The plane i boarded landed at Nnamdi Azikiwe international airport Abuja precisely 1:49pm,.. taking into my surroundings and humid changes..i casually began to come down from the plane.. i missed a step and felt a strong arm holding me at the back.. Regaining my stance i glanced back and met a pair of brown beautiful eyes staring back at lala..coming back to Nigeria after 4 years in New york wasn't a bad idea after all..thank u papa..i mentally thanked my Abba..4 my saviour was an average, black, bearded handsome chap,,with teeth white as snow as he flashed a smile...i realized he also has dimples OMG..could this get any better😱😱..i could see myself falling for this lad here.. Looking at him.. left me dazed and zombie like..i was literarily drooling over a guy..subhanallah..😌😌12 "Are you OK" look like you have just seen a ghost.. Am sorry if you did not like that i touched wanted to fall and it was just a reflex very sorry...his deep voice boomed.2 "Could you please keep quiet"..i said's not your fault you caught me i was just careless when i was walking without watching where i was going to..thank you..i replied still dazed..staring at his lips..SUBHANALLAH..haleema..what is wrong with you.!!3 I started walking away feeling awful..i was practically drooling over a guy..yallah..he must think am a low class girl trying to throw herself at him..i increased my seems like the place was suffocated although we were outside.. Someone was walking beside me..while i was waiting to pick up my bag from the conveyor belt..i turned and saw that same guy..urggg someone wants to get a taste of me.. Luckily i took my bag and hurriedly left knowing the driver would be waiting for me outside....the same dude was still running besides me.."hey, hey, miss" he continuously screamed".. I abruptly stopped and turned around "hey mister, would you quit following me around..i don't think you want to get to know the bad side of seems you think i am a low class girl that will just flaunt herself at you"..i started walking away again.. "Umm miss",,i could hear him stutter.. What!! I shouted earning stares from passersby.. "You got my bag"..i stood transfixed to the spot..i looked down at the bag i was carrying and i noticed it did not have polka dots..i mentally face palmed myself..i just utterly embarrassed myself..12 "Am so looks just like mine..i never wanted to be rude to you..please am sorry". "No problem, i guess this then belongs to you"..he handed over my bag to me and attempted to walk away.. "By the Zahradeen." He said and nice meeting someone like kinda lifted the jet lag..he flashed a smile and walked away.. I am Haleema..i mumbled..he was already out of sight..way to go already embarrassed yourself without spending up to an hour in Nigeria.. I went outside and spotted the purple Benz..still new as ever..getting closer to the car i realized the driver wasn't Abubakar nor one of daddy's driver..uhmmm..mister why are you here? "I came to pick up someone and you are?".. This is my car and you are asking me who the hell i am!!!..i will make sure when i get home i tell daddy to dismiss you..i heaved..1 STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "Madam i am not your driver..i came to pick a male not a female and i think you should look for your car before i loose my temper"..2 "This driver really got some nerve..i stepped back to call eyes strolled to the cars plate number.. OMG..this is so not my car..i ended the call before it went through.."uhhm am very sorry sir i have the same car and i thought it was this one..please don't get offended" I proceeded to take my leave with my head down.. "What seems to be the problem sadiq?" That voice boomed again..."zahradeen" yea that's the name.. "Yaya this girl just came and started embarrassing me saying this was her ride and all..i tried to reason with her but she just started raising her voice "..the driver sadiq said. I wanted running off but he just decided to turn at that moment.."you again? seems you like trouble so much right..i just happen to run into you every where i go..he flashed a smile".. "Am so sorry sir..i thought it was my car and the colour was the same and the model..that was why i was kinda so sorry.. And at the awkward moment Abubakar decided to grace me with his soo gonna kill him.. I jumped into the car and looked down..trying to avoid eye contact.. " feisty lady..can you grant me the honour of your contact"? His voice rang again.. Uhmm..Abubakar please drive away i said hurriedly..and off he went leaving zahradeen dumbfounded and suprised.. Ahhh..i need salma right now..the idiot was my friend since forever.. I guess she will make fun of me..i wouldn't get to hear anything except taunts and tease.. "Abubakar what kept you so long.. you made me embarrass myselfπŸ˜“ "Walahi hajiya i had to top up fuel and the line at the filing station was so long"..he said.. "Ba damuwa" (no problem) ..please head to salmah's house i need to do something there before going home.. "Ok hajiya".. Taking into my surroundings, i heaved in relief..i was finally back home..i missed my Daddy, ummah, my siblings jamil , walida, and mummys pet Hanif who was 7 when i left..i could not wait to meet them..but i had to go to salmah and dispense of my worries irrespective of the jet lag.. We arrived at wuse where salmah lived..i braced myself for what i should expect because i failed to mention my arrival when we spoke on phone last.. Assalamualaykum...i entered into the parlour seeing fati their maid.."ina wuni fati"..where are the people of the house? Emm..only anty salmah is around and she is upstairs..who are you looking for?..she asked. Hmm fati kenan..toh dan kaniyar ki..anty hanan ne tunda baki gane ni ba(since you don't recognize me).. Anty hanan am soo sorry..she screamed and took the flight of stairs to call salmah.. Well i do not recognize me myself..av change with the time i went away..i have metamorphosized into a beautiful young lady..instead of the former thin lanky girl i was.. I was dragged back from my thought with salmahs annoying squeals.. "You..get out of my house" are no more welcome here.. I laughed at her seeing she was ready to charge at me..haba sala duhling..hanan dinki ce fa"(salmah Darling it's your hanan) "I dont care".. she was already smiling like someone who founded gold under her pillow.. I looked down in pretense and came up with the sad voice i could muster "ok..let me go since you refused..i will give all what i brought to charity".. ooh cruel world salmah has forsaken me..let me just die..i pretended to fall and then close my eyes..i raised one hands up and said..""..1 Salmah burst up into a fit of laughter..she kicked me by my sides.."get up drama have not yet grown up".. Awwn..i batted my eyelashes at will still remain my munchkin pumpkin forever i shouted.. I missed you hanan..but i am pissed because you did not tell me about your arrival..i seriously made up my mind not to talk to you anymore.. Haba sweety pie.. I just wanted to surprise just coming from the airport..i haven't even gone home yet.. Hearing this salmah became happy.. Sala duhling..i have gist for couldn't wait thats why i came.. Salma jumped on the couch screaming..tell me!!.. See this one o..are you 12..and you are here telling me i haven't grown.. I earned a smack for that.. "Idiot tell me jor"..i narrated every thing..amidst salmah laughing..she managed to reply..kaiii..i pity you hanan.. Ke..better leave me alone..i embarrassed myself in front of a potential husband and you are here laughing at me..i replied4 Why did you not grace him with your contact o feisty one.. She burst out laughing.. I rolled my eyes at her and pouted.. I could not look at his face anymore..kai if not for Abubakars timely intervention, i would have ran away ...i said Salmah am going home since you were not of muguwa ce(you are wicked)..i smirked and exited the house.. Wait up..salmah shouted am coming with you..daman mommy and daddy travelled i was lonely in the house.. OMG..we are having a sleep over..i screamed..earning stares from Abubakar.. Basically that was how our relationship was..we acted like teenagers when we were together..and fight most of the time on silly things.. We headed to my home at maitama district where i know i will be crushed by different hugs at home.. Alhamdulilah..i smiled for the gift of family.. First chappy done..please tell me what you think about the story..without foul language though.. Also if you enjoyed it kindly vote with that cute little star down there and i will surprise you😜😜.. Brace yourselves to meet haleemahs family in the next chapter.. Also what do you think about our dear zahradeen..let me not babble much.. After so much chats and bickering in the car..i knew Abubakar got tired because i could see him rolling his eyes anytime we started screaming..poor soul. We finally arrived at the gate of our house..i could not tell the feeling right i wished there would be one giant emoji to represent what i felt right now..Abubakar spoke at the intercom and the gate slid open...home sweet home.. I literarily jumped out of the car even when my legs felt numb..arrgh the jet lag is getting to me..thanks to a certain someone😏1 I opened the door to the house with salmah right at my tail..mummy, Abbah, jamil, walida, back!!! I shouted in a sing like voice.. I saw salmah cringe and rolled her eyes.."no wonder they sent you away"..she said.. I smacked her and proceeded inside....oookk..this is getting creepy..why is the room dark and nobody answering me?..i thought.. I resorted to calling our househelp...anty Dije!!!...that's weird..even she did not answer..i turned around to talk to salmah but i could see her tapping her phone away..this girl needs serious beatings.. I wanted to jump on her because i could literarily see she was not bothered a bit about this eerie silence.. I hit my leg on the centre table..i fell to the floor..i saw salmah laughing her hearts out..a lone tear came to my eyes....something is definitely wrong here...a paper caught my attention on the table courtesy of salmahs flashlight.. I picked it up and opened it..i received the shock of my life..tears streamed down my face..why..why..why...i kept asking.. Salmah collected the paper and proceeded to read it out..i collapsed on the floor.. "Dear habibaty...we are very sorry for" what was beyond our control and we had no other option left.. We are gone and will not meet again..stay with your uncle and do not bother to look for us because that will cost you you life..don't think about it much..i know you are a brave young lady..we all love you.. Lots of love..from your abbah....5 STORY CONTINUES BELOW  Salmah let out a scream..then started inalilahi wa ina ilayhi rajiun...this does not make sense.. Why would they do that..why would they leave you..she also joined me in shedding tears.. It does not make sense salmah...i spoke to daddy yesterday before my flight.. And he failed to mention something like this..i said amidst sob.. Why would this happen to me?..what is my fault? that the reason why they sent me i would learn to live without them...i don't deserve this salmah..i don't.. While wailing uncontrollably... The light flickered on..SURPRISE!!!..mummy, jamil, anty dije ,walida, and hanif all jumped out from only God knows where..4 Me and salmah were startled that we subconsciously went for the door...jamil quickly caught hold of me.. Hold your horses should have seen yourface.... he burst out laughing.. I could not hold it anymore.. I broke down in tears..mummy quickly came to my side.. "Hanan, dont mind them..walahi i was against this but jamil had to pull this prank on you and he coerced us to join him..shush my poor baby" I jolted up and ran for jamils throat.."why would you do such a thing..i bet daddy doesn't telling him.. And FYI the iphone you have been pestering me about is not getting to you..i lunged at him.. Walida, salmah, and hanif were laughing at us seeing how we were running around the centre table..with me trying to hit him with my shoes.. Enough hanan dear..tell your father what jamil know he fears him..come and rest..mummy said.. I stuck out my tongue at him and went to cuddle mummy.. Hanif rolled his eyes at me.."anty hanan you are 21 not 12 the last born you know..he pouted.. Ok..Mommy's pet come snuggle with us i beckoned on him..he rolled his eyes and went into the kitchen.. I love my family.. Although they could sometimes be..don't even know the words to use.. Ok..hanan..go upstairs..take a shower..and come down to eat something..mummy cooed I dragged salmah to my room upstair and shut the personal space..i was a purple what would you expect with my room.. 10 this room hasn't changed a bit..thanks to anty dije it was sparkling clean..i jumped on the neatly arranged bed...i found the perfect spot...i could stay here forever.. Hey!! You stink..please go take a warm shower please and save our nose from this torture.. Salmah scrunched up her nose... I rolled my eyes and got up..i tackled her to the bed and rubbed all of myself on her.. Please have mercy on me o feisty one... Save me from this torture.. I got up laughing and darted for the bathroom..i ran a hot felt really good.. The rose&lavender scent drowned me and the bathroom became extra comfortable.. Hey!!! You have been in there for forty minutes..could you please come out now...or are you pimping yourself for zahradeen..salmah said.. I immediately ran out of the bathroom hearing that..i glared at her and proceeded to pick up a loose flowery gown for the evening... We went downstairs...i saw daddy on the couch..i screamed and jumped on him.. Hey not as strong as i used to be..u will break me in this the way you will still behave when yo get married...welcome back my dear..sorry i went for an emergency in the office... daddy said I pouted and said...daddy jamil pranked me so that i would think all of you deserted me leaving me all alone..even mummy, walida and hanif..i was so scared i cried daddy... You know we would never do that my love...and i think jamil needs to learn how to stop pranking he is 18 yallah.. Jamil Abdulrahman maina..come here at once daddy bellowed..1 I smirked..jamil came running downstairs.. Why did you prank your elder was too extreme and you need to be punished for that...go wash all of the cars and mow the lawn..and no phone for three days.. But daddy..we have 6 cars..i cant wash them..i don't even know how to handle a mower.. That's Ali and Hamisu job.. Jamil said No buts...i don't care how you do it but i will come and inspect it...that will give you a break from pranking for a while...daddy stood up and left the living room.. Ukhtee..see what you have caused...please beg daddy..i will do if i do all those works.. That will teach u not to mess with hanan next time... Jamil wanted to cry and i hated to see my siblings down...don't worry i will talk to daddy...come upstairs and collect your presents.. Jamil jumped on are the best ukhtee i pray God will grant you a husband like me..he skipped and went upstairs.. I smiled..remembering zahradeen...why did i just think about him? Weird..i went upstairs to distribute presents to everyone..After jamils escapade yesterday, me and salmah wanted a day off on our own...a girls day out...nothing is going to ruin it for us..even jamils glares..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Salmah slept over in our house, her parents were coming back today..we planned to visit them after our little girls outing.. We disturbed the whole house hold with our squeals and i managed to do that after the journey was still a mystery to might call it girl power but i call it..Haleemahs craziness.. Hanan duhling...lets go to an ice cream parlour please..salmah whined..she knew my weak spot..i could not deny a nice bowl of strawberry ice cream and fruits as me crazy.. Walida was also in the car as she also begged incessantly...i could not say no she was sixteen and practically stayed in the midst of two annoying boys..she needed a life.. There is this ice cream place which opened gonna love it..the ice cream taste like heaven..when it melts in your mouth, there is this feeling of euphoria...i am getting married to the guy who makes it..salmah said dreamily..2 I pray he is a short, stout and ugly guy..i smirked..2 It doesn't not getting married to him but rather his art of making ice cream..salmah rolled her eyes.. Am telling baba to get you married..let me call him right now..i picked up my phone and pretended to dial a number.. Yeaa don't even have his number salmah rolled her eyes.. Would you two quit already..i think abubakar is tired of your bickering in as much as me..walida playfully said.. Wait till you get a friend as stupid as your sister..walida you will get to know the pains i go through everyday to put up with her.. You guys deserve an award for cohabiting with hanan...salmah said.. That earned a smack from me..we rounded up in front of the ice cream was nice and seemed cozy from the see through glass.. We entered into and i went to place an order..uhmmm please can i get a strawberry ice cream and also a vanilla ice cream..i would also like fruit toppings if there are avail... Can i get a napkin please...someone cut into my order.. I turned and glared at the man...hey mister i snapped my finger at his face..he turned to look at me with a look of surprise on his face.. Don't you know the word called "courtesy" could have excused me or waited till i placed my order first.. Are you not a gentleman..courtesy demands that you wait for a lady.. I was still rambling and to my utmost surprise this guy was laughing.. Ughh..what nerve this guy has..people were already looking at me and the person taking my order was begging me... Salmah and walida rushed to my side because they knew i could snap...I don't tolerate this kinda things..but guys i seriously need an anger management class i thought to myself... O feisty one...we meet again..i was right..trouble do follow you every where you go..3 Haleemah please lets go its not worth it..are you forgetting we are having an all girls not let a guy ruin our fun for us..salmah said your name is Haleemah...halimatus sa'adiyya..nice..i like.. The guy said...common..¿¿¿ don't tell me you have forgotten me so has just been twenty two hours fifty five minutes and 10..oh 12 seconds please..3 STORY CONTINUES BELOW  Esshh this guy is i know this guy???...i squinted my eyes to look at him again..he kinda looks familiar..'s zahradeen don't wack you brain soo much.. The guy said. I squealed and ran towards salmah...i dragged her to the sitting areas.. Ke...i just did a round two of embarrassing myself...its him.. Him who? Salmah asked...oww the airport guy..she burst out did not tell me he was soo took a lot of self restraint not to say hi to him..but remembering you were mad at him..i did not want to get on your bad side.. Please help me salmah.. I begged Ok...lets go and apologise to him and leave.. Nah' know i do not like to be the one apologizing especially to a stranger i crossed my arms.. While we were still dragging...walida and zahradeen walked up to our table and sat down...anty hanan here..she passed us our ice cream.. Where is yours..ohh i forgot she was lactose intolerant..get yourself a juice or something i said to her.. Hey i don't get it...i thought your name was haleemah..and now this cutie pie here called you hanan..i am not understanding.. He said I glared at him...its none of your business.. Mind you..i don't talk to strangers..even though i was embarrassed as hell i managed to say through gritted teeth.. Don't mind salmah by the way..her name is haleemah..she takes after her grandmother..that's why they call her hanan.. I was shooting daggers through my eyes to she flirting with him..what gives its none of my business but i am going to kill her once we get out of here... Ohh..its so much very's suit you..i think i will stick to this instead..he said.. Only close friends and relatives are allowed to call me are exempted.. You are not even allowed to call me haleemah..i shot Ouch..that hurt..ok since i cant call your name i will just give you about..noor..he smiled.. And also eat your ice one like melted ice cream.. Yea i remembered..salmah was already done with hers and was poking into mine..."hey that's mine"..i smacked her... Zahradeen laughed...Omg..his laugh is cute...wait delete that i did not just say that..2 I have to go..i have a little errand to run...i have paid for the ice cream..could your please give me your contact...he smiled at me.. Did i ask you to pay for me..Mr i want to impress.. I remember telling you that i am not a low class girl willing to throw herself at any guy...i eyed him.. Don't mind i will give you salmah offered.. She took his phone and dialled into it...someone just bought a death sentence.. Thank you so much salmah...i already love your friend my noor...she is way nicer than you are..considering the fact that you stole my bag and wanted to also steal my car..he smirked and blew a kiss then went out... Wait...did that guy just say my noor!!!..who does gonna snap his neck..and still thinking of how slow her death will be.. Walidah broke the silence with a suppressed laugh..Anty hanan did you actually steal his bag and his car.. I glared at her...taking it as a cue to shut up.. We entered the car and took the route to salmahs house.. Why did you do that know how much i despise talking to guys..especially this one..i hissed at her... Toh madam get married to are 21 your mates are already having four children...are you not grateful a hot guy is actually talking to a troll like you..she brought her tongue out.. I glared at her and hissed.. Ok take it as a way to apologize to him and make things right then you can block him..or are you forgetting you have a smart phone? Salmah aid.. Well it might also work..i tried to think to the positive side.. Haleemah you are in for it.. I thought till we got to salmahs house.. toh faa my fiful..zahradeen and haleemah made their second encounter and it was still on a wrong footing... please kindly comment and vote..and also please guys are not encouraging me..😭😭😭1 sahbeerah still luvs you like that😘😘😘 the kisses are sloppy..manage them like that😒😒This chapter is for you zayynerb..😘😘 Thanks..for your comments..3 Lets delve into zahradeens pov a little bit and see whats going on in that head of his..1 Since my encounter with that girl at the airport...i was restless... She is bold and fearless i like her for it.. Even sadiq really loved her drama...he was laughing all through the journey back home... I never knew she had a touch at my heart...until i started zoning out.. She did not even allow me to take her where in the world could she be...for all i know, she could be in another state...+ Hmmm deeni..wannan da baka ci abinci ba..lafiya ko..dan nasan ko rashin lafiya baya saka kin cin abinci...(deeni..why are you not eating..are you alright..because i know you eat even when you are sick) mum asked.. Hajiya ai wata yarinya ce ta tsaya masa..da naje daukar sa a airport suka hadu.(he is thinking or a girl..they met in the airport) nosy brother sadiq chirped.. Ayiririri..kace mun kusan shan biki yaya..(so we would soon be in a celebration mode) sister fauziyya also butted in.. I glared at the both of them and rolled my eyes..nakoshi.. am going to my room to study..i stood up and left the dining table.. My mum, brother and sister were so surprised because i have never walked out on food a typical African man and i love my stomach.. Call me a drunk in love...i remembered her quite can i forget that which put me into this turmoil..1 It has just been 18 hours and it felt like ages since i last saw that beautiful being.. Her curvy and plump body..doe eyes and full lips still haunting me...i never liked slim girls so i guess her body was what captured my attention first..2 I still have work to do but anytime i pick up the files to work her face keeps haunting me.. I have never been like this...i don't even like speaking to ladies..but this is an exception...her personality has really taken a toll on me... I really needed to clear my head...since i finalized the deal in New York.. I needed to build on my proposal...but a certain someone has created a blockage in my brain... I took my car keys and went outside..i met my sister and brother possibly gossiping about me, because i pulled a new one at them today..1 A dawo lafiya...both of them chorused and burst into a fits of laughter..i guess sadiq has briefed fauziyya on what happened...that girl can laugh for Africa.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  I was driving around..without any destination in mind..i wanted to get my work done before my dad kills me...he takes work very seriously and i am here behaving like a fool in love... I was rounding up in a corner when i saw a purple really reminds me of her..why did i not take the purple venza out today? I face palmed my self.. The car parked in front of an ice cream parlour...i guess i really needed something cold also...i sat in the car and tried as much as possible to clear her out of my head but i could not... What am i even doing...i might not get to see her again till i die..except for a miracle..and am here sorrowing away.. I took my car keys and entered into the parlour...wait!!! that her?..she was busy rambling about with two other girls.. I hope am not hallucinating because this will be very bad if my dad finds out.. I proceeded to place my order...holy cow..she really is the one.. This is my lucky day..i resisted jumping...but i knew i was smiling like a fool already...i really need a therapist at this juncture.. She was placing her order..i was staring at her lips moving...i need to act...let me speak in a language she understand...because i know if am nice to her she would never talk to me..i need to find somewhere to pinch... Uhmmm..can i get a napkin please..i guess that should do it..i sounded as rude as possible.. She quickly snapped her head at me and started rambling..yea. That does it...i have hit a nerve.. She looks so beautiful even when she was angry...zahradeen stop being creepy and stop staring at her...i guess that's my brain talking... The two other girls who were with her quickly rushed to her side.. Her name was haleemah...yallah..i seriously need a grip..i think am losing it.. We meet again feisty one..i could see her flinch..but she doesn't remember me.. I was right..trouble do follow you every where.. If she was a cartoon character am sure her ears would have been bringing out smokes by now.. If looks could kill zahradeen, you would have been dead by now.. So your name is haleemah..i like.. She was squinting her eyes..i think she was trying to remember my face.. Oh dear..zahradeen you have been killing yourself and this girl doesn't even remember you..1 has only been.. Twenty two hours fifty five minutes and 10..oh..12 seconds... I did not know when i said that..i must have sounded creepy..i don't want her to think am a stalker...i maintained my stance and tried to gauge her reaction... I could see her fidgeting...internally i was killing myself with laughter.. I really needed this i thought... She lifts my mood.. When i saw she did not remember me...i was kind of disappointed..but do i blame her..i guess i did not affect her as much as she did to me.. Its zahradeen...don't wack your brain so hard...beautiful..i wanted to add but i think that's enough creepiness for one conversation.. What she did next swept me off..she grabbed one of her friends and ran off to the nearest table... I was laughing my head off...the cashier was calling on her attention but she was busy rambling to her friend... Uhmm..i saw the other one was still close to me..staring at me with a smile on her face....what did your friend order?.. I asked.. She is not my friend she is my walida by the seems my sister knows you..and she has wronged you am sorry please..she said.. I think i have my ticket to what i you have a phone walida?..your sister has refused to give me her contact..and really..yes she did wrong me.. i tried to play cool. Oh am sorry...she really is short tempered..she collected my phone and dialled her number into it. Oh lalala... I paid for the ice cream and proceeded to meet her at the table... She was still arguing..she looks cute...this girl is going to be the death of me.. Uhhm..anty is you ice cream..walida said.. Hanan??...but i heard haleemah...i asked and just as i predicted she snapped.. This girl is something else.. Let me call you noor since am not expected to call your name...i smiled... Let me get over with this.. Give me your contact i tried again..crossing my fingers...and yes..she did it again... Uhh..considering the fact that you stole my bag and car i smirked at her...she was still embarrassed and i took it to play the card until she gave in.. Her friend salmah..which was way too nice gave me her contact.. I blew her a kiss and left.. Today is going to be a very good day.. I was smiling broadly...i had to tip the security man...i felt has been years i felt this way..with any girl.. I drove home smiling to myself...i parked the car and entered into the parlour... I kissed my mum on the cheeks and ran upstairs.. Toh dan nan...abun naka azimun ne..i heard my mum said.. Hanan has really entwined me on her pinky finger.. I smiled as i saved her contact on my phone...Nurul qalbi...she worth it..i luv it.. And that you see...our zahradeen is also as crazy as haleemah...but there cannot be two leopards on a mountain right...2 I don't want to remind you guys...but and share.. Sahbeerah luvs you😘😘It has been two weeks and zahradeen has not called...not that i care but why on earth did he then ask for my number if he was not going to call... Call me cuckoo crazy but i wrote a 500 strong word essay to dictate to him and i already memorized it...such a waste of my writing skills...3 I entered into the bathroom to take a quick shower then i threw on my pink boubou and took a black veil to wrap on my head... I headed towards walidas room...i needed a sibling bonding time..we don't talk too much thanks to my troublesome friend... My birthday was a day after tomorrow i was turning 21 and was freaking out already... I needed to ask her for possible preparations... I entered her room...she was sprawled on her rug and was on Skype...i couldn't see the face of the person..but the voice sounded somewhat familiar... Immediately she noticed me she shut the system and started stammering.. Errr anty hanan..i did not see you come in..what do you need?... What were u doing on your notebook i asked... I was just on a video call with one of my friends from school..we were talking about my admission...she replied Yea about that.. Lets go to the garden and talk..also call that big headed brother of yours.. We need to make arrangements..and ohh yea we are baking... Walida squealed with delight.. I miss her...she picked up her veil and dash outside... Yaaaa jammmiiilluuu....she screamed... Ahhh...i wonder were she got this craziness from.. We had so much fun...surfing the internet looking for recipes...jamilu was the critic and ohh boy...the guy has a very high taste.. This one is too small....this one is too brown...this one is too big...this one is just ugly...this one looks like it was picked from the gutter...this one is just ewwww...jamil was already annoying me.. But i got to say he was right...i wonder how someone will go to catering school and decide to bake something that even a preschooler would hate... We finally decided on one and then we moved to the kitchen bake..... Dashing towards the kitchen we met mama and her pet hanif watching "sophia the first" on Disney junior ...yea we still do watch cartoon in our house.. "Hanif which episode is that"?..i asked.. Its the sophia met princess jasmine of Aladdin..he replied.. I have not watched it..but you will tell me about it.. Mama we re going to bake..tell us where you keep your items..i asked Kar dai ku kona min hanan ki bari idan kin je gidan miji sai kuma walida a kayan auren ki zan cire idan kin kona min kitchen...jamilu kai kuma a gidan ka zan tare in hana ka Sakewa dakai da matar ka... (You people should not burn my hanan wait till you get to you husbands house then you can do whatever you like...walida you i will remove anything damaged from your marriage properties...jamilu on the other hand i will just pack to your house and prevent you and your wife from having fun)... Mummy screamed from the parlor..2 We burst into a fits of laughter...don't worry mummy.. Daddy will get you new ones..1 So you guys even have the intent of burning down the kitchen are already speaking of new ones abi?? Toh for your information am not ready to buy new ones...mummy said.. We ran into the kitchen and started bringing out the necessary ingredients and tools... "Hello...yes am at home...ok...let me come to the gate"...walida was on her phone.. Who was on the phone walida? I asked...i know this girl has basically no friends..that was why i was surprised at her actions.. Uhmmm she is my friend...she came for a visit she said and dashed to the door.. She came back with a very pretty girl around her age...if i was not older..this girl would have made me felt self conscious.. Uhmmm..hyyy..i said..who is your friend walida... Anty hanan..This is fauziyya my friend she is also the same age as me and also lives in maitama here .. meeting you..the girl was very nice and just like me we got chatting pretty well..she was also funny..i knew jamilu liked her also because he was always stealing glances at her... We invited hanif to be our taster..after so many disaster in the kitchen...Anty dije will really be pissed off today.. We made biscuits also and moved to the garden for some gulma time...fauziyya was really a chatter box like myself..that was why we got along... Fauziyya will you please come to my little party tomorrow?..i asked.. She immediately squealed.. Yes..yes..yes..i would definitely.. Oook..i was surrounded with crazy people..but what gives..i am crazy myself..i sighed and dashed to my morrow will be fun i thought.. I woke up for my subh supplications and stayed there seeking and asking from my another year has been deducted from my life span... Immediately it was 6:30 i heard a knock on the door, quietly i stood up knowing it was mummy coming to wake me up for subh because i was on phone yesterday night with salmah making plans for today.. I opened with a good morning mummy..but before i could complete my sentence.. That stupid boy jamil blew a birthday whistle and walida started spraying me with glitters..hanif on the other hand was singing with daddy and mummy laughing.. "Happy birthday my angel"..daddy said.. I wish you the better life has to offer and the best afterlife has...he then kissed me on my fore head...1 Mummy on the other hand was crying..."my beautiful marks 21 years in which i gave birth to have never make me glance back for once and regret having are the best daughter one could ever ask forever proud of you"..she hugged me.. "Ohh you guys are the best"..i can never ask for a much better gift than guys have always stuck with me through bad and worse, thick and thin, madness and stupidity.. I am really lucky to be blessed with a family like this.. We group hugged and took a lot of selfies..daddy brought out a purple paper bag and handed over to me..mummy on the other hand brought out a small box and handed over to me also..i could not wait to open them all.. I entered into my room to get ready for later in the day..salmah was coming over so i needed to prepare for her craziness...fauziyya was also coming over, walida assured me.. I quickly entered the i was going to pamper my skin..i ran the bath hot and added all my soaps in the me was a mixture of rose& lavender , vanilla, lemon, strawberry, and i also added milk and bakhoor to do not want to know how my bathroom smells now.. I wore a face mask and let it sit..when i removed it..i was really proud of my face I sat in the bath tub for 30 mins before finally rinsing it out..i also shampooed my hair..i went into my closet and began searching for a perfect dress..i sighed..i think that has to wait till salmah comes.. My eyes finally went towards the dressing mirror and i saw a bunch of white, yellow and red roses..a card and a red box.. Puzzled i thought..