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I was used to being known. I was Riley. The girl with rich parents. Girl who threw killer parties while said rich parents were out of town every other weekend. 57 I had everything that I could've wanted. Well that was what everyone thought. And by 'everyone' I mean those dipshits who I went to school with.19 The only thing I ever really wanted was to get out of this tiny country and the memories that come with it.. Not to mention the skidmark that was Wellington. I couldn't seem to go anywhere without running into one of the obnoxious bitches that I was 'friends' with. 59 I was sick of being that girl. I was sick of little old New Zealand and it's severe lack of excitement and so I jumped on my mothers latest idea.104 "You remember Glen, right?" she asked as the three of us sat around the dinner table.62 I nod as I chew on a mouthful of brocolli.11 "Well, his daughter is on an exchange in Brazil."10 "If you are trying to suggest I go to Brazil I would just like to say I have no interest in the country." I say without looking up from my plate.14 "But you do like England, right?"2 Like is a bit of an understatement. Last time we were there was probably my favourite family trip and I despise family vacations. It's probably weird for me to like England more than anywhere else. I have travelled all over the world but there was something about London that drew me in.49 "Your father and I have discussed it and we thought, if you want to, you could finish off school in London." she continues and I just about scream.53 "Really?!" I jump up and suprise even myself as I wrap my arms around my mother, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" I squeal. "Well, I guess that means you are interested.. You can leave next week if that's not too early." "Too early? That's not fast enough!" I reply with a laugh. My mother smiles, a rare occurance. "Well, since you're only 16 you have one of two choices for a place to stay. With a host family, or with your cousin, Alfie."303 "If it's alright with Alfie I'll stay with him." 55 Mum nods, "I'll call him soon. Meanwhile, you better get packing."2 I grin, "I love you guys," I say, plating a kiss atop my dad's head before bounding up the stairs to my bedroom. I am going to go to London and with any luck I won't be back here for a while. 8 I dream of what life in London shall be like as I shove things into my suitcases. I was also pretty excited to see my cousin. Even though he is a few years older than me we get along so well. Because I have no siblings he immediately took on the role of older brother. Unfortunately we barely ever get to see eachother because, you know, he lives on the other side of the world.15 This was going to be a great opportunity for me and I can't wait to see what London brings. 38 A/N This is the start of my new fanfic. I hope guys will like it.. The start is pretty boring I know but bear with me :P3 Don't forgot to vote and comment if you like it!! "Ladies and Gentleman please fasten your seat belts as we are about to begin our descent into Heathrow Airport. Thank you for flying with us and we hope to see you back soon."25 "I hope not," I mumble as I pull out my earphones. I straighten up the back of my huge first class seat and do my seat belt up. I glance out the window and grin as I look out over London. My new home. As soon as we land I am out of the plane as fast as possible. Last thing I want is to get stuck at the back of the line at customs. I wheel my luggage through customs and eventually emerge into the arrivals lounge. I glance around for a moment trying to spot Alfie. No luck. "Riley! Riles!!" I hear and finally spot Alfie standing to the side with a gorgeous girl beside him. 41 "Alfie!" I exclaim as he pulls me in for a hug. "Long time no see cuz." he smiles as I step back. "This is my girlfriend Zoe," he says, gesturing to the girl beside him.99 "I've heard so much about you," she says and I give her a smile.2 "Joe is bringing the car around," Alfie explains as we head towards the door. 19 "Joe?" I ask. Maybe he was their driver. Though I doubt they would have a driver.. Alfie makes YouTube videos for a living.58 "My brother," Zoe says as we emerge through the doors into the crisp air. Right outside, leaning against a black sedan is perhaps one of the