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to her by one or two. 
Sam: Okay. Let her take them by 2. What about her appetite; is it improving? 
Angela: She did not eat much in the morning before 
taking the drugs. You know that whether I'll or not, she 
does not usually eat much. 
Sam: If she ate a little that IS okay. But try and make 
her eat a little more. I have togo. I am sure that 
people are waiting for me at the shop. I Will come again at night on my way home to see how she is 
doing but I am sure that she is getting much better as 
you can see. I am sure that by the time she wakes up 
she would have become much better and should be 
ready for school in a day or two.
Angela: [Smiling and rubbing her hands together]. 
Thank you, Sam. Thank you very much. 
Peter: Thank you “Doctor”. 
Sam. We thank God. He is the healer. [Suddenly] 
Master Peter. 
Peter: Yes. 
Sam. Let me rush down. 
Peter: All right; see you later. 
Angela: Bye 
Sam mounts his bicycle and speeds away. 
Angela: [Queries]. See you later; do you owe him for the drugs? 
Peter: [Bewildered] No. Why? 
Angela: You said “see you later’. 
Peter. So that should mean that I owe him. Did you not hear when he said that he would be coming again on his way home at night to see how Sabbie is doing? Or when did we start owing people? I may not be rich but I do not owe. If I owed you would know. Angela: God forbid! We shall not owe. 
Peter: Why then did your mind go to debt just because I spoke after his earlier words? 
Angela: All right, it is enough. Let me get your food your breakfast. It's almost one o'clock and you have not had your breakfast. [Agonizingly] I don't understand you! 
Peter: [Laughing] Man shall not live by bread alone. Angela: [Referring to God] But He did not say that man should not live by bread at all. You are laughing but I do not see any fun there in. 
Peter: [Submitting] I would have liked to eat by two but that pain in your eyes. l will therefore eat something now and then go back to my workshop. I will eat right now. I hope that settles it. 
Angela serves his food and draws a chair next to him. 
Angela: [Queries] But how long will you put me through all the trouble daily before you eat? When will you just on your own demand for food or even go and take food as you like and eat like your elder brother does? See how big he is. You look like bonga fish for me and you think that I like it. No I don't and will never. 
Peter: [Laughs] I like my mature Angel. I don't want to get fat and look stupid. I prefer the way I am. You don't need to feel so bad. [Referring to food] I am already at it. 
Angela: Who told you that fat people were stupid? Peter: I did not say that they were stupid. They only look it; after all there are as many intelligent people among the fat as there are among the slim. They only look.... 
Sabena wakes up and calls her mother. 
Sabena: [Stirs] Mother. 
Angela: [Hastens to her and carries her] Oh, my daughter; my daughter. 
Sabena: [Protests] I'm not a baby; don't carry me. Put me down. 
Angela: I know, but you will always be my baby Sabena my baby. 
Peter: [Moves close and touches her tenderly] Sabbie, how do you feel? 
Sabena: Fine. l,am sweating; heat. 
Peter: [Encourages]. Yes; that means that you are getting better. 
Sabena: What about Aunty Carol? I want to go to school. 
Angela: Yes, you will go to school tomorrow. Sabena: [Persists] No, today. 
Angela: [Explains]. It is already one o'clock. School will be over by 1.30 and Aunty Carol will be here to_ see you. ' 
Sabena: [Cheerfully]. She will? 
Angela: [Narrates]. Yes, she sent two of your classmates to come and see why you hadn't been in school for two days. 
Sabena: [Queries]. What are the names of my classmates that came? 
Angela: Anma was one of them but I don't know the name of the other one. 
Peter: My lawyer, how are you? 
Sabena: Fine. 
Angela: Indeed; see how she kept me in the witness box bombarding me with questions and cross questions. She has really improved. [Asking Sabena] What will you eat? 
Sabena: I want to drink water. 
Angela: But you have not eaten much in three days. Eat something and I will give you water along with it. I get you some rice and very good stew? I will put a piece of chicken In it. 
Sabena: [Nods reluctantly] But I want to drink water. 
Angela: [Handing her to Peter] I will bring water for you my daughter. Sabena: Father, I want to sit down. 
Peter gently lowers Sabena unto a seat as Angela goes to fetch some food and water for her. Four~ year old Koly lets out a feigned cry from outside in his usual manner of announcing his arrival and hunger from school. 
Koly: Fakes a cry from outside 
Sabena: [Exclaims] Koly! Papa Koly is back from sohooL 
Peter: [Holding her tenderly on both shoulders and looking into her eyes] I heard him and he's so hungry he could eat a horse, and there are so many things itching him all over that only a bowl of food can drive away. 
Sabena: [Amused, and managing a weak smile] Daddy, that's what he does every day he's coming from school. 
Peter: Exactly. 
Koly: [Dragging his school bag on the ground with one hand and scratching his body with the other, a feigned wince on his face] Mother, I'm hungry! 
Peter: [Picks him up and takes his bag from him]. 
Don’t worry. Mama will bring your food now but you have to remove your uniform first and you will eat a

Be continued

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