😡😡 that was not there when i woke up i.. I opened the card as i began heart melted.. Although i did not know who it came from.. ""Dear hanan, i may not have gold , silver nor diamond to give to you..but one thing i know for sure is i will forever make you came into my life like a lone lantern and brightened up my heart...i never knew the true meaning of happiness until i met heart has yearned and searched for solace and i finally found them in are more than you can ever mean to me.. Signed: someone who cares1 STORY CONTINUES BELOW  Opening the box it was one of my favorite chocolate and also a heart shaped bracelet...i flopped down on the bed and re read the letter..i have no idea who it came from.. But the person really knows me..   I decided to open mummy and daddy present...i chose daddy first..he could be full of surprises...and lo and behold it was a car key...i screamed and wanted to run outside then i remembered i was only tying a towel...i immediately wore a gown and dashed downstairs...i bumped into jamil and i could not stop.. "Hey"..he called after me and followed me out...when i got to the garage..i scanned looking for anything suspicious...but all the cars seemed normal to face fell.. I saw daddy smiling and walking towards me.."looking for something my angel" .. "Uh nothing daddy..its just"...i started scratching my head... Daddy shook his head and laughed.."press the key dear"... Huh...i stared at the key and pressed the unlock button...i heard a squeak..i turned around and saw a car covered with a trampoline...Abubakar started laughing and opened the trampoline...i stood dumbfounded i could not talk.. "Do You like it baby.."daddy asked...i could not respond i could only nod my head and i started crying...i hugged him tightly like my life depends on it.."i love you daddy"..i managed to say.. not cry..this is just a token of my love for have done much more..always have been a perfect daughter.. I know you must be thinking..what the heck did they buy for her..well..let me pity you guys and show you.. 2 STORY CONTINUES BELOW  It was a freaking Mercedes Benz e-class.. A freaking convertible of had purple interiors... Could it get any better...πŸ’πŸ’1 I raced to the car..but jamilu was already there taking pictures... I dragged him away and opened the car.. "Hey ukhtee...please be considerate and at least let me take pictures with it...even though i know..i will have to go to my grave if i want to drive this car"..he pouted.. "Na' think i dont you can use the pictures on Snapchat and Instagram to deceive innocent girls..jamil ko le werk... "Please sis, just a spin will do"...he started begging me.. "Ok..i will give you to go and show your numerous girlfriends at the university if you promise me one thing?.. "Shoot ukhtee" all ears "Who dropped a letter, bunch of roses and a red gift bag in my room?.. "Well.. I dont know i dont enter you room because i still value my life".. "Then no car for you".. "Noo ukhtee..would if help if i said i dropped it..i can accept the blame u know..he winked.." "You are not that smart and intelligent i can never come up with such brilliant knock it off".. "Please ukhtee..let me take this baby for a spin".. "You are calling my baby your must be joking..dont worry i will give it to you when i take it out first and you also say..i am the best sister and most beautiful girl in the world".. "Haba ukhtee..i say that every day you know...but since you insist..Queen hanan the queen of all queens...the fairest amongst the fairest, the most beautiful amongst the are the best sister in the world".. "Ohh my baby brother i cooed and kissed his cheeks".. "Yea whatever...a deal is a deal..he rolled his eyes and walked away.. I locked the car and ran upstairs...i could not wait to open mummys present... I took the red box and slowly opened it ..lo and behold it was a diamond studded necklace  I quickly closed my door and started sobbing..ya Allah what have i done to you to deserve a perfect family like this..i have not been the best of worshippers but you blessed me with such a marvelous gift... I went into my bathroom and performed ablution and started thanks to the almighty and making supplications to him...i was cut short by salmahs annoying voice... the door...why did you even lock it in the first place... I stood up and opened it..she eloped me into a hug and kissed my cheeks...happy birthday besty...wishing you better things in the hereafter... STORY CONTINUES BELOW  Ohhh...besty where did you get this chocolates from..and this flowers..oh my God they are so pretty...look at the bracelet..dont tell me you have a boyfriend and you did not let me know.. "I dont even know where they came from...i came outside from the bath and met them there..go on and read the card".. touching...i think i know who sent must be that guy zahradeen.. "I looked at her and rolled my must be crazy...the guy has not even called would he even know it was my birthday..and how would he get into my room and drop this here.." "Maybe he got them delivered.. Salmah shrugged.. "And it came right into my room ko"?.. "Well never the less... I got us appointments with the beautician... We are going to spoil ourselves before noon when the party starts..".. "What are we waiting for.. Lets go i squealed with delight.. We went outside... And i opened my car feeling proud of myself.. "Oh em got a new car..this is beautiful".. "Yes.. Daddy got it for me today as my birthday present"...i love him..i pray Allah grant him long life and sustenance.. "Ameen hanan...start up this thing let us cruise town...we have joined pepper dem gang.."2 I chuckled..this girl would never be serious.. We went to the spa and had a sauna bath..manicures and treatment..and salmah made me go the the extreme...laser hair removal😨😰😰..finally glad it was over.. All those torture was worth it because my skin was feeling like a baby's bum..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We went shopping thereafter for a dress..salmah insisted i buy one.. We bought a beautiful blue gown to wear..o my God i cant wait to see myself in it..  The car was really a bomb as we earned stares from passersby...some even stopped to take a guy even posed and sat on it like it was his...i could not help laughing.. I wanted going to taunt him a little..but salmah stopped me...u know Nigerians love i left him to finish snapping his pics since that was the highest he could...1 Going back home the preparations for my little party was in full swing...fauziyya was already here...she was gisting with jamil...this boy ehn..wait till i catch him...she was exceptionally beautiful might think she was the birthday celebrant.. Immediately she sighted me, she darted towards me..."ukhteee"...she squealed She bounced and hugged the living daylight out of me.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "Happy birthday ukhtee...many happy returns..i brought you a birthday present lets go to your room..let me show you" She caught mine and salmah hands and darted to the stairs.. Entering into my room..she plopped down on the bed.."ukhtee i got a surprise for you".. salmah could not help but grin widely... "I designed this myself ukhtee..i want you to please wear it today"...she brought out a beautiful blue lace dress.. I and salmah eyes looked like they could fall off their sockets any minutes... "Do u like it ukhtee"... "Its...its..."..i could not say anything.. "It's beautiful salmah shouted...please wear it hanan...forget the other one...this dress is marvelous."  The dress was coupled with a silver heels... I hugged her and a lone tear found its way.. "Awwn"...salmah said.. "I take it as a cue that you like it then"... She broke the hug and bounced downstairs to meet walida.. I could not wait to fit myself into the dress Salmah helped me into the dress it fits perfectly...not too tight, not too loose...salmah helped me wrap my hair since not all the invitees were my muharrams... She did my make up..just something light...did i mention she was a make up artist...she learned from the best...i dont need a makeup artist on my wedding...i got one free of charge😝😝 ...dont tell her i said that..πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰... Salmah dressed up nicely too with a pink gown..i hate that color(dont tell her oo)..but she also looked mesmerizing in it.. We took some crazy selfies before we decided to go to the terrace...that was where the party was... As we climbed up to the terrace..everyone attention was on us...the only thing i could see was flashlight...i dont like being the centre of attraction, but am kinda enjoying this.. Fauziyya clicked a lot of pictures, with every step and every move... The cake jamil, walida, fauziyya and i baked was present and another bought by mummy i know.. She does not trust our baking..πŸ˜•πŸ˜•  the one we baked  the one mummy bought.. I would admit..its very pretty.. I wanted cutting the cake when suddenly the light went dim... Ok..what the heck suddenly came one and wow... I saw an additional cake and it was breath taking... It has that same tag.."someone who cares" seriously falling for this person..  I opted to cut this instead..not bothering to ask where it came from.. We ate and danced to our fill.. "Hanan dear..the next celebration like this in shaa Allah would be your wedding"..anty zulaihat said.. I could not help but blush.. The party dispersed and i went say i was tired was an understatement...i took my bath, prayed and laid down... My wedding wedding...i kept thinking about my wedding..i smiled as i was absorbed to a bottomless sleep.. 😊😊😊😁😁😁who enjoyed this chapter..raise your hands.. Any suggestions..even if na jealousy.. Zahradeens pov πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• After my little meeting with hanan...i had always wanted to call her but i always fret at the thought of it.. Ok..i think i will talk to walida and get to know her more.. I called umm Amrah and umm Al-qasim to ask for their opinions...since they were all married i guess they could give good advice..umm Amrah was my elder sister while umm Al-qasim was my younger sister.. The both of them just teased me and continued pulling my was only umm Al-qasim that gave me a reasonable advice that i should act as a secret admirer.. "Being a stalker for hanan would not be a big deal"..i have fauziyya and walida as my i kinda have upper hands.. I was always chatting with walida.. She told me a lot of things about her sister.. I also made fauziyya to befriend walida so she could also get closer to hanan..but not after bribing her with a new phone.. She started by calling her..and no need for pretense she bonded instantly with her.. I was thinking of sending a text message to her..but i knew she would call back if she saw a strange number..and my cover would be blown..i don't want that... I flopped down onto my office chair...i was tired..i needed something to lift my mood..suddenly my Mac notebook rang.. It was walida she wanted to Skype me.. Hello cutie are you doing?...and how is my noor doing?.. "Ohh Akhii..she is fine and i am also fine..i just called to give you a very good news..tomorrow is anty hanan birthday..i just thought to let you know"... I quickly sat upright and smiled...i forgot i was tired..this is a perfect opportunity to start stalking my noor..i hope she appreciates... "For giving me this good news..i have a present for you..send me your house address let me bring it".. "Noo...dont worry..i think its better you send fauziyya over...i know they will bond...and moreover am dying to see her".. "Ok but i will still..." The door flung open and i saw my noor she was looking so beautiful even without makeup on...i fell in love with her over again.. Walida shut the notebook..i could not help but smile I needed some preparation.. I immediately called our caterer.. " hello..yes...i need a cake tomorrow...i know its late...but i will pay you triple...make sure its very spectacular... Yea...i will send you the address to send it...yea also the age..yea..thank not disappoint please.. I sorted out the remaining files and left the office.. I needed to get her gift...i called walida..i just hoped she was not with her..she told me her favorite chocolates and flowers.. Bingo...i have got my cue...i entered into a gift shop and ordered the chocolate and flowers...i was about to go out when the cashier called on my attention... "Sir could we interest you in some love bracelets.. Since i can see you are in love".. Was it that obvious...i smiled shyly.."ok".. She brought out different models and immediately one caught my attention.. "I would take that one"... STORY CONTINUES BELOW  The cashier smiled and said "that would be #15,000 you want to engrave anything on it..... " could put noor there"... She engraved the initials and wrapped them into a red paper bag... And now for a perfect dress....i could not shop...i just order my clothes on line talk More or a girl clothing... I remembered fauziyya was a fashion designer...i guess she has one in her various models... I went home and entered into her i predicted she was sewing... "How is my little sister doing".. "What do you want are not always this nice"she smirked.. "Ok..i need a dress for hanan...her birthday is tomorrow and also i need you to go over there and befriend her please.." "Oh em gee yaya...consider it done...i have been dying to meet her.. Walida sent me some pictures of her..i cant wait...choose the dress you want".. I went through the sketches and my eyes fell on a beautiful blue dress.. "This one..hanan would look good in it"... "Uhhhh...yaya you got eyes..but sorry to burst your bubble that's my best design yet and its still under construction...choose another".. "Then you better finish it soon...that's the one i want..i would pay you double the price"... "Are you serious yaya.. Consider it down.. I will immediately get to work".. "Are you forgetting you are supposed to be at walidas place?...come let me drop you off"... I followed the address walida gave she also lives in maitama too...i wondered why i have never seen her before.. We got to the gates and walida came outside ..i gave her the little present i bought for her.. "Remember not do anything that would make her suspicious..please do not blow it for me".. "No problem yaya consider it done"..they chorused.. I wanted seeing her badly..but i just have to be patience...the patient dog eats the fattest bone..i reminded myself.. I went home ecstatic of what tomorrow would hold.. Fauziyya came later in the day...she gisted me of what happened over at the house.. Soo she was a baker. .could this girl be anymore perfect.. The following day i had to start pestering fauziyya to go to her house..why am i exempted from going ..😭😭😭😭😾😾 I drove fauziyya and dropped her..and immediately went to the office... I ordered the caterer to deliver it at their house and told fauziyya to pick it up and place it before anyone knowing...i trust them..they would not let me down.. Walida also placed my gifts without anyone knowing..i love this girl already..she is the best sister in-law ever.. During my office hours..fauziyya kept bombarding me with different pictures of my noor...i felt like growing wing and sweeping her off feet..take her to an island and stay there forever.. I continued looking at the pictures i did not hear abbah come into my office.. "Kai... i have been speaking..and you have just been staring at your phone, are you alright?" "Uhmm baba sorry i did not hear you come in..i am very sorry"..1 "So it is true what your mother told who is the girl?".. My heart sank..i fidgeted.."uhmm..her name is haleemah Abdurahman maina..she lives here in maitama". "Then you better allow me see her father..before you guys start engaging in haram activities".. I blushed(do guys blush)..πŸ˜•πŸ˜•6 "Ok baba i will send you the details".. "Allah ya maka Albarka..finish up your work and lets go home so we can make plans to see her father proper".. "Ok baba".. I did not know what to do...could this day get any better...i was extremely happy...i finished what i was doing in ample of time.. She would soon be mine i thought..I dash una this one...5 Zahradeens pov..+ 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 After so much consultation we finally got the office address of Alhaji Abdurahman he was a judge??...i have to be on my best behaviour thenπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯.. We entered into the office but i stayed in the reception legs already turned into jelly...what if he does not approve..i thought.. "Let me go inside...if you are needed i will beckon on you"..daddy said "Ok sir"...i was literarily chewing my nails.. After almost an hour daddy called me...i thought they must have even forgotten about me.. Going inside the office i met daddy and him sitting and conversing like they have known each other for centuries... I squatted immediately.."good afternoon sir"..i crossed my fingers..i needed to create a very good impression...first impressions do matter.. "Toh.... Ma shaa Allah... zahradeen..please sit"..."alhaji you really trained him well he still has regards for our culture"..he said smiling.. Yea...that's a plus one for meπŸ‘―πŸ‘―1 "Your father told me everything and i was very shows you know the teachings of Islam and our culture...since you want to seek my permission before seeing my daughter.." "Have you spoke or met with her before?".. "No baba..i haven't..i just saw her at the airport and i picked interest"..i replied shyly.. "So she does not know you kenan...masha Allah...i like your courage...don't worry i give you my permission to come and present yourself.. She is very precious to me so you have to be cautious." He and daddy burst into a deep laughter...i felt like jumping up and doing a mini dance there...haleemah here i come zahradeen 2- haleema - 0... "Wait for me outside let me finish speaking with Alhaji..and stop smiling like a little composed yaro"..daddy said "Hmmm...Alhaji let him be..i know you did worse your age besides he earned it ai...i like him..jeka Allah maka albarka (may God bless you)..i will talk to her when i get home"...alhaji abdurrahman said.. I could not wait for daddy to finally come out from the office...after what felt like hours they came outside laughing and finally shaking hands...i feel this is the start of something new.. "Toh zahradeen you can start coming have earned it..your father here was just telling me how hardworking you are...i will inform her when i get home..stay safe".. Really..daddy told him i am hardworking...that is really a plus for me because i never meet up to daddys standards.. We went back to the car...sighing..i started the ignition...i don't even know how to approach haleemah..we are still on the wrong footing...i was pulled out of my reverie with daddys voice.. "Toh...they have granted you access to their daughter...that does not mean you should start slacking at work..also its not a criterion to engage in illicit act...remember the son of whom you are.." "In shaa Allah daddy..thank you for being there".. How can i even forget the son of whom i was after all the discipline and drill..the name that attracts and instill fear into people...col Aliyu babangida..i smirked driving thinking about all the lovely moments i was looking forward to with my noor.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 Haleemahs pov.. After like what felt like the tenth time tossing on my bed..i hissed and stood up...i was lonely..walida has started lectures..jamil also was at school..hanif also...salmah on the other ditched me for her friends wedding in kaduna.. I conversed with mamah for almost two hours but i was still bored...thinking about what to do next my phone buzzed signalling a notification...i sighed picking it up... It was a message from a private number.. "It is no gainsay that my life would have" been horrible without you..thanks for finding me and making me realize how true love feels like. You've taught me how much i really need to realize i have fallen deeply for you..i hope you are good.. - someone who cares.. Again...who the heck is this...i dont even know him/her but he always finds a way to my heart...i have ruled out zahradden from the probability because he is way too dumb to be this sweet and romantic..3 I re read the text almost five times... I also brought out the card he sent during my birthday..trying to piece two and two together my phone started ringing..flashing an unknown number... "Hello".. " are you and how was your day".. "Boring as hell...but please who am i speaking doesnt look like i have your contact".. " dont lets just put it this way...i guess you received my presents and my text message right"... " you are the know i will kind of give kudos to stalk pretty nicely even through the confines of my room".. " that what you think of just someone who cares and as you have seen am seriously in need your presence".. "Who even does dont even know me...i might be some troll for all you care".. "Oh baby...i really do know you...i just have one request..please can you grant me?.. " as far as it is within my capacity".., "I want us to be friends.." "Well..sorry to burst your bubble but i dont do male friends..except if my dad allows it"... "Then so be it...let me ask him then",, "Well..good luck with that..goodbye".. "Ok..goodbye my noor".. I ended the call and a small smile crept to my face...wait...did he?...did he just say my noor...people could be so weird..was he serious when he meant he was going to see daddy??😨😨 I quickly picked my phone i re dialled the number several times but he did not pick up..i threw the phone on the bed and hissed...i wanted entering into the bathroom when my phone rang..i picked it up without checking the caller i.d.. "Hello...were you serious when you said you were going to see daddy?".. "Uhhh...were you expecting someone's call"..salmahs voice rang through the line.. "Oh..its you is the wedding going..i guess i should be expecting you a day after tomorrow right?.. "You think you are did not answer my question...who were you have started hiding things from disappointed"...salmah said.. "Hmm munchkin pumpkin.."...i narrated everything to her.. "Awwn so sweet...hanan please give this guy a chance already..he sound sincere...if you don't want i am available o.." "Crazy girl...yea he kinda sounds sincere..i will..if he ever calls back".. "Ok..daman i saw some abayas and i wanted you to choose your designs..i sent them via WhatsApp...check them and tell me what you think".. I are the best besty..i would do that right away.. I checked them and i chose a pink one...i could not believe it but i actually liked it.. The day flew by...i was thinking about my "someone who cares'..dont mind me but i was wondering when next he will call again and who was behind the phone vibrated signalling a notification..i crossed my fingers hoping he was the one..lo and behold he was the sender.. "Night is wonderful opportunity to rest, to" forgive, to dreams, to smile and to forget all worries....goodnight my noor.. Immediately..i called.. "Uhh my noor...missed me much...i thought you were asleep?".. "Well i was about to and i saw your message..please who are you".. "Well..nice going my noor...since you are eager..i was kinda enjoying this..but dont worry i will tell you since you insist...i will surprise you in two days time in shaa Allah"...goodnight With that he ended the call...i sighed and lied sounds weird but i cannot wait the surprise.. forGiddy with salmahs arrival and my surprise... I went downstairs to meet mummy but meeting them talking with her hubby..i quickly started tip toeing back to my room...+ "Uhmm hanan... I was about to call you..i wanted speaking to you"...mummy broke my little escape. "Yea...let me leave you so you can talk..i think she will be more comfortable"...with that daddy left the parlour.. An awkward silence wrapped the living room...i never felt awkward with mummy before so i guess something must be definitely wrong.. "Hmm hanan.. I know you just clocked 21..these few years living with you..nobody has come to see you..even a know what i mean" I hate where this is about to get the talk aren't i..😳😳 "I know how your childhood has not been easy for you...but i guess you just have to woman up and face your future and that includes marriage".. Memories of my childhood came running back to me. But did she just say marriage😡😡😡..future..i squirmed starting to get uncomfortable .. "Someone met your dad about you. I don't know whether you have prior knowledge before that"?.. " i don't"..i managed to say in a tiny voice.. "Toh..nevertheless your father has agreed to him coming to see you..he is coming over people will get to know each other better...and if you guys finally agree on each other we can have a wedding God willing"...she said with a smile.. "From what your dad said...he is really well mannered and dont bring your childishness into the picture..not everyone tolerates it".. I never knew conversing with my mum could become this awkwardπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯..we could not even continue gisting properly.. "Your dad told me he is coming by four..and this is almost getting to three..go and prepare light snacks for him and get dressed.. Go now you go"... That guy is really a he has the effrontery to meet dad...see what he has caused...for the first time i could not have a proper conversation with my parents..but one side of me cant wait to see the mystery guy and get my little surprise.. I stood in the kitchen for what felt like 20 minutes but i could not think of anything to prepare...salmah even came inside and i did not hear her...that was how lost i was.. "Hey troll...what are you even thinking about..i have been here for like 10 minutes but you did not notice"... "Wallahi i am drilled up...that guy is visiting today and i don't even know what to prepare".. "Ok how about your signature couscous..everyone loves it..nobody can say no to a plate of delicious couscous and shredded chicken right".. "Not everyone likes couscous salmah"...2 "Well his loss..more for us then...besides this is three... What do you want to prepare in a short span of time.." "Well couscous it is then"... "Let me go upstairs and refreshen.." "Hey...are you not going to help me.." "This is your future husband we are talking about here so do the work yourself..need anything..anty dije is here".. Salmah is a devil i thought before i got to work..i finished 50 minutes later...that gave me 10 minutes to get dressed..who does that😟😟 After much battle with salmah..she gave me a light makeup and made me wear the Abaya she bought...during this period jamil came to inform me about his arrival.. 2 I started sweating profusely...i dont want to do this anymore.. Salmah had to push me out side.. Descending down the stairs... I could hear laughter.. Walida was sitting with the guy facing backwards...i couldn't see his face but he was dressed in a white caftan coupled with a black cap...his masculine scent announcing itself all over the sitting room.. Walida was really getting along with this guy...i hope i would also.. I went into the kitchen and placed a cup of orange juice and a bottle of water on a tray and left for the living room...i stared down to the floor and quietly dropped the tray.. "Masha Allah my look so dashing..wont you look up at me".. "Good evening...i dont even know your i dont know what to address you with" eyes were still downcast.. He laughed out kinda sounds familiar but i could not place a finger on it.. Walida stood up and left the sitting room sending hanif to us.. They immediately bonded with hanif when he sat...but seriously am i the only one who finds it difficult to look at this guy..i shyly found myself stealing glances..but i could not still see his face only his stubs of teddy beards.. "Please take water or orange juice".. "Yea i will...but are you not going to ask for your surprise".. I smiled shyly...what was wrong with me..this is not you haleemah...this mushiness is not so part of youπŸ˜” "Look at me then...your head has been down since... Look up if you want to get your surprise".. I shyly looked up and met his face..those caramel brown eyes look familiar..1 "You!!!!!"...i screamed..2 --------------------------944--------------------------🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 "You"... What the hell are you doing in my sitting room?...stalking me wasnt enough for you.. You had to follow me calling Abbah and the security right now".. "My noor..calm down"..he said raising his hands in surrender. "You personally said if i wanted to be friends with you i should seek permission from your dad which i did...and remember a promise is a are a Muslim remember".. I rolled my eyes at he was using this card right...then so be takes two to play a game after all i smirked.. "Oh really...the it would be quite fun if i told daddy we met at the airport and you stalked his daughter"...that should do it.. "Well...he already know that...i told him about it".. Is this guy really serious.. " about the gift cards "...i got him here.. "Well...i think everyone besides you know about this"...he smirked.. "What!!!" there were all in this together all wonder they got along fairly and here i was thinking they just met for the first timeπŸ˜–πŸ˜–..he was smiling...i wanted wiping it off with a slap.. "Ina wuni ummah"...i heard him saying...seeing mummy he squatted down greeting her with his head low...this guy is really something😏😏 "How are you..hope you are good..what about your parents...hope she has served you well and is not disturbing you with her childishness"... Is mummy really caring about this guy??.. "Ke hanan...i thought you prepared him food..go get it before its know he probably has other things to do.." I opened my mouth to say something but mummy glared at me and left the parlour.. " noor prepared something for really care about me"..he said batting his eyelashes.. "Oh would die before you taste it".. "Or should i call mummy back...seeing she ordered you to do so...hanif would you please tell mummy hanan is starving me?".. I rolled my eyes and hissed...i went into the kitchen and brought out the dishware...knowing mummy would be checking up on me very soon...she doesnt trust me😭😭 I dropped it in front of him and glared.. "Wont you do the honours and serve know the prophet ordained us to be kind to our neighbours and visitors right?.." This guy seriously has problems...i picked up the spoon and dished out the food for him.. He started eating and looking up at me with a smile on his face..halfway done, he dropped the fork and wiped his mouth.. "This is amazing noor...i stopped eating because you wouldn't stop looking at me...i wont mind eating this for the rest of my life..besides i dont want you thinking am a glutton on the first day".. Seriously guys...this guy got serious issues..he was still savouring the taste and he was not shameless enough to tell me.. "Well since you really loved the dish...i could package it for you in a take home pack"... "That would be great my noor....besides fauziyya would really appreciate".. " fauziyya you sister?"...then how comes.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "Am more pretty than her...well it comes with the personality.." He smirked.. "You wish..".. I couldn't believe it but we conversed for some period of time..without me getting irritated...i learned a lot from him..he was humorous and sweet..i think we would get along fairly.. At precisely 6:30 he stood to take his leave..but not without saying goodbye to everyone.. I saw him off to the gate.. "Well my noor...i wouldn't mind staying for two more hours..but i dont want to be a bore and making daddy revoke his permission..and also major's drills".. "Wait...your dad is a soldier?" "Yes..but he is retired now".. He gave me a gift bag and drove off.. I went back into my room and laid on the bed.. " dont get to lie down...gist me..common...i really want to hear every detail".. I forgot salmah was still here..