yenxu.kam' su 3 rene suka" rege"  .arigar" .hassan.din.da Ameer/Amir,.dinne.ycwa' yaya Bashir din yatafi shi zai zauna' dashi.tunda yanxukam.jikin da"sauki sosai.tunda har' yana iya tafiya. mai dan "nisa kadan.yce ai kaga Anuty farida tana buqatar ka akusa da ita..
To shinefa Bashir yashirya yakoma.
Sai jakadiya..itakuma anbarta"ne. Don Dan yimusu girki" ta.nason fateema sosai.kuma da ita suke girki duk wani girki .Na "yan gayu.ta koyamata" tayimata kitso masu keu. Lkci .daya tacanja'.ameer kuma yanxu' yaxama abokinta ko ina' xataje'tare sukezuwa.sun saba da juna' sosai"
Yauma tun' bayan' sallar la.asar .suka fita da amir basu " dawoba "sai yenxu.suka shigo" suka samu hassan d jakadiya da hari' sunata hira suna dry" .hassan yce to "ayawe daga' inakake'.ameer yyi.dry' yace"daga can cikin qorama muke.wlh yaya "saikaji wurin ddi gonin ban sha awa"sai kaga 'yedda ruwa yake fita dga cikin.wani.dutse'ga fruits tirim " awurin.
Hassan yce kai da allah gafara" wato.kaikam.dama garinne ya maka kyeu" shiyasa kace yaya Bashir" ytfi kai zaka zauna ka kula dani' ase kaikam da lambu zaka kula" .Ameer yce" lah yaya kaifa naje .kawowo banana.don nasan kanason banana sosai.duk sukayi dry shikuma hassan da fateema sai hararar juna sukeyi. Tayita murguda masa baki amir yce wlh kaima ko yaya kafin mukoma kaje wurin kagani xai burgeka..
Bayan kwana 3 da dedere hassan yana kwance adaki" fateema tayi slm ta shigo tce" kai wai inji.yaya amir kaje yana woje."har ta juya xata fita' kawai sai taji.ya finciko" hannun ta.saida ta fadi kan girjinshi .yatashi da sauri ya tureta" gefe' yasa yar' yatsarsa ma nuniya ya harbi bakinta da shi."tce kai-kai menayi maka.xaka fasamin"baki.yace ni dan"ki ne? da xakizo kina cemin" kai.ko bakisan. sunanaba.'kokuwa.      Tsabar rai nani da kikayi ne " kicewa ameer yaya' nikuma.kicemin ' kai.saikace wata uwata Amman nasan abinda zanyi " ya qara jan .hannayenta duka 2 yamatse su cikin Sauri" tace kayi haquri wlh bazan qaraba"yce kima qara kiga abin da time..yasake ta "tafi.saida taje bakin kofo. Tace edin "nafada "kai.kayi abinda xaka iyayi" gurgu kawai😚.ta gudu tayi cikin" gida' shikuma yayi kafor gida..yana cije lips dinsa yce zankama kine.
Amir yce yaya kaga wojennan yedda yake " da.kyeu.ko? Tunda ' yazo yaune kadai " yataba fitowa ya juya" yakali bayansa gabaki daya garin yana kewayene da forest ga wini qworama mai sanyin gaske yana bita 'gefesu daga.can gefe kuma shanune birjik"  yce gskyane amir garin yayi" .suna cikin hira .fateema "ta kawo musu gasasun xabbi da nono" ga farin wata ya.haska ko INA"samiri da yanmata sunata hira tce" yaya ga abincinka amir yce to qanwata mun gode .
Hassan " yace Amir"gobe xanje cikin' rafincan don' wlh wurin ya burgeni sosai" ai sai kajema yaya zakaji dadi sosai...

