Waheeda walked into the house angrily. She threw her bag on the carpet and plumped down on the sofa. Hanifa, Hanif and Habiba watched her dryly. "Wa'alaiki salam" Hanifa answered to her sister's unsaid Islamic greeting.2 "Can't you see she might explode anytime soon don't provoke her more" Hanif warned his twin sister that he was sitting with on the same sofa. He said it mockingly as a whisper but intentionally loud enough so that Waheeda could hear.4 "I'm telling you. She's like an angry wolf" Hanifa agreed. "What's a wolf" Habiba asked from where she sat just a meter away from the t.v. Waheeda had warned her times without number not to sit too close to the tv but she just won't listen. "What's wolf in fulani?" Hanifa asked Hanif. "I don't know. Wolfaen? " he laughed at his own joke. "But then what's wolf in Hausa?" He inquired.5 "Adda Hida" Hanifa called sweetly. She only called her 'sweetly' if she needed something or she knew she did something to provoke her sister. Waheeda gave her a disdainful look. "Haba Adda. Your sister is asking what's wolf in Fulani. 

But why are looking at my innocent face like that?" Hanifa fugded innocence. Her sister glared at her and hissed.2 "Ayya Adda am dume on wolf be fulfulde? - please my Adda what is wolf in fulani?" Came Habiba's innocent voice whom only wanted to know what a wolf is.16 "Mi anda- I don't know" she answered curtly. Biba turned back to her TV disappointed. Waheeda felt bad for answering her like that after all it wasn't her fault that the rackshaw she entered was a douche bag or that Hanifa and Hanif are trying to get on her nerves. "Biba, mi anda dume on wolf be fulfulde (I don't know what wolf is )- but dog is Bosaru" she answered her with a smile. "You see a wolf is like a wild dog. I will show you it's picture later." She explained and Biba nodded in understanding.1 "When she's already a wolf herself what wolf picture again?" Hanif whispered in Hanifa's ear and they both laughed out loud. "Wallahi Hanif ba ruwana idan Adda ta ji. You're on your own if Adda here's this. " Hanifa laughed as she warned her twin.4 Waheeda totally ignored their existance. She stood up picked her handbag and other belongings then set to leave but stopped as she remembered something. "You, aren't you banned from speaking any language apart from English?" She asked Habiba sternly. "Don't you want to start school already?" Habiba shook her head. "I want to " she answered. "Then try to speak English all the time and study. Have you done your assignment? Simon will be here in an hour" she concluded and walked away. 

At the mention of Simon, Habiba's heart raced out of nothing but fear. She has never been more scared of anything in her life. She lost interest in the movie that was playing and ran to the study just to cross check if she had really done her home work or not.5 She let out a sigh of relief on seeing that her assignment was cleared. She decided to study the last lesson they had cause he was a man of discipline and no nonsense. He won't take it lightly on her if he asked a question and she couldn't answer. Habiba wasn't a young girl, he believed she has the ability to take in all What he taught her. Habiba is about twelve years old now. She is a second cousin to the Ishaq's. Few months back when Waheeda was still in Abuja doing her catering lessons, their Mother Hajiya Hadiza when to visit her village only to come back with Habiba.3 STORY CONTINUES BELOW  Habiba is an only daughter to her mother. She had other siblings she shared a father with but their mothers are not really fond of her despite the fact that she gets along with her siblings. Her father passed away a year back and since then life had never been the same for her and her mother. The main reason why Hajiya Hadiza went home was because of the lost of her cousin, Habiba's mother.2 They were very close during their childhood, marriage was the thing that brought them apart. 

Shamsiya married a trader while Hadiza married a degree holder who was poor then, and that was how their relationship slowly drifted apart.2 While mourning the death of her childhood friend she found out that her daughter might not live a comfortable life in the hands of her stepmothers. Since Habiba's grandparents from both sides are already late, Hadiza decided to take her in after discussing with her husband over the phone. In the small town Habiba grew up, she attended a local school. She was apparently in grade seven when her aunt Hadiza brought her to the city. She had school exams for Junior high in about five schools but they all rejected her saying she doesn't have the knowledge and standard to be in Junior high which brings us to why she's being home schooled. Habiba loved every bit of being in the family. They've never treated her like an outsider. She's cried a couple of times reasons being she either misses home or she had a misunderstanding with one of the siblings which was normal among all siblings or her teacher Simon was not happy with her.2 Waheeda had been her favourite since she returned from Abuja. When she returned home and saw the new face everyone was talking about she was amazed at her beauty. Waheeda named her the most beautiful in the house. She was kind to her and always smiled at her. She goes out almost everywhere with her only bringing Hanifa along a few times because she whines alot. She had met Adda Sajida too and of course all the other brothers who were always home if not everyday then on weekends. 

She loved every single bit of the city. "Biba, Biba ! Biba!" Hanifa called her sister as she searched for her in every room. Finally she found her in the study sleeping with her head on the table and her book beside her. "Biba!" Hanifa screamed startling her awake. "Yes!" She replied in fear. Hanifa smiled in satisfaction. She had succeded in scaring her in her sleep now it's time to scare her even more while she's wide awake. "Simon is here. " Hanifa announced evilly.2 Poor Habiba jumped off her seat and ran out not even caring to fix her head tie properly or wash her face. Simon hates it when she's late. He sat crossed-leg on the chair, pressing on his phone. His slender figure leaned on the chair. He pulled his eye glasses to rest midway on his long pointed nose. He opened his camera app and looked at the image of his face. He looked whiter than ever today, he thought, so he used his hand to wipe his face a little and brush through his ginger hair. Ginger was the colour of every single hair that has ever appeared from under his skin to the surface. He hated it.