😡😡😡 "Ke...please tell me i want to go home..its getting late..and you know i did not bring my car"., I sighed.. I told her everything " its really zahradeen...awwn so sweet..i think you should give this guy a two are already getting along..and everyone likes him..well except you".. "Yea i know...i got to know him better..he is not who i thought he appeared to be...i feel a positive vibe towards him".. "Awwn...hanan got a boy friend. Ouuuu...hanan and zahradeen sitting on a tree..." "Pervert.." I pulled her ears "I was just going to have a spoilt mind dear".. "Come lets go...let me tell Abubakar to drop you off..then he will bring me back after i say hi to your mom. ".. After dropping salmah home..i took my bath and laid down..trying not to think about how he looked today...talking about the devil.. "Hello my noor'...his voice rang through the phone.. "You could not even call to check whether i arrived home hurt".,. "Am sorry ok..i was occupied by salmah..and i had to drop her off at her house"...wait...did i just say sorry?.. "Ohh..your sweet is she..extend my regards".. "So did you give fauziyya the couscous".. "Yea i did...she was jumping like someone who had sugar rush..and noor.. she refused to share".. "Yea why should she...after all you ate yours..are you a glutton?".. "Hey dont blame me...a man got to love his food...after all.. the pave way through a mans heart is his stomach..ever heard of that?..but you have already found the way right before you found the stomach path".. I giggled and shook my head...we spoke for all most two hours...i did not know what we were even saying..just silly things.. " noor please i need a favor".. My heart skipped a bit.."go on i am listening.. "Please i want you to give us a chance...i cant bear one more second away from you"...he said with a voice filled with love.. I waited silently for 5 minutes..i did not know what to say.. " noor..its okay if you least i am content that your love grew in my heart"..he said with sadness.. " noo..i was just thinking how sudden it sounds".. "You don't have anything to worry about since our parents are involved...i wont hurt you..i cant even risk it...your dad would have my head on a plate"..he laughed I smiled also..there was no point delaying..whether it was today..tomorrow or next year.. "Ok..i will..but promise to be nice".. "I promise"..he shouted.. "Quit acting like a hormonal teenager".. "When am with more than that my noor".. We said goodbye and i closed my eyes thinking about what the future would hold for us..smiling and cheers to a new beginning.. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 It seems since i welcomed him into the folds of my perspective of things began to change..i saw light in everything...i dont know if it was his charisma or charms...but nevertheless one thing i know for sure is that i had fallen in love with him... Yea..yea...i admitted it...haleemah is in love with zahradeen and she is not ashamed to say it..πŸ’πŸ’ Everyone seems to welcome our relationship with open arms..thats a good thing right?..1 I even had the privilege to meet umm Ammar and umm Al-qasim...they travelled down to see me...i felt very special..they treated me like a first i was shy..but when i opened up...they were the elder sisters i never had.. Not to also mention fauziyya and sadiq...those two are something else πŸ‘Œthey are the perfect siblings... Basically...i see a future with zahradeen and it looks brightπŸ™ˆ I was drawn out of my reverie with my ringtone..flashlight by jessie...i munchkin was calling...i guess he was at the gate...we were going for a little drive.. "Hello gum drop.." "Noorul qalbi...which one is gumdrop..yesterday it was munchkin pumpkin...where do you get all these names from".. "Awwn...hunny bun..dont worry i got plenty from where that came from.." "Well...are you outside with Abubakar.." "Arent you coming inside to greet your siblings.?" "You know if i come in we would be i would prefer coming back first before coming come on out... And please dont look too beautiful..i cant risk it.." "Awwn..someone is a little jealous and is in my genes... i cant promise you but dont worry am gonna try".. "You better do...i cant risk it...not everyone is blessed with a gem like you.." "If you continue speaking this way...i will just prefer to sit at home and listen to you.." I said smiling "Noor...come out frail heart is aching to see you".. "But you saw me just yesterday night!!!" "Its never enough my never would be enough..".. I quickly dropped the call and picked up my scarf and wrapped it..bringing the two ends forward...i was dressed in a white high waist fray skirt..and a pink chiffon top...i took my flats and wore..i couldn't risk it..i dont know where we are going to this time.. I dont want what happened last time to repeat itself.. Flashback.. "Hey noor...why are you falling behind.." " feets are killing me..this heels are boring holes into my soles...i should not have worn them.." "Ok...what do we do now...i cant carry you...your dad will have my head...ok..come here" STORY CONTINUES BELOW  He loosened the buckles of my shoes and gave me his...although they were a little too big...they were comfortable.. "Sugar plum...what are you going to wear then.." "Dont worry about me...i care for you more...i can manage"., He collected my shoes from me and we continued our walk..going back to the car i noticed a few scratches on his feet.. "You hurt you leg because of me." "Dont worry noor...i can bear anything for your sake...yours is just to love me".. At that moment i decided...i was meant to be with him...we compliment each other.. I was drawn back from my sweet memory with my will have my head.. Driving through town was fun we chatted and bickered..fighting on little things... Gosh this guy is my dreams....somebody pinch me...i feel i have found my Mr perfect.. "Sugar plum...we have been driving through this our little date?"..i air quoted.. "Impatient..are we..don't worry...i wont go to sell you.." "You know..even if you try...major will have your head on a stake... You want to sell his angel".. We came to a stop in front of a manmade lake and lush grasses...the place looked breath takingly beautiful .he opened the door for me and i stepped out...the softness of the grass tempted me to remove my shoes and actually feel their coldness...nature...mama nature.. Going further i saw a mat spread with a picnic basket on it.. "Awwn..hayate..that looks so cute".. "Not as cute as you do..beside none can compare to thee.." I cringed.."spare me with your Shakespearean English.. You sound very terrible".. "Am hurt noor...i was trying to be romantic you know"..he pouted Did i mention he looks super cute when he does that...damm girl am one heck of a lucky girl.. I smiled as he opened the content of the basket...there were cup cakes club sandwiches..fruit juice..and chicken..i sighed...this guy is just too felt too good to be true.. After eating and goofing around he brought down his serious face...i know that face...maybe i did something wrong...or he is finally tired of my childishness πŸ˜–πŸ˜– i braced myself.. "Uhmm noor...since the first day i saw you..i knew i had finally found my better half...but getting to know you more just renewed the feeling all over again... You are the best thing that has happened to me noor...i dont know whether i could live without you..i can't bear it if i loose you.." I sighed...i felt so loved and yet i could still feel something was still yet to come.. "Gum drop...i love you know i dont get to say it everyday but that does not mean i dont love compliment make the best out of keep me happy and most importantly you keep my family happy...i cant thank you enough for that... "Noor...i know we have just been together for six month...people might say i rushed into things...but i know and i feel i took the right decisions i cant wait anymore noor...i want to make you mine..noor please allow me to send my parents to your home for your proper hand in marriage..please what do you say...say yes please..i cant bear it anymore...say something..πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž+ "Please my noor say something... You have been quiet for so so sorry...i never meant to hurt you..but please i cant hold back anymore.." I stared into space for the up tenth time...marriage????...was i too young...i dont even think i could take care of myself talk more of another....its just too early...i know i loved zahradden and all but the subject of marriage did not just pop up... "Ta...take me home"...i managed to say with a small voice.. "Am sorry my noor...i just had to say it..i really need you".. "I said take me home..or am going by myself".. " problem lets go".. I slowly stood up and entered the car ..i have never seen zahradeen downcast was a strange sight to me..he entered the car and started the ignition.. The ride back home was very quiet...i could not bear the silence..this is all strange to me...he did not even put on the radio..he kept on looking straight ahead and driving.. We got home and he parked in front of the gate.. "Are you not coming inside to say hi?".. "No..go on ahead i have something to do...apologize on my behalf".. With that he zoomed off...hanan what have you done? should have said something even if its a no... I slowly entered the house and walked up into my room thinking about what transpired between us...did i make the right decision.. Or am i just exaggerating things..he loves me a lot and i also love whats the delay..but am not ready to commit am i...i dont even know whats wrong with me😞😞 I was down all through..i couldn't imagine what zahradeen must be going through..i already miss him..i picked my phone and checked my time it was 10:30 and zahradeen has not called nor doomed.. His voice always put me at ease..but see now.. I tossed and turned and finally i slept off almost around 2:00am.. The next morning i woke up..thinking i would wake up to a text message from my sugar bum...just as he normally does..but i did not..tears build up in my really outdid it this time...the morning passed slowly and before i knew it the evening has arrived and he still had not called..i did not know how much i loved him until now..i could not do anything proper.. I locked my room and picked up my phone to call him..i hesitated...what if he does not want to speak to me..or worse..what if he does not want me anymore...i started crying dropping my phone on the floor .. After what felt like hours my phone rang...but i knew he was not the one..because i customized his ringtone.. I checked the caller i.d it was salmah...i picked it up and answered with a froggy voice.. "Hello salmah..." "Subhanallah..hanan what happened...are you sound like someone who cried.." " shiga uku...i have outdone it this time...he doesn't want me anymore"..i burst out crying "What happened hanan..tell are scaring me..what did you do to him?".. "Salmah...he said he wanted to send his parents to our house for my hand in marriage.." "Ohhh hanan...and you said no.." "No salmah...its worse...if i had said no it would have been a lot better.." STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "Then what did you do hanan.." "Salmah..i did not say anything...i just kept quiet and worse... After keeping quiet i could only say take me home...salmah...he has not called since yesterday..nor texted..he has never done matter how busy he is...salmah this just means he doesnt want me anymore..".. "Hmm...hanan...dont say that...after what happened..i guess he is just giving you some space to think and gather know thats how Najib does to dont even ask how i know....but hanan tell me...why did you say no..isnt that what you be with your prince charming?...or dont you love him anymore?.." "Salmah i do love him very much..but i guess i did not expect the question salmah..i think am too young to get married..and take on responsibilities" "Hmm...hanan..for God are 21..and you think you are too young...what of the girls that get married at the age of 14..what do you say to that..hanan you have graduated so school is not a hindrance...what are you really afraid of"..2 " afraid of marriage"... Salmah burst into laughter...this girl is something...laughing at a serious time like this.. "Hanan...let me tell you better think things through..before another girl will take your place...the guy seriously needs you and you are doing shakara...i pity you..let another girl see him.." "You are not being supportive you think he will go to another girl.." "Hanan..stay there... I pity you..dull girl..better go get what is yours.." "Thank you salmah...i will talk to mummy tomorrow and seek for advice..thanks".. "You are welcome...back to business before you disturbed me with your love wahala...Najib is finally coming to seek for my hand i marriage..they are coming tomorrow.." Salmah was squealing like a mad woman...she is not even shy.. "Am happy for you..munchkin is finally a woman...our najib is marking his territory".. "So you will be my chiefs brides ready to start working..and during yours i will just say najib refused me coming.." "You must be mad ..when i would come and drag you even najib will not have any say..besides who said you are getting married before me"... " you are saying yes to him...nice".. "Who told you so..." With that i ended the call and took up my veil...i need to talk to mummy.. I went toward mummy room and stopped by the door...i hesitated..should i do this..i slowly opened the door and met her on her praying mat reading the Qur'an.. I sat down quietly and watched her...noticing my presence.. She stopped reciting and marked the page.. "Are you ok hanan...your eyes looks something the matter..?" I sighed..why did i not wash my face she knows i cried.. " your mother you can tell me anything..whats wrong...or is it zahradeen.. I quickly looked did she know..mums could sometimes be... "He is the one isn't it...what happened tell me..did he touch you..or did he do anything to you".. I hate where this is going...i am the one at fault here "No...mummy he did not do anything".. "Then what happened..if you are not ready to talk..go and sleep".. "Mummy no...daman he wanted to come officially for my hand in marriage"... "Thats good news..the earlier the better...then why are you crying".. "Mummy i did not give him an answer because i was he has refused to talk to me.." "Did you try calling him"... "No...i did not".. "Then why are you he always the one to call...where is that rule written..and also why did you not give him an answer..dont you want him anymore..remember me and your dad gave him the green flag..but we will not force you into something you dont want"... "Mummy..i like him..its just that am scared of marriage"... "Hmmm...come here my baby".. Mummy laid my head down on her laps and was stroking my head... " know there comes a time where every girl must leave her parents house for her husbands house..whether she likes it or not...its a must if not she will be tagged in the society....also hanan you do love this boy and he does love you..from what i gathered his family adores you..then why are you scared".. "I dont know mummy...i guess i dont want to leave you people"... "Silly are not leaving are forever our little princess".. "Ok..mummy..thank you"... "So go and do the right thing my dear...i want to also be a grandmother"... I laughed shyly and ran out of the room...zahradeen here i come.. I entered into the room and picked my phone..I saw an indication of a missed call.. And was my baby...i quickly dialled back.. "Hello my noor...i called you earlier".. Oh my God i missed his voice.. "Yea..honey bun..i was a little distant from the phone.." "Noor...i called to say sorry...i should not have dumped that on you...i was so selfish and self centered...i did not ask for your consent...i just wanted you for myself..without thinking about your decision.. am sorry..take your time.. Anytime you are ready..i will be waiting for you.." I wanted crying..he is going through a lot of pain..i could hear it from his voice.. " poor baby...i was the selfish one..i was too blind to see your love..besides..i was just acting like a can tell them to come..i want to be yours forever.."2 "You dont need to apologise noor...wait..what did you say".. "You can tell them to come.. I am ready".. "Noor..thank soo happy"...he was screaming... He acts like a teenager sometimes "I love you noor...i love you... Am telling baba first thing tomorrow morning..noor i love you soo much"... I knew my happiness lies with him...i could feel myself floating with happiness...i quickly texted salmah.. "The troll said yes to her prince charming".. "Oh my God we are having a double wedding πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ".. I sighed..i belong to him...i know it..till death do us part...i slept peacefully that night.. Thinking about the better things coming...☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ I received a call this morning from my hunny bun informing me about the kayan lefe to be brought to our home today...should i be happy? Salmah family received hers last was a total of four boxes with so many beautiful clothes in them...we admired them till we could do no more... At precisely 1:30 our house was filled with guests...i could not go downstairs so walida and hanif were my spies....telling me every moves..taking turns to do so😎😎...i wanted knowing the amount of boxes they brought...i was dying to seeπŸ˜–πŸ˜– Salmah came over and kept me company..but i really knew what brought her..she could not hide her excitement.. After what felt like days...walida finally came and informed me that the guests have left... I felt like going straight to mummys room...because i knew they would be kept there... But i stopped my self knowing that will earn me a knock from anty zulaihat and stares from all those nosy aunties...wondered who invited them though..πŸ˜’πŸ˜’2 After all my self restraint me and salmah giddily darted towards mummys room.. "Toh...mara kunya..where do you think you are going to".anty zulaihat playfully said.. "Uhmm..uhmm..uhmm"...where the hell did my vocabulary go to..3 "We want to go and bake some cookies"..salmah quickly interjected.. "Ahh..i see... and last time i checked that is not the way to the kitchen...the kitchen is downstairs, or have you guys changed the location?".. "Kai..anty zulaihat..let cut the chase..please i want to see hanan kayan lefe".. That earned us both a twist of the ear from anty zulaihat.. "Kai..children of more shyness..when it is time for the marriage now you people will turn hypocrites all of a sudden..pretending you don't want to go shedding crocodile tears..i was just about to call you.. Go and check before you will start crying"..she rolled her eyes1 We giddily entered mummys room...salmah quickly darted for the boxes..thank God nobody was in the we began to open the boxes..we came in contact with underwears...blush quickly crept up to my cheek..i remembered when umm Ammar was asking me of my was so weird..2 They really outdid themselves..wallahi i loved everything that was contained in the boxes..may Allah Azzawajal grant them more sustenance..2 After going through all the was as if a heavy load was brought out from our head... " jealous of you".. "Ke are mad...i was totally in love with your kayan lefe i literarily did not want to leave them..kai najib really got class.. We were in the middle of our bantering when mummy came inside.. "Toh Alhamdulilah for making me see this day..when my two babies would become wives".. We hid our faces..blushing " toh hanan..since you have seen your boxes..the date to your wedding has been fixed..its coming up in two months salmah better make a to do list of what you want fast so we can beat time".. "Two months time.. Thats like two months's too close...why is zahradeen in such a i running away".. Salmah dragged me out of the room "Ke girl.. Mine is a month after your...kai zahradeen has spoilt my plans..i was thinking of twining our wedding dress and makeup...i even booked us appointment from a beautician and guess what...she is coming from maiduguri..she whispered that part slowly..zahradeen would go gaga..when he would give his birth right to you he would not know..but since he is a plan spoiler am not doing again"..she pouted I was laughing like a maniac...My phone vibrated signalling an incoming message..a part of me knew who it was My heart beat...i miss you..hope you really loved the things brought..i trust you have seen them.- zd My love...i miss you more...i did not like them even one bit how could you choose such things...this lady got class you know..-hanan Am so sorry my love..ok please sent me the list of what you like and if possible pictures so i can get them and send them know i only live to please you..-zd "What are you doing on your phone...i have been rambling..and you have just been smiling to yourself like an idiot..salmah said.. She grabbed my phone and darted for my room..she immediately shut the door behind soo gonna kill this girl..i pray she does not do anything stupid..i could hear her laughing like an idiot from inside.. "Ke salmah...quit reading my text will go blind i swear and i will not hesitate to tell najib to marry a 15year old from the village"...i knew she would open the door because she is so possessive of her boo as she calls him.. Like i predicted she opened the door and flung my phone to me...i did not know how manage but i got hold of it..salmah went downstairs and entered the kitchen...i knew i have started trouble.. I quickly checked my phone...what the heaven did this girl because i teased her she decided to take revenge immediately.. My hunny bun...i really loved all the this you brought..they were all beautiful especially the underwears..i was just pulling your legs..luv you always.. -hanan..4 i quickly dialled zahradeen...i forgot he was at work...i ended the call and ran downstairs. I met salmah with a cup of juice and her signature wicked smirk on her face.. "Hanan how did you like all my reply to your husband".. "Salmah you are such an do you expect me to get out of this one".. "Thats your problem...this will teach you not to venture into my territory again" "Ke..see this girl o..what will i do in your territory when i have a kingdom all to myself and am a Queen there"..i hissed " will find who will do your make up for you on your wedding day".. "Haba salmah..i was just joking now...warris wrong with you..sombori cannot play with you..i used jennifa voice.. She burst into laughter..."you better get matured before your wedding..we dont want zahradeen to return you a day after tying the knot".. "Salah..duhling i learnt from the best you know...soo about that maiduguri woman".. I raised and wiggled my eyebrows.. "Spoilt girl...may the lord forgive you..let me book her quickly..she will even do your lalle for you..and i will also tell her to bring kayan kamshi know the other"..she winked her eyes.. "Salmah..i was thinking of telling Fauziya to design my wedding dress..what do you think".. "OMG..since when i knew you this is the Best idea you have ever brought forth in your her asap.. I called fauziyya and she was soo happy to do remains room decor and kitchen gonna die before this wedding..Heyy my are you all doing..eid mubarak to everyone..i wanted to give an eid update but could wan kill me..thank you all for the votes you shower on Zahleemah and also for those who just added the book..oya take wont regret it..tell a friend to tell a friend..and for my sweethearts who stuck since the beginning of the book..send me your account detailsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž..let me not babble haleemah is glaring daggers at me.. ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ Weeks passed like a blur and i was still undergoing my beauty treatment..going through hell just to make myself with pain..but just how i hated it i loved skin is as soft as a marshmallow.. Glowing like a ruby..and smelling nice like a native shuwa-arabs home..i was restricted from going about my freedom.. Every body was up and doing.. the events to my wedding is starting tomorrow..i cant wait to be officially called Mrs Haleemah Zahradeen Aliyu..but i did not want to also leave my about mixed feelings.. I met so many of zahradeen friends..all of the were as crazy as he is..especially Abbas and shurym..Ibrahim and fahad were the cool ones amongst them.. I loved the way they freely associated with me and my family.. The first event which was the bridal shower..salmah and the rest of our clique went overboard with the games and fun activities.. I literarily passed out.. The next event was the Arabian night..i never knew zahradeen could speak Arabic till when he gave a long speech about me..i regretted playing in islamiyya..thank to my ustaz i learnt a little so i could translate to the best of my knowledge.. We played matchmaker and my friend surayya was matched with fahad..but i think it will go beyond that because i could see she was blushing and he flashing a devilish smile.. The next event was the kamu..umm ammar and umm Al-qasim were present..a lot of his aunts came..they were head over heels for me..i was lucky to be getting married to this family..umm Ammar was the one that lifted my veil after dropping the sum of #500,000..umm Al-qasim sprayed me perfume and promised me a brand new car..3 Then the d-day arrived..ghen ghen.. i woke up in the morning with a headache..the house was filled to the brim..salmah would not leave me alone..anty zulaihat was also not helping matters..why did i agree to get married in the first place..lot of notification popped up from my zaujj..but i could not bring myself to open it.. Salmah started doing my makeup..perks of having a makeup artist as a friend..i stomach churned..i could not take it anymore..i dashed into the bathroom and threw up all what i i even ate anything.. I was very nervous..surayyah, basmah, and Aisha comforted me..i wasnt crying..but i was not happy either.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  Immediately i started hearing yodelling from the women outside..this is it..the deed has already being done..they have finally tied you with a stranger for life.. Anty zulaihat barged into the room.." daura auren haleemah Abdulrahman maina da Zahradeen Aliyu..a bisa sadakin dubu hamsin a cikin addinnin musulunci..(they have tied the knot between haleemah and zahradeen bases on the dowry of #50,000 in accordance to the teachings of Islam.. Numb..numb..that was all i could feel..the room erupted with shouts and Allahu Akbar..several notifications came into my phone but i could not bring myself to check them..what is wrong with me..why am i not happy..i wanted this..i agreed to this marriage..not that i was forced into it..i was dragged out of my thinking with salmahs voice.. "Ke hanan..your husband has been trying to contact have not been responding..he is waiting downstairs for you for some snapshot..common cheer do not want to look like smeagol on your wedding day.. I wanted to curl up like a ball and lie forever on my bed..but when you have a friend like salmah..forget about your needs..she gave me a re touch and dragged me downstairs.. Smoochkum(author- wondered where she got the name from..anyway its her husband..let her do whatever she likes) was sitting on the couch with his silly friends looking as handsome as ever.. "Amarsu ta ango..kin sha kyau..a sare kan zahradeen a baki..( bride of the beautiful.. Let them cut off the head of zahradeen and hand it to you..Abbas spoke I could help but smile..zahradeen has not yet spoken he was just smiling like a fool in love..i wanted wiping that smile with a slap.. A moment i was looking at him..the next i was evolved in a hug..his chest was so warm and he smelled really nice..i was squirming trying to get away but i could not..he cupped my face in his arms and kissed my fore head..i could hear ouuuu and ahhh from our stupid friends.. "My noor...i have been waiting for eternity to do that..i love you my complete me".. "Hmm..let us go Abbas and co..these ones clearly want to blind my eyes..salmah spoke.. "Go get married..if you are really disturbed about our public display of affection i said.. Salmah rolled her eyes..we forgot the photographer was there.. He took a picture of when we hugged and kissed..we took our pictures and they left..zahradeen hugged me one last time.. "My noor..i will be waiting for you at our house tonight.. Come prepared"..with that he winked ant went outside.. What does he means by come this guy really serious..a chill ran down my spine i was suddenly scared.. Lecture time...i was taken round all my nosy aunties and they lectured me..dont do this.. Do that..dont do that..i wanted rolling my eyes..i finally went upstairs to pray my magrib prayer and kept supplicating to my lord.. "Anty hanan..baba is calling you"..hanif said.. I is chickening out..i dont want this telling baba to call off the marriage..i slowly got up and went into his room I was walking like a zombie with anty zulaihat leading me..she knocked and i entered then she closed the door behind me..i did not know when tears started running out from my eyes.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  " baby is all grown up".. Daddy cooed.. I burst into tears and ran into his open about a married lady..he hugged me tightly.. And i also could hear him..he was stifling a sob.. "Baba i dont want to do this anymore..i cant bear to leave this off the wedding..i am not going anywhere..i dont want to ever get married"..i cried..2 I did not know mummy was even in the was when i heard her sigh and spoke up.. "Hanan..come here" I dragged myself to mummys side as she laid my head on her legs..she was stroking my head gently.. "Hanan..every lady at one point in time has to leave her parents house for her husbands..and now your own time has come..God has given you a very nice family to fit in..they love you..and am very sure will take care of you..and also we forever love you..this is your home..we are just some minutes apart..we will forever be there for you..your mother in law is now your new not think you took care of the same to them..let them know the kind of family you came from through your actions...may Allah bless you and your home..may he shower his rahmah on you and your husband"...with that she kissed my head and hugged me.. "My baby..i could remember when you were given birth to...immediately i carried held my hands tightly and never wanted to let go..i vowed that day to always be there for you and take care of you..and now you are all grown up now..going to start your own family..leaving your poor daddy alone..i know zahradeen will take good care of you..Alhaji maina is also a father to not show any differences and do not forget the daughter of whom you are"..i love you my baby.. I could not control myself any longer.. I am calling zahradeen this instant.. I know do again.. Author: hanan dont cry am here for you.. Mummy : you..madam author are you not getting married? Author: very soon mama very soon.. Mummy: i hope you will invite us.. Author: of course are my uwar daki5 With that anty zulaihat came to drag me out of the room..salmah and co quickly came to my side.. "Ke..idiot..why are you want us to take you to zahradeen..and you are here shedding crocodile tears..salmah said "Dont mind her..till we get there now..she will start shining her teeth"..basmah chipped in.. "Girls hurry up..the car is waiting for you..dress her properly"...anty zulaihat ordered.. Salmah put on my Alkyyaba..refusing to do my make up saying i will ruin it..she just wiped my face..and promised to do it when we get to my home? ...i cant believe am going to another house entirely.. We sauntered to the car..Abbas and co were just flashing their teeth..i could see them under my hood..i wanted slapping him.. We did not drive far because my house was still in maitama least am not far from home..we entered into my was beyond my expectations..i could not close my mouth..i brain noted to explore the house subsequently... We entered where i guess was my room.. 1 STORY CONTINUES BELOW  I forgot zahradeen was also a purple freak.. Salmah distributed my clothes in the wardrobe and lit an incense stick...its never enough..i could recall anty Asmau saying to take care of my body and house with perfumes..they sooth the mind and a happy mind leads to a happy marriage.. We prayed our isha prayer..and sat down..i could not bring myself to start talking..millions of things were running through my mind..on the other hand my stupid friends were gisting and laughing their heads out.. When we heard the door opening..surayyah quickly brought my Alkyabba hood down.. "Amarsu ta ango"..fahad spoke "You are not allowed to speak to her..ita ai ba a araha kuka same ta sai mun gaya muku abin da zakuyi ba.. (You guys did not get her cheap..we do not have to tell you what to do.. "Toh...all this formalities self..ok let us leave them alone and go outside to talk..except you want us to start witnessing another public display of affection.. "We are not going oya..we are taking not less than #500,000 cash or transfer"..Aisha spoke "We agree..send your account details"..ibrahim spoke "Salmah..i just received an alert"..basmah spoke.. "Toh no problem..they can see their wife's face..but we are spending the night here"..salmah said "Salmah..dont try me fa..please go away..najib is waiting for you..leave my wife alone.." Zahradeen spoke.. "Mr man..why are you in such a hurry..she is yours forever.. Haba dont allow us to call you a coward"..shurym said.. "you people will not understand..i have been there before"..Abbas spoke He was the only married one amongst them.. Zahradeen immediately jumped on the bed and started removing his babban riga..he took off his cap and started unbuttoning his caftan..the girls quickly darted out the room..leaving only me and my husband..i was so nervous.. He gently took off my hoodie and kissed my fore head.. "My are so beautiful..i could eat you up now..except if i do i would not have another like you..i love you so much..thank you for agreeing to marry an idiot like me".. "Likewise"..i spoke gently that was the only thing i could mutter.. "Am sure you have prayed isha".. "Yes i have.." "Ok..get up lets pray two raka'at nawafil and thank our lord".. I slowly got up and performed another ablution..i came back but zahradeen was nowhere to be found..i started panicking..what could have happened..did he abandon me..or did they kidnap him.. " love..i went out to close the main doors and get a plate and some cups for us"..he said when he entered seeing me pacing up and down.. I sighed as he led the prayer..immediately we were done..i could not help but admire the way he recited the Qur'an.. He turned and smiled..then placed his hands upon my head and recited "Allahumma inni as'aluka khayraha, wa khayra min jabaltaha alayha..wa audhubika min shayraha wa shayra ma jabalthaha alayha" "O Allah..i ask you the goodness within her, and the goodness that you have made her inclined towards.. I seek refuge with you from the evil within her, and the evil you have made her inclined towards".. We subsequently ate the chicken and yogurt he brought..taking turns to feed each other..but he feeding me the most.. "Go take your bath my noor..let me also take mine in the other room".. I got up and entered the bathroom..after taking my bath..i came out with a towel..looking for a nightie to put on..i could feel somebody staring at me..i turned around and met zahradeen standing and mouth agape... He slowly moved towards me and cupped my face..he started raining kisses on me...owkay..this is getting awkward fast..his breath was ragged..he slowly dragged me to the head rest...fam..this is it..he gripped the end of the towel and pulled it away.. I suddenly gasped..but he is my husband after all..i was so shy i covered my face.. He flashed a devilish smile and proceeded to switch off the lights..i could feel heat creeping up the whole of my body..he switched on the night light and picked me up bridal style he laid me on the bed and started exploring every inch of my body...i just laid like a statue.. "Baby..arent you forgetting did not pray the prayer taught by the prophet".. He stopped and flashed a smile..he slowly recited.. Bismillah..Allahumma jannibnash shaytan wa jannibnas shaytana ma razaqtana.. (I am having relation in the name of Allah..keep us from the shaytan and keep him away from the children you grant us.. With that he continued from where he stop...and there they became one..mind, body and soul..πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€2 I could not bring myself to open my eyes the next morning...i was so shy, remembering yesterday night just made matters worst..i could not believe my gentle boo would growl out like a tiger..i guess he has been keeping it in.. "My noor, i know you are awake..its almost time for subh..go take a ritual bath let us pray..or better still.." He picked me up bridal style and i squealed.. "What the hell are you doing habibi..have some decency".. "Decency??... Habibaty you are my wife..and you know the Qura'an says"... "Yea i know..but we have to be fast..its almost time for subh prayer..the first adhan has been called already".. "I noor, thats why we are going to take our bath economize time and water".. He winked.. Ya Gaffar....i had no other choice than to comply...we took our bath quickly..coming out immediately the second adhan was called..we supplicated and then the staring contest began.. "I love you my noor...i love you..i cannot thank my Lord enough for granting me a spouse like you".. This guy will be the death of me...i was dragged out from my reverie with soft kisses placed on my forehead.. "Come lie down a little more before people start trooping to see my beautiful possession".. I climbed up the bed slowly and pulled the covers above my head.. "Noor..come cuddle with me".. A blush slowly crept up my cheeks..remembering how i cuddle with mummy and hanif..but this is way different from that..slowly i was drifted into a peaceful slumber..with butterflies and daisies.. Stirring from my sleep..i checked the bedside clock..09:00.. Ya Allah..first day in my house am already sleeping in..i slowly checked my side..Zahradeen was nowhere to be found..Yallah..what must he think of me now..dashing towards the bathroom to rinse my face..the door slowly opened.. "My noor..where are you..why would you be a spoiler, i wanted surprising you..i brought you breakfast in bed." I could imagine him pouting his lips.. I peeped through the creek of the door and i saw him pouting..i knew it...this guy looks so cute..Alhamdulilah..i finished what i was doing and went back to the room..i could not find him anywhere..why does this guy like disappearing..before i could make effort to look for him..i was picked up bridal style and put on the bed.. "Oo my..habibi dont scare me again ..and what is this?..breakfast in are spoiling me".. (Although i could get used to this).. "If i dont take care of my wife..who will"...he said dramatically.. I opened the cover and i saw club sandwiches.. Chips and eggs...and a nice steaming cup of flavoured tea...when did this guy wake up to arranged this... "Eat up my noor..we are going to see mummy to greet her formally" He fed me all through and Alhamdulilah the food was everything i imagined..every thing was to taste...the sandwich was arranged perfectly like he used a ruler to measure it.. "Thank you are the best...where did you learn how to cook like that"..i sighed "My know staying alone for six years can do a lot to some one..i learnt through trial and error"..he beamed a smile.. I slowly got up to clear the dishes away and take my bath to prepare for our visit..when he dragged me and i plopped down on the bed.. "Not so fast my noor...breakfast in bed?...i deserve something too you know"..he raised a brow.. I quickly brought my lips to his cheeks and kissed him.. "Thank you sugarplum..i love you till the square of infinity".., "You think you are smart ehhy..anyone could do that"...he spoke with a glint of mischief in his eyes.. He quickly turned me over so that he was straddling me.. "Hayatee stop it...this is past 10:00..we are going to be late...first impression matters you know.." I said shakily "I make the rule here noor...they can wait"..i could see fire of love in his eyes.. And with that we succumbed to our needs and desires..loving each other over again.. After much pleas and puppy dog eyes..he finally let me go have my bath.. Coming out of the bathroom..i figured he also went to take his bath in the other room..i sat rubbing all kinds of cream on my soft supple phone started ringing, looking at the caller was none other than salmah.. "Hello love". "Dont hello love me...i never knew you were like zahradeen can come between us have already forgotten your best friend and its not even up to a day"... I could hear her faking a cry.. "You know baby..thats what you get for not getting married..this is the life girl..tell najib to whisk you away fast".. "Shameless dont even have shame..instead of you being quiet and behave like a typical hausa are here blabbing..i hate you Haleemah zahradeen Abdurrahman.. "And i love you too my dear"... With that zahradeen came in..i was still on the phone.. "Noor...who are you saying i love you too"...his face fell into a blank expression.. "Uhmmm it's just salmah dear..she is troubling me this early morning"... "Pass me the phone".. "Ke wife belongs to me only okay...she dont get to tell you i love calling najib this instant".. " you too have joined the shameless people people should be ashamed of getting married your face aha"... All of us burst out laughing... After ending the call i dressed myself in a purple voil lace and a white veil..zahradeen on the other hand was dressed in a white caftan and purple cap..looking dashing as ever.. We walked outside and went into the car..the drive was not even up to five minutes and we parked in front of the house.. I was so nervous.. I was already sweating.. "My noor..dont worry am here..everything will be alright".. With that he intertwined our fingers and opened the seems they were all expecting us because everyone was seated in the parlour..although my head was down but i could see them... "Good morning everyone"...i could hear zahradeen say.. I wanted sitting on the sofa closest to me..beside fauziyya..when a voice boomed... "Dont even dare...dont even try sitting there"... Am so very happy right now...we have gotten a thousand reads and countingπŸ‘―πŸ‘― an doing a mini dance right now..i couldn't have done this without my readers..i love you so those just joining this voyage..i promise it will be fun and worthdoing...i love you guys..those sending me messages and comment, you guys are the best..the more the merrier..i cant say i love you enough..zahleemah also ends their regards.....xoxoxo+ ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ I froze immediately... Tears welling up in my eyes...who could that be..please God, am too young to start encountering problems in my marriage...everyone loves me..or is it just a facade..ya Rabb. The sitting room was eerie quiet after mummys outburst... Everyone did not expect it as all eyes were on her...before the wedding she was the most anxious waiting to see haleemah..making everything perfect and flawless..was it all a pretense?.. Zahradeen was wearing a blank expression..his veins on his head popping.."haba mummy na...why should she not sit is she not part of the family?... "Shut up...what do you are already backing your wife up...if she was part of the family, she should at least have a little sense to obey me and do the right thing "..mummy finally said.. Tears had already started streaming from my eyes, clouding my vision..i was already feeling lightheaded.. "Haba hanan...why are you wronged me and you are the one shedding tears please stop it.. You are breaking my went to sit at the far end away from your mother...or dont you see me as a mother figure to are a daughter to me and a daughter should always be with her mother..come here habibaty"...mummy cooed1 My eyes shot up...what!!!!! this is what this is about..this woman is funny..i wiped my tears and slowly smiled walking in slow stride to mummy who was waiting with her arms open.. "Yauwa hanan...come sit with me..."ke yar gaban goshi na ne".. (You are now my favourite).. so i have to treat you better than this other children..mummy slowly stroked my head.. Fauziyya and jamil pouted.. "Haba are already showing preferential treatment to her..what will happen to us we poor souls"... "You have been with me for more than seventeen years and you are tired of you guys..i need fresh blood, go to your daddy maybe he wants you"...mummy smiled.. "I dont want them also.. I need a fresh blood also..hanan is my from today maybe ezikiel the gateman will shield you people in his room..because as you can guys are no more welcome here"..daddy spoke The room erupted in laughter..we were so engrossed in talking to each other making fun of ourselves...this feels like home..everyone welcomed me with opens arms..i am indeed blessed.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  You know they say good things happens to good people, and a perfect husband belongs to a perfect not perfect, but God has decided to bless me with a flawless family...i pray i would be able to keep my promises and protect this family happiness..there is so much joy and tranquility. Aside from personal difference and views, they always find a perfect way to support and compliment each other..this just reminds me of home.. I was very happy watching each and every one laughing even baba..he cancelled his work schedule just to make time with his family..this really means a lot to me..i pray zahradeen will do so at all times.. After spending the whole day at my in laws house we decided to head back home but not after mummy has advised and chastised us...i was so happy she was seeing me in light of her daughter.. We finally got home...i was so tired to move, i was just happy we took our dinner before coming back home if not i could have plucked my hairs out of my head in frustration...zahradeen had to cajole me into changing and taking my bath...God has really given you a lazy wife.. Life was so much perfect for me to notice any little flaw in my marriage...even if i did notice was too sweet for me to complain about it.. My marriage with zahradeen was the best thing that happened to me..with every new chapter, i discovered something new about him and also myself...making things work was just one of my many responsibility... We could not go for honeymoon although i was a little bit disappointed..i wanted going to Nairobi..but work just kept accumulating for my poor husband..i had to see things in his light and not behave selfish...he made it up for me with a candle light dinner and a walk in the park...ordinarily i should not be hyped about the walk..but it was so much different from my everyday walk... I was sitting in my bedroom watching stranger things 2 when my phone was salmah...her wedding was coming up in a week time...ordinarily, it should have taken place a month after mine..but najib had things to sort out and the house she was to stay in was not put in was undergoing some it had to be shifted two months.. Salmah cried her hearts out. "Baby are you doing...From the sound of your voice i know you are super hyped about the wedding"... "Hanan, am stressed out..i cant believe you underwent this...i cant wait for this to be over".. "You know..after the long wait, it will be worth the while right?...looking at the way najib is always ogling at you..he cant wait also".. Salmah burst into laughter.."i dont know what to do with you hanan..ok, back to know the program of events is starting next tomorrow..and you have to be there beforehand to give me moral support and all right".., "Emmm...salmah you know am married.. This your request..i dont know about that?".. "Baby gurl..dont marriage me.. I am also getting married..if you dont say yes am calling your husband and your mother this instant"... "Ok..i have heard if he comes back an gonna ask know i wouldn't miss your wedding for anything in the world"... "You better not..thanks love..take care".. I checked the was already 4:00 zahradeen will be back in an hour time.. I quickly did the necessary and went to take my bath..i dressed up in a white crop top and a pink bum short..time to tease someone.. At exactly 5:10..he entered the house looking worn out and tired..smiling..i slowly walked up to him and kissed his forehead..he looked at me with a mischievous glint in his eyes.. " do know your punishment for teasing me right"..he slowly kissed the nape of my neck.. "Oh i teasing you?..what did i do was just hot and i felt i needed fresh air"..i smirked "Or really?.. And u decided to look salivating..don't worry amma gentle man.." With that he captured my lips in his hungrily..this man has got to be the death of me..after 10 mins of intense kissing..i broke free.. "Hold your horses not going to run away..go take your bath and smell of work".. " sated with what am seeing here..dont worry".. "You dont get to do the boss here and you do as i say"..i dragged him upstairs and ran the bath..i left the room to arrange the dishes on the dining table.. After a while he got down and sat close to me..i began feeding him and in turn him feeding me.. "Am so lucky to have you as a wife noor.." "Dont worry the feeling is mutual"..i wiped the sauce from his mouth.. After eating..i felt it's the right time to bring up the request of salmah.. "Honeybunch.. Salmahs wedding is coming up in a week time and her events are starting in three days she was asking if i could come over before the wedding".. Zahradeen dropped the remote control he was holding and stared at me.. "Noor.. You do know you are married and have responsibilities to take care of..and you want to be gone for a week..who is gonna take care of me".. What the hell? because am married i cant attend weddings anymore?...i was feeling irked..i calmed myself and spoke.. " i know hayatee..but you know she has been my friend since forever.. And she was there at all times for my would not be fair if i did not attend hers".. "Am not saying you should not go..but am against you going there to stay before the wedding..who is going to take care of my needs and all?".. "Zahradeen.. Stop being inconsiderate.. Its not like am going to stay with a guy..this is an all girls event"..i stood up flaring.. "You think am inconsiderate.. Talk to yourself.. You have a home and husband to take care of and you are ignoring his rights just because of some stupid gathering"... "You know are selfish zahradeen".. "Am selfish.. .ok..let me show you are banned from leaving this are not even attending the wedding at all..and that is final".. "You are such a heartless!!..ahrr"..i ran upstairs with tears clouding my vision..why would he not just give in..i slammed the door and laid down crying my eyes out.. And that day..for the first time in the four months of my marriage we fought.. And worst still we slept in different room..and they say you should be always close to your adds love to the marriage..Hafsahsaeedahmad67..this chapter is for you😘😘 Zahradeen pov+ What have i done?...i made her cry after my promise to always keep her happy, am such an idiot..we just got married and we have had our first fight...was i inconsiderate or selfish?...but she should also view thing in my own perspective.. I cant let her go for more of days..she can as well attend the programs and come back home, even if she doesn't want to drive..i can drive her around.. I overreacted.. I need to set things right.. I slowly stood up and began walking in slow strides towards her room..for the four months of our marriage we have never slept apart..although we niggle sometimes but have never had a major fight like this.. I got to the door of our room..well its hers.. but i could not bring myself to knock..i could hear her sobbing..and with every sob my heart broke into bits..she was speaking to salmah i guess and she informed her she was not going to attend the wedding.. What the hell have i done? the bad guy now..everyone thinks so.. I slowly crept to my room..laying on my bed i tossed and turned...i missed he strawberry and vanilla scent..her hugs and my stolen kisses..her soft lips and innocent smile..slowly i drifted off into a torturous sleep. The morning light came..and guess what?..i was late for alarm wife😒😒..i quickly rushed and took my bath..i supplicated and got dressed for work..i could not afford to be late today..i had an important board meeting.. I stopped by the door of her room..but i could not bring myself to knock..i sighed and drove out..i know today will be a very long day.. Haleemah pov Was he right?...noo..he should understand.. Salmah had been my childhood friend and has been there for me all through and the little i can repay her with is being there for her wedding..and he is not having it.. I did not sleep a wink all through the night, i really missed him..but that is his punishment for punishing me even though am also suffering too...i could not have a decent sleep... i missed my subh salat but before i could finish i heard the front door he went out without a goodbye takes two to play a game... I arranged the whole house and baked some cookies..i also cooked some dishes and set aside his own share..i wasnt that heartlessπŸ™….. At exactly 5:00 i put on the most serious face i could mutter..he is coming back right now and i need to show him who the boss is..i sat cross legged on the sofa and tied my head tie in a ture ka ga tsiya way..i began shaking my legs to maintain my all serious demeanour..i crossed and uncrossed flinching at every little sound.. I really got tired of frowning too much..2 So this guy really wants to irk me...after our fight..he still decides to come home late..or...o my God..maybe he went to find comfort in another woman..a doubt was settling at the pit of my stomach.. I checked the time it was already 7:00..this has never happened matter how busy he is he comes home by 5:00 sharp.. I began panicking.. what could have happened to him..i picked up my phone and dialled his number..but it was going into voicemail.. It is becoming annoying..i began sobbing.. "O Lord please keep my husband safe"..i cried out..if this is your way of punishing me..i accept the blame but please come back home safe .i prayed.. i laid down on the sofa standing up at any slight movement i heard outside or any car engine pulling in a driveway..should i call Abbas or fahad?? i dont want anyone to know what transpired between us..i laid down on the floor laying my head on the sofa i did not know when i slept off.. Zahradeen pov I was so distracted during the meeting..i tried not making it obvious.. After 6 good hours of meeting and coming into consensus, we finally signed the deals..if things go on smoothly.. This would be one of our ground breaking deals and Baba would be so proud of me.. I could also take a leave and be with my wife and most importantly go for our honeymoon which was wife...oh God i pray she is no more angry with me..i picked off my phone to call her but i realized my battery was down...plugging it into a universal cable i decided to call the records officer to bring out the necessary records we needed.. "Mr Muhammad please can you get me those records..we need to start putting things in motion"..i spoke through the telecom.. After almost thirty minutes the door to my office finally opened.. I sighed "Ehmmm..sir..we could not find the records sir. We checked everywhere but it seems its missing"..he answered shakily.. "What do you mean?..are those records dust that will just travel to thin air..records are meant to be kept safe and you are the custodian.. That is why we hired you in the first place.. I give you 1 hour to check for them or you can kiss your job goodbye "..i spat out.. Why cant people just do their job proper.. Am just supposed to oversee not babysit a bunch of grown up dudes.. He scampered out of the office..after 20 minute he came back with the records.. I guess threat also do work..i started filling as fast as possible.. After filling i checked my was already 7:00..i got carried away .salmah is so going to kill me..i quickly rushed to my car and drove as fast as possible... Entering into the house, i met her sleeping on the floor with dried tears on her face..God.. I just made things worse..i came close to her and whispered her name..she sleepily opened her eyes and murmured an Alhamdulilah.. I picked her up and headed upstairs.. I changed her and also changed and got into bed yesterday was torture..i cant bear the same today again...i brought her close to me and wrapped my arms around her ..she snuggled more closer into my arms making us the perfect pair..i enclosed her inhaling her scent and drifting off into dreamland.. The next morning..i woke up..i tiptoed and took my bath. I need to be in the office early to complete the work so i can have a lot of time for vacation.. i did not bother waking her up..i dressed and left her a note..keeping it in front of the mirror.. I have tortured her and i cannot bear it..she deserves an all girls time.. I informed her she could go to salmahs house..i wrote a lot of kisses like a teenager obsessed with glitter..i knew she will be very happy when she wakes up.. Haleemahs pov I woke up faintly remembering zahradeen taking me to the room..i scanned the room not finding him eyes landing on a note laying in the bed mirror..i took it up and read.. So he left for office..after coming back late at night yesterday..anger building up in me..but wait he said i could go over to salmahs house..i quickly forgot my anger and quickly arranged my going to surprise her because she literarily broke down when i told her i could not attend her wedding.. I happily parked my bags.. Took my bath and took my car keys and off to wuse i drove..🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 I was so happy..finally he was seeing reasons with me...i dont know what came over him..but oh boy am i so glad.. Salmah would have never spoken to me again..she was already heartbroken when i told her i was not going to be around for her big day..what kind of a mean friend would do that?? least some sense was knocked to his head.. I decided to visit my parents before going to salmah house..i miss them very much..taking into my surrounding i found myself in the all too well known place..the Abdurrahman mansion... "A'a hajaju makatan...kune hakan a gidan mu yau..marhaba dai..gaskiya oga na kokari"...our talkative gateman greeted me..(big madam.. So you decided to visit us today..welcome..oga is really trying o) My mind immediately went to zahradeen.. Has he eaten?..because he left very early in the morning..i immediately wiped the thought away..entering into the parlour, nothing has changed(like i expected anything to change).. " home.." I screamed.. The house was quiet..i forgot..jamil should be in school likewise walida..daddy is also at work.. I took up the stairs and went straight to mummys room..i met mum laying on the bed with the duvet up to her neck..she never sleeps like that..something must be wrong..i wanted tapping her when anty dije our househelp came into the room.. "Hanan dear...when did you come in?..welcome.. Have a seat"...she said "Uhmm..anty dije whats wrong with mummy why did she lie like that?..hope everything is alright".. "Yes...she is just sick. The family doctor just left..i went to make her soup..hopefully she will get better soon".. "Since when has she been sick...nobody cared to call me because i got married..the affairs of this house are not my concern anymore right?"...i spoke sullen " was not our fault.. It was strictly baba and mummy orders..she said we should not disturb you..we wanted to but she stopped us".. Typical mummy...i sighed and proceeded to wake her up to take her chicken soup..after much persuasion she took three spoons full.. "Hanan love..please just go for your wedding i will be fine".. "No can you say staying here till you get better".. "Am already better...let me not be a fun spoiler".. With that she kissed my head and i reluctantly stood up with the promise to be back to check on her later.. I headed for the door with anty dije right behind me.. "Hanan..truly this pregnancy is really making you glow and more beautiful..congratulations".. I stopped in my tracks...say what now!!!...pregnancy.. I started making calculations in my head.. "Anty not pregnant o..its just the new cream am using"..i laughed it off.. "New cream??...hmm..u dont want me to know..its so obvious..or haven't you checked yet?...when last did you see mrs crimson red?".. I started calculating.. putting pieces together..i haven't seen my period in two months... How foolish of me..blush slowly crept up my skin.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "Okkk...suddenly you are shy ko?..congratulations dear..take good care of yourself please..we cant wait to see little miniature of you running around"..she patted my head and headed for the kitchen.. I need to get a test strip now..i hurriedly left dashing out saying a rushed goodbye to our guard..i headed for the nearest pharmacy and bought two just to be sure.. I was so anxious to get to salmahs room...parking my car i darted towards her room pushing people on the way earning stares and hisses..immediately i entered i did not even greet her i entered into the bathroom and jammed the door.. After 30 mins just to be sure of my result..the both of the test came out positive...i resisted screaming my lungs out..i opened the door and slowly stepped out facing my mad friends.. " it that you wanted to p**p so bad that you did not even glance towards us"...surayya spoke.. Suddenly i let out an ear deafening shrill..all of them including salmah who was pretending not to notice me turned to stare at me..i started jumping up and down on the bed.. " getting scared..hope everything is alright"...aisha spoke.. After putting myself together..i finally let the bomb out.. "We are going to be mothers very soon"., It took them five minutes to assimilate what i said then it was their turns to start screaming.. Each one squeezing the daylights out me...congratulating me on my newly embarked journey.. "When did you find out?"..salmah spoke forgetting her anger.. "Just now"...i nonchalantly said.. "Hanan...what am i going to do with you...this news should be shared with your husband first not us...the happiness should begin with him"..salmah spoke.. It now dawned on me...subhanallah...i sighed..ok i will call him up but i am going to make it special..i slowly stood up to go to the terrace and make my call amidst giggles and awwns i received from my stupid friends..after like five rings he finally picked up...yallah..i so missed his voice.. "Salamualaykum noorul qalbi"...his rasp voice spoke up.. O my soo could i have let myself to be this blind.. He has been stressed lately and i have not been there for him..what kind of a wife i am..i let my myopic thinking to get a better hold of me..i need to put things right.. "Wa'alaykumusalam are you doing sugarplum"..i spoke slowly.. "Am fine my noor..just tired..i cant wait to execute this deal and have a time alone with you".. My heart melted all over again.. "Uhmm sugarplum...when would you be back today..there is something i need to tell you"., "Noor...hope everything is fine..i would run late..but dont worry i would cancel my scheduled and make it by 8:00 in shaa Allah".. "Ok sugar.. Am making dinner..i just need grilled chicken from that suya know how much i love it".. He let out a laugh.."ok love..i will..anything for you.. I cant wait to dine with you..i have missed you so much..i love you noor..please am so sorry for whatever happened".. "Shussh..hayatee..say no more..come back home and we will talk over dinner..take care i love you".. I ended the call and walked back inside..i sat down and we proceeded with the programs occasionally touching my tummy...i was so happy..i could not wait for his return.. At exactly 3:30..salmah excused me..i wanted to go home and prepare dinner.. When i got home..i could not decided on what to cook..i finally decided on the first dish of mine he ate..couscous and shredded chicken...i also baked some cupcakes and made some smoothies..i dressed up in dress he loves seeing me the most in..applied a little of make up and sat down waiting for him.. My phone would not stop ringing...i wanted shutting it off...this person wants to ruin my night for me...after the 5th ring it kept quiet.. It was an unknown number...i hissed and tossed it aside..after 30 mins it started ringing again..i quickly picked it up and proceeded to start insulting the person when i saw babas name flashing on my screen.. I immediately composed my self and picked it up..what could be wrong.. "Salamualaykum babah..good evening"... "Good evening habibaty"...his voice was strained.. Something was definitely wrong...something began settling at the pit of my stomach.. "Habibaty..can you please come home".. " waiting for zahradeen.. He will soon be back...i will come thereafter".. There was a dragged silence before he spoke again.. "Dont worry habibaty...just come..right now please"..with that he cut the call.. I went upstairs to pick up my veil..something was definitely up..i took up my phone and called zahradeen but he was not picking..guess he is driving..i quickly sent him a text and headed for home straight..thousands of things running through my mind...what could have happened that warranted baba calling me home around 7:00 in the night..he that is always against driving late.. Entering into the mansion.. I could feel the negative vibe radiating throughout the house..entering into the parlour..i saw walida shedding tears with jamil consoling her and babah looking sullen sitting on his recliner.. Ok...can somebody tell me whats going seriously scared..walida seeing me quickly ran towards me and hugged me bursting into a round of fresh tears...jamil also shaking his head and refusing to make eye contact....hanif was also no where to be found.. Then it dawned on me...inalilahi wa inailayhirajiun (to Allah we came and to him we shall return)..1 Tears started flowing from my eyes...o my God i should have known...+ Am so sorry dearies..wattpad has been frustrating me lately..i could not access my account i have tried complaining but they have not still resolved the issue. I wrote three chapters but I can't access them..i tried as much as possible to re write the chapters but i still could not get the perfect chapter..Am so sorry that you had to wait for more than a week for an update.. So we got to make do of what we have, please am so sorry dearies. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 'inalillahi wa ina iilayhirajiun... i should have known, mama was avoiding me thats why she asked me to leave..Am such a bad daughter..i should have stayed..i killed my mother' Walida broke into a uncontrollable fits of tears..Shaking her head vigorously and jamil hugging her..Daddy kept his head low probably thinking of how hard he was going to cope without the best mother and wife in the whole wide world. I mustered up courage..i lost her, i got to see her for the last time..I swallowed my tears and spoke up...'where is she?...Has she been buried..? Daddy looked up shocked...I did see the amount of surprise and remorse on his face... 'Your mother is upstairs..She is fine'..Daddy spoke slowly. Ok... What's going on, why is daddy saying mummy is fine.. 'Daddy what's going on..You said mum was ok..Then why were all of you crying, making me uncomfortable and looking stupid.. Is this all part of your pranking games.. yallah, this is getting out of hand, did these people need to lie to prank me, worst of all even baba is in it together 'what are you people up prank me with the death of my mother..getting all teary eyed and remorse, you people should be ashamed yourself..even you baba, you think getting me out of my husband's house this late at night for just a silly unacceptable prank is ok' Walida just kept shaking her head and repeating the words NO..jamil tried as much as possible to restrain her..i glared at her and hissed..she thinks this is funny..I left my failing home, my dear husband and my stressed babies i kept thinking of telling him today in a very special way..And these people just spoilt my mood.. 'You better shut your dirty trap there, before i shut it up with my shoe..You think you can go all Katrina on going to shut you up with my heels..' i proceeded to leave not even glancing back at baba nor the shout walida was still yelling..This girl was seriously getting on my nerves. I turned the knob of the door and i stood transfixed to the spot hearing daddy voice.. 'its zahradden habibaty..he is gone' I turned slowly, expensive these people are hell bent on ruining my mood this not going to let that happen, i glanced at my watch and saw it was a quarter after ten...thank God for street lights...this people think faking my mothers death, which did not work by the way, faking my husband's death will pathetic, they got to pull more strings than that. I opened the door and i felt someone hands on my shoulder turning me around..1 'Aunty hanan.. He is gone, he is you get that..Please get a hold of yourself... We are all here for you..get a grip, this is not the end of the world'...jamil spoke A resounding slap echoed through the sitting hands were still in the air and jamil was holding his cheeks..Stinging tears were threatening to spill... 