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 17 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Suna' isa cikin rafin.faeema tafara yin "wankin.da taxo yi" Amir kuma"yace yaya, bari na samo maka. Dabino.masu zaqi yyi.cikin .rafin."haasan kuma yyita zaga yawa cikin rafin yana ciren yayan itatuwan" candai.yadawo bakin ruwan,yanata kollon yedda"ruwan ke wucewa.gashi fari tas'ga iska mai dadi.da gamshi.nan take yaji wani.irin nishadi.Na ratsa' zuciyar sa.gaba daya yajishi cikin wani .irin' yanayi.yyi nisa cikin tunani"
Kamar daga"sama'yaji an.fesa mai ruwan"sanyi"araxane''ya dago kanshi"yce ke bakida' hankaline'zaki.fesomin ruwan" dadtinki.ta murguda baki" ninace kaxa"kaxauna kusa dani! Yyi kanta afusace"yce ke nikike yiwa rasar kunyako' tarinqa"yin baya-baya, yana binta saida ta jingina' da dutsen'ruwan,yanata zubowa Kansu"yaqara,matsota.ya hadata dajikin dutsen" ruwan yanata xubowa" kansu yasa.kafafunsa ya take"nata tafasa'wata uwar qara' tana cewa' wayyo yaya amir zai dakeni .dama shikam amir yana ganinsu,yce wlh nikam  dry ma sukebani.Ku inkun hadu kamar annabi"da kafuri" shikuma hassan yasa qirjishi ya danne mata nata girji.ya hadata " da dutsen' da kyeu'har sai da yaga' daqer take numfashi"yce mema kikacemin.jiya da dare"gurgu ko?' cikin nishi"tace' kayi hqri bazan sakeba'yce qarya kike'muna,fuka"   yahada lips dinta"yamatse.Amir da yake'bayan su' yyita daukan su'photo' yazo yace" yaya.mutafi gida'don.zamu je kwadam" yce kai dawa?,nida' Bappa"
Suna" isa su ka samu"yaran bappa masu karatu' sun"share qofar.gidan tsaf-tsaf.'suka shiga gida Amir da Bappa suka tfi. Suna fita su adda Mina' suka' shigo Hassan yaji ddin xuwan adda Mina' wasu matan da taxo dasu suka wonkewa fateema kai suka yarfa mata kitso da qunshi haka dai suka' rinqa hidima da ita',yace adda Mina zamu "kwana nane? Tace eh...
Washe ' gari rana Saturday da sasafe' saiga Hussain da nazir da faruq' Dan goggon su'da yaya' fawas' sukayita murnan ganin' juna' su Hussein suka' tafi qofar gida' sunata kafa' rumfuna'da da shirya kujeru' da shimfi taburmai' faruq" dake xaune da' hassan yce" Dan iska' daga xuwa jinya' kaikam sai ka rashe" harda neman iri'hassan yyi dry yace ni dadina da kai sai shegen yawan surutu'don shikota kota bai kawo wani' abu acikin xancen' faruq ba' karfe 10 hassan yaji hayani yar jama.a sai' qaruwa take' gasu ' sarki sunzo' Amman basu iso' inda yakeba'gashi duk' friends dinsu' sai kiranshi suke suna' cewa' sun' isofa.hussan dake tsaye' a gabanshi yana miqa mishi hula yace yadai brother karbi kasaka mufita mufa ake jira'yace. Towai mutanennan kam me suka xoyi ne" Hussain yace ba lkcin ymka bayani muje kawai.
Suna' fita qofar gidan qarfe" 11 dai- dai kuma alkcin yji wata kalma mai rikita' tunani.da qarfi yaji ansake mai maitawa' cewar " an daura' auren yerima hassan Aliyu da fateema ardo yabani' cikin rudewa ya kamo' Hussain suka shiga cikin dakin da su' sarki ke ciki" yabude baki xai magana yaji babansa' yace ban yarda kayi magana' ba kuma bazan ji dadiba ; in kayimin' butulci' biyeyar ka: kawai nake buqata' yaya Bashir da Ibrahim da qanin ammi suka jashi dakin da yake' ciki.suka rinqa bashi' baki da nuna masa' mahimmanci' bin iyaye'" Ibrahim yace bakasan me suka hango makaba" cikin kuka kamar yaro qarami yce mekuma suka" angomin in banda takaici" da tarin, abin kunya' auren dole sai kace mace! Kai macen ma' ko nadolen" za ayimata ' ana gayamata.nifa ba wanda' ya gayamin.
Suna cikin bashi baki' su sarki' suka shigo' ardo Na riqe' da hannu.fateema wace fiskarta ta kubbura  sindim idanun ta kamar gauta sunyi jawur sun qanqance' don tsabar kukan da tayi......

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 18 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Ardo ya kama" hannu.hassan yasa mishi.hannu fateema. amanar fateema nabaka.ita ita.kenan min gaba da baya' aduniya,Kuma" gashi.yau Allah ya rabani.ta ita yabaka kai. bata san kowa ba abirni sai ' kai.mijinta da iyayenka'fateema yarinya ce garama' du- du' shekarunta 14 ne cikin dasheshiyar murya' tace Bappa shike nan yezu mun rabu' bazan gan kaba baxanga inna ba ta qara fashewa" da kuka" mai tsuma rae"
Lkcin da suka xo tfy.tasake wani sabon 2 kadai A.     bayan.motar.Hussain  najan motar tunda suka fito kuka takeyi har yenxu da suka Iso"qofar gidan hassan din yayi mamaki matuqa yedda" yaga an.gyera gidan.cikin jin haushita da tsanarta 'ya dakamata.tsawa.yce kirufe mana.baki nima da dahali kukan" xan yitayi" taji wani irin tsoronsa ya kamata.
Gida kam ya amsa sunansa" tsayuwa yimuku bayani gidanma bata' shirya komai gwani.sha awa. Dama ardo yace ba mai zuwa ta tafi' da mijinta kawai' an warewa jakadiya dakinta" shiku dama bedroom dinshi daban da nata.
Washe gari su adda Mina sukaxo suka qara gyera gidan Khadija yar kawun su hassan tace kai amriyar ba dai kyau ba saikace balarabiya".
Jakadiya ce kemusu girki.don Hussein ma da naxir suna gidan kowa da part dinsa.shiyasa bata da kewa sosai suna haba haba da ita amir kulum xaizo suyita hira jakadiya kuma tana dada koyamata yedda zaman cikin gari yake.umma kuma kulum sai ta aiko Zubaida ta kawo mata wasu abubuwan wai tariqa sha. wai afadarta gara ta gyerawa danta mazaunisa
Dama Hussain yasan tayi katatu don haka cikin sauki yasama mata"G.S.U.suna tafiya da Zubaida. Haqiqa shigarta university baqaramin wayar da ita yyiba kuma" balaifi tana fahimta' ga'shikowa yana mutun tasu" tayi  qawaye da dama.akwae kawarta da suka shaqu sosai amira..
Gashi dai yau watan ta 3 agidan Amman tunran da tazo gidan bata sake gani hassan din ba itakam cewama take haka yfmta Dadi...