cutest guys I have ever seen.83 "Joe, help Riley with her bags will you?" Zoe says to him.2 He smiles, he was gorgeous when he smiled, "Sure thing." Joe glances towards me. "You look like you packed enough stuff for Africa," he jokes when he spots my three huge suitcases.51 "Well, I hope to be here for a while," I say, smiling at the handsome boy as he lifts my bags into the car boot. 11 As he lifts the last bag in I smile and say, "Thanks," as Alfie returns the cart. "Thanks," mocks Joe in what is perhaps the most awful Kiwi accent I have ever heard.60 "My accent is pretty gumby isn't it?" I say with a laugh and he shakes his head profusely5 "I think it's adorable," he replies, his cheeks flushing when he realises how that sounded. "I mean, it's better than a British accent, so common." he continues.217 I just smile and nod in agreement as I climb into the back of the car. Joe sits beside me and Alfie and Zoe in the front.7 The hour long drive to Alfie's apartment is consumed by them explaining the way things work in London and their large group of 'YouTuber' friends.14 Turns out Joe and Zoe both make videos too. And they were both rather popular. Zoe has over 2.5 million subscribers and Joe had just hit 1 million. 191 "You will have to let me do your makeup for one of my videos sometime!" exclaims Zoe.20 I smile, "Sure. I would love to." "Yay!!" just moments later she points out the window at a large apartment building. "There it is." As we pull up outside the building Alfie begins explaining the apartment 'politics'.1 "I like to think of myself as the boss but Marcus would beg to differ. Joe is currently sleeping on our couch and Zoe made sure your room was totally pimped up for your arrival. Welcome to the nuthouse little cousin." he says with a chuckle.28 We all get out and Alfie insists that Marcus will help him get my luggage later before we all get into the rather cramped lift that takes us to the 13th floor of the building.11 When we reach the floor Alfie unlocks the door and holds it open, motioning for me to walk inside. I do so and everyone else follows me in. "Marcus! We're back!!" Alfie yells down the hall. Suddenly a head pops out of one of the doors. "Heeellooo!" he beams and Alfie cracks up behind me.152 "She doesn't watch your videos mate. Has no idea who you are."22 "Dammit," he exclaims sarcastically before walking up to me with his hand outstretched. "Marcus Butler, a pleasure to meet you." he says, grinning at me. "Riley Templeton." I say, shaking his hand.15 "Your accent is the best!" he announces and I laugh.14 "Thanks," I mumble and I hear Joe chuckle from behind me. "Where are your bags?" Marcus asks. I look to Alfie and he pipes up. "I told her you would help me with them. With your huge muscles," he says, sarcasm evident in his voice.9 Marcus flexes his biceps, "The hulk is always happy to help!" he says in his best attempt at a 'hulk' voice. Those two disappear down the hallway leaving myself, Zoe and Joe standing in the doorway of the apartment.8 "Do you want to see your bedroom?" Zoe asks, excitement evident in her voice.3 I smile and nod, "Sure," I say, attempting to mimic her enthusiasm.2 She grabs my hand and drags me through the hallway to a door right near the end. She opens the door, "Tadaa!!" she says, stepping back so I can walk in. 7 It was cute. The walls were plum with a white trim and the bed was sheathed in an ombre lilac and white duvet. On the opposite wall was a black dresser with a huge mirror and a small desk atop which was an iMac. My parents must've pitched in if there was a brand new computer but I actually loved it.4 Zoe skips into the room and explains where everything is. 1 "Huge queen sized bed, this gorgeous dresser and of course.." she tugs at the double doors, "A huge wardrobe!" 