me my -lawyer. So you are my too. 
Angela: [Chuckles] Oh, because I am asking many questions? When did your father say that something was itching Koly all over? 
Peter walks in and stands listening to their conversation. 
Sabena: Yesterday when Koly was coming back from school. He was scratching his body and’worying, Daddy said that some things were itching him all over and only food could drive them away. [Sees Peter] Yes, Daddy is here, ask him. 
Angela: [Looks at Peter and queries]. What did you say was itching him allover? 
Peter: [Laughs] I was only talking about his usual style of announcing his arrival from school with a fake warning cry, pretending to be itching allover until food is given to him and he stops crying. So when he did the same thing yesterday as he returned from school and Sabbie announced to me that he had returned, I told her that I heard him cry and said to Sabbie that some things were itching him allover, which could only be driven away by food. I was only talking based on antecedents. 
Angela: [Laughs]. So you were making a jest of my son. I have told you to leave him alone for me. Koly. Ko ko, do not mind Sabena and your Daddy; they are playing pranks with my prince. 
Koly ignores her, looking distastefully at the basin, his face contorted with impending cry as Angela pours water into it from a jerry can. 
Peter: And why is he crying? Because you want to 
bath him? Have your bath and go to school! 
Koly: [Crying] There is no ..
Angela: [Laughing and completes his statement] school today. That is what he says when he does not want to go to school. You know that he got me by that trick the first time he said that until I later found out. Peter: Children always think that they can be smart with their parents. They fail to realize that their parents have already been down the road they are only beginning to travel. It is a serious matter. Why did you not tell me when you discovered that he lied to stay at home? You know what he is learning? Truancy and he must not be allowed to do that. Bath him and let him go to school! (Mimics Koly)There is no school today. 
Sabena is clasping her hands and dancing on the spot in order to keep cold at her after her bath. She announces that she does not want to be late to schooL 
Sabena: I don’twant to be late for school
Angela; Yes, I’ll dress you up now so that you can leave. 
Peter: What about her breakfast? 
Angela: You have forgotten that she doesn’t eat before going to school; the bit she also picked from you. 
Peter: Did I tell you that I didn’t eat before going to school? 
Angela: I don’t need to be told. [Worry on ‘her face] ‘ And please don’t be too hard on Koly. He is only a child. , Peter: [Concerned look] Oh, I am sorry. I don’t mean to be. I am only trying to keep him from scooping up bad habits. I admit I shouldn’t be too hard. Please get Sabbie ready for school and we shall talk more on that later. I will take Koly to school myself when you are done with preparing him. 
Angela: Oh, thank you. [Taking Sabena by the hand] Sabbie come. Let me dress you up for school. Konly: Mother, I want to eat. 
Angela: Don’t worry. I am coming to bath you and give you food and then you will go to school. Daddy is taking you today. [Fetches a neaby low stool] Come; sit here while I return. [Takes Sabena into the house] Let me d ress your sister up for school. Sabena is dressed Up for school and she emerges bid Koly goodbye and leaves for school. 
At School: 
Miss Carol is discussing with the Head Teacher Mrs. Kombi about Sabena in her office. Mrs. Kombi is sitting at her table going through some registers. Sabena arrives at the school to a cheerful welcome by her classmates. Anma and Doni are quite significant in this and speak with Sabena. 
Miss Carol: [Walks into Mrs. Kombi’s office] Good morning, Madam. ‘ Mrs. Kombi: [Looks up from a register before her] Oh, Miss Carol, Good morning. Come on in. How are you? [Pointing her to the chair before her table] Please take seat. Miss Carol: I am very well; thank you. I came to report to you on my visit to Miss Sabena’s home. Mrs. Kombi: Oh, yes! My sweet Iittle girl; how was she? Quite unlike her to miss school. What did you hnd out was wrong with her? 
Miss Carol: It was maIaria but I met her aIready mending. She was doing very we” already when I got there. She was already returning to her usual bright, sweet self. I think she shouId be In school today. She couldn’t wait to, when I visited her yesterday. 
Mrs. Kombi: [Concerned] Oh, my IittIe girl! She had malaria! No wonder! I haven’t seen a child who loves school as much as she does. Voices shout Sabena’s name and Miss Carol and Mrs. Kombi hear it. These are the voices of some of the pupils, as Sabena makes her way to Mrs. Kombi’s office where she is told that Miss Carol is. It is not yet time for the morning assembly. Voices: Sabena! Sabena! Sabena sorry, we heard that you were ill. Anma and Doni told us yesterday. Miss Carol: It must be her. The pupils are shouting “Sabena” and we have only one Sabena. Mrs. Kombi: My poor little girl, she couldn’t wait to be in school I can imagine. Miss Carol: Her mother said that school was the second thing she mentioned after my name the moment she woke up from sleep yesterday at about 1.00 o’clock in the afternoon. 
Sabena stands in the door with a big smile, eyes darting between Miss Carol and Mrs. Kombi. She greets and runs into the office towards Miss Carol with as much Speed as her legs could generate. 
Miss Carol quickly stands from her seat, ready to
To be continued

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