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡Y'ar fulani part 19, Na Aysha Ali garkuwa
Ana saura 5 days a dauki ki axumin" watan' ramadan" kowa nata' shirye-shiryen"axumin"Yau jumma.a' fateema ta' tashi da woni.irin.ciwon Mara.mai"tsanani'' ko kan gado.ta kasa' sauqa' mama' tana ta xirga-zirga. Akanta Amman bata masan' abida akeyi' ba sai murqususu. Takeyi' tana wayyo. Allah Na mama" xan.mutu.marana' zai.balle' cikin.rudewa' mama takira ammi' ta gaya" mata. Halin da suke ciki" ammi' .
Tace.maza.kutafi" asibiti. Muma.gamu nan' zuwa...
Lkcin' dasu.Umma.suka"iso.   Suka samu. har. an dubata aka. yimata.allurar.bacci'suna xaune.agun.hear' Dr.daya dubata.ya.fito' dr samuyel iyamurine .yce ina.baban ta.ko mijinta.Hussain da yake.tsaye tundaxu awurin.yace muje ka' gayamin.meke damunta"..ammi. tace.a a kaje ka kira.sarkin mugayen yazo shidin.agaya.mashi. abinda ke damunta.Hussain.yce' gashi.namma.yazo" Umma.tace"hassan.jekaji damuwar matarka'.ya. yamutsa fuska kamar.mai.shirin" yin.kuka.yce' to Umma.yaja hannu.Hussein suka.tfi' yana.cewa.wlh.kubakusan.baqin .cikin.da nake.jiba' inkuna.dan qantani.da wannar' saikace.wata. cikekkiyar.mace.
Suka xauna.a kujeru. Dake din Dr.'yace musu.yarinyar. zata fara.Al adaane. .kuma.wannan" ciwon marar .nata gaba-gaba.zai tayi.sai in har' an mata aure.namiji' ya kusan ceta zaibari.don haka.kuyi qoqarin.yimata miji.hassan' yace kaji.maganar' banxa ta.mutu. mana.intaga"dama..baza.amata' fitineniyar.yarinya" Hussein bude baki.kawai' yayi.yana kollon yedda hassan keta surfa.bala,i yce wannar maganar. Har kunne. Sarki.hassan yce don.Allah' ka rufami."asiri.wlh. bansan ya xanyiba.Hussain yace to kayi min alqawarin gyara xaman.takewarku. kafin wani watan yace kai dai karufa min.asiri.kawai".. kwananta 1 aka sallameta don tasamu sauki.ammi takirashi yje taita yimishi fada .gaba" daya' yaji yaqara'tsanarta'
yana komawa gida yashigo porlon.ransa.abace. itaku dai dai lkcin tafito.cikin'kitchen. tana riqe da cop din nono.mai sanyi'zata kaiwa.Hussain da yake zaune kan kujera.bata"saniba kawai taji.tayi"karo da mutu.ta dago.da sauri.ganishi yasa.taqara.rudewa' duk.nonon.yabata" masa.riga gashi ne.cikin.rawar murya.da tsoro.tce.kayi.hqri.wlh' bangan ka bane.Cikin' fushi.ya watsa mata.maruka har 2.yce dama' yaza.ayi ki.ganni' tunda.kina" tafiya.kamar.shanu. kanki.aqasa.kinga. next time zaki.rinqa kollon.abinda ke.gabanki" itakam.tunda' tasha.mari..taje' ta kwonta.kan cinyar.mama'tanata. Rera.kka.Hussain yace amma dai baka da yarinyar" bata' da fly.kake dukanta.mama.tce.. Gsky.baka.kyautamin ba '
dana.yace.mama.ku.. baku.  ga abinda tayimin bane.aikoma metayi maka bai kamata.ka dake" taba.yajuya.ya tfi bedroom dinsa.yabarsu" sunata'lallashinta.....