6 "Thank you so much Zoe, it's perfect." I say grinning back at her. Her happiness was literally infectious.2 "Oh my! I almost forgot.. One minute. I bought the most brill little throw this morning for your bed. I'll be right back." she says, ducking out the door. 2 I sit down on the bed and stroke the duvet. It was lovely and soft. 19 "So you like it then?" asks Joe and I jump slightly. I had forgotten he was even standing the doorway. He chuckles lightly before I reply.16 "It's awesome. Zoe must've put in a lot of work." "She enjoyed it. She's happy to finally have another girl in this place. Being stuck with a bunch of messy guys all day is not her ideal situation."17 We both laugh as she appears in the doorway. "Found it!" she announces, holding up a bag. She pulls out a fluffy black blanket and lays it across the end of the bed. "Now it is perfect," she says, sitting down next to me. "I can just tell we are going to be the best of friends Riley," she says and wraps her arms around my shoulders and squeezing them tightly.20 A/N I think Riley is going to enjoy life in London.. What do you think?10 Like and comment if you like it my darlings! Joe's POV "So how long is Riley gonna be here?" I ask Alfie as he throws himself onto his bed. He shrugs, "I dunno to be honest. Her mum said she will be here at least until she finishes high school but I get the feeling it will probably be a bit longer.."+ "She's still in high school?" I ask, surprised. She seems much older.36 "Uhh, yeah. On her final year though.. Why?"6 "No reason," I mumble, avoiding looking at him.2 "I think someone has a little crush!!" he shrieks.46 "No way!" I exclaim, throwing one of the stupid cushions from his chair at his head.5 "Riley and Joe up a tree," he begins to sing, "K. I. S. S. I"29 "Shut up man! You acting like a five year old." I say, "Dude, she's my cousin and you're six years older than her."73 "Six years isn't that much.."190 "So you like her then?" he asks and I mentally slap myself, slipped up there.. "No Alfie!" 4 "Whatever mate, you can like her if you want. You're not her type anyway.." He trails off.5 "What?! What's her type then?" I ask, leaning towards him.5 "I'm just playing with you idiot. I have no idea what her type is." he says with a laugh. "Wanker," I mutter as I stalk out of the room.45 "I heard that!" he yells and I flip him off. He laughs again as I head down the hall and into the lounge.4 God Alfie can be a dick sometimes.6 I mean, I'll admit it. Riley is cute. And the way she speaks is adorable. I could listen to her talk all day. "Riley, huh?" I look up to find that Zoe had appeared in the doorway.1 Blimmin' Alfie. "I don't know what you're talking about.." I say, grabbing the remote and turning the TV on.1 Zoe sits down beside me and continues to speak. "She's really pretty, ae? She is gonna rake in the boys at school. Especially with that awesome accent." "I suppose," I say, trying to sound disinterested. "She's unpacking at the moment.. She has some nice stuff. I'm jealous!" She keeps going on and on about RIley and I eventually just blank out. Gosh, you'd think Zoe was the one with a crush. Do I have a crush though? I mean, I do find her attractive. But she might find it a bit creepy considering I am six years older than her.. But what is it people of the internet say? Age is just a number. Maybe they're right..203 "Joe? Earth to Joe!" Zoe says, waving her hand in front of my face. "Huh?" I ask. "What are you daydreaming about little bro?" "Nothing," I reply, returning my attemtion to her. "Well, anyway.. She starts school tomorrow. It sucks that she won't be around during the day but I think I'll ask her to make a video with me on Saturday." "Cool.." I mumble. Beginning to lose interest in Zoe again. She gasps, "Do you know what would be the best way to introduce her to YouTube?!" Zoe asks excitedly. "What?" I ask. "Two words. Innuendo Bingo." she says, clapping her hands and bouncing in her seat.102 I laugh at her enthusiasm, "I'm not sure Riley would appreciate me spitting water all over her."48 Zoe pulls a puppy dog face, "Pleeeeease Joseph. It'll be hilarious," she begs, clasping her hand together in front of her. "It's not my choice Zoe! You will have to ask Riley." "Ask me what?" I look up to see Riley entering the room. She sits down on one of the lazyboys as Zoe turns to her. "Joe does this thing on his channel called Innuendo Bingo and basically you take a mouthful of water and I play a clip of an unintentional sexual innuendo from a YouTube video and you have to try not to laugh." she explains. Riley smiles, "Sounds fun!" "It's loads of fun! Are you keen?"8 "For sure!"4 Zoe grins, "Yay!! We can do it this Saturday because you have school during the week.. Unless you wanna do it after school someday."2 "We can do it tomorrow after school," Riley suggests.17 "Awesome!" Zoe replies, "I'm so excited." "Me