'You should be ashamed of yourself can you speak like that..Knowing quite well that i hate prank, i am very disappointed in want to see me cry..ok..i will..But don't you dare tell me my husband is dead..Prank me all you want but don't drag death into it' 'habibaty..jamil is saying the truth...zahradeen met with an accident coming back from work.. they tried contacting you but you were not picking up your phone..they contacted Alhaji because he was the next person on his call dial, so he called me and advised you come back home..You would be better off here..' tears were dripping from daddys eyes..he was trying not to look broken..2 Slowly i began processing what daddy was saying...a number kept disturbing me while i was waiting..zahradeen has not picked any of my calls and also he has not replied my voicemails i sent to him... My head started pounding..spining in ear defeaning sound filled my eyes..the room was spinning very does not sum up...i could hear my voice being called in a distance...someone was also shaking me vigorously but i could not respond...i was falling into a dark abyss..suddenly everywhere was dark..i could not feel and see anything..i welcomed the darkness and it wrapped me in its blankets...🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 I felt like i was floating on air..i felt no pain, love,sorrow..i felt hollow..nothing seemed real to me, i could not feel any part of my body..nothing felt real..+ I found myself in an apple orchid..soothing sounds of water filled my ears..i was suddenly aware of my surrounding, i saw someone sitting faraway under a tree filled with red apples..i slowly walked up to him and immediately realizing who it was i smiled and immediately hugged him.. "I knew it..they were all lying..they said you were gone, but i refused to succumb.. Me and your baby are eagerly waiting for you at home..baba and jamil tried pranking me saying you were dead..i knew you could not betray me..i knew you would never leave us".. He was so quiet..staring into his eyes..he was smiling a painful smile and slowly before my eyes he disappeared echoing the words.."i would always be with you".. I started screaming.. Looking for him frantically.. I could hear my name being called from a distance..i tried following the annoying sound filled my ears..i finally opened my eyes hyperventilating.. The doctor immediately came to my side.. "Hanan...take a deep breath and release..take another and can do it..lets go together".. He took a deep breath and subconsciously i followed mimicking him staring into his eyes..finally the sound stopped and he urged baba to follow him into his office.. i realized i was surrounded by mummy, salmah, umm Ammar and jamil..everyone was lost in thought with tears stricken faces..they quickly scampered to my bedside..each one trying to assure my stability..i could not open my mouth..i kept staring ahead without blinking.. **** "Doctor how is my baby girl seems she is finding it difficult to face reality" "Well yes..Alhaji, you see..we tried all our best to ensure her wellbeing..Alhamdulilah she responded to treatment notwithstanding her condition which made us not to administer some drugs to her.."doctor Adeel spoke softly..his face showing concern "Doctor i dont hanan carrying any she not ok.." "Didn't you people know..she is with child..twins to be precise..24 weeks old"1 Daddy smiled painfully..tears streaming from his eyes "Subhanallah...Alhaji is something the everything alright?" "No doctor am happy..but this news came at a wrong time..i wonder whether her husband knew before he passed away..that was the reason why we brought her to the hospital" "Am very sorry for your loss Alhaji..may Allah grant him jannah and give her the fortitude to bear the loss.. And may Allah nurture this kids to grow and carry on his name".. "Ameen doctor... We are indeed much grateful for your concern" "Well all things being well...Alhaji, considering her condition..i urge you people to take good care of her..anything can happen at this stage of her pregnancy..her blood pressure really shot up..any trigger or slight imbalance in her hormones can cause an ectopic pregnancy.." "In shaa Allah doctor...thank you very much" "You are most welcome Alhaji".. Doctor Adeel beamed a smile and followed daddy out of the office..going ahead to check on other patients.. Coming back into the room..daddy looked at me..forcing himself to smile.. I wanted let out all my pains and sorrow, but i could not..i cannot accept the fact that he was gone.. Just like that, a passing wind which carried away all my feelings, leaving me empty and lifeless.. After a week in the hospital i was finally discharged on condition to come for a weekly check up in the hospital and with doctor Adeel promising to check up on me..he was really caring and kind, but that gesture just seems to aggravate me.. Coming back home i resolved to staying up in my room avoiding contact with life..i refused to speak to anyone.. I could not even cry for him..salmah was always by my side even when she has to be with her husband.. *** Sitting by the patio..looking far into the horizon i could sense a presence behind me..slowly the person came forward sitting adjacent to me i recognized the voice.. "Salamu'alaykum hanan...remember me?'s doctor Adeel..i came to check up on you..your mother said you were out here"... Silence.. "How are you is the baby you feel any thing abnormal..any unusual discharge..any pain or discomfort"... Silence..he was getting on my dare he..coming here all nice and mushy.. Puck nosing in other peoples business.. I wanted yelling at him..but i could not speak.. " are already in your second trimester...this is not good for your health..Alhaji said you have not been eating..neither speaking to anyone, avoiding all should not shy away from your problems..a problem shared is a problem half solved..speak up.. We all are here for you.." I slowly looked up at him with a sad eyes and turned my gaze away...he does not know how i feel...nobody knows how i feel...everyone just keeps barging in..its not fair..i lost my life..i lost everything, but no one care..they just want me up and doing.. I heard a sigh behind me..just realizing that mummy has been here the whole time..i quickly averted my gaze from her.. "Doctor.. We have tried all our possible best but she just wont budge..i cry myself to sleep everyday..i cant bear to see my daughter this way..i suggested a change of environment but her father wont hear of it".. "I was just about to tell you that..a change of environment might help..i will talk to Alhaji about it..take care me if you need anything of feel always here for you"... With that he left mummy sighing and also leaving..i felt pain all over again..but i could not bring myself to pour them out..i cant leave here..this is my only solace..knowing my family is close to me..nobody understands me..nobody does..1 Suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my abdomen.. Suddenly another jerk followed.. I felt something liquid tricking down my legs.. I could not bear it any longer..i felt another one..i then let out a scream.... πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ I could not see nor hear anything because of the searing pains..i just felt i was being carried by someone.. After what felt like minutes, i passed out.. I woke up to a throbbing pain in my head and arms but the pain in my lower abdomen was gone.. Wait..why dont i feel anything.. Are my babies gone?..i tried moving my arms to feel my tummy but it seems something was holding it back..i tried opening my eyes but it felt like a ton of weight has been placed on them...after so much efforts i finally stopped trying.. I realized i must have blacked out again because when i awoke i was feeling much better, my senses had returned and i could feel every little pain...i slowly opened my eyes and saw mummy and walida sitting by the corner hugging each other and crying their hearts out..each one making the other their comfort and seeking solace from them..i slowly tried croaking out.."mummy"...after three months my voice became a stranger to my own ears..i could not believe it was my own...after three months of putting my vocal cords to rest..i finally decided to use them today.. Mummy realizing i was awake quickly scampered to my bedside and walida darted out quickly probably to get a nurse or daddy.. " babies, i cant feel them...did i loose them"...i slowly croaked out waiting for the worse to come.. Mummy shook her head and a lone tear ran across her sunken cheeks..i must have put her through a lot of stress..someone who was just recuperating from a sickness had to face this again..i felt so much pity for her.. Before mummy could speak the door swung open and in came mama, baba, umm Ammar...i guessed they must have been outside in the waiting room..since only family are allowed into the rooms.. Mummy quickly came to my bedside..she hugged the tiredness out of me.." scared would i have fared..after loosing a son..the news of loosing you and my grandkids would have killed me...please do not scare me again like are the only reminder left of my son..let me cherish it..please do not deprive me of it..please"..she spoke amidst sobs..2 Amidst all her talks..i only deduced one babies were alive and ok..Alhamdulilah..i did not realize i was also crying.. The door opened to doctor Adeel..he slowly walked towards my bedside.. Everyone leaning back except mama who was still holding my frail hands.. " are you feeling...any pains or contractions?.. Any discomfort?..speak up..i need to know so i will be able to complete my evaluations and your treatments.." I slowly shook my head.."no..i don't feel any of those.. Only a dull ache throughout my body".. Everyone was surprised to see me speak even he himself..he quietly nodded his head and scribbled something in his notepad..he grabbed a stool and sat down.. "Hanan...i might be a total stranger and you might feel i am intruding in your personal life..but i am a medical doctor and i owe you a duty a care..i will be devastated if anything should have happened to you or your were lucky i was still around when your miscarriage was about to happen.." Ya Allah..miscarriage.. I thought that only happens at early stages..i would have died if anything had happened to my babies..i did not realize i was crying till his voice spoke.. "Stop crying were so close to loosing your child...i dont want to put you in that same situation as suffered a great deal..denying yourself the process denying your foetus the necessary nutrients..which forced the miscarriage..from today, you would be put under examinations and care in the hospital..till we can determine if all is well..please take care of yourself".. After doctor Adeel left the room.. Mummy poured out a steaming hot pot of mushroom soup..just the way i liked it..mama collected it and fed me making sure i finished every scoop and morsel..After eating..i was made to sleep.. The days continued that way with everyone forcing me to more tests and scans..i could not complain this time because it was for the best.. After two weeks..the oh so friendly doctor decided it was time for me to get discharged not without a long list of do's and don't..with a timetable of meals and loads of supplements.. Those two weeks in the hospital was hell..even though i was the center of attraction with two families competing on how to take care of made me feel sick and dependent.. But the results yielded body recuperated..i could feel changes in my babies too..they now kick strongly much to my skin got a lot much fresher and i was looking like my old self again..but one thing has still not emotional self..although i try as much as possible to look fine on the outside but on the inside i was dying of grief and sadness..i speak only when it was necessary and try as much as possible not to think of him.. I was taken back home with mama promising to check up on me...she wanted taking me with her but baba disagreed saying it would be best staying with my own family..reluctantly she let me go.. Coming back home..i felt revitalized but immediately i stepped my legs into the house i stopped dead in my tracks..sitting on the chair was someone i dreaded..anty Asma'u...daddy's elder sister..she is an iron lady..and rules with an iron fist..rarely does she smile or laugh..everyone was scared of her..before i could open my mouth to greet her she spoke.. "Go and pack your bags we are leaving for kano right now..the plane leaves by four" I stopped breathing for a second..leaving..with Anty Asma' does not add up..i looked into daddy and mummy faces but they avoided my gaze.. "Ke...we dont have all day..i seriously have other things not waste my time..i am not here to pamper you nor tolerate this nonsense attitude..go upstairs and pack your bags right this instant..she screamed"2 Immediately i broke down into tears.."please abbah..i dont want to do life would come to an end..mama please..anty zulaihat please talk to abbah..i dont want to go.. " i broke down into tears But nobody could speak..everyone avoided my seems nobody was ready to get into trouble.. "Mtsheew..Aikin banza ... She hissed..walida ke..come and show me her room right now.." She darted up the stairs.. After what felt like seconds she came downstairs with a box..behind walida following crying.. "You think i have time for all those crocodile you mean everyone should allow you do whatever you like..toh..its not possible"..with that she dragged me outside with jamil following closely behind with the suitcase..after pushing me into the car..i could see her hugging mummy and patting daddy..immediately she came back into the car..the driver sped off..leaving me devastated and broken..i did not even get to say goodbye..☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁ I was dumbstruck... Reality dawning on moving in with one of the meanest person on earth... After trying to be strong for my family, thinking i might start over..then this?...anty Asma'u has been this aunty that every one one dares to misbehave in her presence.. Even little babies do not cry in her presence.. Now i was moving in with her for only God knows how long.. I should have just been sentenced to jail with hard labour..+ Because of her, we dreaded visiting kano, daddy insisting on us going always ends up with us being uncomfortable and her getting rilled up and always complaining. We arrived kano and drove straight to her house.. Nobody has uttered anything during this period..million of things running through my mind and her feigning ignorance to the pain she was inflicting on me emotionally.. We got to her house which was actually kinda big since i last remembered it..opening the door..i quickly said my salam and pushed the door open..i was eloped into a bone crushing hug by her daughters.. Hafsah and raudah..her sons on the other hand uncle muhammad and yaya mukhtar just beamed a smile at me and continued watching super sports.. "Anty hanan..if not mummy had gone to pick you, you had long forgotten about us , anty maimuna just left now, you just missed her".. Raudah spoke Anty maimuna was their elder sister.. "Hanan..look at you.."kin lallace wallahi" hafsa who was around my age spoke.. I forced a smiled and a voice boomed behind us.. "What are you people doing standing there, take her to her room and am hungry"..anty Asma'u spoke.. Hafsa and raudah cringed " will get wrinkles if you continue shouting that way".. My mouth was wide open..did raudah just talk back at her..oh no.. Anty asma'u sent deadly glares enough to melt our bodies and we immediately scampered away.. This is going to be hell... I was shown my room and i went in to settle down..i could not decipher why my parents would allow me come to this hell hole..even if they wanted me gone..i had lots of aunties i would gladly had gone to.. I sighed and took my bath..thinking about the two little seeds growing inside me i thought of my dead husband, tears began pooling in my eyes but i just could not cry..a lump formed in my throat and my chest constricted..i could not breathe properly..after what felt like hours..i finally got relief.. The door creaked open and four pairs of eyes were staring back at me... "Hello.. Little angels.." "We are not name is muhaisina and this is my brother muhseen..we are four years mummy said we are not little anymore"..she spoke arms akimbo.. "Two musketeers"...raudah screamed.. The twins hurriedly left my room giggling and running.. I sighed..this wouldn't be so bad after all.. According to anty Asma' not allowed to sit alone nor stay idle..she makes me go on long walks and gives me less strenuous chores saying it would keep me fit and occupied.. Lest i lie, it was working.. I no more felt sore in my foot which were swollen before..1 The kids continued keeping me company..staying with her really made me understand that not everybody is as you think..behind all her iron fences and straight face..she was so soft towards her family..anything she does was for the best interest of the family.. We really misinterpreted her..the only thing was that when she caught me brooding i was punished by making me clean the twins room which was a rat hole if you ask.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  Hours turned into days, and days turned into month.. I was finally due in two weeks time.. Today i was feeling unreasonably sad..i sat down quietly in the backyard.. I was watching the sunset..i remembered when me and him would sit out sipping a cup of tea and watching the sunset.. "Hey look, that one is shaped like a look wierd"..i exclaimed "Mi chikita...all i see there is your beautiful face on that fluffy cloud".. I smirked and punched him in the chest.."so you mean my face looks disoriented right.."i puckered out my lips and pretended to cry.. "No mi Vida.. It looks magnificent and beautiful.. One of Gods magnificent creations"..he said with a poor French accent.. "Oui oui.." I winked.. "Mon cherie..Je veux Γͺtre pour toujours dans tes bras.." He kissed the top of my forehead.. "Say what now.. This is so not fair..because you understand french..that doesnt mean you have to insult me with it..i stood up and ran inside.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "Non non...mon cherie coco..mi amor ... te amo desde el fondo de mi corazΓ³n, nunca te lastimarΓ­a.." He screamed after me.. Oh common.."now you are speaking spanish..its not fair..tears welling up in my eyes..itarikniy wahidiyy".. " you are speaking arabic..ahabaki khatheeran lafa'ael dhalik"..with that he captured my mouth in his..kissing me crazily.. Slowly he pulled up my top and explored all part of my body..sucking and moaning till we succumbed to our needs there..reaching the peak of ecstasy.. My chest constricted.. I could no longer breathe..i started hyperventilating.. Lucky for me raudah came to call me and saw me breathing heavily..she quickly came beside me and shouted anty Asma'u name..she also came running..they removed my scarf and allowed my breathing to slow down..i was now back to normal.. I slowly looked up into her eyes...she was so scared i saw right through her.. "Do you want to kill yourself... I have warned you times without number to stop sitting alone...what if something had happened to you? think people dont care about you..or you think we dont love you anymore..always punishing yourself and making others suffer...are you the only one who has lost a husband..or you think other people do not have hearts to carry on with their lives after loosing someone dear to act like this is the end...meanwhile you are even lucky he left some kind of remembrance..what of if you were not pregnant..would you have hanged yourself..tell me..would you..the poor guy is soliciting for your prayers and you are here pouring more burden of tears on him..did you even know how he died..".!!!!..please no!.. "Let me refresh your mind..he was crushed..yes..he was crushed by a drunken driver..from his stomach to his abdomen but let me tell you what..he had your name all through before he finally succumbed to the darkness...he left a letter and a present..did you see it..did you get to read it..he loved you..he loved every piece of your being and you are here killing yourself..killing the legacy he left you think you are doing any good wanting to kill yourself.. He would not be happy..he said you should be strong for him..he said to take care of his children..yes..he knew you were pregnant.. He knew before he died..cant you at least respect the wishes of a dead man...cant you at least be strong for your children.. When the world pushes you not stay back down..rise back with a force to be reckoned with..he gave you life halima..he gave you life, and you are here wasting it strong for your strong.. Be both a father and mother for them..we all love you and we would support you through this dark times.." With that she hugged me..1 All the pains and tears which I locked away in a vault poured open..hearing her words.. "Let it out habeebaty...let it will feel more lighter".. I cried and cried like never before...i could swear that my tears duct were already drained..we stayed like that for an hour without her consoling me..the tears i was shedding suddenly turned into anger..1 "Anty...wallahi he is a coward..he lied to me, he lied to us..he promised to always be by our side..he said he would never leave me, we would grow old together and tell tales of our love story to our kids and grandkids..he said we would travel around the world..he left me alone to suffer..he left me..anty he left me.."i screamed "Let it all out need it..but he did not leave you..Allah called him home..he is in a better place in shaa Allah..he will always remain right here..she pointed to my chest..let it all out.."2 I cried till i started feeling queasy in my stomach..the dull ache turned into jabbing pains..i let out a scream.. "Ina lillahi..muhammad get the car..i think she is in labour"...anty screamed.. The pains were unbearable.. The only thing i could remember was yaya Muhammad picked me up to the car..i couldn't care less..anty Asma'u was reciting lot of dua..i on the other hand....lets say..pray for me..+ We finally got to the hospital, i was quickly wheeled into the labour room with anty Asma'u hot on our heels..the nurses poked and protruded their fingers on my stomach and checked whether i was dilated..anty asma'u came to my bedside squeezing my hands urging me to pray.. It was suppose to be him, he promised..he promised he would be there when we were birthing our child..i cried, not tears of pain due to the labour but due to heart ache..i missed him..after a while the nurses agreed i was fully the war began..2 'Hanan push..take a deep breath and push'..anty asma'u urged me.. Ya Allah was this how all women felt when birthing their children.. God bless mother..i promised to seek for forgiveness from mummy immediately i went back home for all the pains and troubles i caused her..1 'Please ma stop seems the baby is abridged..its coming with it buttocks instead of its head'..a nurse spoke Huh..i have heard of this scenario's.. wanted to stop pushing but i could not, the pains were so unbearable.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  'Please are going to injure yourself...nurse go get the matron she is loosing strength.. fast'..the nurse barked.. After what felt like a million years an older nurse came inside.. "What didn't you call me early..this woman is under special think just coming out of nursing school you can just handle any kind of woman in labour?"...the woman barked.. 'We..we..we.." "Shut up and come here".. "Uhmmm, people!! This is not the right time for bickering here am in lots of pain"..i screamed Hasbunallahu wani'mal wakeel I supplicated..ya Allah i seek your forgiveness for any transgressions and omissions i have commited..Astagafirullah wa'a tubu ilayk.. "Madam..i am going to try and turn the babies around please be strong for them"..i managed a nod and squeezed my eyes shut.. the woman placed her hands on my tummy and began caressing it, turning and smoothly bending it..the pain was so unbearable but i have to be strong..after some minutes the woman let out a sigh.. "This is not are already tired and i dont want you to undergo a cesarean session..i have to result to extreme means..madam do you trust me?" O my God..i dont want to be torn into two..i want to birth my baby naturally and what does she means by extreme means..i dont care..i quickly nodded my head at her.. She sighed and put on her gloves properly..then she began putting her hands inside me..what is this woman doing? After this pain she wants to add another...slowly i could feel her she was turning my babies..i could feel them turning after some minutes she removed her hands.."now try again my dear".. I tried pushing but i was out of breath.. "Please hanan..push..not only for your sake but also your babies dont want anything bad to happen to them..please make du'a and push"...anty Asma'u lovingly stroked my head.. "Habibaty push..i am right here, for me for my kids be strong..i will always be right here" that zahradeen.. I looked everywhere but i did not see him..for him and for my kids..i gathered up my strength and pushed.. "Yes my dear are crowning..i can see him..push harder"...the nurse voice came again This time i pushed harder than the first time.. "Thats my girl...he is out"...she picked up something small and dragged fluid out of his nose using a small object..she quickly severed the umbilical cord and handed it over to one of the nurses.. The room was filled with cries of the child.. "One more to dear you can do this"..she spoke.. Anty asma'u squeezed my hands and continued supplicating.. I was so tired..i could not bear another eyes started closing.. " don't sleep you will exhaust this is already ready to come out..please be strong"..the nurse spoke.. The shahadah..i was slowly reciting the shahadah..i supplicated..i was slowly loosing consciousness.. But i felt an energy surging into me..with one hard push i let it all out.. The nurse took the baby and gently rubbed its back..she smacked its buttocks but nothing..nothing at all..she quickly laid it down and blew air into its mouth..once, twice, thrice..nothing.. She pressed down on its chest, once, twice, thrice,..i heard a weak cry..trying as much as possible not to loose consciousness.. I will be strong for them.. "Nurse get me the epinephrine shot..this babys heart rate is so weak..she grabbed a small needle from the other nurse and injected it on its leg..after almost thirty minutes its cry pierced the hospital walls..a baby girl..1 Smiling..i slowly closed my eyes slipping into the oblivion πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚ As i slowly pried my eyes open i realized i was no longer in the labour room, i have been moved to another room..i glaced sideways and saw my beautiful angels sleeping without any worries in the world..tears began pooling in my my children would grow up without a was i going to explain to them that we lost him before they were even past the first trimester, how am i going to console them that he did not even get to see their faces how will i be able to look into their eyes and tell them their father died angry with me.. A lone tear dragged off the side of my cheeks...slowly i felt a thumb wiping it away.. I did not even notice that someone was in the room with was yaya muhammad.. "Uhmm yaya..i never knew you were here".. "Yes..mama took your mother and mother in law home to rest, so i thought to stay back not wanting to leave you alone in case you woke up and needed something or your babies did"... I slowly nodded my head and adjusted my blanket.. "Hanan, please do not kill yourself over this, you now have two treasures to keep you company..what would ever be better than that..if you continue like this..postpartum depression might catch up with you..this children already have more than four families famzing over personally is taking one cutie with me"...he flashed a smile.. I manage to spread out a smile and let out a eerie awkward silence broke through the room..if a pin were to drop you would hear it miles away..i could see yaya Muhammad shifting awkwardly in his chair.. "Uhmm..have the children been named yet"..i broke the silence.. "No..we were actually thinking you had a name suggested for them and we did not know who you wanted to perform the ritual on them"..he replied "You..ehmm sorry..(it looked like i sounded desperate) could do it since daddy is at abuja and i would really like my children to emulate someone like you"..i looked down I could see blush creeping up his face.."ermm what names do you wish to give them"... "I dont know..maybe you could look for any meaningful name for them.." Ok..he took something from atop the counter and popped into his mouth he carefully carried the first baby guessing it was the girl since she was covered in a pink shawl.. He recited the adhan into her right ear and the iqamah into her left ear then proceeded pour the dates into her mouth..he completed the ritual and dropped her..he then picked up the boy clad in a blue shawl and repeated the same procedure..he gave him to me and picked up the girl..sitting down he beamed a smile.. "Zahra..beautiful zahra"..he cuddled her..she stirred in her sleep like someone who knew she was been praised..6 "My heart skipped a bit...ummm..what did you name him"..i pointed at the baby i was holding.. "Haba dont tell me you have not yet figured already.. If she is zahra then he must be.." "Zahradeen.. My zahradeen"...i finished it for unknown joy welling up inside me..God bless you yaya Muhammad.. This was a dream come true..i could not contain my happiness.. I was ecstatic..smiling like an idiot2 "About time you figured that gonna call this beauty sultana..queen..the queen of our heart".. "Hahaha..preference.. Oya kill yourself..he is also sultan..the king of my heart..i laid a kiss on his forehead..and at that moment he chose to start crying.. "See the person you are calling king..cannot even compose himself.. Abeg please do something before he wakes up sultana".. I cuddled him but he would not stop..realizing only one thing a blush slowly crept up my face..yaya Muhammad much to my dismay understood what i had to do..he carefully dropped her in her crib..scratched the back of his head and headed for the door.. "Emmm...i will be outside if you need anything and please make him keep quiet people like me and sultana needs peace and quiet"... I smiled and brought him close to my bosom and started breastfeeding him..after breastfeeding him, i took a picture of him and sultana and sent it to walida, salmah and fauziyya.. #zahra and zahradeen aka sultan and sultana..aren't they so cute😘1 A while later the door swung open and in came mummy, anty Asma'u and mamah..mamah quickly rushed to my side and grabbed my hands kissing them and sobbing.. "Alhamdulilah habibaty..i was so worried sick about you..when they told me you went into labour i just had to come down here..fauziyya also wanted to come but i stopped her".. Anty asma'u and mummy just kept staring at us..when mummy was much calm she picked up sultan and kissed his fore head.. " are you feeling..we saw Muhammad outside he was the one that informed us you were awake and that little angel was making so much noise..he was just gushing about..sultana..i think..that's what he called her"...mummy beamed a smile "What did u name them habibaty"..mamah spoke "Zahrah and zahradeen.. But yaya Muhammad said we are to call them sultan and sultana"...i muttered slowly "Masha Allah so happy right now..i knew you would always remember him..thank you for bringing zahradeen back to me again..with an additional angel to always keep me happy"..mamah gushed After being properly checked i was finally out of the hospital..going back home..mamah and mummy went back to Abuja..i spent one week in kano before anty Asma'u decided it was time for me to go back home..yaya Muhammad was always a helping hand..especially to sultana..he would not allow anyone to carry her..he was always with her even when he comes back from work..2 He also offered to drive us back to kano..i wanted to go by road and have a little time to get my head together..the drive with yaya Muhammad was so much fun..i did not feel the fatigue at all.. As we slowly entered abuja i decided that at this juncture i was ready, to start a new life, to get my past behind me, to face my fears, to forge ahead, spread my wings and aim for the sky..i just hope it was easier said than done I glanced at yaya muhammad and smiled knowing with him everything would be alright..he looked at me and smiled..🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 It was a relief coming back home to people you was such a nice sensation seeing everyone one gushing about the latest addition of the family before they even set their eyes on them..i really felt good to be back home but i would miss the bubbly atmosphere of anty Asma'u home, i had really started getting attached to everyone but since the main purpose of my visit was accomplished she decided to let me go...