Yau sallah.saura kwana'2.suna xaune a" parlo mama na yimata.kitson sallah.yan qanana.masu.kyeu. Hussain yashigo riqeda.bokko dirka- dirka guda-2 yce yana gida kuwa kirashi a woya.yce kazo kasameni a parlor.Na karbo mana dinkin .mu' yana xuwa.ya xo.ya xauna kusa.da mama.yasa" qafarsa ya take mata yan yatsun hannu" ta.dago ta kalleshi shikuma ya murtuqe.fuska.ya, watsa.mata" harareta.haka ta    sun.kuyar' da kanta' tanata zubda" hawaye" ba Wanda"
Kayan komai iri 1 namaxa"guda bakwai bakwai'ne na mutune 3 haka Na mata komai iri 1 mama tace.wannakuma Na amaren"namu ne  masu xuwa" bayan sallah"Hussain ya sosa qeya .yace eh.....
By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡Y'ar Fulani part 20 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Yau sallah kowa namurna...kamar' yadda.sarin gidan.yake.duk.'yan gidan.zasu.hadu a.gidan.ransalan. bayan an sauqo"idi..suna tfya a motar Hussain lkcin da aka sauko daga sallar.idi.sunzo" daidai.qofar gidan nasu.kuma sai yaga ya wuce.dasu.nasu' gidan.yace.yadai brother naga kawuce gida.Hussain.yace xamu fateema...
Yace tonikam tsaya in sauqa" Hussain yace in naqifa.hka ya hqra dolenshi suka daukosu..
Porlon acike da yan.uwanau.aka' gagaisa da juna..Umma kam sai faman ririta Fatima takeyi.haka ammi ma da tadanyi motsi kadan.zasu fara.tabbarta.mekike. so? Ko zaki.kwantane?.ko. kin gajine.hassan yace.kai Umma.kunfa damemu.da surutu.metayi.da zata.gaji"Umma.tace baruwanka.damu..
Sarki.yace to hassan.gobe in.Allah, ya kaimu.kashirya.kaida iyalinka,kutafi.katsina.kuje.ku.gaida' kakanninka.kanuna.. musu.matarka' tunda.dama" bata sansuba..suma .basu, santaba..hassan.yace nikuma?kuma gobe goben' umurnifa shawar. nakeyi.da kaiba. Rai abace.yace. to..
Su.Umma.da ammin.suka.tfi.porlon sarki.gaida.baqin da sukazo.musu...
Hajja.ta kalli.fateema.tace.fati.bawani.matsala.ko? tace a,a bakomai.tasake akwai kiyi saurin.sanardani... hassan yce kifada mata. in kina.da matsala.nikam.mai. saukine.wlh yenzunnan.zan. may dake.can jejin.naku...yaci gaba da.cewa.kema Hajja.don ne mamin' wani.tabbayarta" umma.suke.wani.jida.. Ita.yakalli.fateema a, yatsine.yace kuma.wlh.kisani'" shirina.tfya.xanyi. in barki.kuma inkika.jamin.fada. kinsan" sauran..Hajja tace ddna" sonake.nayi.go&com ..shiyasa.tace to Allah.ya kaiku.lfy.ammi.tabasu.Aiken.daxasu.kaiwa" iyayenta..yaya.bashir. yace" nikuma.sai yaushe.xaku kaimin.ziyara" Adamawa. yce.zanzo.yaya amman .ni kadai .zanzo ba ruwana.da zuwa.da tarkace.yafada yana hararar fateema.Hussain da nazir sai dry sukeyi."Amir kuma.cewa yyi.kai yaya kalar.taku.soyayyar da banne.Da namuta ne...

Washe gari da asuban fari ya shirya tsaf.itakam.dama tun qarfe 4 ta tashi tafara shiri.qarfe 6 daidai suka tafi.mama dasu nazir.suka rekasu har.bakin gete sunamusu Allah ya kiyaye.hanya.
By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡Y'ar Fulani part 21 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

tafiya sukeyi.tun safe har xuwa qarfe.2 suduka biyu.babu wanda yayiwa Dan.uwanshi.mgna.shikam.hassan.sharara gudu.kawai.yake.ita kuma fateema.sai dai.tayi bacce.ta farka.taga  dai
yan zukam sunfara jin.qamshin katsani.sunxo daidai wurin wasu.sojoji.fattema.ta farka.daga baccin da takeyi wani.qato daga.cikon sojojin yacewa.fateema.Beby.yadai tace babu.yace kodai kingaji kisauqo gunmu ki huta ta girgixa kai alamar a a.yakalli hassan yace oga koxaka bani.qanwar takane gata kekkewa.kamar yar India.hassan ya kalleta da wutsiyar idonshi.yacewa sojonna.aiba damuwa in kana sonta sai inbarma ita anan sai nadawo na dauketa.fateema ta kalli mutumin da hassan yake ikirarin barinta gunshi yananan kamar jakin daji.itakam tsoronsa ma takeji.cikin muryarta mai ddin ji.tace kayi haquri.wlh nikam bazan xauna motar kace bakason in zauna aciki inmun je xanbita kasuwa.ta qarisa mgnar tana kuka.sojon yyi dry.yana lashe lips dinza wonda zabar shan taba sukayi baki.ida nunsa suka qanqance don xabar sha,awa yaga.yarinya sabon jini.yace ktfi oga.hassan yaja suka tfi..takalleshi tace yunwa nakeji kamar xanmutu.A hatsale yace to kimutudin man saime.nidai ba inda xan tsaya sai Na isa