too." "You can check out some of the other 'episodes' of it on Joe's channel if you want. His username is ThatcherJoe" "Will do," she gets up from her seat, "I think I'm gonna head to bed. This time difference is doing my head in. I've been up for over 24 hours. Good night Zoe." "Good night!" "Night Joe," she says, giving me a sheepish smile. "G'nite Riley," I reply, smiling back at her.17 She opens her mouth as if she is about to say something else but quickly decides against it and gives a small wave as she exits the room. I return the wave a little too late as she is already gone. "Joseph, you totally fancy her.." Zoe says as Riley disappears.40 "Piss off." I mumble grabbing the remote and turning on the TV, silencing any further comments from her.Riley's POV Instead of going to bed as I said I was I prop up the mountain of cushions on my bed so that I can sit in a comfortable position and drag my laptop out of it's case. As Zoe suggested I look up Joe's channel and click on the latest episode of 'Innuendo Bingo'. It was of him and a guy called Caspar Lee.115 It's not long before I find myself having to pause the video because I can't stop laughing. I hear a light rap at the door.10 "Come in!" The door slides open and Joe sticks his head in.7 "Sorry, I heard you laughing so I presumed you hadn't gone to bed.."+ "No, I haven't. You can come in." He immediately steps into the room, closing the door behind him. "I just wanted to say. You don't have to do the video if you don't want to. Zoe kind of pushed it on you.." "It's fine Joe," I interrupt him, "I really do want to do it."4 He smiles, "Awesome.. What are you doing anyway?" "Just watching some innuendo bingo.. Care to join me?" I ask, shuffling over slightly. He hesitates for a moment before complying, "Only for a minute. You are probably exhausted." I was but that didn't really bother me too much. He climbs onto the bed beside me and I slide the laptop across so it sits half on my lap half on his. "Oh gosh, it's the one with Caspar." he says and I chuckle before pressing play. Caspar's laugh is actually infectious because I find myself cracking up within seconds as he spits all over Joe's face.2 I look over to see his reaction and catch him looking at me. He quickly averts his gaze back to the screen as his cheeks flush. Did I actually just catch Joe staring at me? 75 I know as soon as I feel my eyes beginning to droop that I should ask Joe to leave but by the time the thought entirely processes I am falling into a deep slumber. Joe's POV I feel Riley relax beside me and her head falls onto my shoulder. I glance down at her to find her fast asleep. Fuck. What am I supposed to do? Should I wake her? Should I try and sneak away? Instead, I do the best thing I can think of. Without moving too much I slip my phone out of my pocket and text Zoe. Um.. So Riley just feel asleep on my shoulder. What am I supposed to do?12 Her reply is almost instant. Are you being serious? I can picture the smirk on her face. You are not being helpful. Seconds later the door of the room inches open and Zoe's head pops in. She stifles a laugh. I mouth the words 'what should I do?' before she shrugs. Creeping into the room and grabbing the laptop and placing on the bedside table. "Nighty night." she whispers giving me a little pat atop my head.18 "Bitch." I mutter as she gives me a pathetic little wave.57 I suppose it could be worse. I totally didn't mind her falling asleep on my shoulder. It's just, if I stay here and she wakes up in the morning with the pedophile guy who's six years older than her in her bed she may just freak out a little.35 I decide to text Alfie. Maybe he will be of more help. Your cousin has fallen asleep on my shoulder.. I can actually hear him laugh from the next room.46 Role with it mate. That's one way to get in with a girl ;P24 I let out an exasperated sigh. Alfie you dickhead, help me!4 He replies; Let the girl sleep. She has just spent over a day on planes and in airports. Give her a break. Get some rest mate :) There is no harm in it I guess. I keep reassuring myself of this as I drift off to sleep.8 A/N Awh, too cute :P I am becoming quite invested in these guys.. Riley starts school tomorrow. I wonder how it will go ;) I have decided on Jiley as their name. Ship it!!

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