 He wants black hair and skin but his malanin disagrees with that. He had thought of dyeing it many times but he had never really tried it. But now he was determined. He will let his hair grow longer then he will dye it together with his eye brows. As an Albino Simon had been through alot of discrimination when he was young nothing has really changed now that he is twenty. He wasn't happy about that though he can't do nothing about it either. It was the way God made him. Kids had ran away scared of him and he had received weird stares from people on the street. He wasn't accepted in many places. He had learnt to mind his business and focus only on his goals.4 His mum had worked for Hajiya Hadiza for many years. Though she doesn't work for her anymore they still keep a good relationship and help each other at times of need. He was sponsored by Alhaji Ishaq. His and his sister's secondary and University education was taken care of by the ever generous Alhaji Ishaq. So when Habiba joined the family and Hajiya Hadiza was looking for a tutor for her he volunteered to be one. She pays him for the job eventhough he says he's doing it out of kindness, it was the least he could do to the family that had taken good care of him. Everyone liked him in the house except one person. Habiba. She disliked him and looks at him in an irritated manner. She wasn't the first person to do such to him so he didn't mind, he only taught her what she needed to know and leave.6 "Salamu Alaikum" Habiba said as she sauntered into the the dinning area. "Wa'alaka salam" he answered. He wasn't muslim but he knew the basics and he has interest in the religion so he learns alot about it everyday.4 She briskly walked to the table, pulled out a chair and sat down opposite him. He turned his full attention to her as she looked at him nervously. "Have you done your homework?" He asked with a frown. "Y.. yes" she answered and quickly opened to the page and passed it to him. He eyed her because he didn't like the way she acts around him. He was no beast. "Okay. Lets answer it together and do the corrections " he said trying not to sound irritated. "Okay" ***πŸŽ€ Enugu. That was where Abdulmajid Sani Sulie was transferred to. He sat in his room and stared at the latter in his hand. He really didn't want to go. He liked working in Kano and it wasn't far from Abuja so he could always come home for weekend. 

But Enugu? That was too far for his liking.4 He picked up his phone and called home. "Hello..." "Ummmmmmaaaa" He sang happily.2 "Abduuuuuulll" she laughed. "What are we so happy about? Is it because of the transfer. Is it making you that happy?" "Umma.." he whined. He knew she was teasing him cause she knew how much he hated the transfer. "Toh ya kake?" "Fine Alhamdulillah. I'm leaving soon" In hearing that his Umma prayed for him. For his safety and guidance and blessing. "Make sure you call Mama kaji" she reminded him before cutting off the line. So he did. He called Mama. "Salamu alaikum" she answered "Wa'alaiki salam. Mama good afternoon. How are you?" "Fine Alhamdulillah. You?" "Good. Uhmm. I wanted to inform you that I would be leaving soon. ..... To Enugu I mean." "Oh masha Allah. Good luck then. Eat well and stay healthy. Allah yayi albarka." "Amin"3 And that was it. Their conversation was hardly ever longer than that. He called his Father and informed him. That was how he started lecturing him on his religion and honour and the like. That he shouldn't forget who he is and he shouldn't fall in the hands of the wrong group of friend. He assured him that he will keep praying for him. After the long lecture that only ended because Abdulmajid's phone credit was all gone, he sat and began to ponder in many thing. Not far into his thinking, he remembered Maryam Waheeda Ishaq and her words. Then he made up his mind. He will use this two years and make amends of himself. He will be a better person socially and Islamically. He will learn things he didn't learn before and revise on the ones he had forgotten. He might or might not come back to Maryam but he will surely became a better person for himself and his future. Toiletries, perfumes and deodorant, room freshener, kettle... what again do you need to buy if you're going to university campus?1 Bucket, sponge bag, electric stove and so many other necessities were thrown in the shopping trolley. Waheeda got admission into Bayero University Kano (BUK). And she got the course of her dream, political Science in their new site.5 She had been discouraged alot about it and she was still being discouraged but her love for the course has surpassed all the discouragement. She was in for all the trouble. She has decided to stay on campus and come home during weekends and other important days. She was done with her shopping and was on the payment queue, only one person was in front of her. Few minutes later, her items were packed in big polythene bags. She opened her purse to pay when a young man came beside her. "Excuse me please, I just need to pay for this" he said and raised the pack of chewing gum and bottle of soda in his hand.2 She nodded and shifted a bit for him. He brought out his credit card and passed it to the cashier. "Sorry Sir, our card reader is broken" the cashier woman said. Waheeda was done counting her money so she gave it to the cashier and waited for her change. "Ooh. That's bad. I really .." he checked his wallet and then opened it so that the cashier and Waheeda could see "I don't have any cash on me and the ATM out is broken too"2 "I'm sorry about that Sir." Was the cashier's simple reply. "Excuse me Miss, do you mind paying for this I will pay you when we get out." He directed his request to Waheeda.3 She thought she heard wrong or he was probably not referring to her but when she turned to look at him, his expression and eyes said it all. He just asked her to pay for him.3 She gave him a confused look. "Excuse me?" "I'm really sorry Miss but can you help me pay for this?" He requested again. She gave him a skeptical look before asking "how much is that?" "1000 naira" he grinned. "Just a pack of gum and a drink is 1000 Naira? " she asked not believing him. "Actually it's two packs of gum" he