Suna isa gidan sarkin katsina suka samu anshirya musu liyafar bangirma duk yan uwan ammi sun hadu kowa sai yaba ken fateema.yakeyi.anci ansha duk aka watse kakarsa tace to gacan part din kawu Al Ameeen dinka an gyara muku.Hassan yace wadin? nikam ai yau kwana sai Gombe yanxunnan innayi sallan la,asar dai tafiya xanyi kakanshi yace kaifa dama gaggawar siya gareka saikace korarku akeyi.ya dafe kansa yce kufa tsofofinnan kunfiye rigima .to sonake inkoma yau don gobe da safe inada aikin yin tiyata.haka dai suka.hqra dole ya tafi.qanne ammi kuwa saida suka cikawa fateema trolley da kaya kala-kala.Anuty salma qanwar ammi tace to fati Allah ya kaiku lfy kicewa ammi sai munxo auren Hussein. Tace to anty mungede.yaja mota.suka tfi
Tunda ya dau hanya bai tsaya ko inaba sai a daura.ya kulleta cikin motar yace xanje gun wani friend dina don haka ki jirani anan tace to.yajuya yyi tafiyar sa.**nima Aysha nace tunda Allah yasa nazo daura xanje gidan maitama..ina xuwa kuwa ta cikamin cikina.da Abinci naci nayi qat.nanfa muka barke da surutu.kai Maitama badai surutuba.can goshin manqariba nace to nikam xantafi don karsu tafi subarin kuma innaje Kano xan isa wurin mamazee da biyya..πŸ˜„πŸ˜œ

Sunyi tafiya maidan nisa taga sun iso wani gari mai keu garin gasu da ruwa gasu da sanyi  yace to nan gidan aboki nane kuma anan xamu kwana don lkcin har qarfe 9 Na dare yyi.yici gaba da cewa kuma anan cikin motar xaki kwana tace to kawai tayi shiru tana tunanin hali irin Na hassan Sam baida tausayi da imani.tana cikin tunnin taji yana cewa don bazan yadda ya gankiba wai ke matata aiden nagama tabbadewa agun Yusuf.yana kaiwa nan yajuya yayi tafitarsa ta maida ankalinta gun maigadi.ta zuge glass din motar tace yakamana.mai gadin yaxo yana cewa hajiya kina buqatan wani abune tace a,a kawaidai sonake nasan wanne garine wannan.yyi dry yce ai funtuwa kenan hajiya tace OK shikenan dama abinda xan tabba ya kenan .yace to yjya ya tfi.yana tfya saiga hasssan din ya fito yanata tsaki.yace to ban same shiba wai sun tfi umra da matarsa.kenan yanxu dolena innemi hotel ita dai ko kallonsa bata yiba.yaja suka tfi.

Saida yaje hotels kusan guda 3 Kuma duk Inda yaje sai yasamu babu sauran room gashi dare yanata qarayi.ita kuma fateema sai kllon garin funtuwa take cikin nishadi iskan garin mai sanyi yanata kadawa.acikin ranta take cewa gari mai ddi.a daidai lkcin hassan yyi parkin cikin wani hotel mai ken gaske gashi gaba daya an xagaye hotel din da shuke.shuke.sai wani irin sanyi yake tashi aciki taji yana cewa ai dole kice gari mai did tunda gashi naxama bawanki.da ni kadaine ai dana kwana awancan hotel din to sukuma daki daya ya rege gashi yanzu har 10 ta wuce..
Ita dai bata kulashiba ya tfi gun masu bada dakin nanma sukace daki 1 ya rage duk ankama yace yanxu bazan samu wani dakinba yaron yace eh.ransa abace yaje yace ke kifito mushiga

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡Y'ar Fulani part 22 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa..πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡

Yana gaba tana binshi abaya ya bude dakin suka shiga.fateema tana shiga tace wow ahankali bai jitaba.dakin Dan .madaidacine gadon kuma mai Dan girmane sai kujera kwaya 1 maicin xaman mutun 1 sai dan filin tsakar dakin da TV.komai Na dakin pink ne da Dan rasti ratsi.white kama daga labulayen da bechit din da blanket duk kalarsu 1.shikam hassan ajiye phone dinsa da laptop dinshi yyi ya shiga toilet yayi wonka..yana.fita itama tashiga xata dan watsa ruwa don tadan samu sauqin gajiyar dake damunta .kuma saitaji ruwan sanyi kalau yake  sai ta maida kayan jikinta ta fita hassan.ya kalleta ayatsine yace harkin jiqo datti kin fito ko?..tai shuru yace badake nake mgn ba tace da nine yace to ubanme ya hanaki amsamin tace wlh ruwanne yayi sanyi da yawa kuma gashi babu Na xafi.yace OK yana dryar mugunta.cikin tsawa yace oya maxa jekiyi inyaso in kinfito ki bushe Dan sanyin.simi simi ta tafi taje tayi wonkan kamar zatayi kuka.tun a toilet din ta meda kayanta saf.