+ Setting foot into the maina's house..i felt the serene and loving atmosphere, i was evolved i bone crushing hugs and kisses were raining on me..i was finally let go and the attention shifted to sultan and sultana..they were on a baby carrier held by yaya muhammad.. After what felt like enternity yaya muhammad declared he was leaving not after he was forced to eat by mummy.. "Yaya na..when would you be coming back to see us"..i smiled walking him to the door.. "You know i cant miss her too much..i would be here at two weeks time maximum.. Sultana needs me you know"..he winked I laughed hard.."so it just because of sultana ko..what of me and my poor baby sultan".. "You wish...that cry'ah, make sure he does not disturb my queen..else i will.." "You will what..say it out if you are not scared of his super mom".. "I will feed him to my tarantulas"..he smirked and ran off.. I was hot on his heels..we finally got to the car and we stopped "Nobody is feeding my baby to any disgusting animal'..i spoke wheezing and panting.. "Hanan..just this race of ten meters you are wheezing and panting like someone who cycled around the world"..2 "Try carrying two loads for nine month non stop and see if you can survive it".. We spoke for what felt like forever and i finally bid him good bye..i took long strides into the house knowing sultan could be on top of his lungs any time.. "Where did you go to ukhtee..this boy can cry for Africa"..walida spoke.. I playfully knocked her on her head and collected him.. I began feeding him.. "I saw you with Muhammad outside.." Mummy raised one of her brows up.. "Yes he was making fun of me"..i nonchalantly said "Its good to see you back to your old self"..mummy kissed the top of my head and started shouting on hanif probably not to break my daughter neck.. By mid noon the twins were sleeping so o decided to catch up on my old days..i quickly texted salmah telling her i was back home.. She replied back immediately with emoji promising to come see me later.. Minutes later i heard my bedroom door opening and the first thing i saw was a big round tummy pushing itself through my room..then salmah puffed up body..i widened my eyes and stared at her for long.. She waddled through the room like a pregnant penguin and plopped down on the bed fanning herself.. I burst out laughing taking precautions not to wake my babies up..salmah stared at me like i was sprouting another head.. "Girl..why do you look like you swallowed an elephant...what are you feeding looks looks like you eat a whole mountain everyday even i that was pregnant with twins did not blow up like this how you torture najib with this sight everyday"..i said still killing myself with laughter.. I did not notice salmah was crying until i heard her sobs.. I looked up realizing what i just said coupled with her crazy hormones.. "Am so sorry just a joke..i never meant know how i can be stupid are just as beautiful as you can ever look more curvy and glowing..if it help really..i did look like a raccoon when i was pregnant"..i crossed my finger hoping she would calm down not wanting najib to blow my brains out with a gun for upsetting his wife.. "Really" she croaked out "Yes..really..cross my heart..pinky swear..let's rub spit on each other".. That got her as she broke into fits of laughter.. I sighed..whew..what women go through..and also kudos to men for also putting up with them.. "Awwn..sultana looks just like zahradeen..she has his face and your wonder everyone was gushing about her..that one looks just like you..always throwing tantrums",. "You leave my poor baby alone his momma likes him that way".. We caught up on old times and laughed out hearts out.. Suddenly salmah screamed "O my God i forgot Najib was downstairs.. He wanted to see the babies too".. "You did what salmah..i am so ashamed to call you my friend right now.. You literally forgot your poor baby downstairs"..i picked up my veil and the twins not wanting to burden salmah aside from the one she was carrying.. We exchanged pleasantries with him and talked for a while..we had to stop because salmah could not stop whining because she said she needed kunun tsamiya and masa.... We bade farewell.. I wondered why i did not get stringed up on my hormones and cravings while i was pregnant..hmm..maybe it was because i never gave attention to my body.. I was so grateful my babies do not wake and cry in the night.. They wake up at precisely five and dont sleep until almost noon..i slept like a baby knowing even if they did, a thousand legs would come running.. The following day the whole of my inlaws came..fauziyya did not allow anyone touch the babies..they brought the thing normally brought by the groom family when his wife gave birth..they went all out..i could not even decipher what some really were.. After some chit chat..mama took me and excused me from the gathering.. After navigating and going into my room she hugged me tightly and sobbed..i patted her back and wiped her tears then i brought her to sit on the couch.. "Thank you very much hanan..words cannot express how grateful i am to you for giving me these brought back my son to forever indebted to you",. "Mamah..we both know how i loved should not thank your daughter and will do anything in my capacity to take care of you and your family".. She sighed.. After a long stretched silence she finally spoke . "My dear..i know your husband just died and you might think this is too early but its not..there is no string holding you to us except that you are the mother of my not stop your self from getting happy and doing what you came out of iddah the day you put to dear take it from me and my entire family.. We would not hold grudges.. We want you to get re married and live a happy life"...🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾 Silence wrapped the room in its sheets for almost thirty minutes..tears already cascading from my eyes..they should not force me into what i dont not ready to commit myself into any relationship talk more of marriage..he has just been gone for nine months..its not even up to a year..why are they being selfish? "I want you to be happy hanan..i dont want you to feel you are indebted to stay unmarried for us because you bore my grandchildren from your life, you are still very young..i will support you all the way"...mamah spoke breaking the silence "No, mamah...i cant do not ready, i have not even finished mourning him and you are already talking me into another marriage..i cant bear it please..dont talk about this again"..i spoke "Hanan my dear..i just want to tell you that...if mourning is the problem then it wont ever had a love marriage and most especially you bore kids for him...seeing them would always trigger a his mother..nothing is more painful than telling my sons wife to get remarried...i wont lie to you,i want you all by myself but i just have to let you go.. These children would not pose a problem on you..i and my daughters would take very good care of them..please hanan be happy" "She is right halima"...i turned and saw mummy standing by the door side "If you want to get married you can, be free, live your life, you are still young, you don't want to die a widower right? There are so many problems widowers face in our current society..they are tainted..denied and rejected..i saw you with Muhammad.. Wallahi i knew you were genuinely can still get married and still be happy"..2 "No"..i screamed, suddenly regretting why i did..i calmed my self down and spoke.."i wont be forced or coerced into this, am not ready, Muhammad just makes me happy, being happy does not necessarily mean am ready for marriage, i still hurt deep down, and nobody is taking my babies away from me..their mother will always be with them..i would be their pillar and support..i will build them.. I would become the dad they never had..i will stay strong for them" Mummy sighed and spoke "yes i believe you, i know my daughter is strong, i know you can, but hanan let me tell cant fill the father figure completely.. There would always be an ache deep down, a yearning for a cant subside that most especially in our cant be both..its better to find a man who would grow together with your kids..who would nurture them like his own..who would take care of you all"... I stood up quietly and headed for the door" i dont need anyone to keep me happy..i am contended in my own world..and yes..i can keep my children happy and i will"..then i walked out without glancing back "I heard mamah spoke..anytime you are ready or you find someone you can always let us know".. I quickly ran to my room and shut the door crashing down on my bed sobbing uncontrollably then i felt someone fingers on my head.. "Uhmm ukhtee..sultan has been crying i was looking for you so i came up anything the matter".. I raised my head and it was fauziyya.. I did not even know she was inside the room..i collected sultan and hugged him like my life depended on it..after some time..the tears subsided and i fed him..cradling him till he slept off.. I could not meet fauziyya eyes..i kept glancing at sultans face.. "I heard ummah and abbah speaking today before we came here..they want you to get married again".. "Please fauziyya not that talk again..not you not ready to move don't understand what am going through.. No body would ever be like one will"... After some times she spoke in a calm voice.."ukhtee i just want you to know that no matter what always with you..i approve for you to move on..i would always support you...if you are ready..would i be the first to know?"..she smiled I hugged her tightly and we stayed like that till i was calm..we spoke of many things and nothing..after an hour she was called and they left..i took out my prayer mat and performed sallah..praying for the best to come..i sat there till it was time to give my babies a bath.. The days continued that tirelessly taking care of my kids..although every one was there to cater for their needs but i had to do so myself because it keeps me busy and stops me from thinking about him.. Yaya Muhammad kept his promise he came exactly two weeks after he left..i was so happy he was back, he bought so many thing especially for his baby very sure if she begins to talk the first syllable she would utter would be his name..she already acts comfortable whenever she is with him.. I walked into the room and i saw him trying to wear a dress for her..the sight was very hilarious.. He was holding her like someone who would break.. "What are you trying to do yaya" "Cant you see..she wants to model for me..we want to know whether this color suit her skin..if not we are throwing it away"..he continued what he was doing "And why are you holding her like someone that wants to break?..i stifled a giggle..she is a month and two week now..she is not that fragile anymore you know" "My baby is still as fragile as she can be..maybe that big head is not can drop him all you want..but this right here..(pointing to sultana) still an egg" all done..2 He cradled her and began taking snapshot of her and the little demon(i hope he did not hear that)..was smiling like she knew what was actually going on.. I sat on my the dressing mirror watching them..taking the scene before me..i was dragged out of my reverie by mummys voice.. "What are you guys doing here..dinner is ready" "Yaya Muhammad here is making his sultana model for him..and me here is the audience"..i broke into laughter.. Yaya Muhammad began scratching his head and trying to hide the phone.. "You better come downstairs and eat..masu yara an ji jiki..muhammad na sultana..." She laughed and exited the room.. " so gonna get revenge on you..must you tell you made me look obsessed with a little girl".. "Aren't you obsessed".. "Well its true i am..but you don't have to make it look that i wont hear a word again from mummy and mamah..zasu sa ni a gaba are so lucky am still holding her..i would have exert my revenge on you".. We walked downstairs together, him holding sultana and i holding sultan..There are two p.o.v in this chapter...1st person p.o.v and 2nd person (unknown p.o.v)..we are introducing a new dimension but he is still nameless so enjoy.. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 When we arrived at the dining table all eyes were on us especially mummy..she had a glint of mischief in her eyes..anty dije collected the twins and we sat at the table..after a sumptuous meal of jollof rice and grilled chicken with a cold cup of smoothie blend..mummy looked up at us and spoke..+ "Muhammad when would you be heading back to kano".. "By next tomorrow in shaa Allah..i have other things doing here at abuja so i would use this opportunity to finalize everything".. "Okay masha when should i be expecting my daughter in law"..mummy grinned That caused yayaMuhammad to choke on the water he was drinking.. "Uhmm mama in shaa Allah very waiting for the perfect daughter in law for you"..he smiled not reaching his eyes "Ok..may Allah make all your affairs easy..and also talk to this stubborn sister of yours to get a husband to get married to..she is still in her prime let her utilize the opportunity".. I stilled..i glaced at Muhammad and noticed he was shifting uncomfortably on his chair..his face was pale "I will know she just needs time to absorb everything.. She will come around"..he raised his head and smiled a genuine smile..i could see straight to his heart..that's why i opened up to him.. I slowly left the room with the excuse of checking up my children..the conversation continued for a while after some minutes later yaya muhammad came into the room..he sat by the bed rest and spoke.. "Hanan..dont worry i have made a promise to be right by your side at all times..and i wouldn't with you..i wouldn't let anyone force something you dont want on yourself..even if it means going all karate on them"...we burst into laughter We spoke for a while before he finally left the room to settle in his..i was so happy someone was seeing light in my predicament.. **************** Unknown p.o.v I jolted awake..i had the dream again..she was always reaching out for me and like always she would slip from me and would go up in dematerialize to tiny bits.. I cant bear it any longer, am just holding on a very loose string, am falling and very soon i am afraid i wouldn't be able to get back up...seeing her every time broke me into pieces i couldn't bear it..i still hadn't gotten used to these nightmares even after three years of the incident .. He tossed and turned..unable to find the best spot to was not the was his heart I had to find one way to forget her..i got married to sa'imah and a year and six months into our wedding she passed on..but seeing her in my dreams always brought back memories of her.. Coupled with my old habit of always seeing her picture before sleeping i wasn't able to brave myself to move on..and now this.. I stood up quietly and entered into the bathroom.. I rinsed my face and performed ablution..prayers had been my only comfort after her demise..i raised may hands in supplication and prayed to God to ease all my affairs The dreams still keeps me up at night even after three years of her passing..i was always afraid to fall asleep..i knew i was broken.. I just needed someone to love me unconditionally and hug me till all my broken pieces mend back together again.. I took my phone and glanced at the picture of sa'imah one more time before falling into the bottomless abyss.. This time..i dreamt about roses and a perfect family..and this signified a start of something new.. **************** Back to our 1st p.o.v The weekend passed by like a blur and yaya Muhammad went back to kano with the promise of checking back on us as soon as he can.. I was sitting down on the terrace when i saw salmahs call..i felt so ashamed.. I had been so preoccupied i had failed to always check up on her.. "Salamualyakum are you doing".. "Dont how are you could a friend be this have forgotten all about me ko..its not your fault"..she heaved " know how things are..i already have a handful am so sorry please find a space in your heart to place me".. "There is no space again..half is for najib and the other half is for Haidar.." "Are you serious right now..who names their kid before they are born".. "I do..and point of correction..he is already here..if you had been caring you would have known i gave birth yesterday night" I squealed loudly..startling the twins from their slumber..i slowly patted them till they went back to sleep.. "Salmah..please dont joke with me..are u serious".. "Mtsheww..i dont have can argue with your large intestine"..with that she ended the call.. I quickly went into the bathroom and rinsed my face..i took out an Abaya and wore then carried the baby seat..i informed mummy salmah had given birth..she sent her regards..i quickly went into a baby store and bought little necessaries before driving to salmahs house.. The baby was so cute..he had a very little nose and lots of hair..he looked like an Arabian..courtesy of his half caste dad..i couldn't stop gushing about him.. We spoke about childbirth and motherhood.. I gave salmah the little tips i had in taking care of my now two months old twins..we left salmahs house around maghrib and came home to an angry mummy...i quickly darted up the stairs before she could bore holes into my skin.. I enrolled myself into the university for my masters pass away time..Muhammad had become a second father to the twins..i did not know how i could repay him back..i even travelled to kano to visit Aunty Asma'u.. Taking care of my babies was and salmah made sure our babies grew as besties..we made them play together..we wanted them to continue what we started and using salmahs day sultana would become her daughter in law if yaya Muhammad wouldn't have her head by then Days passed and month passed, the twins grew like they were fed with fertilizers..they were now one year old..i always took them for weekend to the Aliyus..mamah spoils them..showering them with all the love she could offer..they were a handful and i couldn't love them any lesser..everything was going smoothly until that fateful day..🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾 The twins were too quiet today..i could not hear their ruckus nor mummy shouting on top of her lungs, nor anty dijes spanking nor walida and hanif whining..this was so unlike them.. I went round the whole house but i could not catch a glimpse of them..+ Since they started walking and talking, they have been terrorizing the whole of the Abdurahman house...with ya Muhammad giving his support all the way. I entered into daddy study and found sultan generously guarding the door and watching much for a door guard..sultana on the other hand was speaking on phone, smiling and giggling...instinctively i knew she was talking to yaya Muhammad only him can make her so happy. When did this two little brats sneak up and grasped my phone.. I moved closer and what she said made me stop in my tracks.. "Goodbye Abba..i love you"...i could not move another inch...who was she talking to, they never call yaya Muhammad Abba, they call him uncle M...the room started spinning, i couldn't comprehend what was happening.. Immediately she spoke and i guess the caller ended the call.. she turned to move out and that's when our eyes met.. She looked shocked and terrified like she was caught doing a bad act.. "Ummah..when did you come in.." She stammered..6 I inched closer and grabbed her shoulders..."Zahra who were you speaking to on phone".. "It was nobody ummah..we were just playing"..sultan chipped in..but i knew better he always had his sisters back and would go to any length to protect her, but i knew sultana couldn't lie.. "Zahra..tell me the truth, who were you speaking to.." "" "My friend would you speak up or is it till i reset your factory setting".. The both of them froze and began trembling.. "It was Abbah"..2 It was like a bucket of ice was poured over my head, i suddenly felt feverish..i slumped on the chair with tears pooling my eyes.. "He said he is our Abbah, we have been speaking on phone and i love him very much, he said very soon he will come and take us away"..sultana smiled..8 "Ummah..would you take us to our Abbah, i want to see him..pleeassseee.."...sultan pouted.. They continued pestering me but i could not bring myself to speak, after they got tired they left, probably to look for another person to pester.. I slowly picked up the phone and stared at the number..i redialled it and the person on the other end spoke softly.. "Noor..i thought i told you i was working..dont disturb Abbah now..we would talk later" "Who are you..and why are you trying to break my family"...and the phone went dead.. Noor..he called her noor, only one person does that.. And who was he..why did he end the call..why was the voice very familiar to me..why did he chose my children..i was torn and confused..all has been well and now this..i quickly got up and went to look for them, they needed to answer to me..1 I met them sitting and watching sophia the first..sultana trying to mimic bowing down.. "When did you first talk to him..i calmly spoke..trying as much as possible to be calm".. "It was the other day when you beat us for using your makeup bag and we took up your phone..somebody called and we picked..since then he always calls us and he said we should call him Abbah..he is very nice ummah..please would you take us to him".. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "Why didn't you tell me..i snapped... so you could trust a total stranger over me..why would you do that..what of if a harm came to you, how would i have coped"..i was now crying..the twins also began to cry.. " i knew such would happen..i told you so..but you wouldn't listen..get married and let this children feel fatherly love..but no..hanan knows irinta nan.. You dont even know who he is..he might be dangerous.. Your children craved fatherly love but you denied them..for four years hanan..yaya Muhammad have been there.. Give him a chance you refused.. Now somewhere a man is here talking to your kids..only God knows what he has been feeding them with and how could you be so careless..this has been happening right under your nose and you did not know..and later you would open that your mouth and say you are filling the void of a mother and calling muhammad this instant.. And we are getting you married to him"..mummy spoke, i never knew she overheard us..things just got much worse..this was not how i planned to run my life..4 I broke down and hugged my babies..and true to her words, she called him and asked him to come over for a talk during the weekend..she called anty Asma'u next and we went upstairs i did not know what they spoke about.. I carried them upstairs to their room and put them on their beds..i could not stay angry with was all my fault..they crawled up and hugged me..fresh tears started cascading on my face.. "Ummah dont cry...Abbah will buy ice cream for you..and take us to Disneyland land..that's what he said..we would see Mickey mouse and paw patrol and Sophia"..sultana spoke.. "Zahra, i want you to do a favour for me.. Whenever he calls back..please let me know"..i pecked her forehead.. "And what of me ummah...what should i do"..sultan spoke.. "And my super hero.. You will run like a flash and come to let me know okay.." The both of them started jumping up and down, happy they have been assigned tasks... I left the room and went to call salmah..i needed her right now.. "Hello are you doing".. "Am not fine at all..Haidar is a pain in the neck..i cant keep him in check..i cant manage one how do you fare in managing two? Wallahi hanan our mother deserves jannah"..and she continued shouting in the background.. "Salmah..please i need you help..all is not well..i narrated everything to her" She was quiet sometimes before she finally spoke "hanan..i knew this day would cant hide the truth forever..its either you make them understand or you fill the void with a man..he will handle them".. "But salmah, you know i cant love any other person, i love only him salmah..only him..i just cant..its not possible , am scared salmah..i truly am"..2 "I know not saying you should jump into marriage, but i want you to think about you children's future.. You dont even have to look far..look at Muhammad.. That guy loves you and you always turn a blind eye to him..who could ever be the perfect person to fill the void..think about it please.." We conversed for a little while before she ended the call..saying haidar has spilled his father's fruit juice.. Salmah was not supportive.. She blamed me just as mummy did..i was deep between the devil and the deep blue sea..would i sacrifice my life for my children happiness..or should i continue and fill the missing piece?🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 Unknown pov+ It was not supposed to go this one will come between me and my noor..i have lost her once, am not planning to do that again.. As i slowly slid down the bed and pulled the duvet away..i vividly recollected the horrible nightmare i had..this was getting worse..i had to do something about it and me not talking to my noor just makes it 10 times more heart wrenching.. I went into the bathroom and had a very cold shower..taking my time for the water to run through it would change my nightmares into dreams and make everything alright.. I couldnt even eat day has already started on a wrong footing..just like every other day..i wore my clothes and walked outside.. I had no where in i just followed any route i found..walking down the road..i could see the new amusement park .."magicland".. I paid my gate fee and entered hoping to drown my sorrow if i could hear kids laughing or playing..i was in no mood for rides.. Sitting down on the bench my mind started wondering how it would look like if she was still holding my noors hand when she get scared, buying cotton candy and riding on the wildest ride... I sighed praying to Allah to make me pass this was getting harder every single second..and i feel like i would break at any minute..i glanced at my left and noticed a little girl with a mini hijab and a fork noor would just be the same age as she if only i could see her again ..a little boy was pulling her towards who i think was her father..they look so much alike just like my...i couldn't bring myself to say it.. The father was standing close to a very pretty woman whom i guessed was their mother because there was a very striking resemblance.. she was laughing and shaking her head.. I stood up slowly and went to where they were standing..i crouched over the little girl and boy and i could see their mother on high alert..who wouldn't be?.. "Hello little one..what is your name?" She was biting her lips and twisting her legs clearly shy.. "Lilttle champ..what is your name?"..i referred to the boy.. "My name is zahradeen and this is my sister zahra..she doesnt want to climb the ride and i want to..please tell her to climb with me".. "She is scared"..someone spoke from beside me.."dont mind her" I looked up and saw it was their father..i smiled at him.. "Arent we all?..i shook his hands "Am sorry..she was just so cute and i saw this champ dragging her"..i crouched down again and held her hand.. "Do you want me to hold you hands and ride with you? She squeaked a small yes with her voice..i instantly felt a deja vu..her voice sounded so familiar.. But wait?..arent all kids voice supposed to sound same?..i held her hand and strolled to the ticket booth..i bought a ticket and went on the queue.. Her mother took the other boy and came towards us.. " so sorry you had to do that..we could not make her come with us..even though she was with her favourite person in the world..thank you so much".. "Its no problem.. I actually enjoy the company of kids so dont worry..i am used to this.." We climbed the ride together and surprising she held my hands all through but was enjoying every bit of it..after making rounds we finally dropped.. "Thank you so much.. Let do that again was so much fun"..surprising she loosened up and started bobbing her head up and down..she looked so cute doing it..a smile broke out on my face..this girl just made my day.. STORY CONTINUES BELOW  "No we would were scared and it was not even scary.. Her brother spoke".. "I know..but Abbah held my hands all through and i was not scared".. I stilled..and i could feel the tension crackling in the air..what did this girl just say? " so sorry she is like sorry for embarrassing you this way"...her mother spoke "Its no problem, all kids are the same and she is so cute to embarrass me..dont worry".. "Abbah would you come and see us"...both children chorused.. This day was just getting more embarrassing but surprisingly nice.. "Sultan and sultana..behave yourselves..lets go home this instant"..the man spoke.. They continued apologizing and dragged them away.. The children sobbing and disappointed.. I stood transfixed on the spot, so many thoughts running through my mind..i quickly dashed to the parking lot and hailed a taxi..i followed them all the way down and i stopped..seeing them come down and went into a house..i memorized the address and asked the driver to take me home.. Finally..some light was about to enter into my life and i am so ready to embrace it.. Earlier in the day Yaya muhammad came home as per mummy instructions.. And just like always he spoilt the children with lots of gifts..i always object but he never cease to amaze me.. After he was done with the twins mummy sat us down in the parlour to speak to us..i felt like a little child who was caught stealing candy.. "You all know why i called you here isn't it, you are no longer children..i dont have to speak much..muhammad i have seen how you take care of my grandkids and i am so happy and sad at the same time..i know what is between you and hanan. Why do you keep denying yourself what you want just to please should have known by now that she is so selfish and sometimes self-centered, just say the word and in the blink of an eye you would see it happen in front of you".. "But mummy.." I wanted to whine but was cut short.. "Ke gidan ku..sai na bubuge ki yanzun nan.. I will leave you two to discuss.. But i want to hear a feedback before the end of i clear?"...mummy said then left the parlor Since all my years of knowing Muhammad we have never felt uncomfortable sitting together until today and it was killing me slowly.. " heard what mamah said..we need to give her an answer before sunset"..he laughed nervously.. I was fidgeting with my fingers.. My palms were already sweaty talk more of my body.. " not going to force you hanan..i know you feel you are not feel you are cheating on him right..dont not so selfish.. I would wait and i wont get tired of waiting but just put it at the back of your mind that i will always do everything to make your world colourful..we would share the same pain and joy..i would be there to wipe away your tears..i would always be there".. I was speechless.. How does he understand me so well..i wanted saying something but it felt like my tongue weighed ten tons.. "Well enough of all the serious talk..dont beat yourself up..i would protect our heads from mamahs go get my munchkins ready let have some fun..we are going to the amusement park..its been long we had fun"...with that he left the room.. I stayed there for more than ten minutes reflecting on what mummy and muhammad said and i finally made up my mind..i was ready to face the world but not alone anymore.. With someone by my side.. πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§+ The ride back home was so quiet..the twins sobbing and yaya Muhammad was all tensed up in front of the steering wheels, i could not even bring myself to talk but strangely that man did not give me the wrong vibes..i kinda trusted him immediately he spoke.. He radiated some kind of aura with him that made me feel comfortable around was weird but comforting at the same time, i had not felt this way since after the death of zahradeen even with yaya was kinda scary. We reached the house and we got out of the car quietly yaya Muhammad on the lead and me trailing right behind with the twins..we entered the parlour and i sent the twins to their rooms..we needed to have a talk...why was he worked up like this..i never wanted him to be embarrassed.. They were kids for God sake.. "Look yaya Muhammad.. I did not..." "No need to apologize"..he cut me off.. Oookay...why was he like this?.. Mummy came down giving me the stink eye..."why do i find it weird that you guys went out and look more quiet?" "Nothing mummy..we are on talking break"..i spoke "Dont tell me that..the twins are in their room sleeping with faces dried with tears..did you beat them".. "No mummy..i did not"..i spoke.. "Mamah..i should be on my way..some urgent work just came up..i need to be in kano so am leaving..and regarding what we spoke about..mama please can you give us more time there is something am actually working on so after am done we can face this matter square in the face".. Ok..whats wrong with him..why was he lying through his teeth.. " problem..take care and drive regards to anty".. He proceeded to leave without a goodbye from me nor the twins..i needed to do something.. "I am ready mummy..i am ready to get married to muhammad"..i spoke..he stilled and turned his face evident with..surprise, joy or was it shock..i could see him working up a grin..suddenly i was shy "Alhamdulilah..ko kefa..let me call so happy right now"..mummy left the sitting room and went upstairs.. He came closer to me and whispered.."why did you do it..i told you i would not force you".. "I figured out that life is not full of roses..i should not be selfish and jeopardize the future of my children just because i was not ready i shouldn't be blind to see the person who truly loves me and is ready to give me his all for both me and my made me realize this, i have been blinded almost throughout my sorry for that"..i bowed my head.. He looked like he was going to hug the crap out of me.." just made me the happiest man on earth right now..i am so glad we finally accepted gonna start making preparations right now.." I could see him reluctant to leave but he had to, to avoid looking like a total liar.. He smiled a genuine smile and left.. I looked towards the twins room..i hoped i have made the right decisions for them..i sighed and proceeded to my room to call salmah..i need to keep her updated..this night was going to be sooo long.. Unknown pov The house i stopped was none other than the house of Abdurahman maina...i was so happy right now..i have not felt like this since the death of my noor and her mother.. I needed to know who she was....they looked so a perfect family, a tinge of jealousy surfacing..last thing i want was to fall in love with a married woman..i needed to know more about her..stalker mode activated.. The night was peaceful since i lost my beloved family..i slept all through without any nightmares..tomorrow held lots of promises.. The next morning i drove to work all smiling and happy.. I literally skipped to my office..i was earning stares from people they probably thought i had finally lost it because i was known as the grumpy boss for those who did not know me before the incident that took away my joy..when i reached my private receptionist.. I smiled at her..i could see her tensing up, the poor girl probably thought i was going to fire her..i stopped beside her and spoke.. "Evelyn you know can take take the day clearly need it" The poor girl began to literarily.."am so sorry sir..i was just five minutes late it was the nyanya traffic would never repeat itself..i have a sick mother and a brother in school please dont fire me"..she rambled Oookay..this was so hilarious.. The poor girl thought i was going to fire her..i broke into another fits of laughter..the girl sobbed this was going to stop.. "Will you get a hold of yourself..who mentioned anything about firing you..English this days is hard to comprehend..i said take the day off meaning you can go home and rest..tomorrow you can come back besides i cant afford to loose such a diligent secretary as yourself".... "Really sir"..she looked skeptical.. "Yes..or do i need to say it in French".. "No sir..thank you sir"..she stood up cleaning her face with the tissue on the table..she started packing.. I couldn't blame her though..the longest conversation i had held with her was.."bring me file number 1022"..i proceeded to enter my office but stopped..i dipped my hands into my pocket and brought out a wad of notes..i did not even count it.."here..give this to your mother and brother and tell them i said hi".. She knelt down and started thanking me profusely..crying and giving me blessing.. I just nodded and entered my office.. Now back to business..i needed information about that girl..something was telling me she wasn't married and i prayed it to be so..i picked up my phone and dialed a number i had not dialed in ages..zakari was like the most active person i know..lets just say he knows a lot of people.. He was my little private investigator.. "Hello..yes..yes..dont bother me with your blabbing..i need you to carry out something for me..there is a girl in Alhaji Abdurahman Maina house..yes the judge..i need to know everything about her pronto"..i hit the end button before he could disturb me with his blabbing..i sighed and proceeded for the days work hoping better things to come.. After like two hours zakari called me back.. "Yes..go on..spill it.." After he finished..i was happy and sad at the same time..her name was halima and she had two kids..they have to be those twins i saw..her husband was dead and that was a relief..not to sound strange, may his soul rest in piece..but what was really bothering me was that guy..he has to be her fiance or something because of the way he was looking at her..i needed to do some visitation... 