raised his other hand and smiled sheepishly.1 She shook her head and collected her change from the cashier before bringing out a new one thousand Naira note and gave it to the cashier. She picked her shopping bags and set to leave. "Thank you. Let me help you with that" he offered and she agreed because the things were too much for her to carry alone. They reached outside, she dropped the things she was holding and he followed suit. "Do you have a car? I will help you take it to the car. Are you waiting for someone?" He asked.2 "No thank you I will find my way from here." "I can drop you off." "No thank you. It's okay" "You were kind to me I want to pay back" "No. You don't have you. I don't need you to pay back the money " She was begining to get irritated. "But I insist" "I said it's okay" she said through gritted teeth trying to prevent herself from yelling.3 STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "Oh. I'm sorry I was just concerned." She brought out her phone and started dailing her brother's number. He was the one who dropped her off and left saying she should find her way home. That was why she preferred going out with Hamma Moh (Muhammad). He is very caring and doesn't drop her off anywhere unaffected like Suraj.4 "Please don't be." She said dismissively. "Hello Hamma Suraj" her brother finally picked the call. Knowing that she never calls him 'hamma' (Older brother ) unless she was in need of something, Suraj sighed and answered dryly "What do want?" "Useni, A wawan a hosa mi na? - Please come and pick me" she pleaded. "-Why?"1 "Wodi goddo fere ni do tokka mi -some creepy guy is following me" "You can deal with him yourself. I thought you are the boss lady"4 "Miyida mi dasa hala haddo -I can't make a scene here. Please. " Hearing the pleading voice of his sister, Suraj knew she was really in need of his help. Waheeda is someone who rarely needs anybody's help. That is her everyday fight with Suraj. He says she isn't a lady, she's too strong and bossy when she should be weak and fragile so people can take care of her. She argues everyday that weak and fragile shouldn't define a woman. They've been having the same argument for over three years and it still doesn't look like the end is near.5 "Wait right there. I will be there in five" he ordered her. It was his chance in many years to finally act like her big brother and protect her.2 Her other brother, Moh didn't mind whether she proved strong or weak, he always took care of her no matter what, whether she liked it or not. She feels safe because of him and eventhough she shows him she doesn't need all the pamparing, he knew it is all a show and her heart is weak and bleeding and he knows she's grateful for all his care and affection.2 "Daru - Wait" she said quickly before he cut off the phone. "Daru, en wawan en yewta na? Miyida mi volda be goddo do ta o mettina mi berde mi wada ko ha ndai. -Can we keep talking? I don't want to talk to this guy he might provoke me to do some nasty things"13 She replied her brother in the one language she suspected the guy next to her didn't understand. Fulfulde.9 Muhsin just watched her as she makes the phone call. He was laughing in his head off. She was talking to Suraj. He had missed that guy too but he wasn't ready to show him his face cause that might be the end of his fun with Waheeda.16 "What does the guy look like?" Suraj asked her. "Nda darde, o nandi ba mardo chede, anda kowadi o gu'i chede ha am. 

O wawanno o itta chede ha ATM fere o soda ko o sodata mako ha canti fere.- Tall, he looks rich too but I don't know why he had to borrow money from me. He could have just got his money from another ATM and buy whatever he wants in another store. "3 "I didn't ask you to complain. I said describe him" "Nda darde kam amma mi yerdai mo. O boddo kam, amma no wadi noppi mako manga manga? -- He's a tall guy but I don't trust him. He's fine but are why are his ears big? " she continued in Fulfulde12 "Mstw you are senseless. - A wala hakkilo" Suraj hissed as he drove back to the store. Muhsin made a face and touched his ear like he understood what she said.2 "Oh my God! " Waheeda exclaimed "O memi noppi mako, ko odo nana fulfulde? - he just touched his ears. Do you think he understands fulfulde?" She whispered through the phone.4 STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "You're on your own" Suraj simply replied.2 She laughed heartedly then continued to tell her brother what the guy in front of her looks like until her phone credit ran out. Mushin was standing patiently beside her, keeping his face neutral. She turned and smiled awkwardly at him and he replied in the same manner.2 He came to the store almost the same time as her. Instead of going on to do what brought him, he followed her around unnoticed. At the last minute he decided to go for a pay back Flash back Mushin had just received 50 naira as a gift from his father's friend for being such a nice kid. He begged his mother to let him spend it on some sweets till she agreed. Super excited, the almost ten years old Muhsin hopped to the malam's kiosk. He asked him to pass him a lollipops, biscuit, local milk candy and other locally made sweets. The malam put everything in a leather bag for him. Just when he was about to pass him the money a four year old girl held his hand.5 "Buy me this and this" she said pointing to the milk candy and biscuit. He just stared at her. "Buy it for me. I will pay you one day."she urged him.3 Seeing that she was a little girl, Muhsin bought the things for her and paid. Malam Bala brought out the coins to give the boy as his change and the little girl picked one of the coins. "Give that" Mushin said as he held her hand. "You paid this for me. That means this change is mine" she said innocently.3 "What? It's mine" Muhsin was alarmed. "Okay. I will pay you back" she told him. "When?" He asked. "When I start working and earning my money"2 "But you are so tiny now. When will you grow up and start working? Just ask your mother or father to give you the money" "No. I will grow soon and earn my money then i will pay you. I've been eating very well and Mummy said if I eat well, i will grow fast." She explained. Muhsin thought for a while before nodding in agreement. "Make sure you pay me back. Sooner than later." He said and before he could ask for her name the girl had already ran off. He had been scammed..... by a four year old ..... in their first meeting.2 End of flashback Now he was back to collect all the money a certain girl had scammed off him. He had removed all the cash from his wallet and put it in his pocket leaving only his credit cards and other things in his wallet. He knew the card reader was broken so it was his perfect chance.3 "Is someone coming to pick you" he asked her. "Yeah." She replied. "Alright then now I can leave in peace" She just replied with a smile. "Can I have your name please?" "It's Maryam" "Masha Allah. Nice name. I'm Muhsin. So how can I pay you back?" "No really you don't have to. Take it as sadaka or anything. Or even better do sadaka on my behalf with the money. " she smiled. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "Okay. In sha Allah." He grinned. "I will take my leave now."2 "Alright. " "Sai yaso. Hufnu sare. [See you later. Bye]" Muhsin winked and left her in shock. He just spoke Fulfulde to her. The one language she thought and hoped he didn't understand. She had been talking about him all this while and he understood everything. She felt like sinking. She was totally embarrassed.19 He got into his car and drove out. Waheeda couldn't believe what just happened. Muhsin was about to get on the main road when Suraj took his turn to the store. They exchanged a glance. Though Suraj didn't recognize him, Muhsin suspected that that fulani looking guy was Suraj. "Where is the guy?" Suraj asked when he saw his sister standing alone. "He left." She grinned. "You" Suraj raised his hand to hit her but dropped it back. "You lied to me bah. So that I will come back to pick you." "I really didn't lie fa. But the guy wasn't that scary really." "Find your way home. " he said and turned to leave. "Haba Hamma am. Can't you see all the things I have? Just drop me by the gate. " she pleaded. "Cmon Suraj let's drop her off first" A familiar voice said and Waheeda turned to look at him. "Yawwa Yaseer. Please." She grinned. She didn't know that Suraj came with his friend and her ex-crush as she likes to claim.2 She wanted to tell Suraj about what just happened and how mortified she felt but decided against it. He would laugh at her and use it against her one day. Besides her ex-crush was there she still wants to keep her 'class' and respect in his eyes. "Okay." Suraj agreed and they helped her put all her things in the car trunk. She was super excited she couldn't wait to start Uni. She was already done with her registration and payment so all that was remaining was for her to move into the hostel. Her mum suggested that moving into the hostel will be better for her, so she can go to her lectures early and study peaceful and come home on weekends or anytime she needs to.1 She didn't really suffer much during her registration. Muhammad helped her through every step. He graduated from the university and he still knew some people around. She made some friends who were having a hard time with the registration and location of faculties. 

Her brother helped them all and even took the trouble of dropping them off at their faculties and some at homes or near their homes.1 Muhammad is a very nice person. She knew if Suraj was the one to help her, she would have suffered all on her own and probably even cried like some girls. But thank goodness she has Hamma Moh. As promised, Suraj dropped her and her shopping bags by the gate of their house. She asked the guard to help her with her things. Waheeda walked in and met her father by the entrance of the kitchen. "Daddy, good evening" she greeted him with a pout. If you want to see Waheeda's cute side, then meet her when she's with her father. Before the twins were born, only Waheeda and Sajidah called him Daddy while the boys call him Abba. The twins had chosen to call him both Abba and Daddy depending on thier needs and mood. "Why does my Hida look sad?" He asked. "Because of Hamma Suraj I need to get rich as soon as possible and buy my own car. " she said with a frown. Her father laughed heartedly. "Eeda eeda" he called her how she used to call herself when she was young. She couldn't say Waheeda as it was too long and heavy for her tongue. That earned her the nickname Hida. "Daddy" she whined. "Do you need something?" She asked. "Oh. It's just that today's lunch is Couscous. You know we dont like couscous." Her father whispered, referring to both of them as 'we'4 "Yeah we don't. But we eat it sometimes." She said. "Yeah, when Hanifa isn't the cook" he said in a low voice. "Hanifa cooked the couscous?!" Hida shouted. Her father shushed her. Hanifa loves to cook alot. She could cook all day for the entire family and even visitors. She's a great cook too but she still finds it hard to make a few dishes. "She's a good cook and all. I like the cabbage souce she made with it but can someone please tell her not to cook things like couscous again? Or teach her properly " Mr. Ishaq said looking miserable.4 Waheeda giggled. "What would you like to eat, I will make it for you." Mr. Ishaq looked around for any suspicious eyes before nodding happily but his smile soon faded. "If your sister finds out she won't be happy." "I think she's out in the neighbours. Anyways who asked her to cook?" She rolled her eyes. "Haba eeda. Appreciate your sister's effort. I heard she insisted on cooking even though Bahba was going to." He said referring to Bahba their cook. "She likes to go all the way. How about Shapgetti? " "Oh. Thank God. Cook Shapgetti and we will eat it with the souce she made. I will give the couscous to the gateman to give it to the needy. Good bless you." He smiled. "Amin." She answered. " I spoke with mummy earlier. She said she is coming back early tomorrow in sha Allah. " Hida said as she started washing a pot. "Oh. So she called you? She has totally forgotten about me." Mr. Ishaq said sadly. "C'mon daddy. You're sulking?" Waheeda laughed. "She didn't call me, I called her and she was even too busy to talk to me. She hanged up after informing me that she was coming