Tana fitowa ta sameshi abakin gadon yanata danna laptop dinsa ita dai tana tsaye .yadago kanshi ya harareta yace tokuma magani zaki banine tace a,a yace to koma can qasa ki kwanata don nidai ba kwana xanyi dake kan gado 1ba daki 1dinma qaddarace ta Sa xan kwana dake...
Ta kalli qasan dakin gaba daya tiles ne kuma ga sanyi A,C daya ratsa dakin in ka taka tiles din saikaji wani irin sanyi yana ratsa iskar da take kadawa mai sanyi.aranta tace shike nan yau kam Na mutu nasan saiyi xai daskarar dani.tana cikin tunanin.taji yace ke kauce kin tsaya a kaina ko shaqeni kike shirn yine.tace a,a taje ta kwanata tayi pillow da hannunta..tana jin sanyin tiles din harcikin qashinta.a take ta fara karkarwa..shikuma tana jinshi yana woya da adda mina..yace kiyi hqr adda Mina wlh nikam kunya nakeji shiyasa ban iso kiba kuma ai wlh ko mijinki ma sai yamin dry.kaiwai. kuma sai aganni da yar yarinya ba gidajiya ace wai itace matata.adda mina tace kaidai hassan Allah ya shiryeka yace ai yanxuma ashirye nake sukayi dry tace to nikam sai anjima mijina yana nemana.yace to ya kashe woryasa.

A hankali ya riqajin tana nishi da rawar sanyi haqoranta suna dukan juna duk ta gudundune wuri daya sai karkarwa takeyi ya juyo ya kalleta.yaga abinda takeyi.
Yace ke mehaka kodai kina da farfadiyace take son tashi yenzu.cikin yanayin jin sanyi tace a,a sanyi nakeji.har cikin raina.ya tabe baki yace toba sai kiyitayiba ni me ruwana cikin borgo xan shiga.yaci gaba da danna woyarsa.can kamar bayan minti 30 ya juyo ya kalleta.a Dan razane yace ke me hakan ita dai ba magana sai bari kawai take harta kai sai sulewa takeyi akan tiles din tana ta shiga qarqashin.gado atsorace ya maso kusa da ita yace ke baika jinane shiru batayi maganaba .qirrrrrrrr yaji woyarsa tafara suwa araxane ya juya don gaba daya Al amarin fateema ya bashi tsoro bai taba ganin irin wannan abuba.yaje ya daga woyar sai yaga Hussain ne cikin rudewa ya ke sheidawa Hussain abida ke faruwa.can kuma sai yadan yi shiru almun yana sauraron abinda ake gaya mishi...saiku yace wlh kaifa banxane brother ana mgnar gaskiya kana wani ashirme toko lallai zata mutu..Hussain yace tana mutuwa senurities hotel din kai xasu kama suce kai ka kasheta.a hatsale yace kaida Allah don Na gaya makane kake gaya min maganar banza kawai ya kashe woyarsa ya saya yana kallon ikon Allah..
Yayi shiru yana kallonta duk tafita haiyacinta afili yace kai karfa tamu inbonu ko dai zanyi abinda brother yace nayi ne?.juyowa da zaiyi kawai sai yaga gaba daya tanata qanqandarewa.cikin rudewa ya sureta yayi kan gado da ita*********

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 5:47 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡Y'ar Fulani part 23 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Ya kwantar da ita.shima ya hau kan gadon ya zauna a gefen ta tokuma sai yatsaya tursu.yace to wai nikam yazanyi ne ya kalleta lkcin da ta qara qangame jikinta har saida yaga jijiyoyin hannuta da Na kanta suntaso sama kamar zasu tsinke..
Da sauri ya jawota jikinshi ya kifata kan cinyarsa ya ja zif din rigarta ya cire rigar da biraziyar ta ya kwonce xaninta ya zareshi ta qasan cinyarta ya wurgar dasu sakiyar dakin shima ya tashi ya cire rigar jinshi ya daura towel.a qugunsa ya kamota ya birkitota kan cinyarsa.itakam duk wannan abinda yake faruwa bata saniba.lkcin da ya sauqe idanunsa.kan girji..ta
Nan take ya dauke wuta ya tsurawa dukiyar fulanin ta ido ko qeftawa bayayi ahankali yaji numfashisa Na neman dauke kwokwolwarsa kuwa ta tafi hutun.wushin gadi.Na Dan wani lkci.ahankali batate daya saniba yasa hannusa ya zare siket din dayake jikinta.yana kallonta yaji wani abuna tfya tudaga kan dan yatsarsa har xuwa tsakiyar kanshi.cikin ransa yake maganae Amman harta fito fili. Baisani ba yace yarnya qarama da irin wannar halitta.gata farace sol Allah yabata arxiqin hips qirjinta kuma acike yake tab nono suna tsaye cur.gasu farare tas sai daidai dan bakin nono shikuma yayi wani xagaye Dan bakin nonon yana saye kamar zai tsole mishi ido.
Ahankali yajata jikinshi ya ruggumo da kyeu.yaja blanket ya rufesu.gaba daya ya jishi cikin wani irin baqon yanayin da bai taba jinsaba a rayu warsa  shima kanshi ji kawai yayi ya dora hannushi kan qirjinta yanata shafawa.a hankali.ya mata rumfa da qirjishi ya rinqa sosar nononta saida yajishi yana qoqarin fita haiyacinsa.itakam duk bata sanma yana yiba.sai rawar sanyi take haqoranta Na dukan juna.dasauri ya dora bakinsa kan nata ya zura harcensa cikin bakinta yana neman harcenta yasamu yakamo harcen nata yarinqa tsotsa.atake yaji hankalin shi ya bar jikinshi...
.jikinshi ya dauki wani irin bari da zafi.ya run gumota kamar zai maida ita cikin qirjinshi.ita kuma a hankali taji dumi Na ratsata sai ta kara qanqameshi..

Daga nan tasamu tayi bacci.shika oga arar yadda yaga rana haka yaga dere.yana rungume da ita aqirjinshi kamar Wanda yake tsoron kar asaceta.qarfe.4 dai dai ta farka tajita cikin jikin mutum da sauri ta bude idonta ta kalleshi.takuma kalli kanta da sauri ta miqe ta fita cikin borgon.yace yadai kamar kin kalli dodo..kawai sai ta durqusa awurin ta fara kuka tana cewa nifa ba yar iskabace kacuceni Allah ya isa.yyi shiru sannan yasauqo kan gadon daure da towel a jikinsa.ya dauki zanin ta ya zo ya tada ita ya daura mata ita kuma sai fizge fifge takeyi.cikin wata iriyar muryar da bata tabajin yyi mgn da itaba.yace nifa ba abin da na miki kuma Na kwatar dake kusadi nine don Na ceci ranki irin sanyin da kikeji   jiya da  dare.babu abinda zai tafi da sanyin sai dumin jikina kuma ni banda niyar miki komai.kuma in kinaga qarya nake miki to kitabbayi Hussain.
Ya je yayi wonka sanna yace kije kiyi wonka kixo mu tafi.... Shi da kansa yasan yasamu wani irin canjin yanayi.........
By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 6:39 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Y'ar Fulani part 26 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa..

```Gaisuwata da jinjina mai  tarin  yawa da k'auna gareki
Amira Muhammad Jabbo ina alfahari dake my dear sis```😍😘

Ta ganshi akwance a qasa can kusa da durowa yayi rigingine daga shi sai Dan gajeren wondo gaba daya qirjinshi gashine a kwace luf mai laushi da sheki hakama qafafunsa daga guiwa zuwa qasa duk gashine akwance idonshi arufe ya ware hannuwa shi yana fitar da numfashi a hankali.ta qaroso inda yake ta xauna tsakiyar hannunahi daya ware.ta kali bakinshi Dan madaidaci hacishi zat tace
To ya zanyi in ta dashi.
.saita Sa Dan yatsanta ta rinqa xagaye bakinshi a hankali ya bude idonshi.da sauri ta yunqu zata tashi.yayi saurin kamota.yace ya dai madam mekike so. Tace nikam ka sakeni adda Mina ce tazo take son kazo kuyi sallama zasu tfi.
Ya qara janta jikinshi ta fado kan qirjinshi ya matseta sai da ta danyi qara yace inkika sake ihu to wlh yau bazaki fita daga nanba.tace don Allah ka sakeni.yace naqi.yaci gaba da cewa aiki xansaki tace mezan maka!yace  tayani Sa kaya zakiyi.ta zaro ido tace dama kullum ni nake tayaka sawane yace to shike nan saimuyita zama da sauri tace ina suke ya nuna mata kan gado ta tashi ta nufi kan gadon ta dauko kayan juyawan da zatayi tayi karo dashi tayi sauri tayi baya ya rinqa binta tana baya har suka isa jikin garu.ya jawota jikinshi ya rugumeta sai da yasake wani irin ajiyar zuciya yasa hannushi ya tallabo fiskarta a hankali ya fara kissing dinta.ita kuma ta dora hannayenta kan qirjinshi tana tureshi.cikin wani yanayi yayi wota yar kara a dai dai lkcin da ta doro hannuta kan nononshi baisan lkcin daya zare harceshi ba yace wayyo dadiiii zai kasheni
Ta juya da sauri cikin tsoro zata tafi.yace tsaya kixo kisamin wondona.tana hawaye tazo ta karbi wondo ta zura masa yaja ya kawoshi kan qugunshi yace to xoki jamin xip din tace ban iyaba yace ase zaki kwana anan tana share qolla taje ta fara jan zip din tayi-tayi yaki jawuwa.sai tasa hannuta daya ta kamo ta qasan zip din ase ta hada da bananar shi ta riqe kawai sai ji tayi yaja wani irin nishi tare da faduwa kan gado yanata gurnani qasa qasa.ta qara jin tsoro tace kayi hqri wlh bansan zanjimaka ciwoba
Ya bude idanunshi da suka koma tamkar wuta gashi sun qanqance sai suka birkice suka koma waniri ta qara rudewa ya jawo hannuta ta fada kanshi cikin nishi yace a a ba kijimin ciwoba dadii kika jimin Beby ki taima kamin kar Na mutu.tace me zanmaka a hankali ya rada mata kibani kanki koda Na awa 8 ta zare ido tace Na bonu.ta miqe aguje ta tafi.shikam da qer yasamu ya fito.gunsu adda mina .

sakiyi ta hira man shikam hankalin shi baya jikinshi.ya daga yar adda mina yace adda Mina wlh inson bebys tsosai tayi dry tace insha allahu kafin next year dai kuna da Beby har 3 baisan lkcin da yace nikama wazai bani tunda.......kuma saiyayi shiru.mijin ta yazo suka tafi.

A kwana a tashi ba wuya gasho yanzu su fattema sun fara exam din first semester. Hassan kuma yau kwana 14 kenan bai gantaba. Kullum cikin a zabebben share,wa yake rayu duk inda ya zauna bashi da nitsuwa gashi kwatakwata bananarshi taqi kwanciya..

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/9, 6:39 PM] Garkuwa Ali Aysha: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡Y'ar Fulani part 25 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Yau ne aka daura auren Hussein da Zainab dinshi yar Adamawa.sai nazir da Naima.xa,a tafi dauko amare hassan yace shixaije yadauko matar Hussein inyaso Hussain kuma yaje ya dauko matar nazir haka kuwa adda Mina suma amarryar nazir suka dauko.
Ankawo amare daku nansu komai yayi kyeu..washe gari gaba daya yan uwan amaren aka maidasu.da dare yayi hassan ya rakasu gun amarensu.suka fara raka nazir.sannan nazir dinma yabisu suka raka Hussain suna shiga Hussein yace kiyi hqri my Darling ban dawo da wuri bako.hassan ya kalli nazir.yace kaji Dan isa agaban namu kake wani iyayi.Hussein ya dry ya Dan Sosa qeya yace wlh Na manta da Ku warin nazir yace ai dole ka manta damu ammanfa karka manta muma duk muna da matannan.don haka nikam kaga tafiya ta hassan yace to nima din natafi..hassan yana shiga bedroom dinshi gabaki daya ya jishi cikin wani irin shauqi da sha,awa.kwokwolwar Sa ta rinqa tuno mai surar fateema lkci daya yaji 🍌tamiqa zar yace Na shiga uku wai wanne irin baqon Al amarine yake shirin faru dani.ahaka ya kwanta yakifu wai ko zai danji sauqi abinda ke damunshi amma ina bai San lkcin da yaje bakin qofar dakinta ba ya ringa kiranta ahankali.yana cewa Beby Beby kixo ki bude min qofa zan dauki wani abune adakin kijiko..tana jinshi Amman tai kamar bata jiba sai tashi tayi ta koma cikin toilet.ta rufe qofar da kyeu.

Dolenshi ahaka ya haqura ya koma dakinshi yaita sintiri da matse qafa.itakam fateema gabaki daya yanxu tsoronsa takeji tun randa taga ya haukace adakinta ita aganinta ciwon haukace ta kamashi..

Sukam su nazir.basu dagawa amarensu qafa baranma Hussain da yakejin kanshi kamar zai mutun inbai samu ya kashe arnaba...suka kwana cikin nishadi da lalaba amaren...

Yau sati duga dayin auren su Hussein..kuma tun ran auren hassan baisake ganin fateema ba don da taji yana gida to ita kuma ta gudu daki kenan..
Yan bikin duk sun watse sai adda Mina ce kadai ta rege kuma itama yau da yamma xasu tafi da mijinta..
Su Umma da ammi suna forlor ta fito tace bari naje gidansu Hussain..Umma tace to saikin dawo ammi tace karfa kidade kinga yau xaku tfi kar mijinki yazo yayita jira tace to nikamma don hassan zanje don tunda nazo bazauna da shiba sukace to ki gaishesu duka...

Dukansu suna tare a falon sai hassan shiku yana dakinshi acewarsa zama kusa da su naxir xasu sashi ya mutu tun kwannasa bai qareba..don su baruwansu iyashege sukeyi ko agaban mama.
Suka gagaisa da adda Mina tace hassan fa mama tace yana bedroom dishi tace to akiramin shi muyi sallama dan ajima kadan xamu tafi mama tace fateema jeki kirashi..
A tsorace tace nikuma mama to ta kirashi awoya mana amir yace nima tundazu nake kiranshi amma baya shiga..
Adda Mina tace to kinjiko don Allah jeki kirashi.ita dai bata tashiba.mama tace tashi kije kinjiko.tace to tamiqe ta tafi kamar zatayi kuka...
A hankali tayi slm ta bude falon nashi tashiga taga baya gun sai laptop dinshi da phone dinsa ta qarewa parlor kallo komai yayi daidai a parlor yana share tsaf sai qamshi ke tashi da sanyin A C sai kayanshi da tagani akan kujera.taqara wani slm shiru.bataji motsinshi ba sai taje ta bude cikin bedroom dinshi bata gashi ba akan gadon ba ta Dan qarewa dakin kalo ya hadu komai Na ciki red ne da ratsin fari. tace to ina yashiga ne tasake kutsa kanta ci...