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 The house was in a festive mood...anty came down from kano just because i accepted the proposal, she was all over me..+ I finally thought i had peace getting everyone off my back but deep down i still had a tiny voice inside telling me i was making a wrong decision.. I told mummy i just wanted the wedding to take place, there was no need for extravaganza..but it seems that plea fell on deaf ear..after much persuasion we concluded to only host a dinner party.. The days flew by as mummy and aunty went all out for the preparations, they acted like I was a bride getting married for the very first time.. I was so lost in my thoughts, thinking of my late husband the time we spent together, our bickers and jokes..i decided the time was now..i need to embrace myself and face my fears square in the face.. i walked into my closet to the very back where his memories were buried..i felt the pain when i discovered he was gone forever and never coming back all over again..hanan breathe.. when he died in the crash an envelope and some chocolates with a gigantic teddy bear was retrieved all though they were all smoldered and the envelope stained with his blood...i did not know whose idea it was thinking it was a good idea giving a blood stained envelope of the love of my life to me ..i could not open the note ever since his death for almost seven years but now i was ready to surge forward and live my life without any regrets and i thought.. I took in a large breath and opened the envelope.. I slowly took out the note and began reading.. "Dear hanan, I know right know u feel like punching me in the face, shredding the note, burning it and throwing the ashes all over my best suit..i am so sorry, i might have been a little selfish, ok sorry a lot selfish but dont blame me..what does a common man like me get to do when he is so blessed with a rare gem as yourself, i wouldn't let your eyelash go outside talk more of you yourself, dont blame a guy for loving his wife, dont get angry at a guy for getting jealous, dont crucify a guy for scampering into the corner because his wife was angry at him.. You were the best thing that had ever happened to me, you are my sunshine when i could only see were my last hope when i thought i could never find love..i love you till the fleet of eternity..i want to start my infinity with you, every second just as precious as the other, every minute just as cherished as the next..i want you to be my everything so would you please forgive this old sack of potatoes?.. How about we forget this all happened and go away from the prying eyes of salmah, fauziya and the rest?i cant wait to welcome the miniature gonna love him/her to death Signed: zahradeen Aliyu yaron major na hanan the beautifulπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ And inside were two ticket to U.S.A Anaheim,California and i have an idea where we were going to...i have been dying to go to Disneyland.. I did not realize i was crying until i could not hold it in anymore i burst into a pool of tears..he knew, the idiot knew I was pregnant, i was such a fool.. I did not realize someone came inside until i was wrapped in a blanket of hugs..i knew it was mummy because there was no doubt her oud spoke for her..after some minutes i let myself go and smiled at her, she returned the smile without saying anything but that alone has conveyed so many hidden messages in her eyes, she pressed my shoulder and left the room.. Like a blink of an eye the day i was going to be sent off for the second time came, an overwhelming feeling of deja vu wrapped me..different thought crossed my mind but the reassurance of salmah alone wiped them away but still there was still this unsettling feeling deep down in my stomach that something bad was going to happen..i tried dismissing it and decided to make the best out of the moment, i made fun of my friends we laughed and chattered but time still dragged on.. The wedding was scheduled for 2:00pm but as i glanced my watch for the millionth time the time was still reading 11:45am.. "Anxious are we?"...salmah teased "Am not anxious, i just want to get this over with...i cant stand another second seeing all this people around me..i could literarily scream my head off right now" "Before you murder anyone could you please pretend like you enjoy their company" surayya who was heavily pregnant with Fahad second child spoke.. I beamed a smile at her.. Finally i could hear the call of prayer..i quickly stood up and performed my sallah...staying on the prayer mat making supplications, as the time dragged on the unsettling feeling was becoming more prominent...i couldn't shake it off anymore.. I glaced at my was already 2:10..why was the house so quiet..i swallowed the lump in my throat and sat on the bed..2:30...they ought to have tied the knot but why was there no yodelling.. "Salmah..this house is so quiet for my liking, i think something is actually wrong" "You worry too much hanan..everything is fine just shove it away and allow me to eat in peace".. I glared at can she be so jovial about this when she know am actually freaking out here..i made supplications to God.. 3:00..ok..that does it..something is actually wrong.. Today was my wedding ya illahi and all those nosy aunties have not even made a move to congratulate me or make fun of me..i needed some comfort right now..i beckoned on walida to fetch my children.. Immediately i saw them a smile broke out on my face..sultan was covered with rice all over and i did not know whose bag sultana had access to..she had smeared lipstick all over her face.. I drew them close and kissed them at least some sanity in all this mess..i took a look at my friends Aisha and surayya were already asleep..salmah had gone to see her hubby, i was left alone in the room..i dragged the twins and bathe them, then changed them into another dress..i took hold of my phone and saw two notifications all from heart skipped a bit as i opened them the first read "I will always love you zawjatty" I smiled as i opened the next "Congratulations Mrs Muhammad kabeer so sorry" I furrowed my eyebrows.. I thought his name was.. I was caught off my reverie by walidas voice.."Baba is seeking you in his parlour" Was it already time for round two of the farewell..i shrugged as i dragged the twins with me..i adjusted my lapaya as i said the salam and entered.. There i saw anty, mummy, anty Zulaihat, baba and Muhammad seated all looking sullen..i braced myself instantly feeling out of place, i sent the twins out to play..i gently let myself down gently.. "Hanan look up at me"..baba spoke "One of rudiments of Islam is to believe in qadr no matter what happens...i know the daughter i bore..i know you have passed through a lot in this your little stage and you came out very strong i am so proud of you..i have never for once regretted having you as a daughter, you will forever remain my pride..i want you to take what happened as qadr and embrace it...Allah has already written in Lauhul mahfuz that muhammad will not get married to you".. Did i hear him well..did he say muhammad was not my husband?..then why did he congratulate me.. "Hanan my very sorry this was all so sudden and was beyond my control..i love you from the depth of my heart even if my son and i weren't lucky to have you as a daughter.. I will forever cherish this bond.. I wish you a happy married life..may God make this your permanent home"..she spoke and left the room sobbing Mummy also hugged me and left the parlour with daddy right behind her..i was left with only Muhammad.. It was like my heart was pierced with a burning stake.. "What do they mean by that"..i asked slowly.. Silence "I said what did they mean by that Muhammad"...for the first time i called his name Silence "STOP KEEPING QUIET AND ANSWER ME!!!" i screamed "Am sorry was beyond my control..i never meant it to be this way..God has better plans for you and i..let us just accept our fate" A slap..yes..i slapped him "Do you think am a toy in which you can use and discard..because of you i left the life i wanted and simply because of some flimsy reason you decided to toy with me and not marry me..(laugh)..i should have known".. "Am sorry hanan..we were not meant to be..someone better deserves you".. "AND WHO THE HELL WOULD THAT BE"…⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ I stilled.. Hearing that voice ..different thoughts began to cross my couldn't be..+ "I am..i am that idiot who thought he deserves someone like you..please forgive me for acting selfish and toying with your emotions..forgive me for wanting you all by myself.. Forgive me for wanting peace and sanctity for once in my messed up life..hanan please give me a chance to make things right its neither Muhammad's fault neither mine..we thought what we think was best for you..he was just acting like the big brother he is..." "By making another persons happiness come first before his..i see"..i scoffed, still refusing to face him "Its never like that never know what you do to please a loved one unless it arises"..the voice spoke again "Hanan"...Muhammad drawled For the first time since this unfortunate morning i noticed his swollen and tired eyes..he had even lost some weight.. "It was never my intention not to get married to you..i loved you and i still love you and i will forever love you.. Its just that circumstances did not allow us to get married..Allah has already written better things for us..we might think we deserve each other but Allah knows best.. I had to do it and i know if i told you the reason you would also do so in a heartbeat".. "Then tell me the reason".. "I not in a position to do so..your husband is in a better position to do so".. "husband" i tasted the bitter word in my mouth ..i thought as much".. "Please hanan..consider your children"..the voice spoke again.. "Dont you dare!!!!..dont you even dare bring my children into this..i am tired..i am tired of making sacrifices.. I am tired of people blackmailing me because of my children...they are grown up now, they can now understand the loss of a dear one and am going to tell them now".. "Halimah please...dont drag your children into this emotional mess..they deserve some love you want them to go through what you went through..dont deprive them of fatherly love just because two idiots decided to toy with your feelings"...Muhammad pleaded "Dont tell me how to act with my guys have done please..let us be..i beg have done what you thought was right, now allow me to do what i also think is best for me "..still without looking at him i hurriedly took flight of the stair, i ran up to my room and the water works began.. " know you can talk to me.. Tell me am your best friend you know".. I did not sense anybody's presence in the room until i heard a voice.. "Salmah please let me be..i dont want to talk about it".. "Ok..if you are not ready i could wait".. "No salmah you dont understand, i dont want to talk about it not now, nor please would you let me be".. " know where to find me when you are ready to talk"..salmah picked up her bag and dragged herself out of the room.. I fell deeper into the bed and cried harder..this test was too much ya Allah..why me, why not any other random too frail for this..1 Subhanallah.. i chastised myself remembering that Allah does not burden his servant with anything he cannot bear.. Then i did what every reasonable person would do when faced with a turmoil..i performed ablution and proceeded to table all my sorrows and grievances to the one and all knowing..i lost count of how many unit of prayer i did and supplications i engaged in..i was in that position till i fell asleep.. It was a soft knock that awoke me from my slumber..i stirred and stood upright from my praying mat, i cracked my neck and walked into the bathroom, i rinsed my face and wiped it with a towel..i looked into the mirror and saw how disheveled i looked, so many things has happened within a short span of time..Ya Allah, make it easy for me i prayed.. I walked out and met mama(her ex-mother in law) sitting on the bed..i forced a smile and sat close to her resting my head on her shoulders..she stroked my head as tears pooled in my eyes, i never knew i still had tears to shed again after what has happened throughout the years..i felt comfortable here on mamas shoulder reminiscing my old memories.. "Hanan..i heard what happened".. "Mama please can we not talk about this..i dont want to believe that you are part of this..everyone i have ever thought that had my best interest at heart had betrayed me and it hurts so much".. "I cant tell you i know how you feel hanan but one thing for sure is with every difficulty our Lord has promised us relief..and i believe yours will come sooner than you think..everyone still has your best interest at heart, not everything is as it seems from the outside you need to listen to what people say and not shut yourself out completely".. "Did mummy send you here?" I asked raising my head from her shoulders.. "Why would you want to think that..have you forgotten that am also your mother?" "No mama am not saying that.. Its just that everyone i ever loved had hurt me so many times that i lost count of, from my childhood right to adulthood.. I cant take it anymore, am not a toy that can be played with anyhow, i have a heart also..they cant just hide under the pretense of my children and do whatever they like..its not done that way.." "Don't judge based on what you see or perceive to be the truth..have you bothered asking why what happened did happen?".. "I tried mama..but nobody is telling me anything...everyone is avoiding me saying i should talk to my so called husband i married".. "Then did you".. "No i did not mama..i cant bear to see him talk more of talking to him".. "But you do know that you are now his wife and he has right now over you.. Very soon you would be taken back to his house.." "No mama..i cant..i am not going anywhere.. Not now nor ever, am sick and tired of all this things".. "Now hanan..are you trying to question your Lord...he placed you in this position and you think he doesn't love you..if you really have faith in your Lord and you belief with every difficulty comes relief and you really respect the decision of we your parents, you wouldn't be saying all this.." She frowned "Its not like conflicted mama..i dont know what to do".. "You do what your scripture say..respect your husband and go to him, it doesnt matter whether the marriage was against your wish even though you had the choice of a spouse, it doesnt matter whether it was Muhammad or have to obey him, he owns you now and there is nothing you can do about woman up and clean your tears, wear a big smile and face the world squarely in the face and you will see everything falling into place" "Thank you so much mama..i will try..may Allah grant me the strength to do so"… "Ameen go take a shower and beautify yourself so that you become the coolness of his eyes koh, am here for you now and always".. I forced a smile and stood up and do as she asked..after a quick shower and some Kohl i was ready..i need no excess makeup its not like am trying to impress anyone..she and some of my aunties got into the car and i was driven to my second home..i did not even get to see mummy and daddy.. I sighed as i was brought to a stop in front of the house..this is changes everything from now..i supplicated then put my right foot inside..🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡 As i entered the house i did not even care to look at my surroundings, i just followed my aunties to where i presumed was my room..they sat me down and expressed their condolences saying words that i couldnt comprehend..mamah squeezed my shoulder in an it's gonna be ok way and led the women outside..i was left alone all by myself in this strangers house who was so called my husband.. I glanced around and located the bathroom..i splashed water on my face and laid down crying myself to oblivion..+ I woke up to the soft sound of the Quranic recitation playing in the living room.. I checked the time and realized i had missed subhi prayer.. I dragged myself off the bed and prayed.. Staying on the ground supplicating..a soft knock was placed on my door and the knob slowly turned.. "good was your night..eemm Hope you rested well..i knew you were so tired thats why i did not wake you up.. He said scratching his head..Breakfast is on the table downstairs..erhm if you are done you can come downstairs"..he spoke Anger was building deep within me.. How dare he.. How dare he pretend everything was honky dory and come to my room acting sweet and all.. "i am not hungry"..i replied through gritted teeth "but you slept on an empty stomach yesternight and also am very sure you had nothing to take"... "DONT YOU GET IT.. LEAVE ME ALONE!!.. WHAT DONT YOU UNDERSTAND..I DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU.. YOU JUST CAME INTO MY LIFE AND DESTROYED EVERYTHING AND HERE YOU ARE ACTING LIKE EVERYTHING IS NORMAL..HECK!!.. I DONT EVEN KNOW YOUR NAME.. I DONT KNOW YOUR FAMILY AND AM HERE SUPPOSEDLY MARRIED TO YOU..COULD YOU PLEASE LET ME BE!!!.. "am sorry hanan..he replied in a cool voice.. I just thought you needed something but since you want to be left alone fine.. But please dont hesitate to let me know if you need anything".. He closed the door and i broke down into a pool of tears.. I stayed that way till zuhur.. I prayed and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.. I saw the covered food he left and ignored it.. I proceeded to pick an apple and went back to the room..after asr prayer i heard a soft knock on my door.. This guy doesn't know when to stop.. I angrily opened the door and met the two set of the most beautiful eyes you could ever find.. "sultan and sultana.. Who brought you here.. I asked raining kisses on them.. "it was abbah.. Sultana spoke" Anger built within me.. "why do you keep calling him that.. Do you even know him?"..i chastised "uncle M said he is our Abbah.. Grandma also said that and grandpa too.. He said you were crying and wanted us to come and play with you.. Grandma refused but he begged her.. He even bought sweets for us "..sultan spoke I dragged then to the sitting room where he was sitting with his head buried in his hands.. "you did not have to do this.. Being your prisoner is enough.. Why dragging my kids too.. Did you think you can win my trust through them.. Think again".. "hanan..i just think you needed some company before you fall sick by crying.. I did not do so for any selfish motive".. "i see.. " "ummi.. I want to stay with abbah.. Sultana whined" "no.. You are not staying with him.. He is a stranger and what did i warn you against strangers? "..i dragged the both of them.. sultana was throwing a tantrum i did not know when i hit her.. The only thing i knew next was him raising his hands up.. Then lowering it down and dragging her away from me.. "you can do whatever you want to me but dont dare raise your hands to them again.. " He dragged sultana away..sultan also released my hands and followed them to his room.. I stood transfixed to the spot.. I never felt so dejected and lost my whole life.. Even my children had now abandoned me.. I stayed there crying for hours.. Later in the day i called salmah.. She picked but did not say a word.. "am sorry salmah.. I did not mean to yell at you.. I was broken.. A lot had happened and i was happy everthing was going to be ok.. Only for it to come crashing down.. Am lost salmah.. Everone had left me including my kids.. I dont know what to do anymore..please salmah.. Dont leave me too"..i broke down into tears "hush baby.. Hush.. Momma is here for you..and who said everyone has here and everyone is also there.. You just dont want to admit the truth and move on with you life" "how can you say that salmah.. You of all people should know..i was not prepared for this.. You guys forced me into this.. And look where it ended broken salmah"...i went ahead and narrated everything that happened within the span of the 28hrs i was here.. "subhanallah hanan.. How could you do such a thing.. Are you forgetting you are a muslim.. What came over you.. Is this the training our parents instilled in us.. Koman zafi mijin ki ne.. Ko kin manta ne (no matter what.. He is your husband)..through out yesterday you slept with the anger of your Lord and still you dont feel remorse.. He is your husbnad for God sake.. You even thank God he did not do anything stupid and still trying to adjust to you.. From all indications he is a good man.. Not that am in support of him but..marriage is an ibadah.. If not for him do it for your Lord.. Please dont fall victim of those women that will enter jahannam because of the disobedience to their spouse.. I want you to make everything right again.. Go do it before i call mamah and tell her everything".. "but.. ".. "no buts salmah.. Go repair your home and watch everything fall into place.. Show the world you are strong and pass this test so that we become the women of jannah in shaa Allah" "thank you salmah.. I dont know what i could do without you.. You are a very priceless jewel everyone deserves to have".. "you see.. But God gave me to you.. Be go show him what hanan is made off and make us proud baby"... I sighed and cut the call.. I went to the bathroom and ran a warm shower.. Applied kohl to may eyes.. I need to make things right.. I was so stupid.. Not giving a chance rather condemning everything.. First step.. clean up.. Check.. Second step cook for the family.. I entered into the kitchen and prepared spagetti and beef sauce making sure everything was to taste i made also some pineapple, coconut and ginger juice which were the kids favourite .. Cooking for the third and final to him and ask for forgiveness.. I slowly walked to him room and knocked.. Waiting for the worse to come...Two chapters in a dayyy... Say whaaaat!! πŸ€“πŸ˜―πŸ˜² πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚ I knocked softly.. Still there was no response.. I turned the knob of the door..before me was the most beautiful scene..the twins were fast asleep with their heads on his chest and also his arms wrapped around them protectively..i sighed and made a move to close the door with tears pooling in my eyes.. But the shuffling of the bed stopped me.. We locked eyes and i cast down my eyes..+ "hanan.. Hope everything is ok".. Now it was my turn to embarass myself.. "yes.. I just wanted to tell you that dinner was ready".. I could see the look of shock on his face.. But he quickly masked it and smiled.."ok.. I will be down in a minute..need to be careful not to wake these angels up.. I went downstairs waiting for him palms were already sweaty..i did not want to do anything stupid.. God please give me strength..after few minutes he came down and sat opposite me.. I dished the food and placed it before him.. I wanted dishing mine out when he stopped me.. "dont you know it is the sunnah of the prophet to eat with your family from the same place"..he asked smiling Please dont make this more difficult for me.. I dropped the spoon and sat close to him.. We ate in silence.. Or mostly him eating and me picking on the food..after eating.. He smiled and thanked me..then proceeded to leave.. "please i need to talk to you.. Could you give me a minute".. I could see the look of fear on his face.. Was he thinking that i was about to ask for a divorce.. Am not that dumb.. He sat back down and folded his hands and pursed his lips into a thin line.. "am all ears hanan.. Talk to me.. Dont worry you can say anything without the fear of hurting me.. Am already used to pain".. He said with a sad smile.. ya Allah.."uhmmm.. I just wanted to ask for your forgiveness for all the hurtful words i said to you.. Am very sorry.. It wasn't intentional"..i said and my tears duct failing to control themselves.. He was quiet until he realized i was crying.. "subhanallah hanan.. Don't cry..wallahi i did not take anything to heart.. Wallahi i even commended you for what you did.. Not every woman in your shoes will quickly accept all what happens and move on..billahi i forgive you" "thank you so much.. " "i know everything is sudden to you but can we set our differences aside and work towards a common goal".. I swallowed the lump in my throat.. "lets start from the scratch.. friends.." he extended his hands.. Am i ready for this..hope i am not making another grave mistake..Ya Allah you know my intent.. "friends".. I reluctantly accepted the shake wierdly.. "Well since that is settled.. Let me introduce myself.. I am Muhammad Kabeer Yusuf.. An architect..the son of Mallam yusuf dan masani.. The only you can call me tanko" he said with a smile.. I smiled back.. "nice meeting you.. Mallam Muhammad Kabeer".. "please just call me kabeer.. Well thats what most of my friends do.. "kabeer"..i spoke softly.. We were interrupted by the twins..Abbah.. Abbah.. they immediately went to him rather than me.. My heart broke seeing that.. But i bottled it up and smiled.. He seemed to notice.."wont you give ummi a hug angels".. Reluctantly they came beside me with sultana staying the farthest.. "my munchkins are you hungry.. I prepared spagetti with beef sauce and there is also juice".. I smiled.. I could see their eyes light up.. I quickly dished the food out for them.. I raised my head up and realized we were the center of attraction.. "please hanan.. As a friend.. I will like you to accompany me to my parents in three days time.. if it wouldnt be any inconvenience".. This could be my chance to make things right for good.. A step is all i need and this was it.. "ok no problem..".. " in shaa Allah.. And thank you so means a lot".. The twins were done eating..and i took them upstairs to take their bath and get ready for bed.. "i will do it.. Dont worry just have some rest"..he spoke "no.. They are a lot of trouble.. Please dont bother".. "i will learn".. "we want Abbah to bath us ummi"..they spoke.. This little sons of the potato.. "ok" "dont worry you could come supervise"..he grinned We entered into a spare bedroom which was already decorated as a kids.. This guy went all way out just within a span of a day.. I must commend him.. The bath process was so hilarious with him getting drenched and the bathroom floor flooded.. I laughed my hearts out.. We dressed them together and tucked them.. "sleep with me ummi" sultana whined.. "dont worry..i am here to fight all the monsters.. He said flexing his muscles".. The twins giggled and he laid in their middle cradling them till they fell asleep.. "goodnight kabeer" "goodnight hanan.. Take care and dont let the bedbugs bite".. I smiled as i slowly closed the door and headed to my room.. Tomorrow is going to be a new dawn.. Days passed and our so called friendship blossomed.. I was no longer irritated by his sight.. I try as much as possible to put our best interest in heart with salmah and mamah to guide me all the way.. The next morning.. I was still awoken by the soft recitation of the Qur'an.. I felt so much at ease.. I just laid down and listened.. After some time i went out to prepare breakfast just something light i thought.. I was so busy i did not notice a was obvious he just came back from jogging "goodmorning house mate.. Hope you had a good night rest".. "yes i did... thank you.. Breakfast is also ready.. " i spoke.. After breakfast he went out to h Get somethings ready.. I used that opportunity to bathe and dress the twins for our outing.. I prepared myself and waited for him.. He came back some minutes later and asked us to leave.. I was about to go out when i remembered sultana was fast asleep in his bedroom.. I quickly went to get her.. After softly waking her up i proceeded to leave.. my veil knocked down a photo frame which i did not notice before.. I slowly picked it up and my heart stopped in my it was Muhammad kabeer and a woman in a tight embrace.. A huge smile on both faces with nothing in the world to care about.. My heart started racing and asking questions.. Who was she that he did not care to mention ..πŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•ΈπŸ•Έ I managed to calm my breathe and sighed.. Why am i so bothered about this, why should i care, she may be his lover or his sister.. It has nothing to do with me. Its not like am in love with him, but then why am i feeling so tensed and jealous.. I walked out of the room with sultana and met the boys outside.. "hanan.. What is the matter.. Why does it look like you've seen a ghost.. If you are not well we could postpone the trip, its not like they will move anytime soon".. i shook my head and got into the passenger seat.. He quickly followed suit and strapped the twins in their car seat.. I was so lost in thought i did not even know when we stopped.. Glancing at my surrounding i noticed we were in front of a mall.. "please hanan.. Hope you wont mind me picking somethings for my cousins and my parents?".. I nodded and he was still standing staring at me.. Was i supposed to do something that i forgot, or did i have something on my face? "errhm.. I was thinking whether you could accompany me as my friend.. I need a feminine opinion please if you wouldn't mind".. "okay"..i slipped out of the car and unstrapped the kids.. I held sultan and he carried sultana.. He took a trolley and kept the both of them inside.. How did he know they loved riding on the trolley..i moved the thought at the back of my mind.. He picked some few things and casually asked for my opinions on everything we picked.. I was so absolved in my thoughts and deciding the colour of a wrapper at the same time when sultana started running towards me with a set of barbie tea cup the process ramming into someone.. The persons things fell off and i heard a hiss.. "am so sorry.. She did not mea... " my voice got stuck in my throat..i blanched and became white as a sheet.. It was no other person that her.. My worst nightmare..the person who has terrorized me day after night.. Ruining my childhood.. Sultana quicky started scampering away crying and trying to hold me.. When she grabbed her roughly by her arms.. "are you stupid or blind.. Didnt you see me or did your parent not teach you to apologize to people when you are wrong..where are your useless parents.. They will get a taste of me.. Why give birth to such brats if they cant keep them on a leash" Sultana pointed at me already shivering and shedding hot tears.. Hot tears started streaking out of my eyes too.. Please let her not recognize me.. Please God not today.. "am sorry ma'am.. It was not intentional" "wait??... Why do you look so i know you from somewhere ? Suddenly muhammad appeared from behind the aisle "uhmmm... Hanan, this colour really suits yo... what's going on here? Reality downing on her she spoke.. "oh my God.. The person i have been looking forward to see.. Halima Abdurahman Maina.. wow..if it isnt the little my dad has it have changed.. I almost did not recognize you..i could almost say you look beautiful but no.. Some things never do they?.. "uhmm.. What going on here.. Why are you hurting my wife and kid and by the way who the hell are you?" "and who is this hottie we got here.. Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk.. What a pity.. Such beauty like you getting wasted on such nonentity like her.. Comeon.. Dont you want a little taste of this?"..she said gesturing to her body and making obscene actions.. Bile rising up my throat.. I decided enough was enough.."please rakiya..i dont have time for all this.. Am trying to shop for my husband and kids here.. Please.. Act as old as your age"... "whatt.. What effontery do you have to say such seems all those years you have forgotten who rakiya badmus is.. After all the things i have heard about your marriage.. You killing your husband, flirting with guys, getting ditched on your wedding and somebody taking pity to cover your shame.. And two bastards to take care of.. You talk about maturity.. If i were you i would kill myself and rid the world of a waste like yoursel... " She did not get to finish when a resounding slap echoed in the hall.. I turned and saw Muhammad landing another on her cheeks.. His eyes were my few weeks of staying with him, i have never seen him in that state.. "dont.. Do not.. And never speak to my wife like that"..his voice lacing with venom.. "what right do you think you have..a low class girl like you think you can match up to her standards.. Hanan is beautiful, compassionate,kind,selfless and one of the strongest woman i ever encountered..she is the best thing that has ever happened to me".. "stop dont have to fight my battles"...i spoke with tears streaming down my face.. "no please.. Allow me hanan.. You are my wife.. And i will lay down my life to protect you, your dignity and reputation and that of our kids.. I beat my chest everyday and thank God almighty for granting me hanan.. She is more than what i have ever asked of from God in a woman.. When you have grown up, mature and acquire senses then you can come let me match your I. Q with that of sultana..just look at you not even ashamed to pick someone your own size.. Picking troubles with little children.. You think you are beautiful with your contorted nose and shapeless body.. Please look at the mirror next time before coming out.. So if you will please excuse me.. I hate the smell of burning plastic"...with that he grabbed me and planted a deep kiss on my lips.. Dragging me and the kids towards the check out station..1 "and oh.. Sorry.. Free piece of advice.. Save the planet by covering your self.. The oxone layer suffers from fumes emitting from people like you.. Adios".. I glanced back and saw her holding her face still rooted to the same spot and holding her cheeks, with tears pooling her eyes.. I never thought i could see this day..tge day where tge almighty rakiya badmus woukd be shown her place.. Alhamdulilah.. He checked out and started the engine.. And we drove away cutting the worst phase of my life forever from me.. 