back soon. I guess this case is giving her a hard time. " Mr. Ishaq came into the kitchen and sat on a chair. "Yes. The case is serious. They were given extra security this time around." He said. Waheeda's mother is a lawyer. She graduated from law school after having Sajida. She travels to other states for court cases and she has won quite a few. She is known for her fairness and she never backs down as long as her client is right. If her client happens to be in the wrong she works hard and makes sure she finds a lesser judgement for him if he seeks for forgiveness and repents. And on top of all that she's a hardworking mum and housewife..... well, that's as long as she's home.2 "Well. She better comes home early before I move to the hostel" Waheeda said. She cooked for them and they ate from the same plate. Waheeda quickly cleaned the kitchen before Hanifa comes back and finds out that her dad didn't eat her food. She would be very hurt and no body wants that. She checked her Twitter feeds before going to bed. She found something strange a friend of hers retweeted from another account. It said ' She told me to go and learn more about my religion them come back to her. That she would think about marrying me then. Adios my dear. I will surely come back for you'5 It was funny because it sounded like something she once said to someone. Checking the username of the tweet she figured it was the guy with the painting, Zee's friend. She tried to look for his picture but unfortunately he had never uploaded his humble face. Then the stranger from the shopping store came to her mind. She wondered if he actually gave the money to the street beggers or a needy person. She still couldn't believe he understood her language but acted like he didn't. Dismissing all those thoughts, she finally said her dua but it took her thirty minutes before she slumber overtook her. 😌😌😌😌 FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL. + "My name is Mr. Hassan Awolowo Saif. I'm glad to be your first lecturer today......the begining of your so called grown up life. I'm sure most of you couldn't wait to just start university and gain that so called freedom and party like never before right? There is no point in telling you what uni is all about .... since you're in it now I bet you will find out sooner or later... Ah! Most of you must have already had a taste of it during registration and all. The true life of a Jambito is not easy. Anyways I will like to personally welcome you ALL to ..... HELL!!" He opened his arms wide and smiled evilly. He had doe shaped eyes and thin lips, his nose is flat and wide. He almost looked like Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter, when he smiled. That was their first lecturer's introduction/welcome speech.10 "If you study but disrespect your lecture, you will fail. If you don't study, you will fail. If you don't follow protocols, you will fail. If you don't attend lectures, you will fail. If you're always sitting at the back, you will fail. If you are always late, you will fail" he scared his new students the more.12 "So when do we pass?" A student shouted from the back. "When you have really good luck" he answered. "Of course that luck comes with hard work and prayers." He smiled mischievously.2 Waheeda couldn't decide which was scarier, his smile or what he said.3 She has heard scarier facts about life in Uni from Suraj which was mostly confirmed by Hamma Moh as an exaggeration or a pure lie. Suraj had warned her times without number about going to higher institution. He told her to just get married and save them all the trouble after high school but she swore that would be over her dead body. She knew Suraj was just saying all that to piss her off and he always succeeds. The actual truth is that he loves the way his sister is and supports her believe.6 He knew exactly where to puke to get his sister agitated. You could just mention the word 'illiteracy' and you won't hear the end of it from Waheeda. And don't get her started on topics like 'women rights' she could go all day. People wondered why she didn't go for law instead, but Political Science too wasn't a bad choice. She believes that's where her goals lie and if she really wanted to give woman their right, then her choice of course was perfect....... or so she believes.5 After ten agonizing hours of first day at the university, Waheeda was finally done for the day and set to go home since she hasn't moved into the campus yet. She walked out with some friends to hail a rickshaw. They chatted about the lecturers and their course mates. They were laughing about the first student that was sent out of the class during the third lecture when his phone rang. Instead of him to switch it off he answered it and shouted "Dad I'm in the lecture hall. Its our first day. Yes. Bye". He was scolded and suspended from the lecture for two weeks. "He must be a daddy's boy" A girl named Asiya commented and they all laughed.2 Suddenly a car came to a stop in front of them. The driver came out and walked toward the four girls standing with Waheeda. He was in a black suit and his eyes were covered with sunglasses. His slender figure came to stop right in front of Waheeda and a girl wearing a grey abaya. He smiled showing off his 32. Waheeda didn't know what to do, she didn't know if to smile back or not. There were too many people watching them. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "What are you doing here?" She asked him. "I came to get my girl ofcourse. " He replied. "When did u get back?" "A few hours ago. I missed you so much I couldn't wait till tomorrow." He grinned and held her hand making her move closer to him.4 "How was your first day? Was it tough? Did you make friends?" He asked her. "It was okay except for the fact that I missed you." The rest of the girls just watched them in amusement. Asiya cleared her throat when she realised the couple were out of this world. "Oh" Halima Yaseer turned her attention back to the girls. "Uhm. This is my husband. " she introduced him.7 The girls greeted him and he replied politely. Halima offered Asiya a ride home since she found out that she lived in a nearby street while they were chatting earlier. They got into the car and drove off leaving Maryam Iqram, Maryam Waheeda and Mariya Ishaq.6 "That was so cute. I never thought she was married. " Mariya said. "I know right. She's tiny. Who would have thought" said Maryam Iqram dreamingly.2 "I admire people like her. Not letting marriage stop them from seeking for knowledge and profession." Waheeda commented.3 Another car came to stop right in front of them again. Mariya turned to them " which one of you is married again and refused to spill"4 Waheeda laughed and shook her head. Mariya's expression made her laugh. She knew Maryam Iqram wasn't married cause during their conversation earlier she found out that she was her room mate but she won't be moving in until next weekend after her mom had left Kano back to where they live with her family. And from Mariya's expression and question she knew she wasn't married either. "Just because a car parked here doesn't mean its our 'husband' or even anyone we know." Maryam answered her. The driver honked and wind down the window. He looked at them and smiled. The girls looked at each other confused, each trying to find out who he smiled at. He came out of the car and walked to them stopping right in front of Waheeda.2 "So. He's your husband dama. You're the married one" Mariya shirlled. "No wonder you was laughing"1 "Married?" Muhsin frowned and removed hus shades as he asked Waheeda.6 She just stared at him trying to figure out where she had seen him before. She has a problem with recognizing people so she immediately smiles whenever she has eye contact with anyone because he or she might be the person that help her out with something or someone she had a good time with but forgot their face. She knew she is weird. So a smile was what she just gave him. "You aren't married right?" Iqram tried to confirm with waheeda. She just shook her head and Muhsin smiled. "Is he your boyfriend then? " Asked Mariya.2 Muhsin took the trouble of answering that. "Future boyfriend" he winked. The girls giggled and nodded in understanding while he earned a glare from Waheeda.1 "I'm sorry do I know you please?" She finally asked. "Ouch! Don't you recognise me?" He asked feigning being hurt. "No." She answered plainly. "Okay. Mall, No Money, two chewing gum, offered a ride, you rejected. Does it ring a bell?" She just stares at him like he was speaking Greek. "Okay. One thousand Naira." He tried again. She could almost remember but wasn't sure of her memory so she kept her blank expression. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  Muhsin shook his head. "Don't make me do this...... 'Hufnu sare... Noppi manga manga' " he touched his ears as he spoke.2 "Γ’oh" she exclaimed and he smiled victoriously. Suddenly Waheeda felt embarassed but she wasn't about to show that. He would see one of her weakness and the last thing she wants is a guy noticing her weak points.1 "Did you give it out as sadaqa on my behalf?" She asked bravely like that 'Hufnu sare' and 'noppi' didn't mean anything to her. Muhsin nodded. "Are you waiting for transport? I can drop you off if you don't mind." He offered. "No thank you. I'm going with my friends." "I can drop them off too. You girls don't mind right?" Muhsin asked Iqram and Mariya. "It's because am really thankful to this person" he pointed at Waheeda making her roll her eyes.2 All attention was now on Waheeda. They waited for her response. She didn't want to enter his car. Her entering means them chatting more and getting to know each other. She wasn't in the mood for that. And dropping her off means him knowing her house. It was just a No.No.2 "It would be too much of a bother. Weren't you going somewhere. We wouldn't want to delay you" she answered with a smile. "No really. Actually I was just resting when I saw you. I have nothing to do. Please get in." He opened the door for her but she was reluctant to enter. Muhsin opened the back door for the other girls and pleaded with them to enter so they did. The girls convinced her to enter and she finally did. He dropped Mariya first then Iqram before going around to drop Waheeda. He kept their conversation going till he finally reached her house. She thanked him and got down. She was about to go in when she realized something and stopped.6 She only told him the area she lived in, she didn't mention the exert street and she didn't give him direction to the house but he dropped her right in front of her father's house.1 She walked back to his car and stopped just a meter away from his window. "How did you know where I live. I can't remember giving you directions" she asked him confused. He laughed "Really? Well maybe am a psychic" She gave him a blank look.2 "Eeda kenan. We will meet again soon. Take care" he winked and drove away leaving her in shock. How did he know she was called Hida? No. He even said Eeda, how did he know her pet name? First he speaks fulfulde now it's her name he knows? The guy was suspicious. Does he know her? She wondered. Could he be a stalked? "Omg! A stalker?!!" She exclaimed. "Who?" She heard Hamma Moh's voice ask and she turned to look at him. "The guy that just dropped you off?" "Uhmm" she nodded. "What did he say? Who is he?" "I don't know. Met him once at the mall. And he just called me Eeda. Should I be scared?" Hamma Moh laughed. "Stop being a drama queen. And be careful with people. You can't just enter the ride of a person you don't even know. Understand?" He warned her. "Yes Sir. " she laughed and ran into the house. Hamma Moh is always soft. Suraj would have scolded her harshly and insulted her from head to toe then proceed to find out who the guy is just to warn him against his sister. He is annoyingly over protective, as Hida says.5 *** "Okay. Tell him to come and see me as soon as possible. Yeah. Bye Anty Nana." Her mother dropped her phone and picked her plate to continue eating. "Salamu alaikum." Hida said her salam as she entered the house. She greeted her mum when she found her in the sitting room. She told her about her first day at university before she decided to go take a shower. "Yawwa. Hida. You rememeber Anty Nana ba?" Her mother asked before she left. "Who is anty Nana." "Maman Su Yasmin and Muhsin.