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 We arrived at his parents house.. But because on the incident that happened the twins were very skeptical to open up to people... I was very surprised they did not meet us with scorn on their faces like some myopic people that think they can hate a woman because she is divorced and have kids, they treated us like a newly married virgin bride.. I smiled forcefully and tried as much as possible to register peoples name without having to ask them again and sound rude.. We distributed the gifts to everyone and surprisingly he accorded the gifts to my name and i had to start listening to a earful of thank yous..after eating lunch his mother beckoned on me to her bedroom.. I was scared of what was going to transpire between us.. "Halima.. I beseech your forgiveness...we acquired a new tie from a way that is not the best of way.. Please forgive us.. Dont blame him wallahi..i myself was so surprised when he told me he was getting married on the day of the marriage.. No prior notice" I squirmed as i felt uncomfortable.. "my daughter look up at me dont be shy.. I know how you are feeling right now but look up at me.." I managed to raise my head and let out a small smile.. "words cannot express how much i was happy when i heard Muhammad got has been years and i lost all hope thinking he will never find happiness..but Alhamdulilah it can see he has with you and your kids.. He has not been this way for so many years now.. Please Halima take care of him for me as a mother to another mother and also her daughter.. He is my happiness and i always languish in pain whenever he becomes distant with me.. Please Halima, dont call me selfish i just want the best for my son"...she finished holding my hands tightly "in shaa Allah...i will try" many things were raving through my mind.. So many unanswered questions.. I swallowed it...after getting to know each other more, i followed her back to the sitting room.. After spending some few hours more we went back home. He managed to take care of the twins needs and put them to bed without them fussing.. I also took mine and changed into a night dress and walked back to the sitting room.. He was sitting there in all his glory.. Switching between channels.. Slowly lowering myself on the sofa next to his.. "arent you tired"..he asked looking up at me.. "i find it difficult to sleep.. And am also not sleepy"...i said fidgeting with my fingers.. "you know Halima.. Call me a stalker but i have already read you and i know when you have something to say.. So spill it out".. I slowly looked up at him debating on how to start or whether to start at all... I was prying and being inquisitive in his private life and me guilty of closing mine away from him.. But i needed to know.. I needed to know who i was spending the rest of my life with.. "uhmmm... I was wondering.. Umm..please dont take it the wrong way".. "you know you can always speak to me koh.. Am supposed to be your better half.. Someone you can share all your deepest secret with, ask the stupidest of question, be on your best or your worst.. So spill"...he looked at me wit an am all ears look.. "i was wondering... What happened to your wife.. I saw a picture of her the other day in your room.. Why did you seperate"... I could see him tensing.. Halima you have really blew it this time around.... You cant shut your loud mouth up.. He slowly looked up at me.. I could see raw emotions..pain, regret, anger and so much more..his lips began quivering..he buried his head on his hands.. "am so sorry.. I never meant to pry into your life.. Curiosity got the better of me.. Please forgive me... Am so sorry"...tears started streaming from my eyes being the big baby i was.. I quickly stood up and made my way upstairs when something held my hands.. "please.. Stay.. Please stay Halima.. I need you".. He slowly dragged me down on the sofa.. He laid his head on my laps and closed his eyes.. I was apprehensive at first.. But seeing the pain he was in, i let myself go.. The least i can do after opening my big mouth is to grant him solace this once.. I slowly began running my hands in his full hair.. With that gesture.. He broke down into tears.. I have never seen a man cry.. Not to talk of him.. He allowed me see him in his worst.. This really say a lot about our relationship... I continued cradling him till he was a little subdued.. "its okay.. Am very sorry.. Forget i asked you anything.. Let play a game or watch a movie.. I got it lets watch how i met your mother.. I could slowly see a smile forming at his lips.. I gently shifted his head and picked up the remote..i swiched it to the series.. "you know.. You are just like her.. When am tensed or worried she always lay my head on her laps.. Stroking it.. Reading some Qur'anic ayyah till i fall asleep"... I smiled and looked at him... He looked so vulnerable right now.. It look like i could see right through him.. But still i couldn't phantom what could make someone of his calibre cry.. "when i first saw you.. I saw her in you thats why i wanted you at all means.. I am so sorry for being selfish.. For destroying your happiness and jeopardizing your future.. Can you forgive me" I sighed...what was the purpose of still holding a grudge when i have already been tied to him.. the sooner i accept my fate the better..i closed my eyes and took a deep breath.. "its okay" He smiled... "now i can live in peace knowing the two women i loved have forgiven me.." We sat there for a long period of time watching the series.. Laughing at the jokes and living the moment.. He was still lying on my laps and i stroking his head.. "halima wallahi i really admire your courage.. You have been through a lot and still you are standing strong.. Here i am still refusing to acknowledge the past and move on"... "you know its ok.. I also am not a superhero...i did worse but with my loved ones by my side i came through dont have to open up if you are not ready.. I will always be here for you anytime you need me"... "may God bless you Halima.. But no.. I need to embrace the past for me to live my future.. I am ready but i dont know whether you are"...he looked up at me I nodded my head for him in confirmation giving him the go ahead.. "it all started five years ago... "πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘ "i met Aisha while i was in year two in the University..she was in her year one then..i approached her the first day i saw her because of her calm demeanor and beautiful smile.. At first she was apprehensive but she later opened up to me and we became the high school sweetheart"..he chuckled reavealing his perfectly arranged teeth.. "when i was in my final year.. I had to approach for her hand in marriage because she was the best thing that happened to me.. I was so ecstatic when they granted me her hand..we got married and we lived life like it would never end.. This notion that when you get married all the love will get wiped away was not there.. Noo.. We had an almost perfect marriage.. Whenever we had a misunderstanding she always apologize even when i was in the wrong.. She treated my family like hers.. I got so attached to her i couldnt spend more than a day without her in my arms"..he fell silent for a minute, i could imagine what he was going through.. opening an old sore.. "well.. As Allah would have the second year of our marriage.. Aisha put to bed and gave me another course of happiness.. Noor was my life was complete and i felt nothing could go wrong till that very cursed day that ruined my entire life and living"..i could feel his body go rigid..the vein of his head ticking like a bomb waiting to be unleashed to destruction... "you know Muhammad.. I think if you are not ready we could skip to another day.. Am here all the time you know"...i said softly "no hanan.. It is best i get over it and live my life.. I dont want my past to hinder my present and my future..just give me a minute to collect myself" I continued stroking his hair in an assuring way and massaged his temples at the same time.. "Noor was three years old and we decided for her birthday to spend our vacation at Yankari game reserve in bauchi.. It was the perfect holiday for us.. I decided to drive us personally to enjoy every moment of it..we had a fun holiday season.. We wanted staying back there till noor resumes school but as Allah would have it.. Aisha's mother fell ill they said she needed to be operated upon and we had to go back home early.. "...i know we have gotten to the peak of the story because i could hear his voice breaking and his eyes threatening to spill out the fluids in them.. "because of the way i was so attached to her mom.. I decided to drive immediately and it was already maghrib.. Aisha warned me.. Noor cried but it fell on deaf ears.. I got angry at her.. Thinking she was being irrational..i never knew she foresaw her death.. I caused her death hanan and my poor baby.. I had never refuse her anything but that night i shouted at her and her tears still haunts me till the present day.. I drove and drove without even stoping.. Aisha was angry at me but why would i care.. I was clouded with emotions.. I was lost in my thoughts that i did not know... " "no you did not Muhammad.. It was her time to leave and there was nothing you could have done to stop it from happening..kullu nafsin za'ikatil maut.. Every soul shall taste death..May Allah have mercy on her soul.. He kept quiet and i knew he was crying..i have never imagined someone loving his family this way.. I slowly rose his head from my laps and hugged him.. I wiped away his tears and pecked his forehead.. "i am always here for you buddy".. Hearing that he smiled and drank a glass of water.. "i did not know when i hit a boulder laid in the middle of the road.. I should have known..there were no cars on the road and anyone we happen to pass by would give me a double signal.. But i ignored the signs..and we walked right into them.. I could still remember quite vividly..Armed robbers. They were 12 of them and 9 were hausa..i started supplication but it was already late.. They dragged us out of the car and made us lie down.. After collecting our valuables..they told us to get into the car and drive away.. I was happy the let us go.. I wanted starting the ignition of the car when one stopped me.. I can remember his face.. He had a scar running through his head.. (from here it would be from their perspective dont get confused) "kai baba.. Wannan babe ta min fah.. Yakamata in dan dana ai (baba.. I like this babe.. I should get a little taste of her) I felt bile rising in my throat..thoroughly disgusted.. I could not switch on the engine my hands were shaking.. Aisha on the other hand clutched noor and was shedding tears supplicating all she could.. "baba mai kace.. Oga kaima fah kana kwapsa min fah.. " (oga you like discouraging me) after his boss obviously denied him.. "Dan Allah kuji tsoron Allah ku kyale mu" Aisha spoke.. (fear Allah and let us go) I heard a slap.. Their leader a lanky guy of not more than twenty seven came forward.. "yar shegiya.. Kya nuna mana tsoron Allah? tsoronshi mukeji ba ke ba shiyasa muka kyale ku da dan matsiyacin dubu saba'in da muka samu...dan na nace a kyale ki?...toh sauko" ..he said dragging me.. I tried stopping him but was butted with a gun and four of them held me down.. (stupid girl. would you show us the fear of God?..its him we are scared of not you after giving us a miserly amount of seventy it because i asked him to let you go?.. Oya come down) And that was how Aisha was raped in turns by them.. She wasn't moving and i had cried my eyes out.. Supplicating begging Allah to let us out of this calamity.. Noor had cried her lungs out after seeing the gory scene they made her watch.. Sick psychos.. When the person holding her got tired of her cries.. And wanted to also get a taste of my beloved wife.. He slapped her and threw her away.. She hit her head on a tree and that was all.. There was a pool of blood forming under her.. I did not know what came over me but i pushed all the people holding me down..i did not know who to run to.. Aisha or my Noor.. It was then i heard the siren approaching..then i heard it..a gunshot and all i could remember was seeing the lifeless body of the two most valuable people of my life.. When he stopped..i was already soaked in tears.. Ya Allah.. He went through alot and was still standing strong..we hugged ourselves and cried.. Nobody trying to comfort the other... 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 The atmosphere was thick in grief..i was already shedding my own portion of tears..we hugged each other both crying, trying to derive solace from one another..+ I have been so selfish and self centered..i knew everyone has a sad story to tell.. But how can someone be this grieved and still looked strong.. Allah has given me so many chances after zahradeen.. And am about to throw away the one Allah is giving to Muhammad.. When he calmed down a little.. He detached the hug and dragged me to the floor.. He laid me down and rested his head on my chest.. "you know that not even the saddest part of the story.. " "there is still more!!!.. Ya Rahman what are you made of Muhammad" He chuckled and snuggled closer "i had close family.. And i think God left me to meet you"...he pecked my belly.. Butterflies swam and swam.. Till i felt them in my toes.. "well.. After i was shot.. I went into a coma because of the shock for almost 9months, i was so lucky i did not die.. They said the bullet grazed my skull when they shot me...during that period i lost the only parent i had... my mum... Imagine me not waking up to her.. When i regained consciousness i lost memory of what happened..i will always ask of Aisha and noor.. I was becoming angry that she could forsake me in the hospital.. When i became so angry.. I told my brother to get me a pen and a paper..i wanted divorcing her..imagine me divorcing an already dead woman.. How would she leave me without even bringing my daughter to see me.. That was when they told me what happened...the grief came like a tornado destroying all happiness i had.. I withdrew into myself.. Aisha's mother stood by me.. Thats why i could never forget her....i never thought about marriage again... I could never cheat on her like that.. After what i put her through before she died..i did not want any woman to go through that again. I dont deserve any more happiness.. It was all my fault and i have to live with it, a burden i had to bear.. I had nightmares for years.. I could not even get used to it.. Each one came with another style.. Sometimes she would go up in flames.. Some times i would be the one drowning her.. Sometimes she would be soaked in blood.. I never had nightmares about noor.. She was always peaceful when ever i dreamt about her... I always knew every cloud has a silver lining...but mine seemed so far away..till that very day"... I sat upright and held his gaze.. "is this the part where you met us? "... He smirked.. "you wish.. This is the part where i met my noor...." my heart jumped in my throat...was she still alive.. "you mean sultana ko.. " "yea.. Jealous much? "...he pulled my cheeks and kissed me again.. Ya Wadud.. This muschiness is getting too much.. "after four years of staying in my shell.. I did what i thought would take it away...i started working my limbs off.. I would stay in the office for days just to avoid coming back home and face my reality.. I became very strict.. The people who knew my story symphatized.. The ones who did not know hated me.. I couldn't care less.. I could never forget.. The day i met noor was the day A client contacted our firm for some work and i needed to do some follow up on him... So i misdailed his number and got yours first when it rang the first two times i became angry.. I wanted rescinding the contract but something gnawed at the back of my mind to dail again.. And i did.. then i heard the sweetest voice ever.. "hello.. My ummi is not here".. "who is this little angel? "... "silly... My name is not angel.. My name is zahra and i am four years old" "ok zahra... Where is your dad" "my ummi says my abbah travelled since...before we were born.. But she says he will come comeback.. Are you my abbah"... I was so speechless i couldn't give any answer to her.. But something kept biting at the back of my mind that he was dead.. And she was trying to hide it from them.. "uhhhmmm... No am not your abbah"..i slowly said "no.. You are my abbah silly.." "ok... You know what am going to talk to you later.. I have some work to do noor"... When i said the word, i felt what i had not felt in years.. Pure bliss.. Just these two sentence.. "yayyy..bye Abbah... I love you".. "i love you too my noor"... "After the incident... I started feeling better... The nightmares reduced a little.. But i could not bring myself to dial the number again.. Fortunately i was finding it difficult to sleep on one of those days.. When my phone rang.. I was scared of picking the call but i did anyway and it was still her.. We spoke for long.. Cracking jokes, she was angry i did not call back... I had to lie and tell her i will be coming very soon.. She was over the moon.. That was the day i spoke to zahradeen also.. I was so happy speaking to both of worries was being elevated slowly so we made it a routine.. We had times which we spoke on phone..well not until the day you discovered " Then it started coming to me...the twins would always pick my phone saying they want to play games.. But i never noticed a pattern.. Those little cute bunnies.. "one day... I had the nightmare again...something i did not have since i started talking to the twins.. Aisha was calling out to me.. She was smiling never the less but when i got closer.. She started shedding tears and was covered in blood.. She started screaming and was engulfed in flames.. when i woke up.. I freshened up and went outside.. Then without recourse hailed a taxi and went to the amusement park... That was when i saw you guys.. I was very sure she was my noor..her voice sounded soothing just like how it was on phone... I had to come closer... and when i did my doubt was cleared when i saw they were twins.. And was finally confident when she called me her abbah... I had to do something, although i was scared Muhammad was their dad but it was also cleared when i made investigations on you... And i had to do something to make you mine, you reminded me so much of her, when i heard what you went through i was so confident i knew you were the one for me.. You were someone that could take care of me... He then sat upright and took my hands in his he looked into my eyes and i could see series of pains swirling in his orbs.. "I had been in the dark for so long Hanan i need some light and love...please hanan be the coolness of my heart.. Please take the pain away... Do not make me die a sorrowful man.. Hanan i beg of you.. " he buried his head on ny neck and i felt the tears on my chest "i will Muhammad...i will always be here, now and forever..i would take the pain away.. I will always stand by you.. I would take care of you.. I am yours and forever yours"...i raised his head and leaned in for a kiss.. It was so subtle and reassuring.. We stayed like that for God knows how long.. Then i broke the silence.. "Habibi... How did you manage to convince daddy to get me married to you"... He chuckled and drew me closer... "that.... Is a story for another day.. We need to go to bed now.. Its already 3:00am"... "not fair"....i pouted He picked me up in a bridal style and went into his room for the first time.. And that night there was nothing in the world that was wrong.. I was happy in my own way.. that night after almost two months of marriage we consummated our marriage.. Taking silent vows to be always there for one another..🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 The next day came with a brand new feeling...i had not felt at ease with myself for a very long time in years.. I slowly shifted and faced him.. He was still in bed, for the first time since we got married.. He cancelled his daily jogging and exercise just to reminisce memories we spent last night.. I would give it to him.. He really was a person strong at heart and loving at the same time.. I quickly brought my lips to his forehead.. He smiled still with his eyes closed+ "hey... I thought you were still asleep.. You made me stare at you like a hormonal teenager"..i pouted "awwnn.. I just enjoyed looking at your serene face thats all"..he sat upright and returned the kiss.. "its already seven in the would be late for work..we wouldn't want that would we? " i gave him a knowing look.. "oh comeon.. They can do without me for a day besides.. Who would miss a grumpy boss that always suffocates people's space and work people off their limit"...he hugged me from behind and kissed my neck.. We took our bath and he proceeded into the kitchen claiming he was the cook for today.. After what felt like years and incessant whinning from the twins we were finally served with eggs and toast.. After goofing around with the twins we got rid of them by playing a marathon of cartoon for them, stacking them with drinks and snacks before heading out for the patio..settling down on the lounge chairs there i rested my head on his chest.. Snuggling closer also he dragged me to him.. "well..since we got rid of the twins.." "hey.. My twins are not pest to be rid of.. " i playfully wagged my fingers at him.. "well.. Do you want to hear how i won your hand from daddy or not?.. "let me rephrase that.. How you stole me from yaya Muhammad"...i raised one brows up.. "technically speaking..i did not steal you.. I won your hand fair and square and he gave you up voluntarily..Sooo.. " "enough with the chitchat.. Tell me".. "oookay.. After we started speaking with sultana on the phone.. I had rest of mind i haven't had since that incidence.. So when you found out.. I went back to my old boring self till the day when i met you guys at the amusement park"... "so that was you?...the person that day was looking so sunken and frail.. I was scared for my kids, it was like all the joy was sucked away from your eyes.. But still i felt pity i think that was why i let you play with them".. "what do ypu expect hanan.. I was a walking shadow till the day you came into my life and brightened it like the stars lighting up the night sky.. " I cringed.. They were so much alike with him.. So cheesy, loving and strong at the same time.. I wiped away the thought at the back of my mind living my life in the present rather than the past.. "after that incident at the amusement park.. I followed your car back home"... I gasped dramatically "stalker.. Who would have thought".. He laughed his hearty cute laugh "what did you expect..i lost her once i cant afford to loose her again".. "should i be jealous that you give more priority to sultana than me and sultan"... "oouuu.. Is someone jealous.. I love you all equally.. Ai there are some things only you could do to me"..he wiggled his eyebrows "pervert"..i playfully smacked him.. "so i decided to do some little undercover agents work.. Till i found out everything about you.. When i heard you also lost your husband.. I was kinda of happy to meet someone like you.. We could compliment each other since we both understand the pains of losing a loved one.. But when i heard Muhammad was seeking your hand i was so jealous i collected his number vowing to win you over.. Sue me.. I was a fool in love at first sight with so many things to fight for.. The first time i called him up he was not pleased at all.. But we spoke for a very long time.. Getting to know one another.. When i told him my story.. He was sympathetic but was still not ready to give you up.. I tried and tried but he did not budge.. On the last day we met.. I cried in front of him and begged him like my life depended on him.. But as fate would have it he still did not budge.. I was heartbroken more than the time i lost Noor and Aisha.. Because this felt worse.. It was like they were available at my fingertips but i could not get access to them and they were snatched out of my grasp once more.. " "So i retreated back to my old self.. I was devastated..i did not even speak to noor anymore because i did not want to kill myself for something i could not get.. On the eve of the wedding.. I got a call from Muhammad saying i should meet him up in the amusement park.. I reluctantly went.. Because a voice at the back of my head kept pushing me to when i went we conversed like normal.. But there was this thickness in the air that you could slice with a knife..when he finally broke the ice.. He told me he performed Istikhara(prayer for guidance) and felt hanan was not meant for him no matter how he thought he loved her.. Even though the kids loved him.. He could cleary see he could not fill the fatherly void as much as i can.. I was dumbfounded..then i remembered that what was meant for you even when it is in the space between two mountains it would be yours and what was not meant for you, even when it was close between two fingertips would never be yours... That day i cried and hugged him like a baby.." "he suggested we go to daddy and explained things to him and as fate was on my side daddy did not disagree he just prayed for the best, also enjoining me to gradually win your hand and that was how i got married to you even without the consent of the parent figure in life..Muhammads parents stood by me and i was forever grateful..and that was it".. "that was it?.. I was expecting some punches and kicks.. Now i am dissapointed"...i pouted "well.. If it will make you feel better..there was this day it wanted to result to that when i told him i was a better man than him..he punched me and i punched back.. We fought till i broke his nose"..he said flexing his muscles.. "really".. I beamed "no.. Did not happen.. I was only begging him like a girl.. This is not the movies hanan.. Besides i cannot even fight talk more of throwing a punch. " "ummi.. Sultan has changed the channel again and i want to watch sophia.. "sultana barged in crying.. "so much for the little time we had"..i pouted.. He chuckled and picked me off the ground.. "sultaaaannn..daddy carried me and mummy up"...she stuck her tongue out.. And that was how our day went but a thought gnawing at the back of my mind.. He has told me everything about himself but am i ready to tell him mine?...We hit the big forty guys.. This should be the last chapter😭😭 🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢 The following day i resolved to let out the most painful phase of my life.. I have never told anyone..only my parents and Salmah knows.. Even zahradeen didn't.. After driving the kids to the islamic School.. I found him sitting in the sitting room watching the rerun of a football match.. I snuggled close to him and he immediately changed it to cartoon network.. Knowing i was a cartoon freak.. Shoot me. I smiled and someone could forego his happiness for another even when he missed that match and this was the only opportunity he could recompense for it.. "so havent you ever wondered who that lady at the supermarket was.. Or you just did not care".. "to tell you the truth zawjaty.. It was both.. I always wondered but did not care since you did not tell me.. Leaving it up to your choice.. I just couldn't meddle into your life when you arent ready besides.. My goal is to always be there for you no matter the circumstances.." I swelled at his words.. I could not have found a perfect replacement than him.. Indeed good things happen to those who wait and patience is beautiful.. "brace yourself because this is going to be a bumpy ride".. "fire on.. Muhibbaty" "so i was nine years old and was already going into the junior secondary school..i was so happy especially when mummy told me i was going to a boarding school.. Salmah was also going there so i was not bothered.. Not knowing that was the begining of my Misfortune".. "the first day i got to the school.. I was so pleased.. A girl named Suwaiba took me in as her school daughter as that was the norm them.. I was so lanky then.. One could call me thin.. On this account i was given special treatment because most teachers and some students thought i was a sickle cell patient.. But two weeks into the term.. I started hating why i was brought there.. Aside from the unnecessary malicious acts from the seniors there was ramlant lesbianism and sexual assault from students and teachers alike.. What cut the straw was Rakiya badmus.. She developed a liking to me and wanted me to be her sex toy.. But i resisted and that cost so much from her..i also started to get the eye of teachers and bouys alike.. I was very intelligent and got so many raises nad awards.. That aggravated rakiya.. Since she could not have me she started soiling my name.. First she tagged me as a lesbian and a Hiv patient.. I did not get out of that one good.. There was this so much stigma that had to require the special intervention of parents and teachers.. It even got to a point that i was suspended from school pending investigations..the only thing holding me was the love of my parents and Salmah all through with that of Suwaiba my school mother.." "when the allegations were cleared and i got back to school she changed tactics.. She became mean to me and started resulting to beatings and forceful lesbian acts.. She forced me to it and everytime i declined she did worse.. I never for once did her biddings.. What broke her last resort was when my dad convicted her dad for corruption charges.. I beacame the talk of the school.. One one fateful day we were coming back from night reading when we were ambushed by a group of seven boys she hired from outside the school.. She bribed the gateman who later confessed that she was slept with him for the favor.. I was beaten till i passed out.. The rest they say was history.. They wanted to gang rape me as the first had already laid ontop of me wanting to start the devilish act..if not for the timely intervention of the security personnel whom were alerted by the students whom we were together when they ran away i dont know what would have become of me.... " "i was hospitalized for nearly a month.. I missed the terms examination, i was also caught one day trying to commit sucide because i was so tired of everything and had to under go theraphy for four years.. I barely made it through that year.. Then daddy resolved that i would be home schooled from that day onwards and on strict supervision.. But the scars were already in me that i was so scared of everyone that was not part of my cycle.. The therapist then suggested a change of environment for me.. Then i was shipped to abroad to finish my studies.. I later learned that she was behind bars after being caught with drugs and that was the last time i heard of her, till that fateful day " I sighed reliving the scene all over again.. Muhammad drew me close and jissed my forehead and we remained like that for so long.. " you should have told me earlier..those slaps were not enough ai" "i knew you would have killed her there if you knew" and we laughed it off.. " We proceeded to the kitchen to make dinner as that was his norm since he took leave of work for a year to stay with us.. "ummmiii.. Look who we found" sultan exclaimed barging in.. "champ.. How many time have i told you to say the salam when entering.." "sorry daddy.. Its yaya Muhammad he came to our school today".. "Subhanallahi..i did not even realize it was already time to pick you up from school".. I exclaimed When we walked into the sitting room Muhammad was on the Sofa with sultana feeding him up with what he has missed.. "salamualaykum.. Sultanas knight in a shining armour".. "and if it isnt my little baby sister"..he grinned Muhammad said his salam and the were rambling off.. I went back to the kitchen and quickly put a finishing touch to the dinner.. When i served them.. They ate together and i watched in contentment..after eating and arguing football and politics for the next three hours muhammad set out to leave "i was in the neighborhood and i came to see how you guys were faring up.. With what i have seen i can proudly say i never made a mistake one doubt.. If you ever need anyone to talk to am your guy.. And Muhammad please take good care of her.. and getting married next month.." I squealed with delight as i collected the I. V and wigled my brows at him.. You are going to tell me more about this Amira later.. He proceeded to leave and i ushered my family inside our home..My home.. I found love in it and Pray i get my Jannah from it.. I smiled remembering what has transpired to us over the years and how we over came it.. With us coming out stronger and forging ahead.. As i hugged all of them.. I saif a silent prayer to God to lighten up his grave and make us the people of Jannah hand in hand.. ****************1300*************** Alhamdulilah..Alhamdulilah.. Alhamdulilah..Alhamdulilahi rabil Alameen.. After a year of starting this book.. I finally get to keep my keyboard down..this marks the end of the journey of Halima.. Thank you so much for sticking with me,

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