Remember. We used to live in the same area with them when you were young. Before you left for Yola with your Dad?" On hearing that her heart skipped a beat. She remembers that neighbourhood alot. She has alot and different types of memory about the place. Somethings she never wants to remember and other things she wishes never to forget. She ignored the feeling in her heart and smiled at her mother. "Yes I remember her ofcourse how can I forget. And Muhsin too."4 "Yawwa. Your Muhsin is in town. I just spoke to aunty Nana and she promised to send him to me soon. I'm sure he's all grown up now. "3 "Mummy. Even I have grown up not to talk of him. " she laughed. "That's true. " her mother reasoned. She smiled at her and left. Even Hida couldn't wait to meet him. She wondered if he still had his chocomilo complexion. Would she recognise him if she saw him on the street? She wondered. But knowing herself fully well she just laughed it off. She knew she had a 20 percent chance of recognizing her childhood friends, some she can't even remember them not to talk of recognize. But atleast there is a 50% chance that she would recognize Muhsin right? He was her best buddy and someone she loved and treasured alot.13 "There is no way I wouldn't recognize him right?" She asked herself while looking in the mirror as she applied some cream after her shower.7 "Muhsin" she giggled.1 πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’"I just have one question for you" "What's that?" "Have you been stalking me?" "Yes"2 "Why?" Muhsin pretended to think for a while. He had stalked her all day before finally deciding to show up in front of her at the end of the day. Its been three days since he dropped her home. He knew he left her thinking of him. Eeda He remembered how he called her and her expression was priceless when she realized what he said. Now here he is answering questions when he just offered her a ride and she declined. "Get in. I will tell you on the way." She looked from him to the car then shook her head. "I don't trust you one bit." She said.1 "I don't bite" "Yeah right." She rolled her eyes. "Seems like you thought about me alot. Did you figure anything out?" He smirked. "Wouldn't you have wrecked your brain too if someone you know nothing about shows up and suddenly knows your house and pet name? "1 Muhsin smiled and nodded in understanding. "But you could know about me too..... If you think hard." "No thank you. I have better things to think about" "Like?" "School" He laughed heartedly. "Just get in let me drop you off. Am going that way anyways." He offered her a ride again. "No thank you. I will use public transport." "You are still stubborn as always." He remarked. Hida didn't like the way he spoke, like he knew her well. It was making her feel insecure.1 She ignored him and started walking. "Wait" he stopped her. "You really prefer the public transport than my car? I have AC" he tried to convince her one more time.2 "Enjoy your AC alone."1 Hida saw a rickshaw passing by and she stopped it and entered. Muhsin quickly entered after her. "What the hell!! Get off" she barked. "No i won't. Adaidaitan ki ne? Did you buy it with you own money? Don't worry. I will pay for the ride."6 Flashback Muhsin just got his new bicycle. His father got it for him, for winning a school debate. He was in Jss 1 and had out grown his other bicycle. He came to show off his new bicycle to his friends and decided to stop by Waheeda's place to show it to her.1 Hida was so happy she asked him to help her on the bicycle. He did so and cycled around with her. Her legs where too short to reach the paddle so Muhsin stood by her. He held the bicycle handle with one hand and supported Hida with the other. That was how she played on his bicycle for a whole hour. He got tired and told her it was enough she should get off, but the stubborn Hida refused. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  When he was tired and frustrated, he shouted "get off my bicycle. It isn't yours. It's mine."1 Hida wasn't the one to take that so she shouted back. "I won't get off. Did you buy it with your money? Is it because you are helping me ride it? Don't worry I will pay you for it."7 On hearing that her mother came out and picked her off the bicycle and scolded Hida for being rude and not knowing when to stop. Hida cried as Muhsin left the house unhappy for two reason. One Hida frustrated him and two she was scolded because of him and now she's crying. The following day he came to the house with his small old bicycle and gifted it to Hida. And that was how they became friends again. His 5 years old best friend.6 End of flashback It felt like a dΓ¨javu to her. Everything about him made her feel like she was having some kind of dΓ¨javu. She didn't like the feeling. Ignoring him, she apologised to the driver and got off. She walked to the gates with Muhsin in tow. He said so many things on the way which she just ignored. She texted Suraj to come and get her that she has a stalker behind her but he was offline and her phone credit balance was too low for call. Hamma Moh was out of town but will be back today and probably tired too so she didn't bother texting him. She wasn't the type to depend on people and get scared easily but she thought she needed protection right now before the unspeakable happens.2 She finally got another rickshaw and got on. There was a lady in it and a space for just one more person. Ofcourse Muhsin wouldn't let the chance pass him so he quickly got on. She was relieved when she found out the lady will get off after her, so she was rest assured that she was safe for the time been. Muhsin is very chatty. He gisted and laughed with the rickshaw man and the lady until they finally reached the street to Waheeda's house where she got off and he got off with her and paid for the ride.1 Waheeda furiously gave him back the money he paid for the ride and warned him to leave her. "Wow. Atleast a part of you changed. You used to love free stuffs. " he laughed.4 "Will you just tell me who the hell you are and why you are following me?" She shouted at him. "You will know that soon. Though am hurt that you don't even recognize me. And well... am following you around just to frustrate you and it seems to be working." He grinned. Hida hissed and began to walk away. "Don't follow me. " she warned. "I wasn't going to. I will come to your house later anyways. " he replied shocking Hida. "Ehn? Why? Don't come." "What do you mean why? To see you ofcourse and greet your family. I have to go and get my car now. " He answered non chalantly.1 "You will regret it if you step your legs near our house." She said slowly. "I don't think I would. See you later Eeda." He waved and she rolled her eye. "By the way. Do you even remember my name?" He asked before she left. She gave him a not interested look. "Or haven't I introduced my humble self yet. I'm Muhsin." He smiled warmly it made Waheeda's heart skip a beat. He waved at her and ran to get a rickshaw. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  Who the hell is this guy. She thought.5 She took a shower and rested for a bit. When she came out her brothers where getting ready to go for their evening football. "Ke Hida. Your choco milo is coming tonight. " Hamma Moh informed her.1 "Dan Allah." She beamed.1 "See how happy she is. Ni dai I can't wait to meet this chocomilo." Hanifa commented while Hanif and Habiba nodded in agreement. "I met him the other day. We had a chat. He said he saw you. But I doubt you will recognize him if you see him." Moh told her "Her brain doesn't work when it comes to recognizing people. Ofcourse she won't recognize him." Suraj commented as he tied his shoe lace. Hida rolled her eyes "I hope you trip on your shoe lace."She cursed.1 "God pass you" Suraj replied her.1 "Hida, Hanifa and Biba. Lets go to the kitchen and prepare something nice for chocomilo and your father." Their mother ordered. Half way through their work in the kitchen Hida decided to take a recess and check their old photo albums for pictures of chocomilo. She finally found two. One was a picture of his school's sport competition. He was in blue house, he wore blue top and shorts. He had a ballot on one hand while the other held a cute smiling Hida's hand. He won the best racer that year but unfortunately his house didn't win the entire competition, they came in second. The other picture was a group photo. Why and when it was snapped, Waheeda just can't remember so she decided she would ask him if he comes or maybe just ask her mom. She took the pictures with her to the kitchen and showed the girls who awed and wowed. Even their house maid commented on their cuteness.1 On looking at the picture intensely she realized he looked like someone. Trying to figure out who it was she saw recently that looked like her chocomilo, she put the picture very closed to her face and turned it in all direction. The girls teased her so much on how she is so into him but she ignored them.1 She let out a yelp and let the picture fall to the ground when she finally figured out who he looked it. "No this can't be possible. It's not possible. How would it be possible? " she lamented.4 "What is not possible? That you have a crush on him?" Hanifa asked. "He looks like my stalker!" She exclaimed. "What's a stalker?" Asked Biba. "Wallahi he looks like him." Hida went on. "Like who?" Hanifa asked confused. "Is stalker his name?" Biba asked again. "Long defination. I will tell you later. " Hanifa answered poor Biba who doesn't know the meaning of stalker. She was actually planning the scariest and most evil way to define what a stalker is. She loved doing that to Habiba. He poor girl would ask a simple question that would need just a simple answer but dearest Hanifa can't let that happen. She would tell her in the most complicated context. That is why Hanif calls his twin sister a swindler, among other reasons ofcourse.2 "Forget. It can't be him." Hida dismissed the talk but it couldn't go out of her head. They were done with the dishes before Magrib which was at 7pm, and left with only the finishings. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  While Hanifa and Habiba prayed Magrib, Waheeda decided to take the gate man's food to him because she was feeling nice today, instead of Hanif that usually gives him his dinner or the house maid. She met him opening the gates so she dropped the food flask by his door and waited to see what or who the gate was opened for. A familiar car drove in and lo and behold, her stalker came out of the car looking clean and fresh. Waheeda was about to panic, her father would be back any second. She ran to him.1 "What the hell are you doing here?" She asked in a hush tone. "What do you mean? I told you I was coming to your house." "Baban Lawan" She shouted the gateman's name and he came running. "Do you just let anyone come into the house?"2 "No Hajiya karama. Your brother told me to let him in" baban Lawan answered. "My brother?" She asked. "Yes your brother Moh." "I prayed magrib here so Hamma Moh told me to get in and they will be here soon." Muhsin informed her. "You met my brother?" "Brothers" he corrected. "Yama sunanka??..... M.." "Muhsin." He answered.1 "Yawwa. Muhsin. Please what do you want with me." She begged. "I came to see the people who reside her today not just you" he winked and she felt the urge to punch him.1 "Muhs..."she stopped. "Muhsin" she said his name like she was trying to figure something. He just looked at her in admiration. He knew she was finally getting the solution since he had given her the formular. "Yau chocomilo zai zo and his name is Muhsin too right?" She muttered to herself. "And this guy looks like young chocomilo and he's been acting like he knows me Why am I so dumb?" She exclaimed scolding herself.8 Muhsin laughed heartedly. "Did you just figure that out. You've always been dumb yet so smart. " She gave him a dirty glare.1 "Oh. I've seen you've met." They heard Hamma Moh's voice and turned to see him approaching them with Hanif and Suraj "She really couldn't wait to see you she had to come out here to welcome you." Suraj teased earning a glare from his sister. "But how did she recognize you?"2 "That is a miracle. I can't interfere with the work of God." Muhsin joined him to tease her. She rolled her eyes at them, turned around and walked into the house. How could she have not recognized chocomilo. He was still the same. The pointed chin, the slim and tall figure, the famous chocomilo complexion which is now more of chocolate than milk. He has gotten a bit darker and has grown some beard. But as always, he's still handsome.2 But how could he trick me like that? Anyways it's my fault for not recognizing him. She thought. She stayed in her room for almost an hour while Muhsin ate and the family talked about how embarrassed she must have felt to stay in her room for that long despite how much she longed to see her chocomilo. Hamma Moh finally pulled her out of the room and she came to sit with them in the parlor. Even Alhaji Ishaq returned from work and sat to chat with them. After some time he stood up and left for his room and their mother followed him. Muhsin got familiar with the twins that he last saw as babies, and the addition to the family, Habiba. He turned to Hida and put on his best puppy face. "Are you really that mad at me? Am sorry. I just wanted to scare you a little. And have some paybacks too. " She ignored him. "Alright fine. You can hit me if you want." He offered his head. "Do you think am five or something?" She glared at him. And he smiled. "I met Hamma Moh the day I dropped you off. He recognized me right away. And Adda Sajida too." He informed her. "You met with Adda Sajida too?" She asked and he nodded. "Wow. And no one cared to tell me." She exclaimed sarcastically. "It was fun messing with you. But how could you not recognize my fine face." Hida resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "I was still young when we separated. Don't judge me. You are older." "True." "So we cool now?" He asked "Depends on how you behave." "HMM. Come on mana My eeda." "Stop calling me that" she warned. "Why? I used to call you that." He furrowed his forehead. "Used to. No one is allowed to say that anymore. Though there are a few exceptions." "Who are they. " "None of your business. You tricked me. Gosh I feel hurt. " she cried. "Seriously?" Mushin crinkled his face. "And how do you think I feel?" Seeing that she was also at fault, Waheeda just cleared her throat. "Okay. Whatever. Its good to see you again." She smiled warmly. "It's good to see you again. You haven't changed" "You too. Still the prank star I see. But please no more jokes like this okay?" "Okay" Mushin laughed. "I really missed you Maryam Waheeda Ishaq." Maryam Waheeda looked at him and grinned. "Missed you too Muhsin Othman." She giggle. And that sounded like music in his ears. It was beautiful to see her behaving girly. 3 πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ ********